How Different Are Indonesian and Malay?!


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    Lebih seru coment nya😁😁😁

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    Bahasa Banjar : Unda lawan inya bejalan kios gasan menukar makanan, imbah tu kami makan baramian. Banjar ver 2 : Aku lawan inya keluar ke toko gasan menukar makanan, imbah itu kita makan basamaan

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    Great video and quite detail

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    Indonesian is a dialect of Bahasa Melayu (Malay).

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    bahasa melayu = siti nurhaliza bahasa indonesia = chakra khan

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    Wawww soo You're Polyglot

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    bahasa malaysia bercampur inggris

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    Buyan in Indonesia, in Malaysia Bengak 😄😃

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    Pantek and Pukimak 😁😀

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    JUST WANT TO SAY mr langfocus , I SEE YOUR COMMENT ON BALI 9 VICTIM AND YOUR OPINION TO SHUT BALI, SUCH A HYPOCRITE. And now you beg indonesian and malay subscribser through this video?

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    Uncle , im indonesia 😅

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    @Kapten Rambo wkwkwk

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    I like this. From riau. Indonesia

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    Eraser.. in Malaysia: Pemadam (which refers to fire extinguisher in Indonesia), in Indonesia: Penghapus (which refers to 'terminator or exterminator' in Malaysia). We had a good laugh in our office when an Indonesian colleague started panicking after a Malaysian called out for eraser loudly. The malaysian office mate just wanted to quickly erase and correct his drawing, while the Indonesian jumped out of his seat thinking there was fire in the office...

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    Udh Jan diladenin kalo orang indo ngomong kasar Orang indo emang songong songong njir mau menang sendiri "Bagai Kakak yang tidak mau mengalah" Wkwkwk XD

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    Sepatutnya di sebut secara ikhlas dan terbuka; Dinyatakan Bahasa Melayu Malaysia dan atau Bahasa Melayu Indonesia dan seterusnya Bahsa Melayu Brunai dan Bahasa Melayu Singapura, sayangnya dan malangnya atas kepentingan pribadi dan politik pemimpin2 masa lalu mereka memisahkannya rumpun bangsa Nusantara dengan menyebut Bahasa indonesia atau Bahasa Malaysia. Sedangkan sebelum di jajah, ratusan tahun dulu, bahasa Melayu bahasa utama atau antara bahasa penting, malah hampir satu dunia. Lihat contoh Bahasa Arab, di mana2 negara arab hampir menyebut Bahasa Arab tak kata Bahasa Mesir atau Bahasa Yaman, Plastine atau lain2. Harap ada pihak2 membetulkan sejarah Bahasa Nusantara.

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    Aku nganggo Boso Jowo

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    For the most part, your dissection was really really good. That's some in-depth knowledge about both casua languages that truly only people that live in each of the respective regions/cities. Slight correction though: 12:05 "jalan" does mean walk, but in Jakartan Bahasa Gaul, we always use that in place of "pergi". If we want to be clear about the details such as a case where we ARE walking, we'd say "jalan kaki".

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    There is to be proud by Bahasa Indonesia, because 99 percent of Indonesians speak bahasa Indonesia clearly, even chinese, India, Arab and non proto melayu tribes like papua and nearby can speak bahasa. I dont think so in Malaysia, because I have ever been in Malaysia and I met some people likely chinese cant speak melayu well. And malaysian more prefere using english in conversation with different tribes.


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    I love it when real experts make comparison videos like these. I am impressed. Subscribed.

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    As someone who’s studied both, went to university in Indonesia and spent a long time living in Sarawak I definitely think of Indonesian and Malaysian as the same language in the same way British English, Australian English and American English are all English. There are some big differences between them and it’s good not to mix some of them up because they can be very offensive (ie: I wouldn’t use butuh in Malaysia even if it’s more common than perlu in Indonesian), but most differences are small and have no larger affect on communication between them.... I would however venture to say that the local dialects are more pidgin languages of the larger languages as oppose to just being slang, I say this because the local dialects differ too much even between neighboring regions for me to consider them slang usages of the same language.

