How Deshaun Watson Outplayed the Patriots in Week 13 | NFL Turning Point


  1. Junior Wickham

    Junior Wickham2 jam yang lalu

    Any one know what shoes Kenny Stills is wearing

  2. Vincent Vaughan

    Vincent Vaughan3 hari yang lalu

    That was my favorite game for this season the texans beating the patriots even without jj watt.

  3. David Monjaras

    David Monjaras18 hari yang lalu

    Watson broke the patriots

  4. Devin mccampbell

    Devin mccampbell18 hari yang lalu

    Watson looks like a 90's step dad #AnotherUncle

  5. Alablksnakelong Halfpintowhitecream

    Alablksnakelong Halfpintowhitecream21 hari yang lalu

    I still can't see what the hell happened

  6. Donald Cook

    Donald Cook21 hari yang lalu

    If Texans get their defense together and oline protects Watson lights out nobody beats them. They will be electrifying and unstoppable.. nuff said

  7. Jfrench_ Gutta

    Jfrench_ Gutta26 hari yang lalu

    I don't like N.E but I always respected Tom Brady's sportsmanship he da goat Watson is my QB I feel he's the next 🐐 tho

  8. Dezman Garrett

    Dezman Garrett21 hari yang lalu

    Jfrench_ Gutta he is and he is 😉

  9. KeepPounding Panthers

    KeepPounding PanthersBulan Yang lalu

    Getting blown out by the Broncos a week after beating the patriots is the most texans thing ever

  10. Deidre Green

    Deidre GreenBulan Yang lalu

    I even made the famous people I like more popular and famous. My good for nothing peers who used me will get what they deserve.

  11. Bertrand Zhu

    Bertrand ZhuBulan Yang lalu

    ...and then got absolutely screwed by Drew Locke.

  12. Connor S

    Connor SBulan Yang lalu

    Now do how drew lock outplayed the Texans

  13. mr

    mrBulan Yang lalu

    Broncos: HmMmMm

  14. Grumie

    GrumieBulan Yang lalu

    and then lost to the broncos

  15. Giovanni Carbajal

    Giovanni CarbajalBulan Yang lalu

    Then they get destroyed by the broncos 😂😂😂

  16. jesster777

    jesster777Bulan Yang lalu

    now we need how drew lock outplayed the texans ;)

  17. Stan Lee

    Stan LeeBulan Yang lalu

    and now they lost to the broncos lol

  18. Amazing Sports Clips

    Amazing Sports Clips22 hari yang lalu

    And you’re still dead lol

  19. David Freeman

    David FreemanBulan Yang lalu

    Well didn't work this week

  20. David Ross

    David RossBulan Yang lalu

    I’m a pats fan and it’s because the patriots suck. Houston got blown out by Denver the next week.

  21. Anthony Nafegar

    Anthony NafegarBulan Yang lalu

    This is old we just let Denver beat our ass at home it’s this kind of crap why we don’t get any respect #oilers

  22. QuanithTTVYT

    QuanithTTVYTBulan Yang lalu

    I am a Clemson fan and I love seeing those Clemson guys playing like this (Deshaun Watson, Deandre Hopkins, Carlos Watkins, DJ Reader, Albert Huggins) They are all in Houston

  23. Brad Groux

    Brad Groux18 hari yang lalu

    We want all Dabo can send us!

  24. 684 B0Y

    684 B0YBulan Yang lalu

    Watson finally got one 🤘🏽

  25. Scott Nicholson

    Scott NicholsonBulan Yang lalu

    Hey, that's swell but I don't want situations where a linebacker can pound on my quarterback. Get the ball in the endzone without risking your qb. You're probably going to need that guy for the playoffs.

  26. Mr Psychometrics

    Mr PsychometricsBulan Yang lalu

    Its copy cat league alright

  27. Acepilot12345

    Acepilot12345Bulan Yang lalu

    Where's the nfl films of ravens destroying the Texans?

  28. . . . 1or2there . . .

    . . . 1or2there . . .Bulan Yang lalu

    but what happend agnst indianapolis i wondr . . .

