History of the iPhone


  1. Apple Explained

    Apple Explained5 bulan yang lalu

    Hey guys it's Greg! If you want to hear my thoughts on today's Apple Event be sure to join the channel's free Discord server: discord.gg/V8FJbS8 That way you can keep in touch with me and meet other Apple fans, see you there!

  2. Kentrell Gaulden

    Kentrell Gaulden4 hari yang lalu

    Get me a free 12

  3. jay j

    jay j9 hari yang lalu

    Apple Explained Iphone is shit stay with Samsung

  4. evelyn nyleve

    evelyn nyleve11 hari yang lalu

    I have iPhone 8 and before I had a 6s. I have yet to discover any difference between them haha

  5. L’KaratéKa Oizuki

    L’KaratéKa Oizuki15 hari yang lalu

    Apple Explained it is wrong the iphone 11 Pro Max has 4GB of ram and an Apple A13 Bionic processor and not an A12 processor, it has the same characteristics as the 11 and 11 Pro Max so ask before telling any false information even the iphone 11 Pro has 4GB of ram and not 6

  6. mt89

    mt8923 jam yang lalu

    iPhone 4 was when apple truly dominated the smartphone industry

  7. Just a loaf Of bread

    Just a loaf Of breadHari Yang lalu

    I have the I phone 6s

  8. bing bing 94

    bing bing 94Hari Yang lalu

    Alle voir mon clip svp🤘🏾 blt baltimore 2

  9. Daniela .193

    Daniela .193Hari Yang lalu

    iPhone 8 💁🏻‍♀️

  10. Fiveon Musti

    Fiveon MustiHari Yang lalu

    The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a A13 chip

  11. H

    HHari Yang lalu

    I have iPhone X

  12. Renz-O

    Renz-OHari Yang lalu

    Guess what there will soon be a new iphone 12

  13. 2St1 Guy

    2St1 GuyHari Yang lalu

    apple ist scheisse

  14. 이성규

    이성규Hari Yang lalu

    Now I use iPhone 7 Plus it is so big! I love iPhone♡

  15. Novaszel Fanni

    Novaszel FanniHari Yang lalu

    iPhone 8 gang like

  16. Natálie Kopecká

    Natálie KopeckáHari Yang lalu

    IPhone SE?

  17. FEDER. IO

    FEDER. IOHari Yang lalu

    iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6s Plus Max iPhone 6s Plus Max colorful

  18. mega oof

    mega oofHari Yang lalu

    One day apple is gonna remove the phone part for more camera space. But don't worry they'll have dongles to fix it

  19. Lucia Geiser

    Lucia GeiserHari Yang lalu

    2:48 that's mine

  20. gian Christen

    gian ChristenHari Yang lalu

    The iPhone 11 pro Max have Not A12 Bionic 🤥

  21. [Z]ЧЫ Kubix

    [Z]ЧЫ KubixHari Yang lalu


  22. Tony Paolino

    Tony PaolinoHari Yang lalu

    The memories Of the iPhone 2G 3G 4 and 5 was old this song is depressing but I wanted to see all iPhones And then the iPhones were changing with new home screen new home button but they got rid of the home button and gotten hella freaking powerful 2007 2019

  23. Sadek Abou Suleiman

    Sadek Abou SuleimanHari Yang lalu

    Iphone x 2 Cameras IPhone 11 pro 3 Cameras IPhone 12 pro 4 Cameras IPhone 13 pro 5 Cameras


    ARSENY ROCKHari Yang lalu

    *Camera will has iPhone in 2025*

  25. Mik Wakefield

    Mik WakefieldHari Yang lalu

    I've heard you can catch Corona virus from holding your iPhone too close to your face. Let's be honest, it was probably assembled by a sneezing teenager with no love for the customer who's paying his 1 dollar an hour wage.

  26. simone de luca

    simone de lucaHari Yang lalu

    amzn.to/2u8cr5Y iphone scontato del 79% su Amazon!!

  27. The King

    The KingHari Yang lalu

    I phone 7 lovers plz like

  28. Feezoo Film's

    Feezoo Film'sHari Yang lalu

    I only had an iPhone 4.

  29. AneSvane 1

    AneSvane 1Hari Yang lalu

    I still got a iPhone 5🤧

  30. Ismailovskiy

    IsmailovskiyHari Yang lalu

    Лайк если никогда не было айфона!

  31. Blue N

    Blue NHari Yang lalu

    I was born in 2001 and i actually went through all generations of iphone lmao

  32. 이재필

    이재필Hari Yang lalu

    Iphone 9 2021

  33. Coki supone

    Coki suponeHari Yang lalu


  34. Emciia Vlog

    Emciia VlogHari Yang lalu

    IPhone 6 - 16,32,64,128GB !32!

