History of the iPhone As Fast As Possible


  1. Vandel Jason Strypper

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    Hey Android fan you guys are bitches

  2. Øystein

    Øystein4 bulan yang lalu

    Most people when the first iPhoke came: It's a revolution! Me: Whot? I had all this on a older smartphone and the iPhone lacks basic functions that has been standard for years already🤣 Only thing the iPhone brought to the phone market was multi-touch. Everything else was just a mix of all other smartphones at the time🙈 FUI: The first smartphones came in the early 90's. And when iPhone got 240fps slow-mo I had had that some years earlier. And when they came with "retina display" we already had higher resolution displays.

  3. Hasyidan Paramananda

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    Update please XD

  4. RectalDiscourse

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    Android versus iOs Epic rap battles of history

  5. Shan Michael Escasio

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    Apple's closed source and non expandable storage earned 2 🖕🖕s from me. Not to mention you can't transfer files without hooking to a computer and itunes.

  6. Weep Gaming

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    I use *Windows Phone.*

  7. TheCoolQueenAndKing’s Variety Channel

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    2:34 s is actually for Siri, but it is s on 3GS. Also 3Gs had video recording and 4 had redesign, 5 had lighting port, 4G/LTE and flashlight, 5S had a 64 bit processor (never seen before), 6 had ANOTHER redesign and 6S had 4K and stronger metal to fix Bendgate

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    This video is great, but needs an update!

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    Ohh the old days when iPhone wasn't complete junk.

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    6S is the latest IPhone

  11. Gabriel Echavarria

    Gabriel EchavarriaTahun Yang lalu

    You mean Apple actually makes a phone? who would want that when you can get an open-source with a bigger screen for half the price

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    Steve jobs is dead

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    My first phone was an iPhone 3g

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    5s to Xs max

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    Try me Androwankers. I'll destroy you with facts.

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    We now have the I phone XS MAX

  17. SymatriX

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    Wow this video is old

  18. All Kinds

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    3:18 Nobody ignored the 5C, they were all over the fucking place back when i was in school, they were wayyy more popular than the 5 with teenagers at the time.

  19. that Roar nigga

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    2018 metropcs has a special, buy an iphone se at 150$ mew line mind you. Or buy one get one free with 2 new lines . Great deAl

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    Can you please update this?

  21. Jonathan Wahono

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    Apple is awesome but let’s admit it iPhones are overpriced. But isn’t that what everyone would do. Why make it cheaper when soo many people are willing to pay for it even when it’s expensive. Plus having an iPhone makes you look rich according to people. Because android is used in almost every single budget phone in the market.

  22. austin_is_a_rat

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    0:21 Twenty Øne lyric reference? Piløts

  23. Aiden P

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    What about the 7, 8 or x


    SPTLGHTTahun Yang lalu

    iPhone X: X Stands for Xpensive as f#ck

  25. Luna

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    Lol by the time I post this, we have iPhone 10's now.

  26. Joseph Watts

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    What about the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X?

  27. BionicTenshi96

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    iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones... they are all the same crap, some more expensive than the others, but crap anyway.

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    Way to start off insulting all your subs

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    6s (latest) 😒😒😒 iPhone 10 X baby

  30. Konstantin Sembos

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    Idk if someone mentioned it in the comments (certainly not mentioned in the video for some reason), but the 5S brought something to the table never seen before in a mobile device: 64bit CPU. In 2013...almost 2 years before we saw the (apparently) crappy SD810 being released on phones, in early 2015. Nonetheless, this was the first smartphone to get upgraded from 32bit to 64bit. And yes, I ignored all the apple-hate comments. They're pointless, anyway.

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    *watches on an iPhone 8*

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    yo, that business joke at the end ... dirty

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    Palm phone master race

  34. TheOpAlexGuy

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    blackberry master race

  35. Mus T

    Mus T2 tahun yang lalu

    Why is it that the iPhone x cost $1000 dollars and over at launch when the iPhone 3G only cost like $200?

  36. Mus T

    Mus T2 tahun yang lalu

    You could get a 60gb fat PS3 for $600 back then.

  37. gilat6

    gilat62 tahun yang lalu

    The first iPhones looked like a Blackberry and Ericsson phones, also there was iTunes phones and after these came the touchscreen 1st generation iPhone.

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    We have an [array] (U know the proggrammingggg arratytyyui3reierfi3triefrivretuberfv hjbsdfvjhbhsdfvhiubbsihryfvfebuhivjbhuvbiuhdvfbuihdfvsbhujfbdcsbujhdfvsibuhdfvsbhuirevfju) o fonez

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    The thing is the iPhone x is out now😂😂

  40. Christopher Martin

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    The 4 s lasted me four years. I don't use apple at home only for work. It was surprising the robustness. Still prefer my android but i'm biased.