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    Bruneians wya

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    Malay official languange is sounds like typical "regional" accent from somewhere in between Sumatra or Kalimantan/Borneo island, Indonesia. So if you stick to the roots without putting foreign influence word, Bahasa Indonesia gonna be wrap it all up.

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    Orang indonesia mencintai orang malaysia ingat it ! Kite geng

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    Bahasa Indonesia influenced by Dutch, portuguese language, spanish language, British remembered of colonialized time

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    bagus penjelasannya👍👍👍

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    It can be said that Bahasa Indonesia is a variant of Bahasa Melayu just like how there are many dialects or variants of the Malay language. Other variants or dialects of Malay would be Pattani-Kelantan Malay, Kedahan Malay, Terengganuan Malay, Sarawakian Malay, Sabahan Malay, Bruneian Malay, Kalimantan Malay, Jambi Malay, Palembang Malay, Kutai Malay, and etc. Many Malays find some of the other Malay dialects as unintelligible.

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    Kami tau dan paham bahasa melayu sejak menonton animasi upin &ipin

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    whats the differents indonesia and malay? the memes

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    I from indonesia So of course i love indonesia language 😂😂😂

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    In Malay the term BI is an acronym that stands for Bahasa Inggeris or English so i get a little bit confused when u write BI in this vid lmao..


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    BM like B standar or formal in indonesia

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    BM : saya sayang indonesia BI : saya sayang malaysia #serumpun

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    Sekarang bahasa Belanda vs bahasa Indonesia (Now Dutch vs Indonesian)

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    ‘Rumah sakit’ hit me hard.

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    I'm shocked that a lot of the words they use are kinda the same in the Philippines

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    which country have better language

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    Bahasa Indonesia = Brazilian Portuguese Bahasa Malaysia = European Portuguese

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    Malay girls are better kissers and generally better girlfriends. Indonesian girls more passionate lovers and generally make better wives.

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    As a Malaysian we don't have to learn Indonesian language.. they're totally the same... I can understand 90% of Indonesian language when i was 9 without translation..

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    Khood job

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    Bahasa Melayu (Baku) : 🤨 Bahasa Melayu (Pasar) : 😄😄😄😄

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    Bensin is Jakartan, standard BI is minyak

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    Do you speak bahasa? Yes, bahasa Inggris

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    Balik di BI ada

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    an Indonesian girl told me her big brother opened a bensin. I didn't know what the heck was that until she showed me a picture of her brother with a small petrol kiosk. :p

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    Oh i see, different sentences

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    In many Indonesian dialects, some words are often dropped entirely in casual speech. In my local dialect the example on 11:51 would be "Aku sama dia -jalan- ke toko -buat- beli makan, terus kita makan bareng" and on 15:13 "Aku ngajak dia -buat- main bola sama kita".

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    Indonesia: Kamu mengapa sih? Kamu ingin dipukuli oleh gua? Malaysia: Awak kenape ni? Awak nak dibelasah ke? Malaysian State of Sabah: Hmm.. What if I mix Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesian into single language? *Starts singing* "I have a "Bahasa Melayu", I have a "Bahasa Indonesia"..... *Mixed it* Ughh."

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    @TheSovietComrade google translate itu tak selalu benar kntl

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    @Kapten Rambo Mcm mna? Aku guna dari Google translate.

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    Tolol MALAYDOG , bahasa indonesia bukan begitu kontol!!

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    @TheSovietComrade they all are not representative of Indonesian.

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    @Mohammad Chan But the Indonesian IDreporterr used it as a language like Ytcrash, Syanin ss, Papilo Gaming, Calon Sarjana which is recently got terminated, etc.

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    Gua udah duga seblm liat komen pasti di coment isinya paling bnyk ornag Indonesia setelah itu ada orang Malaysia stelah itu mereka bertikai hmm ..😏 Ian very confuse..

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    Malaysia - Ngape Indonesia - Ngapain * in / ing originally from English 👈🏼

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    When it comes to talk a difficulty level, a word for "easy" in Malay can be "mudah" as well in Indo. But Indo also has other word "gampang". Don't try to say it in Malay conversation, especially in formal situation. :D

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    Kampang :v

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    Haha, be careful with that one.

