How Dangerous Is Indonesia For Women? [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS


  1. Iskandar Omar

    Iskandar Omar58 menit yang lalu

    Asean is a peace and harmony place to stay.Asean people is a good and friendly people in this world.Asean people culture always respect the old people and woman.Thats the fact about asean people and no one in this world can change it.

  2. samuel david Wang

    samuel david Wang5 jam yang lalu

    i like asian bos chanell

  3. Pena Piyangka

    Pena Piyangka8 jam yang lalu

    Omg second most country😥

  4. Fajar K

    Fajar KHari Yang lalu

    i think the solution is woman need study martial art or self-defense, or bring stun gun or knife in your bag. please don't say "I'm just a woman why should I do that". Indonesia is a country with emancipation, women in Indonesia can become ministers and even presidents. so why not woman become strong to and take care oneself

  5. Fajar K

    Fajar KHari Yang lalu

    indonesia is fourth most populated country in the world, because much population we have is normal if have much problem, and we have different cultures, different tribe. i think indonesia is young country with government system that hasn't been completed. to improve education in a country takes a lot of time and because Indonesia is a democracy we cannot force people to study or to work, there are many lazy people in Indonesia.

  6. Fajar K

    Fajar KHari Yang lalu

    take care oneself, woman now equal with man

  7. mansyf sword

    mansyf swordHari Yang lalu

    Gw kira nisa sabyan.

  8. China orang goblok!

    China orang goblok!3 hari yang lalu

    Indonesian people is poorly and IdIotS, but not the country

  9. China orang goblok!

    China orang goblok!3 hari yang lalu

    Indonesia pikirannya cuma menuhin hasrat doank!

  10. sriraracha

    sriraracha4 hari yang lalu

    I love how they don't blame girls for their clothing because we all know hijab or no hijab, no matter how covered we are girls are still catcalled and sexually harassed :(

  11. shahera dewa puspitasari

    shahera dewa puspitasari4 hari yang lalu

    Cowok2 Indonesia pada nyadar gak sih catcalling kayak suit2in, godain cewek itu termasuk bentuk pelecehan seksual?

  12. Katlin Lavigne

    Katlin Lavigne4 hari yang lalu

    So sad for my friend cos she died like that 😰😨

  13. Katlin Lavigne

    Katlin Lavigne4 hari yang lalu

    Yeah thats right Indonesia like this , cos in my city in Sukabumi alwyas happend girl that being raped

  14. Nimah Quinn

    Nimah Quinn5 hari yang lalu

    Which country is leading?? -- ( sorry for my English ?

  15. Dandi 19710

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  16. Rhymepage Øne

    Rhymepage Øne9 hari yang lalu

    That's Jakarta, where anything could happen. Blame young lex's culture lol

  17. V.I.P 93RL

    V.I.P 93RL9 hari yang lalu


  18. Rey D-ex Trow

    Rey D-ex Trow10 hari yang lalu

    save way to avoid sex harassement is put you boobies and pussies in home then all will go smoth

  19. el rumi

    el rumi10 hari yang lalu

    Emang orang² Indonesia nya aja yg bangsat. Dalam Islam telah diatur sedemikian rupa hubungan antar laki² dan perempuan yang bukan mahram. Setingkat pandangan pun, kalau seorang laki² bersua perempuan, dia (laki²) harus memalingkan matanya. Tapi karena ini Indonesia, ya cuma jadi angin lalu Kemudian akan muncul kalimat seperti ini: ALAH, SOK SUCI LU.

  20. JH K

    JH K11 hari yang lalu

    Itu menguntungkan. Terima kasih. Saya ingin tahu ke Indonésia.

  21. Sarah R S N

    Sarah R S N11 hari yang lalu

    I love Indonesia ksa ♡♡

  22. Dita Pemana

    Dita Pemana11 hari yang lalu

    Untuk wanita berpakainlah yang sopan. Pakaianmu menentukan perlakuan orang padamu. Hormati dirimu maka orang lain akan menghormati mu. Untuk pria jaga pikiran kalian hormati wanita. Jangan turuti nafsumu. Besok kamu pasti akan punya anak perempuan, dan kamu tidak mau anakmu di perlakukan seperti itu. Jangan saling menyalahkan instrospeksi diri saja

  23. Al Fauzi

    Al Fauzi12 hari yang lalu

    Ini yang di bahas pelecehan seksual di jakarta apa di indonesia? Kalo di jakarta menurutku rawan. Tapi ini kayanya risetnya di jakarta doang deh, indonesia bukan jakarta doang. Hasil studi ko di jakarta doang, di tegal aja cewe masih aman aman aja.

