House Impeachment Inquiry - Yovanovitch Testimony


  1. miriam moore


  2. Demeter

    Demeter9 menit yang lalu

    3:52: Is it me or does Nunes' face look like it's glossy with sweat? He looks SO overwhelmed, SO out of his depth, like a neighborhood bully at the end of a kids' movie who was supposed to "learn his lesson" but just can't move on.

  3. goodmab61

    goodmab619 menit yang lalu

    Great actress not but good job disrespecting our government and president.

  4. Nova Exclusives

    Nova Exclusives11 menit yang lalu

    "Mr. CHAIRMAN!"

  5. Joseph Langford

    Joseph Langford12 menit yang lalu

    The Democraps and the DNC are the exact opposite of the definition of American!! Clean the swamp!

  6. Jibbahrish1

    Jibbahrish113 menit yang lalu

    So Obama/ Biden, his FBI and CIA are being payed off to NOT examine Burisma? C'mon people.. Wake the ____ up. Get ready for another 4 years of Trump.

  7. Don Love

    Don Love16 menit yang lalu

    If I had a violin I would play it for her right now makes me sick how they want to bring this country downThe Democrats are ‼️‼️‼️going to blame are great President Donald Trump ‼️‼️On November 29 and economic collapse this is true check for yourself GO online And please check for yourself

  8. Demeter

    Demeter18 menit yang lalu

    Honor, dignity, honesty, service. Everything the repubs stand against.

  9. Lebo Holmes

    Lebo Holmes18 menit yang lalu

    THIS IS BULLSHIT HOW WASHINGTON IS SO SKIDDISH AGAINST WRONGDOINGS! When law and order jumps the gun on normal public

  10. FilthyMcDumpin'Clips

    FilthyMcDumpin'Clips19 menit yang lalu

    blah blah blah. this has nothing to do with the phone call to Ukraine. this is stupid

  11. Don Love

    Don Love19 menit yang lalu

    ❤️💕Dear dear ladies and gentlemen of This great land America‼️👺 these Democrats are fooling you this is all a show yes I blame the Republicans to my understanding ‼️‼️go online and check for Yourself November 28 is our Thanksgiving guess what they’r going to do on November 29 And economic collapse this is true check for yourself and they’ll blame it on ‼️our president Donald Trump

  12. Marshana Milbourne

    Marshana Milbourne20 menit yang lalu

    When Reps found out he was tweeting I know some were like "man are you freaking serious.You freaking selfish idiot. Mr. President shut up and go sit down. We look bad enough."😂😂😂

  13. CG H

    CG H25 menit yang lalu

    They cut off the part where Schiff and Goldman questioned Yovanovitch. 🤔

  14. Poosley

    Poosley25 menit yang lalu

    Patriot. American hero.

  15. Marshana Milbourne

    Marshana Milbourne25 menit yang lalu

    Ppl say what they want, but Schiff is doing his job. There are certain orders to follow. Reps just mad he isn't letting them turn this into a disorganized circus with their attempts to find the whistleblower so he can be threatened and intimidated. All the whistleblower did was tell the proper channels something not right happened. It's up to Congress and the American ppl to look into it. In their eyes the whistleblower is a snitch.

  16. Mona W

    Mona W25 menit yang lalu

    Lmao at all the Democrats and ill informed people who thought they were going to come here to trash our President. Go back to your fictitious echo chamber of Twitter. This impeachment is a coup on our dually elected President. We don't speak up on twitter, but we do here. All of these people need to be held to account for their treasonous crimes. Starting with Schiff and Pelosi. Absolutely disgusting!

  17. Dozer op

    Dozer op27 menit yang lalu

    I wish Nunez was this vocal when they where blocking Obama's constitutional duty appointing judges, or actually going after real abuse of power charges with emoluments crimes but cant do that, it may indict both parties. Both parties are bought and paid for these days. Does Nunez actually think that alot of people don't see what's really goin on? He really does look as stupid as his statements really are

  18. Maryanne Hill

    Maryanne Hill30 menit yang lalu

    If democrats think criticizing someone's politics and job performance should be against the law, pass the legislation. If you think ambassadors should not serve at the leisure of the president once congress approves their appointment, pass the legislation.

