How Do I Get A Zero Credit Score?


  1. Daeguma

    Daeguma2 bulan yang lalu

    Honestly, I believe no debt is good but people in the comments are talking about how they have credit cards and they use their credit cards wisely... Be honest you have your credit card because you can't pay anything on time. That's the only reason why you have it. If you can pay on time why get a credit card? You don't really need one because that's too much stress. If you have to get one to pay your bills then why not use your money and pay bills? It just sounds stupid to have a credit card to pay anything. If you don't have the money don't spend it.

  2. SoCalFreelance

    SoCalFreelance11 bulan yang lalu

    I have 100,000+ AMEX points and I'm unsure what to do with them?

  3. Maria Mainer

    Maria MainerTahun Yang lalu

    Wait im confused, I thought a higher credit score was better ? Why would you want a zero...

  4. K Black

    K BlackTahun Yang lalu

    I have no debt and nearing an 800 score. I use credit cards to pay for everything I normally would buy, get deals and points, pay it off in full each month. Easy to do and a win/win situation for me. Actually STRIVING a zero is good for what? If you don't need credit for anything, tis kinda pointless isn't it? I know Dave doesn't approve of debit or credit cards but who walks around with a pile of cash in their pockets in this day and age? I find that a bit silly.

  5. Air Strike Technologies

    Air Strike TechnologiesTahun Yang lalu

    Folks, I used Ramsey's plan and I am 100% debt free with cash in the bank, my homes are paid for I owe nothing. HOWEVER, unless you have a high level of liquid wealth, DO NOT aspire to have a zero credit score, Ramsey can afford to risk life's variables and dump his debt score. If you are not of extreme wealth, consider maintaining a debt score with no debt. Keep open a card or two and keep them at zero balance. If you are in immediate need (not wants, NEED) and have no cash available, you will need the card. Just a consideration, I enjoy having ZERO debt, its nice to have 5 figures in my savings (hoping to have 6 figures by the time my little boy goes to college so he has no need for student loans), but I will not risk the variables life throws at us at times and refuse to aspire to have ZERO credit because Mr. Ramsey has a hatred for the banking system, he doesn't need them, those of us without 400m in the bank may need them.. I never anticipated on going to work at 6am and being in an ambulance at 11:30am with a broken l2-l5, I never anticipated developing Young Onset parkinsons Disease, but here it is. Life Variables......Are you wealthy enough to deal with every one of them as they come without help from time to time? I am not, as such I will keep a debt score without debt just in case. Best to you all.

  6. Marcus M.

    Marcus M.Tahun Yang lalu

    799 on my way to zero, because I longer care for credit scores I have no debt, I have more money though! 😃

  7. Dr Dermix Girl

    Dr Dermix Girl4 bulan yang lalu

    You’re a BOSS bruh!

  8. jvolstad

    jvolstadTahun Yang lalu

    I checked my score this evening. 840 with a current total balance of around $500. I use my cards to purchase gasoline, shopping at the local food store, and other useful monthly expenses. But I also pay off the balances in full each month.

  9. Matt P

    Matt PTahun Yang lalu

    This is the right way to do it. If you are responsible and have self control theres no reason not to use credit cards. If you don't have self control credit cards were never the cause they were a symptom.

  10. scarrmd

    scarrmdTahun Yang lalu

    A zero credit score should be the new status symbol of choice in America

  11. D Jones

    D Jones26 hari yang lalu

    @Plutonius X not many people. That's why it'd be a status symbol, my guy.

  12. Plutonius X

    Plutonius XTahun Yang lalu

    Why? how many people can honestly say they can buy a house entirely on cash. Credit scores are important. Dave Ramsey can feel free to buy me a house at any time.

  13. Mila 921

    Mila 921Tahun Yang lalu

    How does that work regarding hotel stays and car rentals???

