How Star Wars Showed FJ That It's OK to Be Yourself | Our Star Wars Stories


  1. Dion Anderson

    Dion Anderson3 bulan yang lalu

    Star Wars as a child was amazing and I fell in love with the whole thing. Also, being a kid I had to visit hospitals doctors surgeons Star Wars was my escape from it all.


    DEI-WAN- GREY3 bulan yang lalu

    Nice video

  3. Daniel

    Daniel7 bulan yang lalu

    Maaaaaaaaan thats cringe.

  4. Chad Giacomozzi

    Chad Giacomozzi8 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you again for another wonderful story. FJ you are awesome.

  5. redbird912

    redbird9128 bulan yang lalu

    Funny thing is that I live 15mins from him never new that star wars would come to a little town in NJ

  6. Angel montero

    Angel montero8 bulan yang lalu

    How can I become part of the team? I'm sure I have many attributes to bring to the table.

  7. xunit62

    xunit628 bulan yang lalu

    As we say in Trek, IDIC and that means infinite diversities infinite combinations. It’s great that one can find meaning in all things that is entertaining but can also make us think! Empire Strikes Back is still the best!

  8. Josiah Bassett

    Josiah Bassett8 bulan yang lalu

    I swear every time I hear your intro I think your a female

  9. Ben Richman

    Ben Richman8 bulan yang lalu

    This is so great, just like the other episodes of this series, and they all make me so proud to be a part of the fanbase.

  10. 5oclockbanana

    5oclockbanana8 bulan yang lalu

    You’ll get to visit that cantina next year at Disneyland. I know I’m excited.

  11. Isabella Young

    Isabella Young8 bulan yang lalu

    This is beautiful :)

  12. Fantom Fin

    Fantom Fin8 bulan yang lalu

    Jordan, don't forget to go global. We always see fan stories from Western cultures (which is cool) but I'd love to see fans from places lesser known.

  13. 28MouseEars

    28MouseEars8 bulan yang lalu

    Love this story so much! It’s great to see Star Wars supporting and sharing the stories of these amazing fans. FJ and Joe are relationship goals. And what a beautiful garden too! ❤️

  14. Craig Cox

    Craig Cox8 bulan yang lalu

    Beautiful story FJ! I'm so happy for you. I have a similar Star Wars experience with my father. It's wonderful to see your story have such a happy and meaningful ending..... beginning. ❤️

  15. Aunt Vesuvi

    Aunt Vesuvi8 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks, Jordan! Thanks, FJ! Thanks, Joe! 💜

  16. - Sergeant Dave

    - Sergeant Dave8 bulan yang lalu

    Oh HECK NO!!.

  17. ajinator4

    ajinator48 bulan yang lalu

    Agenda ridden garbage. Coming from Disney star wars? Color me shocked.

  18. ajinator4

    ajinator48 bulan yang lalu

    @TheGallifreyanLegacy Because you took only a portion of what I said and ignored the rest. Never said they wouldnt visit a straight white man. They wouldn't visit a straight white man that is also "Christian" and then revolve an episode around his faith and his decision for his chosen "lifestyle."

  19. TheGallifreyanLegacy

    TheGallifreyanLegacy8 bulan yang lalu did you... get me?

  20. Polish Patriot

    Polish Patriot8 bulan yang lalu

    @TheGallifreyanLegacy But was it BECAUSE he was "straight, white, christian male"? Got you there.

  21. TheGallifreyanLegacy

    TheGallifreyanLegacy8 bulan yang lalu

    You do know that the first episode they did featured a straight, white male, right?

  22. G-O-T-H

    G-O-T-H8 bulan yang lalu

    Ehh… Just love Star Wars, why do we as a society have to proclaim "being different" Who the Force cares! Share your Star Wars, not your lifestyle. I hate people.


    ISH PAGAN8 bulan yang lalu

    Huge star wars Collector since 1977

  24. MCLegoboy

    MCLegoboy8 bulan yang lalu

    That story about the Darth Vader toy is awesome. I love when people focus on stuff in their collections from standpoints of sentimental value than monetary value.

  25. Vito Fiscale

    Vito Fiscale8 bulan yang lalu


  26. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal8 bulan yang lalu

    I love your garden FJ

  27. gamers digest

    gamers digest8 bulan yang lalu

    They still trying to say droid lives matter? There advanced computers. Get over yourselves.

  28. ATV HogHunter

    ATV HogHunter8 bulan yang lalu

    Dude... just Shave it off... I did it by 35 and I'm 47. Just let it go!!! Bald owns the room!!!

  29. Fluffy Wookie

    Fluffy Wookie8 bulan yang lalu

    Way to go FJ. Very awesome...and guess what...Joe is a Star Wars fan.

  30. SI FI

    SI FI8 bulan yang lalu

    What a cool dad and I bonded over Star Wars, he was a Flash Gordon, Buck Roger's movie serial watcher when he was a kid..he passed away just before Phantom Menace..he saw the trailer and got excited again..pity.

  31. almagill

    almagill8 bulan yang lalu

    Misty in here... the story about his Dad was lovely

  32. Noctis D'lanoch

    Noctis D'lanoch8 bulan yang lalu

    Cool. 😊❤👍

  33. Astrid Bellido

    Astrid Bellido8 bulan yang lalu

    So much love 💜 🌈

  34. Lord Cat Vader

    Lord Cat Vader8 bulan yang lalu

    This is beautiful...

  35. Nemesis Neecas

    Nemesis Neecas8 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone is welcome to cantina

  36. cathy brawley

    cathy brawley8 bulan yang lalu

    What a great clip F.J.! Awesome job!

