How Do Indonesians Feel About The LGBTQ+? | ASIAN BOSS


  1. Lily Blackwell

    Lily Blackwell19 jam yang lalu

    "Do you support the LGBT Community" "Well yes, but actually no"

  2. Eric Gillespie

    Eric Gillespie21 jam yang lalu

    Same thing here you got to be happy Who You Are and where you're from does my you gay or lesbian you'll have to be happy and

  3. Edward Jeremy 12

    Edward Jeremy 1223 jam yang lalu


  4. B L

    B L2 hari yang lalu

    2:13 This guy is gayyyyy

  5. みぐめめぐ

    みぐめめぐ3 hari yang lalu

    There’s a research that researchers found LGBT is factored by several genes. It can’t be chosen and it’s not a unnatural thing.

  6. Jacquesf 22

    Jacquesf 227 hari yang lalu

    See? They use religion to justify their hate

  7. Ilario Vitalis

    Ilario Vitalis7 hari yang lalu i safe as a tourist to travel with my husband and be treated with respect or am I going to have to anticipate complications because we are occupying the same bed ? This is more relevant to travelling in Bali but it’s still a concern !!!

  8. Kimia A 2014

    Kimia A 20148 hari yang lalu

    6:42 good thing the interviewer was sane enough to have common sense by the way he formed that question

  9. Kimia A 2014

    Kimia A 20148 hari yang lalu

    4:10 this guy trying to be edgy but he's just confused af. Poor dude. Put him near lgbtq+ and we'll see the hypocrisy

  10. strikesaviour15

    strikesaviour1511 hari yang lalu

    I'm Indonesian and I'm not at all against LGBTQ+... I've had some gay friends, both men and women and they are all just like normal people. Just because they have a different sexual preference doesn't mean they're sick or abnormal.

  11. dazingfn

    dazingfn11 hari yang lalu

    bruh someone really said “it can be cured”

  12. Romeo J

    Romeo J9 hari yang lalu

    Yeah... Because conversion therapies work! hahahaha this is pure ignorance but they are not taught about the lgbt community, they know nothing about it

  13. Aris Bugis

    Aris Bugis18 hari yang lalu

    Mas baju kemeja hitam garis²,sama dua cewek jilbab selamat anda kadrun sejati wkwkwkwkkwkw

  14. Su Pasit

    Su Pasit18 hari yang lalu

    I want to kill people who say "we have to be anti lgbt"

  15. Su Pasit

    Su Pasit18 hari yang lalu

    I am a Indonesian gay, in my opinion gay it happened naturally to me, and I never chose to be a gay.

  16. casey jason

    casey jason18 hari yang lalu

    The funny thing .All those BL ACTORS from Thailand and Taiwan the first Fan Meeting they go is INDONESIA, I find it comical that 93%disagree I just think it's like my country,if you ask them they will say No we dont want them but they dont do anything to them,and even date them...

  17. sakurakou2009

    sakurakou200919 hari yang lalu

    doesn't their languge sound a little like spanish ?

  18. Bento Box Swirl

    Bento Box Swirl19 hari yang lalu

    It's probably the r rolling.

  19. Lay

    Lay19 hari yang lalu

    if she's a muslim but then she said that god created adam and eve.. *_confuse pikachu noises_*

  20. Roshni k

    Roshni k20 hari yang lalu

    I never knew Indonesia was so narrow minded

  21. Frahh's closet

    Frahh's closet21 hari yang lalu

    There is such a thing called compulsive, shall I do it? :'(

  22. newtobts

    newtobts25 hari yang lalu

    "as far as i know, it can be cured" oh yeah let me just drink my anti gay medicine to make myself straight in 2 seconds

  23. muzaffar rojava

    muzaffar rojava8 hari yang lalu

    lol 🤣🤣

  24. Frahh's closet

    Frahh's closet21 hari yang lalu

    Pake infus :'(

  25. newtobts

    newtobts25 hari yang lalu

    i hate how in indonesia, so many people fetishize gay people and it's so disgusting cause most of them are homophobic as well. i used to know a friend who would show off like guys kissing and anime yaoi stuff and then when i ask her if she supports lgbt she said "no wtf of course not. i just like it when it's fiction" which really disgusted me.

  26. Lia Anwar

    Lia Anwar29 hari yang lalu

    So here..only who agree consider as gud person.. hmm

  27. Anderson Lopes

    Anderson Lopes29 hari yang lalu

    This video is really sad and make me rethink about Indonesians. :/

  28. Juan Estrada

    Juan Estrada4 hari yang lalu

    Thank you so much .. we need more Indonesians like you 🙌🥺😍 love from America. الإسلام هو تحفة الشيطان

  29. الإسلام هو تحفة الشيطان

    الإسلام هو تحفة الشيطان18 hari yang lalu

    Hey i'm indonesian and i support lgbts

  30. Ƿynnťari

    Ƿynnťari29 hari yang lalu

    Oh my god Now I want to know about other islamic countries in the world to compare That masked girl is so bold, what will people close to her do when they see her in this video?

