Honda Civic 2018 infotainment and interior review | Mat Watson Reviews


  1. Larry Beale

    Larry BealeTahun Yang lalu

    Just test drove one of these for a day. Realy. GREAT to drive, but this system is junk compared to my 3 year old VW. My car is my office so this is a deal breaker.

  2. Adil Ghazanfar

    Adil GhazanfarTahun Yang lalu

    Couldn't they just throw in the same infotainment system they have in the Accord... Much better

  3. Claudiu HEG

    Claudiu HEGTahun Yang lalu

    Honda civic 2018 interior

  4. JeeSingh21

    JeeSingh21Tahun Yang lalu

    You can change the skin on the infotainment which looks much smarter. Ivw done it and mine looks like an amdroid tablet home screen with moveable icons etc and cool high def backgrounds

  5. Josh 14

    Josh 14Tahun Yang lalu

    The Nintendo DS has better graphics than the infotainment system

  6. Roberto Dela Cruz

    Roberto Dela CruzTahun Yang lalu

    When using the navigation, the placement of the Screen is too low and can distract the driver.

  7. Abhilash Nair

    Abhilash NairTahun Yang lalu

    Great car and "okay" infortainment system because you forgot to mention one key point. They didn't add a physical volume control knob like the older Honda's which kinda sucks. Some people might not like that. Wish they didn't do that. Manufacturers are under so much of pressure to "improve" tech that they sometimes make such mistakes. Sigh... 😕

  8. Craving Serenity

    Craving SerenityTahun Yang lalu

    I'm very happy with my civic. The OG infotainment system is rubbish, yes, but why use that when you have android auto/car play which are both just so much better than ANY infotainment system offered by ANY car maker... :D

  9. Craving Serenity

    Craving SerenityTahun Yang lalu

    Abhilash Nair lol... The irony... XD Don't know tbh.

  10. Abhilash Nair

    Abhilash NairTahun Yang lalu

    Benjamin Brender Guess it depends on the market too. None of the engines from Honda for India have turbos. This might change this year! ☺️ Fun fact - The turbo engines are actually manufactured in India. Lol. 😂 It's because of lax government laws regarding efficiency, emission, etc. We're skipping EURO-V and jumping from EURO-IV to EURO-VI in 2020. Btw, are the cars sold in Europe right now, EURO-VI emission norm compliant?

  11. Craving Serenity

    Craving SerenityTahun Yang lalu

    Abhilash Nair hatchback. And I think all of the engines are turbocharged. And yes that's my engine^^

  12. Abhilash Nair

    Abhilash NairTahun Yang lalu

    Hey Ben. You've got the hatchback or the sedan? I just checked this review for Europe - This one is a hatchback 1L three cylinder *turbocharged* engine with 127 HP, 200 N-m of torque which is wonderful!! 😮 Is there a non turbo 1L too?

  13. Abhilash Nair

    Abhilash NairTahun Yang lalu

    Benjamin Brender Gotcha!! It's a nice car. That's all that matters. 😀

  14. UnsyNZ

    UnsyNZ2 tahun yang lalu

    Didn't Honda get rid of the silly volume slider???

  15. RioPio

    RioPio2 tahun yang lalu

    this guy cant review anything...silly looser

  16. Abhilash Nair

    Abhilash NairTahun Yang lalu

    You should be doing the job then huh...

  17. Typical gamer

    Typical gamer2 tahun yang lalu

    RioPio what the fuck do you mean he’s one of the best car reviewers

  18. Gematriaaa1

    Gematriaaa12 tahun yang lalu

    Nice embed KitKat tablet 😂

  19. bellicromanx

    bellicromanx2 tahun yang lalu

    1:10 Hello Clarkson!

  20. Typical gamer

    Typical gamer2 tahun yang lalu

    bellicromanx true 😂😂

  21. Abdul Hinan

    Abdul Hinan2 tahun yang lalu

    Only bad thing is this car has CVT

  22. Tha Trejest

    Tha TrejestTahun Yang lalu

    I'd still say it's among the best CVTs out therer.

  23. yunova

    yunova2 tahun yang lalu

    the cvt gets 0 to 60 in 6.6 sec the type R gets there in 5.8 sec . cvt good

  24. mick hep

    mick hep2 tahun yang lalu

    I've got a 2017 EX Crv and the infotainment system (very similar to this) is the biggest load of junk I've ever used.The phone connection when in use is terrible its been back for updates as well

  25. Achu Akshay

    Achu Akshay2 tahun yang lalu

    Where is the car review ???

  26. Nancyjean24

    Nancyjean24Tahun Yang lalu

    Achu Akshay...that was so funny! No mention of the engine,or silly little things like that. LOL

  27. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious2 tahun yang lalu

    Why is actual car review video disabled?

  28. Branimir Vidovic

    Branimir Vidovic2 tahun yang lalu

    I was lucky to see it before being disabled but I wonder what is different from 2017

  29. Som Rech

    Som Rech2 tahun yang lalu

    Captain Obvious yeah that's what I was thinking

  30. Anh Tuan Le Minh

    Anh Tuan Le Minh2 tahun yang lalu

    It look like the civic hatchback from 2016-2017

  31. Rowan Baird

    Rowan BairdTahun Yang lalu

    Anh Tuan Le Mi

  32. BmwM419

    BmwM4192 tahun yang lalu

    He sounds so patronising. He acts like he's the CEO of Mercedes.