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    9:26 BM: Saya sentiasa bangun selepas jam 9. In daily speech, I'd most probably say it as, "Saya selalu bangun lepas pukul 9." 'Sentiasa' and 'selepas' sound more text-bookish, and I doubt any native BM speaker would say 'jam' in place of 'pukul.' Also, it's not 'jumput', but 'jemput'. BTW, spot on for most of the content here. Well done!

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    Im Malaysian,suke sgt guna 'senantiasa' dlm esei hihi

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    Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Indonesia akan lebih menghampiri jika: 1. Tiada pengaruh bahasa inggeris atau bahasa Belanda 2. Pusat pemerintahan Indonesia di Sumatera, bukan di Pulau Jawa

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    Ya kalo wacana pindah ibu kota jadi, pasti muncul kata-kata baru karna bahasa selalu berkembang

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    Portuguese did not colonize Indonesia

  66. Telford Runners

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    @Langfocus rather they landed briefly but did not had a big impact on Java and Sumatra unlike Malacca and the peninsular Malaysia

  67. Langfocus

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    They had a colonial presence there.

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    15 : 3 . Bukan menjumput, tapi menjEmput

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    Nice one

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    i am an indonesian people and your explanation are great i love it

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    Tepat... Akoe tidak terlaloe paham bahasa Melajoe Malajsia, kecoeali tjoema sedikit sadja, sekitar 60%-an dari bahasa bakoe dapat akoe mengerti, lain tjerita bahasa pasaran tjoema 10%-an bisa akoe pahami dan sisanja tidak dipahami, kata jang sama beloem tentoe artinja sama (koesa kata bisa sadja sama akan tetapi beloem tentoe maknanja sama), djoega kata jang berbeda bisa sadja artinja sama, dialek dan stroektoer katanja djuga berbeda sehingga menjoelitkan koe memahaminja, setiap bahasa mempoenjai kechasan tersediri dichoesoeskan dan disesoeaikan berdasarkan penoetoernja. Djustroe adanja ilmoe baroe dari infoermasi / pendjlasan jang bermanfaat di atas dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai sarana beladjar bahasa lain.

  72. Samuel van Voorn

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    I am born and raised in the Netherlands andI grew up with two variaties: Bahasa Indonesia and Bahsa Melayu Papua. My father was born in the Dutch time of Dutch New Guinea (West Papua) and my mother in the time of Indonesia. In the holidays I spent in Papua i learned the local "papuan dialect". so for instance: English: I fly to Papua by airplane BI: Saya terbang dengan pesawat ke Papua BMP: Saya terbang dengan kapal udara ke Papua PD: Sa terbang deng pesawat ke Papua Kapal udara literally means "air ship" because in that time Papuans never saw airplane before. the plane had the form of a ship (kapal) and flew in the air (udara), so thats probably how they named it then, pretty logical to me hehe... in the local dialect, we cut the phrases but also talk fast. our sentences for instance are shorter, sometimes not clear to indonesian speakers, which makes me laugh some times haha... English: I want to go to the toilet BI: Saya mau pergi ke toilet BMP: Saya mau pergi ke kakus PD: Sa mo ke kakus The word for toilet we use is kakus or kakhus, it is a dutch loan word from groningen, kakhuus, which means shit house XD. Again in common tongue we shortened the word Saya to Sa and changed the word Mau to Mo. English: Where are you going to? BI: Anda mau kemana? BMP: Kamu mau kemana? PD: Ko pi mana? So here in BI they formally use Anda for you while we use Kamu as a formal word. Ko is more a word you use to your friends or cousins. but the funny side is that if you, like us, talk fast and you dont know the papuan dialect "ko pi mana" means something else. "Kopi" is the word for "Coffee" and "Mana" means "Where", so in BI it would mean "Where is the coffee" XD there are a lot more diffrences in words between and sentences, if you want to know more, let me know! Oh and I also know the language of Biak, Wos Byak. the language spoken by the Biak people of the island Biak, an island of West Papua. If you want to know more let me know!

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    As an Indonesian, I could confirm that you did explain this really well! Great job!