  35. dun sasa

    dun sasaHari Yang lalu

    cheating expensive low grade phones

  36. Hugo Torres

    Hugo TorresHari Yang lalu

    Los phone traían muy poco de ram, traían mas los Android

  37. youtube fan

    youtube fanHari Yang lalu

    my first iphone was a iphone 11

  38. youtube fan

    youtube fanHari Yang lalu

    the reason there wasn't an iPhone 9 was because 7 8 9

  39. Joseph 17

    Joseph 17Hari Yang lalu

    Hopefully they will stop by like the iPhone 15 because we don’t need the iPhone 7995 in year 10000 for 1000000 dollars

  40. Joseph 17

    Joseph 17Hari Yang lalu

    Year 3000: GET THE IPHONE 995 FOR JUST 100000 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!

  41. Simply Court

    Simply CourtHari Yang lalu

    I miss my 6 🥺

  42. Joseph 17

    Joseph 17Hari Yang lalu

    My phone history Samsung 3 Very old LG (don’t know what type) iPhone 4 iPhone 6+ iPhone 7+ iPhone XS (my current phone)

  43. irrelevant Person

    irrelevant PersonHari Yang lalu

    Me in 2020 still having an iPhone 7 Plus:

  44. San - Oyaサン-オヤ

    San - Oyaサン-オヤ2 hari yang lalu

    4:24 うわっ! どのような美しいとかわいい携帯電話! おそらく強力! 好き!

  45. San - Oyaサン-オヤ

    San - Oyaサン-オヤ2 hari yang lalu

    Iphoneは素晴らしいです! 私のお気に入りのIphone6s

  46. Nitai Prod

    Nitai Prod2 hari yang lalu

    2:59 the display is not 4.7”

  47. PietroGamer8

    PietroGamer82 hari yang lalu

    Samsung phones are só better

  48. Strawberry Milky

    Strawberry Milky2 hari yang lalu

    The original IPhone is staring at me in the room asking me:why don’t you love me Me:Holds up IPhone 6 iPhone:SHE IS ONLY 6 TIMES BETTER

  49. Exelier PL

    Exelier PL2 hari yang lalu

    LG Q6 user: Finally I have 30GB! Iphone user: I had it in 2011 BTW...

  50. JC Productions

    JC Productions2 hari yang lalu

    IPhone 14 gonna be like: || || || || || ||

  51. Samy_06

    Samy_062 hari yang lalu

    Okay ram is not 6GB on the iPhone 11 pro. It's only 4GB.

  52. GoMeelex XTRA

    GoMeelex XTRA2 hari yang lalu

    Te lo resumo en dos palabras: Mas Cámaras

  53. Tech_Review KM

    Tech_Review KM2 hari yang lalu

    iPhone 6, it’s good fit for me when it was released, it small size and easy to use and pockets.

  54. Andjela Stojadinovic

    Andjela Stojadinovic2 hari yang lalu

    Noooo its iphone x ,xs ,xsmax , XR and 11 you are wrong

  55. Pewoly

    Pewoly2 hari yang lalu


  56. Agus YT

    Agus YT2 hari yang lalu

    Ni un puto comentario en español no entiendo una mierda

  57. MoGoBo97MovieMaker AKA VoidFTW Our Third LifeFTL

    MoGoBo97MovieMaker AKA VoidFTW Our Third LifeFTL2 hari yang lalu

    Did you make this on keynote

  58. Oskars Kivrāns

    Oskars Kivrāns2 hari yang lalu

    Iphone x, iphone xs, iphone xs max, iphone xr. Not iphone x,iphone xr, iphone xs, iphone xs max

  59. Da Original

    Da Original2 hari yang lalu

    I’ll forever use home buttons

  60. Savannahjane

    Savannahjane2 hari yang lalu

    iPhone 8+ gang

  61. Peel the Avocado

    Peel the Avocado2 hari yang lalu

    *"Would you like a iPhone today? There 50% off for National sandwich day!"* *"Uh uh no, an apple a day keeps your bank money away."* I got this from Kyle Exum by the way, so it's not my saying lol, and I don't even know if I said it right.

  62. harelia

    harelia2 hari yang lalu

    When the iPhone 11 is bigger than the pro

  63. Fire And Blood

    Fire And Blood2 hari yang lalu


  64. Minecraft Addictonz

    Minecraft Addictonz2 hari yang lalu

    Trying to reach 1k subs ,any help would be appreciated