how network tv advertises new shows


  1. Gus Johnson

    Gus JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    go follow me on the number 1 twitter account on twitter @Gusbuckets

  2. E

    E25 hari yang lalu

    60k likes 600 dislike 6 fucks given about my comment.

  3. Yogg

    YoggBulan Yang lalu

    When will the Avatar 2 sequel be ready?

  4. Master._. King

    Master._. KingBulan Yang lalu

    Hay Gus Johnson you remember the idubbzTV "do not watch this-1" video

  5. Youtube Account

    Youtube AccountBulan Yang lalu

    You look like trotsky with those glasses

  6. Philip Fernandez

    Philip FernandezBulan Yang lalu

    My wife and I were standing in line for the Jurassic World ride and she was like, "That person looks like that Gus guy." I said your name and waved, but missed the chance to wave to Eddy, too. Hope you guys had a good time at Universal Studios!

  7. Brandon Keidl

    Brandon KeidlHari Yang lalu


  8. Max Reznik

    Max ReznikHari Yang lalu

    hey really not tryin to rag on you, but the audio mixing was sub-par on this...

  9. Sean Salaway

    Sean SalawayHari Yang lalu

    Theadore Roosevelt

  10. Emalee June

    Emalee June4 hari yang lalu

    When he said “charcuterie”, I felt that

  11. Dillon Sukram

    Dillon Sukram7 hari yang lalu

    0:50 haha

  12. meraw

    meraw8 hari yang lalu


  13. Tom O'Bready

    Tom O'Bready12 hari yang lalu

    Stop the zooms please it's horrible once you noticed them...

  14. Day Reldorito

    Day Reldorito12 hari yang lalu

    they know they're the best even before they get their ratings

  15. Jam Jam

    Jam Jam13 hari yang lalu

    Watch ZoEys EtRodiNary PLayList FoR THe SoUNd TrACk Of YoUr LiFe

  16. zeitgeist909

    zeitgeist90914 hari yang lalu

    Gus is just cruising right now! Everything is hitting!

  17. Graham Blossom

    Graham Blossom15 hari yang lalu


  18. B U C K O

    B U C K O15 hari yang lalu

    *wpsnaiabdieakdaosnsidbeiabdisnsibi*YOGURT PARFAIT*aosnsosoandiamairieosjfishdebssnaosbeianajsb*

  19. PutinWithAnimals

    PutinWithAnimals16 hari yang lalu

    That Peter Griffin thumbnail 😂

  20. Price Rowland

    Price Rowland17 hari yang lalu

    Gus not realizing we live in a post-truth era

  21. SirGoldman

    SirGoldman17 hari yang lalu

    Hahaha, nicely done!

  22. Mr Reason

    Mr Reason18 hari yang lalu

    This is Top Tier ASMR :) Nothing I have heard sounds better.

  23. DaddyPlsNo

    DaddyPlsNo19 hari yang lalu

    Apparently every movie that comes out is the best fucking movie of the year

  24. Raymontisaurus

    Raymontisaurus19 hari yang lalu

    I have the exact same chair

  25. ImaGrlDealWithIt

    ImaGrlDealWithIt19 hari yang lalu

    He's writing with an Expo marker...

  26. TonkarzOfSolSystem

    TonkarzOfSolSystem20 hari yang lalu

    When they say no.1 show they ad just means it's their favorite show.

  27. KDSM

    KDSM20 hari yang lalu

    so this is what a degree on marketing gets ya in Hollywood huh?

  28. gruskek

    gruskek21 hari yang lalu

    These guys made for awesome guest stars.

  29. Vasco Silva

    Vasco Silva21 hari yang lalu

    why the F is your mic on the left channel and theirs on the right ? just make it all mono wtf

  30. Jun Sato

    Jun Sato21 hari yang lalu

    This must be an american thing, every time I need an adrenaline kick I, switch to any american channel, I get overwhelmed by big letters, dramatic music, superlatives and hyperboles.