  19. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte22 menit yang lalu

    Maryanne Hill oh lord, ignorance is bliss

  20. MA Sanyarey

    MA Sanyarey30 menit yang lalu

    Did Chris Steward say the president can use ambassadors sometimes not for good cause?

  21. Majestic

    Majestic31 menit yang lalu

    Respect for schiff

  22. jana Smart

    jana Smart32 menit yang lalu

    Schiff sits in higher chair and believes that it gives him a right to behave like a king abusing the power given to him. In my opinion the 2 days televised circus orchestrated by Democrats based on feelings and on here say apparently gives Schiff a feeling that he IS Above the Law, all his actions during 2 days of Impeachment hearings he behaved like a dictator would - suspending GOP questioning for no reasons, taking more talking time than anyone else, trying to add more of his personal thinking-opinion to what witness actually provided answering and withholding information from Americans People is a clear proof of that.

  23. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte17 menit yang lalu

    jana Smart yes because you know the rules more than the chairman, 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂🤣🤣

  24. Don Sears

    Don Sears32 menit yang lalu

    Impeachment cause we said so ! a new Best Seller ~ EH ! we can process pedophiles and pompous percentages of profits by pontificating precious pandering of Patriot $$$ to feed the DOMINO dump of JUSTICE and TRUTH and preform anti GOD "PROCESS" for it was PROCESS the George Washington used to cross the Delaware was Process that DAVY C ROCKET used to Kill a Bear was Process that shot Lincoln it was Process That attacked Pearl Harbor ...and it was process that allowed Man And WOMEN to GIVE BIRTH ....AND JESUS used " Process to Heal the sick ...Cast out Demons and RAISE the DEAD ....So Much "Process" so little TIME ! ....Domino s can not be a infrastructure of PROSPERITY and the PLIGHT of Patriotic People ...for Domino s fall Down ...."process" is the opposite of intelligent thought" it is the opposite of Abstract analytical thought ....and it certainly not HEAVEN SENT ....Process can not Get you to Heaven unless Process is all you know ....that's OK ...But its not a leader Quality its not a KING resolve Process is a programed propaganda presentation pretending to be INTELLIGENT and luminary in light and proper in Social Circles ....Yes in a circle of SATANIST a Circle of PROCESSED people ...! .....this has become quite a Peril of Penelope Pits top ....Penelope tied to the TRACK by Domino Dastardly Demon Daren ...was waiting for UNDER DOG ! UNDER DOG ! ..yes Speed of Processed Lighting !...Power of Processed ! Thunder ....but he could not Save his Penelope see Underdog secret energy pill was processed into a illegal NARCOTIC the DOG is in PRISON ...Take your Process and PERISH for its not my words which cause this ...Domino s is a process used to set and and Satanically Sacrifice a Society ...and process keeps you all POWERLESS profits no personnel Purpose just the Domino Process ...POOF! ...can a Domino infrastructure be turned into a Profitable Purposeful Powerful NATION ....why yes it can ! ...can it be like a A Magician wand effect ! its a PROCESS ! and I posses it all if you dont want the Domino s to Fall ...Pontificating Pride and Pandering pompous Peril ....will only further your Demise ...BE HUMBLE ! not under Pedigree Puppets of Propaganda be HUMBLE under GOD its not a process its a rare FREEDOM anyone can Join just SAY GOD what do you want from me ....If he gives you process ...its not GOD...THE USA = a new Communist Country ... 1

  25. Say Whatt??

    Say Whatt??32 menit yang lalu

    The President doesnt have to justify you or any other beaureacrats removal!!

  26. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte19 menit yang lalu

    Say Whatt?? yes he does, specially when his making false claims about someone's reputation

  27. Katherene Wedic

    Katherene Wedic32 menit yang lalu

    "Kneecapped" - that's the language & culture. What's going on is so freaking obvious goodbye USA

  28. Jane Feeney

    Jane Feeney33 menit yang lalu

    What was she talking about. She is suppose to be there to answer questions on impeachment. She is a liar and a traitor. She was fired because of wrong doings.

  29. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte17 menit yang lalu

    Jane Feeney what wrong doings? do you have some kind of proof that everyone doesn't? if not, please stfu!