  29. Alonzo Rico

    Alonzo RicoBulan Yang lalu

    I took a hit fo yo ass😂

  30. President Resident

    President ResidentBulan Yang lalu

    That touchdown at 1:16 was alot about Deshaun but even more about about dhop in my opinion. He literally speeds up into the man infront of him to draw/freeze the pursuing defenders even though he knows he's about to get blown up and still makes a perfect pitch while getting bent in half. I think hes my fav receiver in the last almost decade. Dudes a straight warrior.

  31. Dezman Garrett

    Dezman Garrett21 hari yang lalu

    President Resident he's been my favorite player since he went off in his rookie season 💯 imagine if deshaun was drafted a year after HOP (to us ofc) him and HOP would have atleast 2 rings rn

  32. Mr_Beerdo

    Mr_BeerdoBulan Yang lalu

    First the Bears influenced "Philly Philly" for the Eagles' superbowl win. Now, the Bears influenced the Texans' win over the patriots.

  33. OG-K

    OG-KBulan Yang lalu

    They didn't point it out, but that 3rd touchdown pass and catch was some highlight stuff. Great pass and fantastic catch.

  34. J R

    J RBulan Yang lalu

    Smart of Watson not to tell that nosey media guy the name of the play. The Patriots watch all this stuff for an advantage next time. Dont give them anything

  35. StFidjnr

    StFidjnrBulan Yang lalu

    if it wasn't for the pats 2nd onside kick being successful it will be a change of Turning point play

  36. Justin Salcedo

    Justin SalcedoBulan Yang lalu

    I mean almost every good patriot defender was sick😂😂

  37. Justin Salcedo

    Justin SalcedoBulan Yang lalu

    all I’m saying is that the patriots were sick but they still should of won

  38. Guilian Rendino

    Guilian RendinoBulan Yang lalu

    Umm not rlly but ok

  39. Chriiss9k

    Chriiss9kBulan Yang lalu

    Justin Salcedo Aight

  40. Justin Rees

    Justin ReesBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you Texans- ravens fans

  41. Tommy Morris

    Tommy MorrisBulan Yang lalu

    Yes it was a forward pass but legal because the ball was handed off in the backfield twice, which is the same as a double reverse play but with a pass. Only one forward pass per play..

  42. Intercept Machine

    Intercept MachineBulan Yang lalu

    Lamar Jackson outplayed him 😂

  43. Adrian Sanchez

    Adrian SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    Intercept Machine I’m a die hard Texan fan and I can tell you if we had any other qb aside from LJ or Mahomes, we wouldn’t have won these last few games

  44. Intercept Machine

    Intercept MachineBulan Yang lalu

    @Adrian Sanchez 10 straight for LJ , texans got a good team he ain't good enough

  45. Adrian Sanchez

    Adrian SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    Intercept Machine I’m not even being a Watson fan of Texans fan, but you are literally the dumbest human being I might know

  46. Intercept Machine

    Intercept MachineBulan Yang lalu

    @H-Town Lifer He doesnt have xfactor like LJ. He's a bust, inconsistent and they all said he was a dual threat 😂

  47. Intercept Machine

    Intercept MachineBulan Yang lalu

    @Adrian Sanchez Deshaun Watson is a bust

  48. Monroe Rice III

    Monroe Rice IIIBulan Yang lalu

    It was good to see him give him some respects for the win.

  49. Peter Karel Kraus

    Peter Karel KrausBulan Yang lalu

    I wanted to see more 7-10 yard runs from Brady. He actually did that 1 time in the game.

  50. David R

    David RBulan Yang lalu

    Great vid Nice to see the CHEATRIOTS can't cheat to win every game ha ha TEXANS 😎 👍

  51. christopher dumond

    christopher dumondBulan Yang lalu

    Is that not a forward pass. Hopkins to watson

  52. Shafi Abbasi

    Shafi AbbasiBulan Yang lalu

    It is not. The reason is because watson was in shotgun formation, meaning he was not under center, but standing back with the running back. Because of this, that makes him an eligible reciever. As far as the pitch goes, you are allowed to pitch to any eligible receiver at any time of the play, kind of like in those last play when a team just throws around the ball trying a last ditch effort to get into the endzone.

