How Joker’s Ending Could Tie Together the DC Cinematic Universe? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)


  1. J G

    J G21 hari yang lalu

    Not good. 👎🏽

  2. Brad King

    Brad King23 hari yang lalu

    What if it was just in the 80's in his head because that was when he was a little boy? But it all actually occurred 10ish years ago.

  3. LaVerdadEsMuyCatólica

    LaVerdadEsMuyCatólica23 hari yang lalu

    Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the flash, green lantern, cyborg, Martian Manhunter, captain marvel are EXTREMELY FAKE. FAKE PERIOD. Batman however is NOT ONLY the MOST popular DC hero, but he is the MOST REALISTIC hero ... bereft of alien tech, super duper power fakery ... he is devoid of all these quixotic displays of PRIDE. He is just a regular man trying to atone for the death of his parents by trying to bring criminals to justice ... this JOKER is better to be kept in a new Batman universe. Instead of a universe with characters that people see as fake and that do NOT display any human characteristics, why not just have a BATMAN FILM UNIVERSE ... maybe 10 or so films from him as a young child till him as a man who tries to solve the riddles of the psycho terrorist Riddler? How about that?

  4. kela

    kela23 hari yang lalu

    it’s confirmed that it’s not connected to the dc universe

  5. Whim

    Whim24 hari yang lalu

    I didn't like it but I didn't hate it either, it tried to be two movies and failed.

  6. Lor Jayy

    Lor Jayy25 hari yang lalu

    Everyone saying it shouldn’t be a sequel until it starts to rival marvel movies in numbers then everyone will expect one every year 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. SNTRL J

    SNTRL J29 hari yang lalu

    So this entire video just to say "maybe or maybe not"

  8. Drive a Sandwich

    Drive a SandwichBulan Yang lalu

    If there is a continuation, I hope we see Gary begrudgingly become Gaggy.

  9. Thomas Loftin

    Thomas LoftinBulan Yang lalu

    Amy is a hoooootiiiiiieeee! 🥰

  10. Anthony Flynn

    Anthony FlynnBulan Yang lalu

    I miss Jessica Chobot. The one problem with Joker, which is awesome, makes the Joker a good 30 years older than Batman. By the time Bruce Wayne is in his prime as Batman, this Joker will be 60 or more. I guess this theory could resolve that, although I am not a fan of the multi-joker concept.

  11. Kevin Glover

    Kevin GloverBulan Yang lalu

    Not to nitpick but yes I’m nitpicking lol Todd Phillips said it’s 1979

  12. Eddie G.

    Eddie G.Bulan Yang lalu


  13. Luke Bickner

    Luke BicknerBulan Yang lalu

    Nah it's standalone.

  14. Pterafunk

    PterafunkBulan Yang lalu

    The three Joker take could totally work and I need more of Phoenix's Joker. I could of easily sat through another hour of Arthur being beaten down for that amazing payoff.

  15. Sambo B

    Sambo BBulan Yang lalu

    Your explanation is BS. Here's how it will work - part way through the start of the movie you see Joker in an Asylum banging his head on a door, at the end Joker is again in an Asylum (Arkham?) and he explains that he just thought of a joke that the psychiatrist wouldn't understand. This happens only a few minutes after the Wayne sequence. What's to not say that during the whole movie, Joker was always in the Asylum and the events of the movie were entirely being played out in his head? Joker was having a fantasy about how he created Batman - makes sense given his response to the "what's so funny" question and answer. This version also supports the cannon that Joker doesn't have an origin story, this origin was just his imagination! Also, this way, the timeline in the movie doesn't matter at all. Joker just happened to imagine that it occurred in the 80's while the actual real time could have been the present. Simple

  16. Potatoes Have Feelings Too

    Potatoes Have Feelings TooBulan Yang lalu


  17. Rob Farrell

    Rob FarrellBulan Yang lalu

    Where’s Jessica?