  30. Ray Blazejko

    Ray Blazejko33 menit yang lalu

    Debunking Marie. Part one. Glenn Beck. 6.06 minutes IDreporter She did prevent investigation into Barisma

  31. Dawn Finn

    Dawn Finn35 menit yang lalu

    Zeldin is a complete POS. HE SHOULD SHUT HIS TRAP. DTrump is guilty

  32. 1ronin

    1ronin36 menit yang lalu

    Another corrupt beauracrat. Schiff is a scam. Lock this traitor up.

  33. Say Whatt??

    Say Whatt??36 menit yang lalu

    if rule of law was important we wouldnt be having the inquiry!!!!

  34. no name

    no name37 menit yang lalu

    Its shocking and sad to see such rudeness from the Republicans who questioned her. There is NEVER or should never be a time or place for such. But, I guess this is what we expect these days. Tsk...

  35. Yo Mat

    Yo Mat7 menit yang lalu

    no name Both parties are rude, Its just politics. Since the dawn of America...


    SLEEPING BEAUTY38 menit yang lalu

    Who's using mind altering electromagnetic weapons on Americans? Find them and burn them in hell.

  37. Logan 5

    Logan 538 menit yang lalu

    Stock market hits all time high today I guess that proves that most people don't believe the sham the dems are perpetrating

  38. Sean Walker

    Sean Walker38 menit yang lalu

    Another deep state cry baby who got their 'feelings' hurt. Let's not forget that she illegally surveiled US citizens and journalists, she also got embassy, paid, to dress up and help swell the numbers at a Alphabet People protest in the Ukraine.

  39. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte19 menit yang lalu

    Sean Walker proof please? if you can't provide that, please shtf!

  40. Johnny

    Johnny38 menit yang lalu

    Q Sent Me..... Enjoy the Show !!

  41. Nyx

    Nyx39 menit yang lalu

    Ambassador Yovanovitch is everything Trump and his corrupt henchmen aren't: patriotic, honest, selfless and brave. Shame on QuidProQuo Donny for trying to smear her in his bribery & extortion scheme.

  42. Say Whatt??

    Say Whatt??40 menit yang lalu

    they got the money!!!!

  43. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte20 menit yang lalu

    Say Whatt?? yes cause he got caught, 🤦‍♀️


    RATED R NYPD42 menit yang lalu

    Impeach the mf

  45. Say Whatt??

    Say Whatt??44 menit yang lalu

    who cares?? youre a corrupt shill!!

  46. Ptitjo

    Ptitjo45 menit yang lalu

    Time to flush the smelly Schiff down the toilet

  47. Mona W

    Mona W24 menit yang lalu

    Here here!!!

  48. Ptitjo

    Ptitjo28 menit yang lalu

    @Nyx seethe

  49. Nyx

    Nyx31 menit yang lalu

    For doing his job? You were warned Donny was a crook, yet you CHOSE to ignore all warnings and picked the crook among 20+ Republicans who were running in 2016. Now that the crook's being exposed for bribery, extortion, corruption, obstruction and witness intimidation, here you are whining and blaming anyone except the crook and YOUR poor judgement.

  50. 9enius

    9enius41 menit yang lalu

    Back into your rat hole

  51. Kimberlyn Fauson

    Kimberlyn Fauson47 menit yang lalu

    Why can I not see the full video?

  52. William Bailey

    William Bailey14 menit yang lalu

    @Kimberlyn Fauson you might try PBS. I would stay away from MSM clips as they are biased and incomplete. I'm sure you know that already.

  53. Kimberlyn Fauson

    Kimberlyn Fauson15 menit yang lalu

    @Sycai Defranco Thanks. I am figuring that out. Washington Post also had a partial video, but CNN's has already processed.

  54. Sycai Defranco

    Sycai Defranco18 menit yang lalu

    @Kimberlyn Fauson long youtube videos take a long time to process

  55. Kimberlyn Fauson

    Kimberlyn Fauson20 menit yang lalu

    @William Bailey I wouldn't be asking here if I could find it easily. I am trying to stream it in the CSPAN player and it freezes every 30 seconds. Every IDreporter video I have found so far is incomplete.

