How Dangerous Is Indonesia For Women? [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS


  1. Thaigan Lee

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    Annie Oakley: I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms(women) as naturally as they know how to handle a baby.

  2. Yanvino Landra

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    the way 2 girl wearing hijab answer the question is so disgusting

  3. IAN LEE

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    the brothel of eastasia. age 12 can work So going to east asia group of boy for travel. is Trash. Get away from you. it s diguisting monster.


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    Video starts Me : fell in love with the girl talking at first

  5. H Khan

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    These statistics are really confusing. I lived in Malaysia and went to Indonesia for many years but never encountered any serious social crime issues towards woman or people in general. Then I studied in USA for 4 years and one of my friends had someone pointed a gun to his head (luckily he didn't get rob and manage to escape) and another one almost got raped when she went to a party. However, it's considered a norm here in the US hence no one bothers to report about it unless someone is dead lol. Things like marijuana, alcohol and sex before marriage are considered a serious crime in Malaysia but in the US, it's a normal activity that you can do. I also went to France for a vacation and my friend got pickpocket and lost all his money and passport. Similar cases happened to a couple of my friends who traveled there a couple of years back. I feel really safe going out alone in Malaysia but not in US. Somehow, crime statistics in the USA and France are lower than in Malaysia.

  6. Meet Kemit

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    Every woman in this video always talk about sexual harassment. What happened with Indonesian man?

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  8. Faisu king

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    What is doing indonesian goverment. Why the women is not safe .. Why they do such a things .. Like to harass girls for sex.. I feel soo glity to say this word. And what r doing men in indonesia.. When the rape or other thing is happening in streets or anywhere alse infront of them . Then they on watch out.and capturethat movement on phone.. Why this.. You should catch them and beat as you want and then handle to police ... Then the womens or girls will be It is not goverments work it is ur work to doo.. Otherwise it will become more dangerous to indonesian womens.. Brothers should protect their sisters always... And never fear from someone .. And What is doing the pm of indonesia ... I think he is sleeping always he dont know what is happening in my country.. I think he is nonsense he cant handle how to lead a countryy... Iam requesting the pm of indonesia to speak on this topic.. To safe indonesian womens... Thank you a lot for indonesian womens and girls .. Much more love from mee

  9. Iraz Silverberg

    Iraz Silverberg5 hari yang lalu

    idk why but i can say indonesia termasuk minim soal pemerkosaan (yang diliput dimedia) yang ga diliput ya who know. tapi dilingkungan maupun kota ane, jarang banget ada kasus tersebut.

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    Gue kira yg ada di thumbnail youtube mbak Nissa Sabyan dong 😂

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    I think indonesia need to get sexual education since a young age for prevention,and put some rules for the sexual harrasment such as catcalling etc.

  12. alexander cliff

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    the laws in Indonesia is basically: who blame the person the last gets jailed, welcome to indonesia

  13. Hanna J

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    yes that's very bad. even if you are harassed, people will blame you. in posts that encourage the public not to do violence to women, help them to speak up, and provide telephone numbers that can be contacted, people continue to speak as if blaming women for every case of violence, and some of them ask "what if men who experience cases of violence, whether anyone defended ". well everyone must be protected, but the percentage of women experiencing violence in Indonesia is very high, they don't even know who should be protected first. in posts that invite women to learn how to protect themselves, men even make a mockery "if we get hit nobody will listen to us" "what if men" "why are all focused on women" "men are not monsters if you understand how to behave". . If its always like this then the violance will never end . Sorry for my bad english :")

  14. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

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    and sexual harassment issues because of the internet. oooooh syit. I was a victim when the internet wasn't a thing.

  15. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

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    damn, I just see this, and I want to slap the guy who said: "kalau perempuan bisa menjaga dirinya sendiri, ya aman aman aja." gosh, can you just say: men don't rape. men don't grope, and men don't do cat call. this is hurtful

  16. M. Jamil Rahman

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    Indonesian = Ramah, tamah, goblok.

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    Gunadarma jadi tempat take Asian Boss wkwkwk

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    :v tpi perempuan nya kalau bisa jaga pergaulan sih menurut ku

  19. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

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  20. nan way

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    Krn laki2 indonesia nyalahin cewek utk mslh pelecehan seksual

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    Kili dii bisi minjigi diri sindiri yi imin yih yi

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    6:11 ku pikir nissa sabyan

  23. Wynstelle

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    Gw di Palembang sih aman2 aja, yah asal jangan jalan di tempat sepi malem2, yah dimangsa lo, cuma kalo masalah maling motor ato rumah, seriing bener.

  24. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

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    ya berarti gak aman -_-

  25. Rene

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    2:24 " kalo dia bisa jaga dirinya sendiri, sepertinya aman" ?????????? so confused am I supposed to cover my whole body sambil bawa tameng apa kalo memangnya aman, itu berarti gak perlu adanya jaga diri, karena gak ada yang bakalan ngapa-ngapain juga. tapi nyatanya nggak begitu.