  18. synergy162

    synergy162Bulan Yang lalu

    Please hire Maude Garrett! Or Jenny Lorenzo! Vorpahl really needs a new gig.

  19. Anonymous Freak

    Anonymous FreakBulan Yang lalu

    5:12 - "...folded in to the Greater DC Universe..." - wait... There's a _GREATER_ DC Universe? So I've been watching the Lesser DC Universe this whole time?

  20. Tejan B.S

    Tejan B.SBulan Yang lalu

    Where is jessica chobot?????

  21. Roberto Saldana

    Roberto SaldanaBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe a Flashpoint flick.

  22. jordan atkins

    jordan atkinsBulan Yang lalu

    It’s a stand-alone film. Todd Philips confirmed that Joaquin Phoenixs Joker and Robert Patterson’s Batman will not cross paths

  23. Juan Fierro jr

    Juan Fierro jrBulan Yang lalu

    The Crisis on Infinite Earths event on TV already tied in Flash's appearance in Batman v Superman without trying. See it again.

  24. David Spracklen

    David SpracklenBulan Yang lalu

    Jared Leto's joker could be Jason Todd. Jason Todd was "killed" by joker, his costume is on display in the batcave.

  25. Sal

    SalBulan Yang lalu

    They should bring him in to DCCU as long as none of the idiots who many Justice League and BvS are allowed to be involved in any way.

  26. Zulhamizan Abdul Sukor

    Zulhamizan Abdul SukorBulan Yang lalu

    They can, if they make Flashpoint movie as the cause of this. I mean, retconning the whole DCEU from the beginning, starting from Joker to Robert's portrayal for the new Batman movie

  27. Alex Soto

    Alex SotoBulan Yang lalu

    If "Joker" were to be tied into an expanded universe, I would prefer a fresh start. There have already been way too many complications with the current DCCU and I feel like trying to play clean up and incorporate any of it would just water down the great film that Joker is. Instead of showing Heroes becoming people, show people becoming heroes. This is why the MCU has been successful. As characters they have development wherein the DCCU the characters don't feel developed at all.

  28. Jared Barber

    Jared BarberBulan Yang lalu

    I hope DC never tries to follow Marvel with a DCEU + sticks with great one or 2 movie styles. Joker was Gotham incarnate. A dark, depressing anti-Metropolis in desperate need of a Batman. So here's to the new Batman origin movie being of this calibre of acting + not just a splashy comic movie.


    SILVERBACK PBBulan Yang lalu

    I really don’t want a master piece like Joker being apart of the mess that is the DCEU

  30. Comic Book Movie Truth

    Comic Book Movie TruthBulan Yang lalu

    He is not the Joker it is Fallen Down or Taxi Driver ... also he does not do sequels ...

  31. Cestlavie mori

    Cestlavie moriBulan Yang lalu

    It couldn’t connect to a universe that didn’t even start lmfao , DC looks like it’s having a redo with this and the upcoming Batman

  32. geant20

    geant20Bulan Yang lalu

    Jared Leto Joker is not the REal Joker he is the 3rd Robin that became Joker like the Joker in Batman Beyond.

  33. geant20

    geant20Bulan Yang lalu

    The ending scene is the Reality and it Set in Present. while the main story is the What if story line and its play on his mind.

  34. sajinokami

    sajinokamiBulan Yang lalu

    Only if they're R rated, Gotham is an R-rated city that gets sugercoated all the time for PG-13 movies.

  35. Drsoe08

    Drsoe08Bulan Yang lalu

    I miss Jessica.

  36. Robert Warren

    Robert WarrenBulan Yang lalu

    im still wondering what happend to chobot

  37. jeff lockhart

    jeff lockhartBulan Yang lalu

    I just hope you never bring up the TV show Gotham again...