  53. Sou uel

    Sou uelBulan Yang lalu

    Texans just vibe checked them hard, thats all

  54. The Wooden Stick

    The Wooden StickBulan Yang lalu

    J R an excuse to hit friends/people

  55. J R

    J RBulan Yang lalu

    I agree. What's vibe check mean? Lol

  56. Adam Patel

    Adam PatelBulan Yang lalu

    There‘s no “outplaying” the Patriots. As long as you’re a decent’ll be fine

  57. KING Q

    KING Q21 hari yang lalu

    so the dolphins are a “decent team”? lol show my texans some respect people can’t stand us i swear it’s whatever though 🤷‍♂️🤘

  58. Taylor Stiles

    Taylor StilesBulan Yang lalu

    Kenneth Ly You don’t get it.

  59. Kenneth Ly

    Kenneth LyBulan Yang lalu

    But they did.

  60. Yah You !

    Yah You !Bulan Yang lalu

    Wat I really loved is that Watson took his helmet off to talk to Brady. Most time you see one person talk with the helmet on. Nothing but respect.

  61. David Lee Roth

    David Lee Roth17 hari yang lalu


  62. J R

    J RBulan Yang lalu

    He shouldn't. The Patriots are the enemy and that's how Watson and the league need to look at it. Screw kissing up to Brady and Belichick. Time for that crap to stop. Did you not see that Belichick didn't even shake Obriens hand??

  63. Chris Escobar

    Chris EscobarBulan Yang lalu

    Deshaun Watson is the biggest blessing the Texans have ever received apart from JJ Watt. #DW4

  64. Stronger than ever

    Stronger than ever16 hari yang lalu

    Don’t forget about andre Johnson that dude was a huge blessing as well

  65. J

    J17 hari yang lalu

    @Cody Bertsch my list would be Watson AJ Watt Foster Hopkins AJ made hou offense run with trash QBs and they were scoring 30+ like nothing. we didn't even have good WR2 all those years if AJ had fuller omg!

  66. Lionicio Trujillo

    Lionicio Trujillo20 hari yang lalu

    Don’t forget about Andre Johnson ☝🏽

  67. Dezman Garrett

    Dezman Garrett21 hari yang lalu

    clayster thank you for acknowledging HOP 🤣 he will retire our best receiver off all time, and if deshaun stays healthy he could weasel his way into a top 5 all time receiver (he'll definitely retire a top 10 all time receiver)

  68. First Last

    First LastBulan Yang lalu


  69. nesseiht gnay

    nesseiht gnayBulan Yang lalu

    Eatson didn't out played the Patriots 😆 the Texans out played the Patriots.

  70. Jer

    JerBulan Yang lalu

    A lot of them also had the flu. But yeah.

  71. Manny Johnson

    Manny JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    @Samantha Winstead seriously though🤘🏽 its like people will find any reason to avoid giving Houston their props

  72. Samantha Winstead

    Samantha WinsteadBulan Yang lalu

    The Texans also didn’t have JJ, and have a bad O line, and have the worse coach... but yeah

  73. Victor Islas Sanchez

    Victor Islas SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    Wait for the playoffs. We'll see

  74. Dezman Garrett

    Dezman Garrett21 hari yang lalu

    Victor Islas Sanchez this aged well for, didnt it ? 💀💀💀 yall got bounced in the first round by Tennessee 🤣😂💀

  75. Kobe Kizzee

    Kobe KizzeeBulan Yang lalu

    *how the Texans out played the patriots in week 13

  76. Xx_MemeLord_xX

    Xx_MemeLord_xXBulan Yang lalu

    If that was Brady he would have dropped it

  77. Samantha Winstead

    Samantha WinsteadBulan Yang lalu

    Xx_MemeLord_xX he would have ducked and took a sack the moment he saw somebody running towards him😂😂

  78. Xeng Thao

    Xeng ThaoBulan Yang lalu

    Hopkins was the MVP of that play

  79. terrace Robinson

    terrace RobinsonBulan Yang lalu

    Man if they would of got that offside kick texans would of lost period 😂almost gave it away