  37. Angela Sealana

    Angela Sealana8 bulan yang lalu

    When your significant other or family embraces something that means so much to you, like Star Wars, it really makes the relationship stronger!

  38. Rohit

    Rohit8 bulan yang lalu

    Star Wars is hope! Star Wars is love! Star Wars is an inspiration! Star Wars is Life. Everyone can relate to Star Wars. Our Star Wars story is easily my favorite content on youtube. Bring more episodes!!

  39. Anonymous MD

    Anonymous MD8 bulan yang lalu

    Aww, why didn't they share a kiss when he introduced him? it would've been another cute thing to add on this video😊

  40. the cartoonist

    the cartoonist8 bulan yang lalu

    Danny T Robins, people kissing is considered inappropriate? why? don't see what the problem is.

  41. Polish Patriot

    Polish Patriot8 bulan yang lalu

    @Danny T Robins Exactly. I guess I would have un-subscribed immediately, maybe even reported the video LOL

  42. Danny T Robins

    Danny T Robins8 bulan yang lalu

    Dude seriously? Kids watch this stuff not cool

  43. Rolf Anderson

    Rolf Anderson8 bulan yang lalu

    Which is loving, helping your son cheat on an exam or sitting down with him and helping him study?Too often we choose the less loving option because it is easier. We do not speak truth in love because someone will be offended. Here @StarWars chose the easy option.

  44. the cartoonist

    the cartoonist8 bulan yang lalu

    ah, ok. well, maybe because he's a happily married guy and their isn't anything wrong with that? we're clearly not going to agree on this.

  45. Rolf Anderson

    Rolf Anderson8 bulan yang lalu

    the cartoonist No, it was fine to interview him about Star Wars and his collection and Star Wars memories. Sadly, however, his feelings of gender confusion and conflict, which came up many times, were glossed over, and so are likely to remain unresolved. This type of avoidance by @StarWars helps no one ever.

  46. the cartoonist

    the cartoonist8 bulan yang lalu

    are you saying they shouldn't have interviewed him? that they're pretending to be interested? not following you.

  47. Rolf Anderson

    Rolf Anderson8 bulan yang lalu

    The cheating on an exam was an example of how we often choose the easier road, like remaining silent or offering false compassion instead of offering love and spoken truth, in our interactions with others.

  48. Jay DiNitto

    Jay DiNitto8 bulan yang lalu

    Eh. Star Wars is the biggest franchise in the world. No one's going to make fun of anyone else for liking it anymore.

  49. EBrix Studios

    EBrix Studios8 bulan yang lalu

    cool collection!

  50. Hans Bassich

    Hans Bassich8 bulan yang lalu

    These are such wonderful videos. How do you find people to interview?

  51. Luke Skywalker - The Legend

    Luke Skywalker - The Legend8 bulan yang lalu

    Cool guy haha! :)

  52. The Deadly Lama

    The Deadly Lama8 bulan yang lalu

    this is why I love the modern and old star wats stuff, because it is not afraid to put more controversial themes in it like equal rights and I now it will show "diffenrent" characters because it will give a lot of people someone to connect more deppely to. star wars is for everyone and its normal that everyone has someone in this whide galaxy that he can relato to. We are all star wars fans,lets love oureself for that. This video brought me to tears because this man , besides passing his childhood to lie about his true self, found a place where he could belong to and it is truly sad that people want to prevent that

  53. Condēu̯i̯os Andīlixtos

    Condēu̯i̯os Andīlixtos8 bulan yang lalu

    Exactly. Star Wars has always been about fighting for equality and making the world a better place: fight the government, oppose religious/political extremism, love who you want, slay slavers, end cruel "traditions", etc.

  54. Jedi Talez

    Jedi Talez8 bulan yang lalu

    I need to go to that diffrent Cantina

  55. Milton Mumfrey

    Milton Mumfrey8 bulan yang lalu

    I was so silly. When I was playing Star Wars as a kid I thought it was about raucous space fantasies and escapism. I never realised it was really all about identity politics and Far-Left activism.

  56. Jayneflakes

    Jayneflakes8 bulan yang lalu

    I love these stories, they are so uplifting and it is true, Star Wars does help us get through the tough bits in life, even if it is just a little bit of harmless escapism. Thank you George Lucas for making something so vital.

  57. PJ of Ice and Fire

    PJ of Ice and Fire8 bulan yang lalu

    Jayneflakes Words of wisdom; words from the heart 👍

  58. Mace Aka Fulcrum

    Mace Aka Fulcrum8 bulan yang lalu

    I seriously need to find someone that loves Star Wars as much as I do. Okay, maybe not AS much because my obsession is next level lol I’d be down for a Star Wars dating app😂

  59. A knight of Ren

    A knight of Ren8 bulan yang lalu

    haha, if there was one I would have used it!

  60. kevin razo

    kevin razo8 bulan yang lalu

    A Star Wars dating app is a good idea! I’m surprised it doesn’t exist already.

  61. Tara Studivant

    Tara Studivant8 bulan yang lalu

    I look forward to these videos every week, they just make me so happy 😊😊😊

  62. colin the dog from SPACED

    colin the dog from SPACED8 bulan yang lalu

    I bet he played with more than just his AT-AT on Christmas morning !

  63. Casey Tune

    Casey Tune8 bulan yang lalu

    This is a very nice series highlighting why these movies are great. Everyone can finds things to relate to in them and there’s something for everyone in each film, book, comic, video game etc. I’ve loved this franchise all my life and will continue to till the day I die! The force is strong with us all, use it to inspire and enlighten.

  64. Panda Gaming

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  65. XB0n3z

    XB0n3z8 bulan yang lalu

    It's good to be an NPC manufacturing plant