  38. Anthom 420

    Anthom 420Bulan Yang lalu

    The need to get Joseph Gordon levitt to play heath ledgers joker the look so much alike it’s crazy

  39. Kat Johnson

    Kat JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    so hes like the grandpa of all jokers lol i could see him creating copycats so the idea of him never dies making him immortal XD

  40. Rami Ungar

    Rami UngarBulan Yang lalu

    If Joker gets roped into the greater DCEU, I wouldn't mind. That film was fucking brilliant.

  41. Noobmaster 69

    Noobmaster 69Bulan Yang lalu

    I can see Joaquin doing batman, but not the whole DC universe

  42. Tavon

    TavonBulan Yang lalu

    I don't really see it as a tie in to the DC Extended Universe because of it's portrayal of the film, I think it's more of a theory than an actual stand alone film that holds it own.

  43. ArawnsFire

    ArawnsFireBulan Yang lalu

    We miss Jessica. We really do miss her.

  44. SebasSant87

    SebasSant87Bulan Yang lalu

    ArawnsFire any idea where she went?

  45. keiichi maebara

    keiichi maebaraBulan Yang lalu

    This should tie into a new DC universe and reboot the DC universe that is current The only thing good about the DC movies is suicide squad A about have the worst joker of all time it looked like they got a greaser and mixed him with a clown the only thing accurate about the joker from suicide squad is Harley Quinn That is pretty sad

  46. Michael Bradley

    Michael BradleyBulan Yang lalu

    Not happening. Pheonix said no and all involved said it was meant to be a stand alone.

  47. Michael C

    Michael CBulan Yang lalu

    They better not use Ben Affleck with this joker

  48. Halo Theft Auto 4

    Halo Theft Auto 4Bulan Yang lalu

    Are we not allowed to have a stand-alone movie?

  49. Jaden Hybrid

    Jaden HybridBulan Yang lalu

    This is the problem with comic book fans, they like an idea that a villain having there own movie until it's really good and start talking like this to hype yet another fuck up. My advice leave it as a standalone and learn from it.

  50. Alvin Niel

    Alvin NielBulan Yang lalu

    Isn't DCEU rebooting?

  51. Liquid Meme

    Liquid MemeBulan Yang lalu

    Just watched Joker. I felt like I was watching the first Ironman again, the beginning to something great. Do not connect the existing universe. Make a new darker one, with all the movies rated R to match and get juicing with it. Rated R comic book films have been grand slams and the dark justice league are giant signs that we want this. To try to connect a hard rated R joker into this existing PG13 washed out universe would be a waist of talent

  52. bartc51

    bartc51Bulan Yang lalu

    When did Amy V get hawt??!

  53. Taaketa Dinloka

    Taaketa DinlokaBulan Yang lalu

    Such a back handed comment.

  54. Fredrick Cox

    Fredrick CoxBulan Yang lalu

    Dear Kyle, could we use the recently hypothesized primordial black hole at the edge of our solar system to turn Jupiter into a sun as previously hypothesized in your videos.

  55. Kirby C

    Kirby CBulan Yang lalu

    Just let it be its own thing. And I really doubt this joker could even compete against batman, brains or physically this guy is just in the lowest grunt level

  56. Sjono

    SjonoBulan Yang lalu

    Joaquin Phoenix took this role because it didn’t tie into any universe.

  57. Nate Andershock

    Nate AndershockBulan Yang lalu

    Why would you put gold in a pile of shit?

  58. sypen1

    sypen1Bulan Yang lalu

    Please don’t drag this movie into that mess. This film doesn’t need a sequel.

  59. Rihards

    RihardsBulan Yang lalu

    i hate the 3 joker thing, they should just stick to this being stand alone

  60. Sarah Hunt

    Sarah HuntBulan Yang lalu

    Hopefully it won't. Can we pls leave it be

  61. Giacomo Cepparulo

    Giacomo CepparuloBulan Yang lalu

    Yes, but what happens to sophie ??

  62. Jeremy Cricket

    Jeremy CricketBulan Yang lalu

    It could just be considered a prequel to TDK.