  26. Naomi Hasegawa

    Naomi Hasegawa14 hari yang lalu

    Imagine being only 12 years old and already scared to death to walking to a convenience store (like only 800 meters away from your home) alone bc you will get a lot of staring eyes and catcalls. If you're woman, you're not gonna feel comfortable walking on the street in Indonesia, even with your girl friends! Unless you're walking with guy friends, but it's not like you always have guy friend to accompany you right?

  27. Ley Marl

    Ley Marl14 hari yang lalu

    Wtf you guys. Did you guys blamed women because they are "women"? Please don't be stupid. Sepertinya sudah menjadi kebiasaan orang Indonesia bahwa wanita dalam kasus pelecehan seksual menjadi dalang utamanya. "Seharusnya wanita harus menjaga diri". Mata kamu, bolang! Gemas saya dengan anda sekalian. Orang-orang yang diwawancarai pun tidak ada yang menjawab kalau sebenarnya yang paling buruk adalah pria. Apalagi cowok yang jenggotan, haduh. Pengen nabok mulutnya. Wanita sudah memakai pakaian tertutup tapi tetap saja diperlakukan seperti itu. Orang luar yang nonton ini jadi gemas sendiri loh karena jawaban mereka.

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    makanya ke jogja mbak

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    lah gundar

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    Liat thumbnail nya gue kira nisa sabyan

  31. yustinus bona

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    For the non indonesian. Please remember that not all of Indonesian is pathriarcal / abusive to women. Indonesia is a large country with more than 200 million citizen. Not all of Indonesian like that :)

  32. liquid snake

    liquid snake15 hari yang lalu

    "Kalau saya sih aman aman aja" ya kali lu kan


    LYCORIS15 hari yang lalu

    If I’m gonna say this, As people of Tanjungpinang, I’m afraid to go out at the night time. It’s too scary for me. My mother said, “Don’t go outside before you’ll be raped or interfered by drunk man or juvenile delinquents in the night”. That’s she said like that. So, according to my older sister, who want to go to Singapore, she’s been catcalled by Chinese middle aged man in the dock and she feared then she ran away.

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    jenggot babi

  35. Warih Pusako

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    Dangerous for woman maybe only in Jakarta or Java.

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    0:58 NISSA SABYAN ???

  37. Wiwit Darmala Putra

    Wiwit Darmala Putra16 hari yang lalu

    And the most poeple in indonesia are said that wearing hijab can minimized some harrasment

  38. Renaldi Kurniawan

    Renaldi Kurniawan17 hari yang lalu

    well not only for Indonesia or for a woman, it for humans too. everywhere is a dangerous place even in your house.

  39. Renaldi Kurniawan

    Renaldi Kurniawan17 hari yang lalu

    128thn ketinggalan pendidikan ya mau gmna lagi???

  40. hanan hashem

    hanan hashem17 hari yang lalu

    So. Being a woman is to blamed for? U meant these people are fall behind education, & guys always thinking about sex all the time? Update: is what i read from the comments section

  41. aja joe

    aja joe18 hari yang lalu

    cat call mank msh bnyk di indo..

  42. 守助光ハニファ

    守助光ハニファ18 hari yang lalu

    I think those answers and opinions still not deep enough especially when we talk about Jakarta. and somehow I agree that maybe in another city that sexual harassment is even more happening but just not exposed yet. You know what's the most this violence happens because of what? money, love, and social prestige which makes a woman into a patriarchy system and this country is still close-minded about the woman's independence globally. Because there is adat's law that controls the elder's mind about the ideal Indonesian woman (ex. stay at home is a must to be a good wife) so that image of woman's independence about taking care of themselves has so hesitated. To be honest, most of Indonesian's elder civil are annoying (emak-emak / bapak-bapak) and people nowadays here love to comment (i mean bad comment) about Indonesia's woman. we call it "netijen maha benar tukang sambat demen hujat). But I think "envy into a gossip" is the real thing in Indonesia. and that "envy" from other people also can judge a woman in here. Maybe Asian Boss can try to interview with awkarin. She's a good example of this issue i guess

  43. Felix Armando

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    si jenggot tai amat

  44. Muhammad iqbal

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    Gk usah jauh" disekolah aja mungkin atau pasti ada pas jam kosong misalnya yg ngegrepe" cewe dikelas

  45. febe fp

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    yg cwo brewokan komen gak jelas bgt keliatan tololnya