  56. William Bailey

    William Bailey25 menit yang lalu

    @Kimberlyn Fauson you can re watch the whole thing.Just search for it.

  57. RM Tbc

    RM Tbc47 menit yang lalu

    She is a lazy lifer who lost her job because she wasn’t impartial and was incompetent. Get a life lady and stop using hear say as first hand knowledge along with your lies

  58. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte14 menit yang lalu

    yes and president trump has never told a lie, 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. Mona W

    Mona W23 menit yang lalu

    Yup! Trump said he'd drain the swamp and he is! #Trump2020 #4MoreYears

  60. Nyx

    Nyx23 menit yang lalu

    It's Ambassador Yovanovitch to you! She devoted her life serving in several war zones to keep your deliberately ignorant sorry ass safe to whine that your corrupt cult leader and his pro bono *personal attorney Rudy (who has no business freelancing as an unregistered foreign agent undermining our national security)* both got caught committing bribery, extortion, and obstruction.

  61. Bug Eye

    Bug Eye36 menit yang lalu

    Go neck yourself worthless parasite 🦠

  62. jdr

    jdr47 menit yang lalu

    Why is she testifying? All she had was how she felt about topics, no relevant information. I could totally understand why she was fired though shearly on incompetence. She was clueless on many things she should of known about Ukraine. She may be a good ambassador but Ukraine clearly was not a good post for her.

  63. kate wong

    kate wong47 menit yang lalu

    after orchestrated for months, this is what Schiff and Marie can come up with. So stupid! Finally it justifies that Corrupt Dems is dumb-er than the Communist!

  64. Mona W

    Mona W22 menit yang lalu

    Trump was correct, they really are "do nothing democrats."

  65. My Prayer for Justice

    My Prayer for Justice47 menit yang lalu

    Bill Clinton testified under oath, Trump should too, an innocent person wants the opportunity to tell their story and prove their innocence. Trump will do anything to keep himself from testifying.

  66. Mona W

    Mona W20 menit yang lalu

    Uhhh, where's the whistleblower? Where is the person who started all of this? Why should the accused be here if the accuser doesn't have to? Oh that's right, because it's *your side.* The rules never apply to Democrats!

  67. P B

    P B49 menit yang lalu

    what a shift show ... all political theater What a disgusting waste of tax payer money!

  68. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte17 menit yang lalu

    P B thanks bot!

  69. mark price

    mark price51 menit yang lalu

    Add one more layer to this nothingburger. What an enormous waste of time.

  70. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte16 menit yang lalu

    what a bot!

  71. Specterx97

    Specterx9738 menit yang lalu

    @Ptitjo F

  72. Ptitjo

    Ptitjo42 menit yang lalu

    @dart arkana you're

  73. dart arkana

    dart arkana48 menit yang lalu

    Your stupid

  74. Ocean Redux

    Ocean Redux51 menit yang lalu

    The fact that they took calls and not a single person yelled "GAMERS RISE UP, GOOGLE DANCING ISRAELIES" is disappointing

  75. amcasci

    amcasci53 menit yang lalu

    Just as Wednesday, once again we know no more than we did before. This must move to a trial where true witnesses and cross examination can take place. What is happening now is simply creating biases in the minds of those watching but so far no facts that speak to incident have been brought forth.

  76. amcasci

    amcasci19 menit yang lalu

    Nyx it is not a trial until it goes to the senate and that is shy hearsay witnesses are allowed.

  77. Mona W

    Mona W19 menit yang lalu

    I read the transcript therefore I know just as much as the "whistleblower." This is a disgusting sham to our nation. So disgusted in all of this.

  78. Nyx

    Nyx21 menit yang lalu

    Watch the vid before commenting. Half of it is the GOP attorney and GOP congressmen cross-examining her DUH. Donny and his attorney (whoever it is these days) have the right to attend. They CHOSE not to.

  79. Annie Haz

    Annie Haz25 menit yang lalu

    amcasci this isn’t a trial! Ffs, keep up!

  80. Traditional Remnant Speaking TRUTH

    Traditional Remnant Speaking TRUTH54 menit yang lalu

    Impeach Schiff!!!!!!

