How Long Does Toe Nail Polish Last?


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    For your satisfaction click here:

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    Unrelated to this video specifically (but kind of related to every video), have you or Ben ever considered trying Enchroma or any other brand of glasses made for colour blindness? I found out Ben was colour blind in a video of yours we watched recently, and think it would be AMAZING for Ben to be able to truly see the magnitude of colours behind you on your wall (and, you know, nature and other less important things).

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    I love you again baaaaai

  5. Varshagururaj J

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    I like that blue holo polish

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    Simply Nailogical you had them longer than a woman takes to create a child 😂

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    I’m the most gross because I’m eating chips during all of this

  8. MagicCastleCupcakes 90

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    I've literally had the same nail polish on, no base coat, no top coat since July 2019. No chips yet Posted October 2019

  9. what even

    what even7 jam yang lalu

    i swim 8 times a week and my toenail polish lasted for 14 months 😂

  10. Aastha

    Aastha20 jam yang lalu

    this made me realize my nail polish on my feet have lasted for 8 months and it’s still there and thriving

  11. Jamie Whitehead

    Jamie WhiteheadHari Yang lalu

    When’s Cristine’s toe polish lasts longer than your relationship.

  12. Vannasaur

    VannasaurHari Yang lalu Cristine!!! How to cheat at watermarbling part ??? Clip is 4:18

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    This video is like a travel in time...

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    how funny is it that im also doing this and my toe nail polish has been on for over a year now

  15. Sheryl Joiner

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    Does anyone know what basecoat she used?

  16. Problems 101

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    It works better without a base coat

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    A dollar

  19. Brenda B

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    Mine lasted 5 months 😂 Painted them in May and just took off the remaining nail polish last week because I actually went out on a romantic date with the hubby. 😉 I didn’t prep the nail, just used Essie glitter nail polish, no top coat. Will I do it again? Absolutely.

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    Me: 1 week You: 1 year Me: HOW?!?

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    Respect for this insaaaane woman 🥰 She dedicated 52 weeks of her life for just a video topic. There is no one like her. The best IDreporterr.

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    My toes are super long and my toe nails grow super fast. Don't worry I have uglier toes.

  23. Briley Jordan

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    Toe nail polish last like 2 months for me cause I'm a company dancer 💃

  24. Sammy Guerra

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    CRISTINE: I have a request for a video, or maybe two videos(idk)?I am all about beauty stuffs, makeup, hair coloring, all of it.. but nails I don’t know much, and I would like to learn more. After watching your toe nail paint video/experiment, I noticed you do a lot more to your piglets than I do to mine and I want to know your nail care routines! I need to know how to have nice cuticles and nails, and how to get rid of my peely fingers and all that jazz so pls help ill probably post this to more than one video as well just in hopes that you’ll see it

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    only christine can make money with footage of her cutting her toenails

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    I have arched feet

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    Ben wants a taste of her tootsie rolls!!! LMAO!!

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    OMGG My birthday is on Sep. 18 😘😘 btw I’m new I subscribe and turn on the bell

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    Please never do this again lmao 😆 I can barely handle feet!! But keep up being a funny and crazy Canadian!! I’m from Ontario and a bit nutty too!! ❤️🇨🇦❤️ you guys are hilarious and I gotta say I kinda love picking on Ben 😂😂😂😂👏

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    cristine! once 2020, begins, you should do another one of these progress vlogs but instead where you film and count up every single new nail polish you buy or get in PR, etc for the whole year.

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    Week 23 was when those strange lines appeared on your toes.

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    Where do you get your holo slippers? I need a pair

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    Not my proudest fap but ok.

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    week 16 cristine: looks like i'm goin for a trim

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    100000000000000 Dollars

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    Thank you I'm not the only one with flat feet

  37. Unic

    Unic6 hari yang lalu

    So, I recently did this too and my nail polish on my big toe lasted for 3.5 months before a huge chunk chipped off. I didn't put basecoat, top coat or anything like that because I was lazy, just a black polish and some cheap sparkle polish. Also I want to add I go swimming at a pool like twice a week which strains nail polish additionally. The other toes with the same polish mostly grew out, because my toe nails are tiny and my nails grow relatively quick. Big toe is still holding on to the rest of the polish at 18 weeks.

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    Omg I just watched a 17 minute video of feet for the one hundredth time

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    Ok no offence but no actually pleas take offence because you just offended me by saying all the Aries are the dislikes no that’s not right I’m an Aries and I can’t help that but I like all of the videos of yours that I watch and you put it on your snap so pleas piss off saying it was Aries you only said that because your jealous that you aren’t one bye

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    It's BC u put peel off bascoat

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    Mollies vlogs they also match her sweater😁

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    Are you a virgin? Not anything weird, just wonderin'.

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    Grow your toenails for a year without cutting them

  47. khaleliahk

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    Mine is still here.... It been 9 months

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    No one: Absolutely nobody: Ben: 13:30

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    I bet $12Toenails

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    That line in your nail is caused by nail Polish that's what happens when you wear it to long your nails go yellow

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    OH LORD... I love her Toes 🤤👣😋... AMAZING!! 😍😍

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    I left at 14:50

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    You sounded like Velma when taking about math. Lol

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    I got a fucking autism speaks ad im so upset

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    2 months of beautiful holo

  57. Meredith Duncan

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    Just finally did my redo last night. But I work 3 jobs and bathe daily. So 2 months I think I have to reconsider, my nails barely last a day!

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    Bruh, I only clip my toenails once a year. They grow super slow

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    I'm so fancy you already know~ im in the tea bath~ to head to toe

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    You have such pretty feet.

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    my cousin had her toe nail polish for 4 years...

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    What else is she doing being r back

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    Are you a virgin

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    Nail art in one Breath