  31. alejandro duran

    alejandro duranBulan Yang lalu

    I wont never visit that country! Thhey live in 11 century .

  32. Kinar Hanna

    Kinar HannaBulan Yang lalu

    Semoga keluarga sodara dan temanku dijauhkan dari LGBT apapun alasannya

  33. risma w

    risma wBulan Yang lalu

    most people got interviewed only stated it was wrong without explaining it well. All the reasons don't make sense to me and seems uneducated.

  34. Samantha Saint James

    Samantha Saint JamesBulan Yang lalu

    Jason from Asian Boss is super cute o_o

  35. Kezia Saint

    Kezia SaintBulan Yang lalu

    Lol i really wanna move from this country, to sums this country up is "i put all my anger and frustration in the internet without thinking the consequences"

  36. Mm M

    Mm MBulan Yang lalu

    2:37 Girl what?

  37. wreckitnini

    wreckitniniBulan Yang lalu

    Someone support LGBT People : "That person is open minded, people should be like him!!!" Someone does not support LGBT People: "That is close minded person, why there some people thinking like that!!!" Wth with people i don't think open minded people just mean you open to new lifestyle, but you open and understanding with different opinion of people, if they doesn't want to support LGBT doesn't mean they are close minded person, why we have to support that lifestyle if in our heart we against it. I'm against LGBT but i respect them as human being is their right to do what they want and we can't force them to being straight. And we as human to should tolerate everyone rights, you support LGBT and ignore some opinion its not open minded though -_-

  38. Bento Box Swirl

    Bento Box Swirl19 hari yang lalu

    I support LGBTQ and I agree with you.

  39. kurara itsibana

    kurara itsibanaBulan Yang lalu

    I feel sorry for Indognesian LGBTQ member here in Phil. they are all accepted in all kinds of occupation even in politics. I hope they will not forget as being kind to one another is most important thing in the world. Regardless of what kind of religion. Religion is not a passport for you to go to heaven.

  40. Baby Driver

    Baby DriverBulan Yang lalu

    I am Indonesian and I am gay, and I already knew I like men since I was 5 years old. I cannot choose, I was born as a gay

  41. Astridアストリドプレイズ

    AstridアストリドプレイズBulan Yang lalu

    I’m with that guy at 1:10

  42. Blinkren

    BlinkrenBulan Yang lalu

    Just, live and let live, is it that hard to understand, to accept?

  43. JustWannaBeAnonymous

    JustWannaBeAnonymousBulan Yang lalu

    "Being LGBT isn't right because we already have men and women." Omg don't you just hate it when people assume that homosexuality is something someone "chooses"? I mean, I've heard there are people who "choose" their sexuality, but as far as I know, the majority of people in the LGBT+ community don't "choose" to be gay, lesbian, etc. Heck, there's even been research that homosexuality exists in other animals too. So though being gay may not be "the norm" in our society, to say that it "isn't right" seems like you're not acknowledging the discrepancies that exist in our animal kingdom anyway.

  44. JustWannaBeAnonymous

    JustWannaBeAnonymousBulan Yang lalu

    @Lil Tree Nice counter-argument

  45. Lil Tree

    Lil TreeBulan Yang lalu

    She was 100% right you’re wrong

  46. teuing lieur

    teuing lieurBulan Yang lalu

    translate bahasa inggrisnya apik tenan

  47. llamadrama -,-

    llamadrama -,-Bulan Yang lalu

    My bi ass was screeching seeing the homophobes

  48. xonovja

    xonovjaBulan Yang lalu

    respect for the girl with mask and glasses

  49. Jellybeans

    JellybeansBulan Yang lalu

    Islam sucks

  50. Jellybeans

    JellybeansBulan Yang lalu

    These people made me lose brain cells

  51. Jellybeans

    JellybeansBulan Yang lalu

    Lil Tree 😴

  52. Lil Tree

    Lil TreeBulan Yang lalu

    Jellybeans How they are speaking facts how can anybody justify gay as normal

  53. Jellybeans

    JellybeansBulan Yang lalu

    As a gay muslim man, this video made me disappointed at my religion, and then here come the lying muslims who say: “islam is the religion of peace” clearly as you can see from the video it isn’t. It teaches people to hate other people that did them no harm. No wonder China and India are anti-islam 😒.

  54. Juan Estrada

    Juan Estrada4 hari yang lalu


  55. Waldo

    WaldoBulan Yang lalu

    Ignore them only Allah can judge gay people

  56. No Jam

    No JamBulan Yang lalu

    As a muslim, i tolerate lbtgq or someth... but basic on my religion they have no chance to go to heaven, even non muslim can't go to heaven forever, so i really understand why soo many ppl from "tolerate country" or "open minded country" here defend them. And i have nothing to do with yall, we tell the truth. Period.