  14. rosen380

    rosen380Tahun Yang lalu

    I think the OP meant that when you go to a hotel, they expect to get a credit card on file on check-in. If you have a zero credit score it follows that you have zero credit cards as well. Some/most/all hotels will take a debit card and put a hold on some funds... like $50 or so per night. So if you are staying seven nights, and even if you've already pre-paid the room, you'll probably have ~$350 on hold. Not a big deal if you have plenty of $$$ in your account and I guess it would be a fair argument that if this amount is a problem, you probably can't afford to go on this trip anyways. -- Rental car-- mostly the same deal, as you should be able to use a debit card, but I'd argue that Uber/Lyft in most cases people rent a car isn't "probably" cheaper. At least in my personal experience, the two times we rented a car it was because we were 5-12 hours from home by plane and didn't have our cars and anything but renting would have been horribly impractical. San Francisco- 1) Airport to hotel in SF 2) hotel to another hotel in Napa 3) To and from wedding related events in Napa 4) hotel to a different SF hotel 5) hotel to airport ... and that plus some sight-seeing [Aquarium of the Bay, Lombard St, Exploratorium, Pier 39, Muir Woods and the Golden Gate bridge] I got voted down on the cable car museum and Alcatraz and I did want to drive down to the Monterey Bay aquarium, settling for the more convenient one. In Hawaii we only rented the car for one day for like $40 (plus gas) to get from Aulani to a Manoa Falls hike, about 55 miles round trip. When we were in Florida we did a Disney Cruise and also hit Cape Canaveral before and Disney World after and did that all with shuttles and Uber. Are most other adults incapable of making a rational decision as to how to get from A's to B's when they are on vacation?

  15. Edgar Uriarte

    Edgar UriarteTahun Yang lalu

    As far as my experience with hotels they never check my credit score to get a room. And car rentals.. How many times do you rent a car a year? In those rare occasions use uber or lyft. It'll probably be cheaper too.

  16. jaysdangerroom

    jaysdangerroomTahun Yang lalu

    It's not the interest is the problem with credit cards but the card triggers you to spend when you do not want to spend or overspend with these reward points, cashback, coupons, etc. The credit card companies know alot people pay off their cards but to make money off the credit card holders they throw in these incentives to make you spend more or spend unnecessarily. Also if the credit score is so good why when a buy my car cash at the dealer they get upset about it? It seems credit makes everybody money except the consumer. It's a scam.

  17. Matt P

    Matt PTahun Yang lalu

    Car dealers get upset because they most likely get a commission from whatever bank gives you the loan

  18. Infrared Sight

    Infrared SightTahun Yang lalu

    Should have replied to the email saying 'I am dead'.

  19. ProudMoney - Credit Cards & Personal Finance

    ProudMoney - Credit Cards & Personal FinanceTahun Yang lalu

    Pretty sure if you've ever had a loan or credit, it sticks on your credit report for 10 years, though some bad stuff drops off after 7. Not sure where he gets the idea it just disappears in a year if you stop using credit and shut all of your accounts. Have never heard of this as a thing.

  20. WildandLiving

    WildandLivingTahun Yang lalu

    Cell phones in canada report

  21. White Kita

    White KitaTahun Yang lalu

    I have never met a person with a zero credit where are those people? maybe the people who live in the jungles?

  22. Poetic Smith

    Poetic SmithTahun Yang lalu

  23. Taylee Nicole

    Taylee NicoleTahun Yang lalu

    I have a question for someone in college wanting to get an apartment they all do credit checks and refuse to take 3 months of rent in advance to bypass not having credit . How do I deal with this?

  24. DynamicHunter

    DynamicHunterTahun Yang lalu

    That's more expensive than many local apartments, and you only live there while you're taking classes. So if you want to live there during the summer you have to get an apartment anyways. Also my school's on campus housing is only guaranteed for first years

  25. Edgar Uriarte

    Edgar UriarteTahun Yang lalu

    @judas brute Nah don't live in campus, it is way overpriced and you aren't allowed to live there during the summer (may be different from campus to campus).

  26. judas brute

    judas bruteTahun Yang lalu

    get an apt after college, live on campus now if that's an option

  27. Edgar Uriarte

    Edgar UriarteTahun Yang lalu

    Try going on craigslist to find someone renting a duplex or guest house or something, instead of a business that rents apartments and is all about numbers. Many other students look for roommates and could care less about credit score specially with 3 months of rent in advance.

  28. Yayy Areaa

    Yayy AreaaTahun Yang lalu

    Investing Hustler has both zero credit and 900 credit

  29. Frank Kujawski

    Frank KujawskiTahun Yang lalu

    I disagree, I think it is 12 years. Good things are on the system for 12 years, bad things are 10 years.

  30. goldenrod and the 4h stone

    goldenrod and the 4h stoneTahun Yang lalu

    Dave I want to recommend your book to my friends. But I don’t understand why you’re talking about zero credit score as a positive thing. Having a healthy credit score is really important- what am I missing?

  31. rosen380

    rosen380Tahun Yang lalu

    Soljarag5: Exactly. Just because you are putting $100 per month in an envelope that says "car" on it, doesn't magically stop you from really wanting a new TV and taking money from it.