  31. LB

    LB22 hari yang lalu

    Yogurt parfaits are awesome tho

  32. Ryan Duff

    Ryan Duff22 hari yang lalu

    0:20 what in the fuck in on the wall to the left

  33. Nixon78

    Nixon7822 hari yang lalu

    [your country here]'s favorite show!

  34. Energyone

    Energyone23 hari yang lalu

    Everyone: post a link to this video as a response for every social media ad that does this with a show

  35. Antonov Scheeeschslav

    Antonov Scheeeschslav23 hari yang lalu

    0:20 what is that painting in the background

  36. Ronin R

    Ronin R23 hari yang lalu

    How'd you get Jim from the Office US to cameo ?

  37. BassHeadJazz

    BassHeadJazz23 hari yang lalu

    Hmmmmmm charcuterie....who tf says that.

  38. Trex264

    Trex26425 hari yang lalu

    They're sharing the same pair of airpods

  39. Crisp Eaterson

    Crisp Eaterson25 hari yang lalu

    Is that Cheb??

  40. Barnacle Scum

    Barnacle Scum25 hari yang lalu

    This feels like a Key and Peele skit

  41. Defenestrator

    Defenestrator25 hari yang lalu

    Whats that song at the end?

  42. Shuaib S.

    Shuaib S.26 hari yang lalu

    0:06 can we appreciate the portrait on the left!

  43. Nocturne 03

    Nocturne 0326 hari yang lalu

    Why did I read that as shoes

  44. niklo322

    niklo32227 hari yang lalu

    Nice featuring on all you guys channels!!

  45. Das Obskur

    Das Obskur27 hari yang lalu

    The camerawork makes me feel like I'm literally in the room with them moving my whole head forward and backward all the time

  46. Alex Roberts

    Alex Roberts27 hari yang lalu

    How does Gus have so many friends

  47. josi

    josi28 hari yang lalu

    my right ear enjoyed this video.

  48. TheCooperJ

    TheCooperJ28 hari yang lalu

    Listening to this with headphones was an auditory E X P E R I E N C E

  49. Jim Jim

    Jim Jim29 hari yang lalu

    Rating schmating everybody's dating it's HOLLYWOOD

  50. Opiate

    Opiate29 hari yang lalu

    The modern day 3 stooges has officially been formed, and I couldn't be happier.

  51. gankkii

    gankkii29 hari yang lalu

    is gus's stuff getting stale or am i getting old :(

  52. Puck Bryn

    Puck Bryn29 hari yang lalu

    first second: god the way that guy says charcuterie makes me never want to eat one again every second after that: fuck I really want a charcuterie

  53. Henry Callahan

    Henry Callahan29 hari yang lalu

    any other headphoners experiencing weird left to right shit?

  54. RK TR

    RK TRBulan Yang lalu

    charcuterie 4 lyfe

  55. Dank Donuts

    Dank DonutsBulan Yang lalu


  56. clariola

    clariolaBulan Yang lalu

    But then shows like Hannibal or Community theyre just like "meh here ya go i guess..."

  57. Dan John

    Dan JohnBulan Yang lalu

    I love how they're sharing headphones.

  58. Rusty Director

    Rusty DirectorBulan Yang lalu

    P I L L O W G U Y 3

  59. NeonHologram666

    NeonHologram666Bulan Yang lalu

    Was that a Richard Simmons poster in the background???

  60. Slightly Sleep Deprived

    Slightly Sleep DeprivedBulan Yang lalu

    Don't forget the once-#1-hit pop song instrumental in the background

  61. Thomas DiGiovanni

    Thomas DiGiovanniBulan Yang lalu

    They are sharing a single pair of AirPods

  62. derekhenkels

    derekhenkelsBulan Yang lalu

    I have that desk too

  63. Isaac Walker

    Isaac WalkerBulan Yang lalu

    The IDreporter comedy community is growing too strong. This colab is far too powerful.

  64. Abdul-Hakeem Burns

    Abdul-Hakeem BurnsBulan Yang lalu

    hey it's Kyle

  65. Strontiummuffin

    StrontiummuffinBulan Yang lalu

    I litteraly can't think of an advertisement that didn't lie or misslead me in some way, spot on.