  46. Arsitama Adhika

    Arsitama Adhika22 hari yang lalu

    Unpopular opinion : Cewek : "Hai Ganteng" *no one bats an eye Cowok : "Hai Cantik" *everyone loses their mind* Yang ideal, cowoknya tahan diri untuk nggak ngegodain, ceweknya jaga diri sekuat tenaga. Dan sudah banyak movement untuk meningkatkan awareness terhadap beginian bagi cowok dan cewek. And I'm sure, yang melakukan ini sudah banyak, tapi nggak tercover media because, hey, cowok dan cewek yang saling menghormati jelas nggak akan menarik lah buat headline berita!! Kasus catcalling, pelecehan seksual, dan bad news lainnya, ironically, jadi good news buat meningkatkan revenue media media seperti ini. PS : *no debate intended* 😎

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    Nice thumbnail omfg

  48. fahri muhammad

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    Yg laki dikuasai hawa nafsu, yg perempuan makin hari makin demen telanjang. Welcome to the country as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, I do not blame the religion but I blame their adherents which are increasingly poisoned by cultures that are contrary to their religion. Believe me, when asked where do you know the signs that the end of the world is near, then look at the condition of this country.

  49. user 63637889

    user 6363788922 hari yang lalu

    Indonesia is a big country. Conducting interviews in a single city with inadequate sample can never produce accurate and satisfactory results that representative to the whole country. Delete this useless and incompetent survey.

  50. Pinky Manggaeteok

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    The started to interview What I heard: *tilitangka tlopian ikaikalin ienskjf*

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    But why so plastic

  52. Pinky Manggaeteok

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    @Joshua Gideon I came from another country

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    Are came from another planet's on galaxy???

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    Is the thumbnail of this video nissa sabyan?

  55. baka chi

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    mungkin orang yg melakukan "itu" tidak punya ibu.

  56. baka chi

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    @Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis dari batu mungkin, wkwkwk

  57. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

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    terus mereka lahir dari mana? pokeballs?

  58. xechs88

    xechs8823 hari yang lalu

    I've been going to this country for years and it used to be way better in the 90 early 2000, women would be free to do as they please, going out till early morning interacting with platonic friends of opposite sex. Now you have all young people doing drugs, the faith is starting to be more conservative being kinda brain washed by arab media. It's funny how men seem to do nothing the only reason you "see" the country as islamic faith is through the women carrying on all the traditions. Men want everything in life pleasures even against their faith but they want the women to be the good muslim wife ie restricting them and blaming them for mens faults. It's definitely gotten worst for women since the 1997-1999 economic crash not better.

  59. Cyrius Alga Oktama

    Cyrius Alga Oktama23 hari yang lalu

    jika dibuat perbandingan antara indonesia dengan negara lain, maka yang harus di lihat adalah fakta bahwa jumlah perbandingan penduduk berbanding lurus dengan jumlah kejahatan yang terjadi. jadi jika menilai indonesia sebagai negara kedua yang tidak aman buat perempuan maka coba dilihat lagi, studinya berdasarkan apa dulu, kalau berdasar jumlah kasus maka hal itu bisa dianggap wajar karena jumlah penduduk indonesia itu terbesar ke-4 di dunia, apalagi negara lain juga banyak yang tidak mencatat/melaporkan kasus pelecehan seksual dan kekerasan anak dengan dalih harga diri dan lain sebagainya, ini menunjukkan bahwa data hasil studi itu belum atau bahkan tidak akurat, jadi kalau menilai suatu negara berdasarkan hasil studi yang tidak akurat, hmmmm mending riset sendiri deh ketimbang mudah ditipu.

  60. Putra Manalu

    Putra Manalu23 hari yang lalu

    I'm men, and i'm kinda shock also. Tbh, i know that indonesia and espesically in big city there are so many violence against women but I'm in shock when we are in 2nd place for most violence to women. This is really need to change. We need to teach all people, men and also women to learn about basic human rights and especially women rights also and respect each other. Stop cat calling, stop blaming girls of what they wearing or a hours when they go out. Keep your sexual thought in yourself and don't do it to other people (women).

  61. worldwidewhat

    worldwidewhat23 hari yang lalu

    Jakarta is like a crazy place

  62. Crystal

    Crystal23 hari yang lalu

    I come from a previlege family in Indonesia so I never have to take public transport until now. And I also dont dare to go out until late alone. I always go out with my family members or my family members would drive me places if I have go out until late. I would say it's not only about sexual harrasement but there are many thugs here see women as easy target to rob.

  63. Ace the Grunt

    Ace the Grunt24 hari yang lalu

    In America if we stare at a woman we can go to jail for that but in Indonesia its just like Japanese grope porn 😂 gonna ask my Indonesian friend if Indonesia is that bad whether i want to visit the country or not

  64. Lizzie Trix

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    I see Gundar I click. Amazing vid anyway.. love it

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    Owww no.2 From sabang till merauke. Indonesia luas

  66. Rikiel star

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    tak yakin saya indo nomor 2

  67. Syd Adnan

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    Evil toxic men or toxic masculinity is the worst thing that happened to mankind