  80. MrFlow936

    MrFlow936Bulan Yang lalu

    @HTX 713 this guy obvious just reaching he has no knowledge of our team or the game whatsoever it's like debating with a 6 year old

  81. HTX 713

    HTX 713Bulan Yang lalu

    @MrFlow936 Exactly this dude just dont know.. Imagine Lamar went to the playoffs last year with mostly this exact same Ravens team from last year and dude had a worse playoff game then Watson so imagine he played with no O line/2nd string receivers/ no defense and a horrible coach if Lamar was on the same Texans team Watson played with in the playoffsast year he would probably only have 10 total yards in the whole game

  82. HTX 713

    HTX 713Bulan Yang lalu

    @terrace Robinson You'd be right if it was a 1 on 1 game but its not....So according to your logic Baker is not only better then Lamar cuz he beat him but he's also better then Wilson/watson and Mahomes 🤦🏽‍♂️ You obviously dont know football cuz those are team accomplishments dont get me wrong Lamar is great but he has to play a certain type of way/certain type of scheme/style of play in order to be successful while players like Wilson/mahomes and Watson can play with any style of play Wilson/Mahomes and Watson >>>Lamar Lamar is the 4th best QB after those names I mentioned anybody who knows football is not fallin for the hype

  83. MrFlow936

    MrFlow936Bulan Yang lalu

    @terrace Robinson um basically because we couldn't stay healthy but of course you knew we had Joe Webb our back up QB play receiver in the playoffs and didn't have will Fuller and Demaryaus Thomas got hurt in the game and of course you knew D-Hop played hurt that game as well you knew that right of course not because sports channels don't talk about it but the narrative for Brady is he has no receivers for an excuse for him but not for us not an even playing field bud

  84. terrace Robinson

    terrace RobinsonBulan Yang lalu

    Lol bandwagon ok dude..yo texans fold every year in the playoffs can't even make it pass the second round if they even make it to the playoffs all ik is lamar out played wilson and watson especially yo texans...make it out the first round wea talk

  85. Maurice King

    Maurice KingBulan Yang lalu

    Good win Houston👏🏾

  86. just some minced garlic

    just some minced garlicBulan Yang lalu

    Those Clemson boys are just built different

  87. Man Cave Sports TV

    Man Cave Sports TVBulan Yang lalu

    Hopefully my Texans can make some noise this post season. Well see

  88. Shane Douglas

    Shane DouglasBulan Yang lalu


  89. Damn Feds

    Damn FedsBulan Yang lalu

  90. Dwight Love

    Dwight LoveBulan Yang lalu

    @just some minced garlic Lawrence better get ready for a SUPER CHEAP HEAD COACH in Belichick he will be telling him to take pay cuts!!!!!!

  91. Stig Jensen

    Stig JensenBulan Yang lalu

    hi mom

  92. Duolingo Bird

    Duolingo BirdBulan Yang lalu

    Your mother says hello. You can see her again once you finish your lessons on Duolingo.

  93. Andrew Dilo

    Andrew DiloBulan Yang lalu


  94. Jarell Levingston

    Jarell LevingstonBulan Yang lalu

    The new crop of quarterbacks. Jackson, Watson, and Mahomes are all pushing Brady out of the league 😂

  95. Quinton Onezine

    Quinton Onezine18 hari yang lalu

    You forgot Prescott

  96. Alan is Craxed ツ

    Alan is Craxed ツ22 hari yang lalu

    Pradyum Chitlu more like the interception goat

  97. Pradyum Chitlu

    Pradyum ChitluBulan Yang lalu


  98. Zenopos III

    Zenopos IIIBulan Yang lalu

    Mike Stocker has he taken one yet? Not in the NFL and not even in college. Yet these pocket passers are getting drilled week in and week out. Stop hating on a young man chasing his bag

  99. Mike Stocker

    Mike StockerBulan Yang lalu

    @Zenopos III dominating what? Not football. You can't sustain that type of play without injury in this league. QBs shouldn't take big hits, and he'll start taking them real soon

  100. Julian Sandoval

    Julian SandovalBulan Yang lalu


  101. JMAHC

    JMAHCBulan Yang lalu

    First now give me my money