  24. Reski putra ramadhan

    Reski putra ramadhan12 hari yang lalu

    Bagaimana ada sexual harrasment orang orang nolep kayak gue deket cewek ajah gue grogi apalagi bigituan.....

  25. zenox 010

    zenox 01012 hari yang lalu

    Gw ngingetin cewe pake helm pas naik motor di tengah jalan malah di treakin balik "dasar, cowo cabul! Gua laporin lo pelecehan seksual" Holy shiet, I love my country

  26. Budianto P

    Budianto P12 hari yang lalu

    Setelah ini pasti orang asing menyimpulkan bahwa indonesia yg populasi terbesarnya adalah umat islam tidak dapat menjaga perilakunya terhadap perempuan. Naudzubilah...

  27. Anastasia Intania

    Anastasia Intania13 hari yang lalu

    I'm an Indonesian... And I totally agree with the fact that Indonesia is dangerous for us women I'm an university student... To the guy in the video saying that Jakarta is much more secure than the other cities, no dude you're wrong I moved out from my city and parents to continue my study here in Jakarta Living here for almost 4 years I got several cases for sexual harassment and make me traumatized with it... 1st case : I just went back from a monastery after I do my service there with absolutely appropriate cloth (I go to the monastery afterall) and it was on 12 am, on my way home, I past a narrow alley since it was much faster, then a guy (or maybe a grandpa I dunno since I tried so hard to forget it) called me and suddenly open his pants to show me his "thing" I was rendered speechless but I had to go past him to reach my boarding house, after that I was so traumatized that I consulted with my guy friend but he was just like didn't take the story seriously and just tell me to forget it like it was nothing..... 2nd case : in this city almost everyday... There is some scoundrels catcalling me... And it makes me insecure (I always wearing appropriate clothes for God sake) 3rd case : this may be funny for you but not for me... There was always some children playing near the place I always live and when I am in front of my boarding house some children it makes me really sad u know :( There is still so many story from me... FYI I'm living near one of the best private universities in Indonesia which is should be safe but? I'm a bit ashamed for sharing my stories and I'm afraid someone will makes fun of me but I just wanna tell u guys that living in Jakarta is not as safe as what u think moreover there are so many political issues going on now For the guys saying that the interviewer and research exaggerated, no man... It's the truth.... It was called research and study because it was based on fact and numbers, not opinion And until this second I always wondered why us women who always blamed if sexual harassment happened although we are the victim

  28. lucky adrian hutapea

    lucky adrian hutapea13 hari yang lalu

    Jangankan perempuan, saya juga yng laki laki saat keluar juga merasa kok betapa berbahayanya dalam kurung "tempat tempat tertentu"

  29. Reyhan Alexander

    Reyhan Alexander13 hari yang lalu

    2:15 nice opinion, now people out there can generalize men in indonesia with this kind lack-of-awareness thinking

  30. Tatag Pangestu

    Tatag Pangestu13 hari yang lalu

    Thanks God i'm Korean

  31. CutieBear

    CutieBear14 hari yang lalu

    When you are fluent , but still reading the subtitles!😅

  32. DRM Opus

    DRM Opus15 hari yang lalu

    If you don't wear hijab! It's your Fault if you get raped! Welcome to muslim world we're cat calling is Fine. And woman has no voice to speak up, and men must be dominant and must be followed. (it was stated in Quran) Women is Voiceless there! They don't have the equal right 😢 they don't have organization to protect the right of women! Harrasment has a different form.

  33. Jimmy Hillian

    Jimmy Hillian15 hari yang lalu

    Bismillah...well,no place in the world is"safe".this world is a test,isn't it??guess the only option is pray to our Lord,go back to Him...only with Him we all be safe🙏🏾


    FÈRDÎNÁND ÆPÖSTØL15 hari yang lalu

    Almost all INDONESIAN wearing EYE glasses?😎😂😂😂😂 FROM PHILIPPINES... im so curious about that😊 ....

  35. MR EJ

    MR EJ12 hari yang lalu

    The interview is taken inside the (arguably) TOP university in Indonesia, so that -might- play into factors


    FÈRDÎNÁND ÆPÖSTØL15 hari yang lalu

    INDONESIA_LANGUAGE is RARE😂😂😂 ... ... Love and respect from PHILIPPINES😊

  37. Frederika Wells

    Frederika Wells15 hari yang lalu

    How about Indonesian gangster 😂😂😂😂

  38. Edi Kamil

    Edi Kamil15 hari yang lalu

    Indonesian is a barbaric country,trust me,if you have a friend or family wanna visit indonesia,say no to them,because here is a very compleks nation,alot a thief,a lot a bad people..rasict,so this my recommendation,going to another country,like a singapure,or thailand,it will be better!!