  57. Hanna J

    Hanna JBulan Yang lalu

    Indeed there are many Indonesian people who disagree. but don't worry many of them will still accept you even if they don't like it.I mean, when I made friends with Indonesian people there were many things that he didn't like from me and many things I didn't like about him and we remained friends. we don't need to equalize our opinions. we accept differences. . Sorry for my bad english

  58. Andi Bskr

    Andi BskrBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine growing up as a non-hetero in such environment, where most of the people, even some in our own family, think, that we are "mentally ill", or as Indonesian way to say, "crazy (gila)". It's been 6 years I left the country, but I guess I'll never come back, FOREVER.

  59. Danny S

    Danny SBulan Yang lalu

    Indonesia is a muslim majority country. Are we shocked?

  60. levi nani

    levi naniBulan Yang lalu

    People here act like they go to church and got blessing from god like SHAZAM I'm straight now. Like seriously, If it was that easy. We are gay since the beginning, its in our gene.

  61. Fudanshi 21

    Fudanshi 21Bulan Yang lalu

    Hey i am Indonesia and i love yaoi :3

  62. Han Jisung

    Han JisungBulan Yang lalu

    Did he just say homosexuality is an abnormality?


    ADHITYA CHANDRA P. -Bulan Yang lalu

    What we hate is "the lgbt behavior" .not the person it self. So we must try to fix and destroy that behavior,and lead the person to become normal again. U CANT BELIEVE IN RELIGION IF U TOO BELIVE IN LGBT. JUST LIKE U CANT BE ATHEIST IF U BELIEVE IN GOD

  64. 陳正和

    陳正和Bulan Yang lalu

    ADHITYA CHANDRA P. - Which can’t happen because it’s not in your control.

  65. Winata Salim

    Winata SalimBulan Yang lalu

    Hatred religion teach us how to cruel to lgbt .

  66. Big Boy

    Big BoyBulan Yang lalu

    So sad how these people don't respect the differences.. I hope it changes!

  67. directionerknight x

    directionerknight xBulan Yang lalu

    It's sad how normal it is for them to be homophobic that they aren't even hesitating while expressing such negative views about the LGBTQ community.

  68. Lil Tree

    Lil TreeBulan Yang lalu

    directionerknight x They speak the truth

  69. Ney.

    Ney.Bulan Yang lalu


  70. FH 777

    FH 777Bulan Yang lalu

    Actually Indonesian sees lgbtq in two ways : accept because of humanity and reject because of norm.. you can judge people in a country as an "undeveloped" minded but one think you should know, changing a Norm is really really hard.. so be polite. As long as there is no abusement (verbal and physical) againts lgbtq, i think that's okay.. what ever society thinks...

  71. Marvel Tanaka

    Marvel TanakaBulan Yang lalu

    I hate gay

  72. Hando Pangestu

    Hando PangestuBulan Yang lalu


  73. celine

    celineBulan Yang lalu

    do you support the lgbtq+ community? indonesians: yes but no

  74. Safirra Mulianna

    Safirra MuliannaBulan Yang lalu

    Aku selalu berpikir kek gini *"Aku straight, tpi selalu berusaha untuk dukung komunitas LGBTQ+, toh mereka ga melakukan hal yg buruk/menyakiti orang dan lagi klo bicara soal agama dan dosa, pada akhirnya, di hari Penghakiman, bakal dihakimi sendiri, kalaupun mereka masuk surga, kita ga diajak, kalau masuk neraka, toh kita juga ga ikut diseret masuk, berusaha aja jdi orng yg baik ke orang lain"* kenapa kita selalu pengen orang ngehormatin kita, menghargai kita, tpi kita sendiri ke orang yg 'beda' dikit ama kita, dicaci lah, dihina lah, disindir, di JIJIK2IN, *tugas kita tuh cuma mengingatkan, dengan baik klo ada orang berbuat salah, klo orang itu gamau, pkelah cara yg halus, yg diajarin sama para Nabi kan gitu, bukan malah disindir2* >:O Lagian juga kalo seandainya ngomong soal norma nih, mohon maap, itu yang straight juga ga innocent, yg masih pacarannya gatau tempat, ciom2an dibioskop, fly over, jembatan, pinggir kali kurang melanggar norma apa coba x3 Ya aku juga ga 100% dukung gitu, itu kita punya kasus yg di Inggris, yg korbannya ratusan orang, yg suka pesta se* di hotel yg ada anak dibawah umurnya (ini baik yg straight ama yg LGBTQ sih) nah itu aku ga setuju >< Hhhh.. masih banyak sebenernya unek2ku tpi aku lupa (krga terlalu geregetan juga sampe ada yg 'jijiq' sama komunitas LGBTQ, seakan mereka bukan manusia) 😔

  75. nunpuii damagedlips_

    nunpuii damagedlips_Bulan Yang lalu

    "You might be born that way but you can be born again".

  76. adam jordy

    adam jordyBulan Yang lalu