  32. Soljarag5

    Soljarag5Tahun Yang lalu

    jaysdangerroom, if you follow a budget, you won't spend more..... if you don't follow a budget, you will spend more, regardless of payment method

  33. jaysdangerroom

    jaysdangerroomTahun Yang lalu

    It's not the interest is the problem with credit cards but the card triggers you to spend when you do not want to spend or overspend with these reward points, cashback, coupons, etc. The credit card companies know alot people pay off their cards but to make money off the credit card holders they throw in these incentives to make you spend more or spend unnecessarily.

  34. Matthew Geders

    Matthew GedersTahun Yang lalu

    @Soljarag5 I agree that his program is for people in debt (which is statistically most of North America), but disagree that his ideas are over the top. Radical debt requires radical countermeasures. It just so happens that the principals also work if you've never had debt too.

  35. TechYK

    TechYKTahun Yang lalu

    I understand where Dave comes from, most of the people calling to this show have ridiculous debts. At my house we have credit cards and no balances, good credit score has helped me move into a house faster. As an imigrant in the US I see the credit score is a way for companies to see how responsible you are and I don't have time to be looking for manual underwriting and having to live in specific places where they don't check your score

  36. Twana H

    Twana HTahun Yang lalu

    @rosen380 I don't know if it's necessarily too complicated but with some stories I've heard of his followers, it just seems he knows his audience. Some of DR's message and tips are related to the psychological and behavioral aspects - everything isn't about affordability. If that were the case, people earning six figures wouldn't have mountains of debt and beg for his assistance. On the flip, people with less than average income wouldn't be amassing wealth.

  37. rosen380

    rosen380Tahun Yang lalu

    "Getting into debt" is a bit tricky as there isn't a whole lot of difference between paying $30 every week in cash at the gas station and paying $120 per month because you charged it on a credit card. If you can't afford to spend $120 per month on gas, then you can't afford the $30 a week either. If you can't pay your bill without late charges and interest and can't resist buying things you wouldn't buy anyways, then I agree, a credit card isn't for you. But if you can, then I don't see an issue. But I guess that is too complicated a message for DR to send out.

  38. Matt P

    Matt PTahun Yang lalu

    Credit cards are a useful tool if you're a responsible person. If you don't trust yourself to be mature with money then don't get a credit card. I've had a credit card since I was 20(I'm now 26) and to this day haven't paid a cent in interest because I only spend what I know I can pay in full by the end of the pay period.

  39. Ryan Cook

    Ryan CookTahun Yang lalu

    I've been using credit cards for close to 20 years now and have never paid interest or let my balance carry over to the next month... I really don't understand how people have so much trouble with it... if you treat your credit card balance as a monthly bill that you have to pay in full similar to a utility bill you should never have problems, but I guess I'm in the minority

  40. Marcus M.

    Marcus M.Tahun Yang lalu

    Matt P All you’ve got is time everyone has 24 hours. 100k doesn’t take to long, the best things come to those who wait. Remember live like nobody else, so that you can live and give like nobody else. Renting is absolutely fine. Living with others to split the cost is even better.

  41. Frederick Shull

    Frederick ShullTahun Yang lalu

    If you are spending outside of your budget, you have a you problem, not a credit card problem.

  42. Diana

    DianaTahun Yang lalu

    But Dave, don’t you need good credit for some things? ie rentals?

  43. MMA

    MMATahun Yang lalu

    no. when a landlord runs your credit, they are looking for unpaid rent debts to previous landlords.

  44. Ibhenriksen

    IbhenriksenTahun Yang lalu

    It's not a zero credit score. It's a: We cannot find you, where are you? Are you ok? Did you die? Score.

  45. Dillon Hawkins

    Dillon HawkinsTahun Yang lalu

    @Absar Sufi SCAM ALERT.

  46. Anthony price

    Anthony priceTahun Yang lalu

    @Absar Sufi It's a trap. Don't call. Fishy 😏

  47. Investing Hustler

    Investing HustlerTahun Yang lalu

    I don’t know why anyone would want to have a 0 credit score. A lot people look at credit cards like something evil. But you can easily use credit to your advantage. You just need to learn to have discipline and not spend more than what you can afford.

  48. Matt Crouch

    Matt CrouchTahun Yang lalu

    One of my favorite DR quotes ever is when he was ranting about this and made fun of the CapOne slogan. "What's in YOUR wallet?! I'll tell you what's in MY wallet: MONEY!"

  49. Jakob

    JakobTahun Yang lalu

    strikevipermkII Could you give a link to this study? Cus I can't possibly see how I'm spending 12% more when I use credit… Right now I get paid in cash, so I use cash, but when I used my credit card more I would still be on budget, the same budget!

  50. Benjamin Schroeder

    Benjamin SchroederTahun Yang lalu

    Studies show that you spend an average of 12% more than when you use cash. Even the "disciplined" people.