  81. Mona W

    Mona W18 menit yang lalu

    Yesss, what Schiff and Pelosi did to a dually elected President is high Treason.

  82. dart arkana

    dart arkana47 menit yang lalu

    Impeach trump

  83. Germ Avery

    Germ Avery54 menit yang lalu

    Funny how none of her co-conspirators are stepping up for her. Who here actually believes she was “cleaning” up the most corrupt place in Europe?

  84. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte15 menit yang lalu

    Germ Avery maybe ask your president why his not allowing anyone to come forward or why he doesn't come personally

  85. Mona W

    Mona W17 menit yang lalu

    Exactly! She was part of it!

  86. Annie Haz

    Annie Haz26 menit yang lalu

    Germ Avery did you actually listen to her? Have you read any of the articles that report the facts of what this woman has actually achieved? I think not, you’re just blowing hot air. I doubt you could read anything more complicated than a MacDonalds menu! If you don’t understand international politics, don’t comment. You’re ignorance is obvious & you just make a fool of yourself!

  87. Nyx

    Nyx35 menit yang lalu

    Everyone with a brain! Her *colleagues* who ALL served under Republican and Dem administrations testified and attested to her professionalism, honesty, and her unfailing service to our country, despite DonTheCon's attempts to smear her and undermine our national security. She was in the way of Trump & his 3 amigos bribing Ukraine for personal gain.

  88. Deb C

    Deb C36 menit yang lalu

    Germ Avery the Ukrainian she worked with a lot was beaten up and had acid thrown on her in an attack that led to her death. She had been involved in a tribute to her when she got told to go back to America as they were afraid for her safety. A pity they needed to protect her from her own president. Anyway a lot of people with much more knowledge of what was going on can't step up ad speak for her or anyone else as the White House is too shit scared to let them testify

  89. Hannable Thuh Prince

    Hannable Thuh Prince55 menit yang lalu

    Sooo they are trying to impeach President Trump forrrrr? People get fired everyday. Yall need to put down the crack pipe😆😆😆.... In fact put Hunter Biden on the stand...

  90. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte12 menit yang lalu

    Hannable Thuh Prince here we go with hunter biden again, wtf is wrong with you people, biden isn't running the country, if he did anything wrong let ukraine deal with it, yet ukraine has already cleared him and his father biden who was following orders

  91. Mona W

    Mona W16 menit yang lalu


  92. juggernaut1011

    juggernaut101119 menit yang lalu

    There impeaching him, not because she was fired. But due to the nature of her firing, the lacking of reasoning behind her removal, and procedure to freeze Ukraine military aid until Ukraine opened an investigation. Keep in mind, no one is saying that the investigation is wrong. Its how and why he went about it, which is wrong. Example: While having sex with a stranger is not illegal. Having sex with a stranger after receiving money, can be considered a form of prostitution. this is not saying, that if your friend, or colleague gave you money after sex, that makes them a client, and you a whore. It is all about the nature of how it came about, that makes it bad or not. That what this hearing is all about it. All these witnesses are doing is painting a picture of what they have witnesses. no one is impeaching trump, they are only inquiring about the information to build there case. Thats why its called a inquiry. When it gets to the senate, then they can make a decision about if its was illegal or not. In the same way that a cop asking you questions does not make you guilty. It only serves to help them gather data and evidence. Hope that clears things up for you

  93. Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams55 menit yang lalu

    Just Imagine going back in time, when Harry Truman, a Democrat Fired General Douglas McArthur. Imagine if our Country had “Pieces of Shit” like Adam Schiff around during that time. Now McArthur was an Army General who after all was a key person in winning the 2nd World War. Very popular General who once cried “I Shall Return” at Corregidor. And he did keep this promise 2 years later. The Country owed McArthur gratitude. Thank God Adam Schiff, this scum was not around then. You see the firing of this Ambassador is standard procedure. This is a Political Job and served under the President and at his favor. This woman means absolutely nothing to Adam Schiff. Schiff is more of a Scumbag than the great famous traitor named Benedict Arnold. Arnold was hung. Adam Schiff’s actions deserve the same. If Schiff was responsible for leading men into battle, the first person those same men would kill was Schiff. They would kill Schiff because Schiff is a Worm of a Coward. The orders that Schiff would give to those men would get them all killed. Therefore, the likes of Schiff would be the first man killed and killed by his own men. This is the fate of a Piece of Shit like Schiff. This is a Scumbag like no other I’ve seen in recent years. With God Speed, we can all test easy and know that Schiff will get, one or the other what is certainly coming to him.