  39. Jourdy Aldeir

    Jourdy Aldeir16 hari yang lalu

    gokil gundar

  40. tv ufik

    tv ufik16 hari yang lalu

    Nisya Sabyan

  41. Iwan Kurniawan

    Iwan Kurniawan16 hari yang lalu

    Kurang akurat tu, kesannya ingin menjatuhkan Indonesia, ada tp mgkn di jakarta di tmpat lain aman, Indonesia tu masyrktnya msh relijius bahkan dibanding negara asia lain spt china, india, thailan pasti lbh parah

  42. Della Syawali

    Della Syawali16 hari yang lalu

    salfok sama kampusnya

  43. bocah edan

    bocah edan16 hari yang lalu

    Maka y klo kaum wanita pakai pakian yg sopan,krn pakaian sexy lebih mengundang keisengan laki2 hidung belang.klo menurut penilaian gw 60:40,u bandingin sm india negara kita masih lebih aman

  44. Gino Leocadio

    Gino Leocadio16 hari yang lalu

    Asianboss should interview people in the villages, too. I think their interviews in the capitals don't show the whole picture because of socio-economic homogenity.

  45. F Roy

    F Roy16 hari yang lalu

    In Muslim countries, women are considered second class citizens. And men don't respect them. So rape and harassment and not treated seriously and men get away with it. If they rigorously enforced harassment laws (assuming they have some) then this would be less a problem. Also boys need to be taught very early on that this this behavior is unacceptable. If men see women being harassed then they should step and do something about it.

  46. クロネコ

    クロネコ17 hari yang lalu

    Oh i miss the old days when my country was still pure and free of porn influence. Sexual harassment against woman never happend in the past.

  47. Morena Parulian

    Morena Parulian17 hari yang lalu

    Dangerous for wallet maybe 😁

  48. Code.101

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  49. Abdu Salim

    Abdu Salim17 hari yang lalu

    Amerika jauh lebih parah tiap menit ada pemerkosaan.

  50. Muslim Forever iloveallah

    Muslim Forever iloveallah17 hari yang lalu

    The guy is the complete opposite of the girls honestly 😂😂😂

  51. Ateng Eryyanto

    Ateng Eryyanto18 hari yang lalu

    Wkwkwk kimie himie aja rame komentar sange"

  52. Nurul Jannah

    Nurul Jannah18 hari yang lalu

    It's not only for woman, for man also dangerous. this is so biased.

  53. Ew Beetches

    Ew Beetches21 hari yang lalu

    Ya lo cowo lo ga ngerasain anjing kesel gw

  54. Novi Teymur

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  55. Gusti Norsatyo Malik

    Gusti Norsatyo Malik22 hari yang lalu

    Feel sorry for Indonesian women, my girl experienced this too, I always concern when she goes out alone at night because there still a lot of men who are not afraid to harass her. A social movement is needed, government assistance is needed, we as an agent who knows better need to speak up and practice what we know. But I'm still confused, why Ramzy the interviewer ask about Islam and the correlation with sexual harassment? Is there any data that shows Islam systematically harass women or there is a lot Muslim that harasses women? Because it's different, if you asking about Islam, the context should be systematic, but if there is no data shows that then it's just a lot of people who happen to be Muslim (who we never know is he practice islam well or not) harasses women. Feels like a setup, but yeah, if you have the data then show me Asian Boss, your journalistic content should held accountable.

  56. Silver Ranger

    Silver Ranger22 hari yang lalu

    Ckckck really? How about us n europe? Idk but where u got the data, if u get Only from online media thats not accurate at all! In my region, in Indonesia everything is good but dont close the fact crime always happen anytime. U should tell or put the data u got, Who released the valid data. If Only get $ from adv, this ch sick!

  57. Hi Alice

    Hi Alice23 hari yang lalu

    Lol thats not true

  58. Paw !!

    Paw !!23 hari yang lalu

    Indonesia is like Arab. The worst place for women.

  59. Some troll who has trolled you

    Some troll who has trolled you20 hari yang lalu

    They seem happy to me.

  60. Sebastian Wardana

    Sebastian Wardana24 hari yang lalu

    Dont let a man ask, so women can speak freely... only let women talk in an issue that affects women deeply, only women should talk, allthough, the oppinions showcased are pretty good.

  61. josephine lucia

    josephine lucia24 hari yang lalu

    why do i feel like "as long as she take care of herself" is kinda offensive? what if women already taking care of ourselves, dress neatly (long jeans and oversized hoodie), walking casually, minding our own business, and still getting catcalled?

  62. Rita Ironadi

    Rita Ironadi24 hari yang lalu

    Should change the title, from "Indonesia" to "Jakarta"