  94. Evan Baker

    Evan Baker48 menit yang lalu

    Ok boomer

  95. JK Stone

    JK Stone49 menit yang lalu

    Lol Danny and you support a draft doger. Donny bone spurs . Yes I am sure Mcarthur would have loved Trump .

  96. Ptitjo

    Ptitjo55 menit yang lalu

    Impeachment SCAM must end!

  97. Mona W

    Mona W14 menit yang lalu

    @Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte I already told you to go back to your fictional echo chamber of twitter. Go to comments, click "newest," and enjoy.

  98. Mona W

    Mona W15 menit yang lalu


  99. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte50 menit yang lalu


  100. Ptitjo

    Ptitjo50 menit yang lalu

    @Barbara Hodges Guilty of being the best!

  101. Barbara Hodges

    Barbara Hodges53 menit yang lalu

    he's GUILTY

  102. Traditional Remnant Speaking TRUTH

    Traditional Remnant Speaking TRUTH56 menit yang lalu

    Any intelligent person can see this for what it it's A Witch hunt...yeah American see this is a sham

  103. Mona W

    Mona W13 menit yang lalu

    Yes, we do. Most logically Americans who place a high value on freedom and constitutional rights sure do! #Trump2020🇺🇸

  104. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte50 menit yang lalu

    Traditional Remnant Speaking TRUTH any intelligent person should come to the conclusion that this president should be removed.

  105. Barbara Hodges

    Barbara Hodges54 menit yang lalu

    u must b joking.

  106. healingfear

    healingfear58 menit yang lalu

    Thank you, C-SPAN.

  107. Mtb730

    Mtb73059 menit yang lalu

    Goldman is a mornon...

  108. Barbara Hodges

    Barbara Hodges52 menit yang lalu

    so tell us all about yourself....LOL

  109. kate wong

    kate wong59 menit yang lalu

    Corrupt Dems are good at dancing around the facts. So nervous!!!!

  110. Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte

    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte24 menit yang lalu

    thats what you saw? omg, you people are so damb stupid

  111. Barbara Hodges

    Barbara Hodges56 menit yang lalu


  112. Ray Blazejko

    Ray Blazejko59 menit yang lalu

    Biden's Ukraine scandal explained. Glenn Beck . IDreporter. 6minutes

  113. Mona W

    Mona W12 menit yang lalu

    That special was good! You saw the one from this past Wednesday right? It's so good!

  114. Chasin 70

    Chasin 70Jam Yang lalu

    Check out Joe M on IDreporter Q Saves the World ! WWG1WGA

  115. Weston Diggs

    Weston DiggsJam Yang lalu

    “A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME” This hearing has more to do with repairing her damaged image than with any substantial impeachment evidence... “SCHIFF AND PELOSI SHOULD BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE”

  116. Mona W

    Mona W7 menit yang lalu

    @Weston Diggs Unfortunately this is what most dems do. They don't like hearing opposing views. I'm always impressed when I see a Democrat actually call this what it is. For that you have my respect. I think Twitter is the best platform for Democratic echo chambers. The way this inquiry has been done is an embarrassment and a complete waste of taxpayers money. Everyone should be mad about this!

  117. Mona W

    Mona W11 menit yang lalu

    They should be tried for treason.

  118. Weston Diggs

    Weston Diggs20 menit yang lalu

    evan starkman you are too funny...

  119. evan starkman

    evan starkman22 menit yang lalu

    @Weston Diggs A petulant child at that.

  120. Weston Diggs

    Weston Diggs35 menit yang lalu

    Mike Litoris what makes you think I’m a Trump supporter. I’m a registered Democrat and would never vote Republican. It’s simple, this hearing is a waste of time. It proves nothing and doesn’t help affirm a impeachment outcome....