History of the iPhone


  1. Apple Explained

    Apple Explained2 bulan yang lalu

    Hey guys it's Greg! If you want to hear my thoughts on today's Apple Event be sure to join the channel's free Discord server: discord.gg/V8FJbS8 That way you can keep in touch with me and meet other Apple fans, see you there!

  2. Gacha Pro girl

    Gacha Pro girl3 hari yang lalu

    Can you do one on iPads?

  3. Cat Master

    Cat Master6 hari yang lalu

    Give me a good reason to spend 1100 bucks on an Iphone!

  4. Ajay Johar

    Ajay Johar8 hari yang lalu

    checkout idreporter.net/v/video-FMTVAQ5fE6s.html

  5. Vicente Valenzuela Gutierrez

    Vicente Valenzuela Gutierrez9 hari yang lalu

    aysar al ajarmeh stop spaming your yt channel,9/11-boy

  6. Mordeonda

    Mordeonda25 menit yang lalu


  7. •leaxpea•

    •leaxpea•35 menit yang lalu

    Lol the iPhone brand has changed sooo much!

  8. Ugly Bot

    Ugly BotJam Yang lalu

    You lied, I phone 5s has apple a7 processor, please edit that so you don't tell false information.

  9. Hanzuglam

    HanzuglamJam Yang lalu

    Watching this on my iPhone SE

  10. Sharmarke

    SharmarkeJam Yang lalu

    I wished IPhone costs the same in USA as it in Canada. It’s expensive in Canada

  11. A n g e l x _

    A n g e l x _Jam Yang lalu

    iPhone twelve (lets add five cameras)

  12. Jhon Paz

    Jhon Paz2 jam yang lalu

    Ya estoy ahorrando para comprarme el iPhone del 2022

  13. AWSUM Warrior

    AWSUM Warrior2 jam yang lalu

    iPhone camera quality is the same since the 7

  14. Lili vlogs Stuff

    Lili vlogs Stuff2 jam yang lalu

    Good but they get very mixed up at 6 because you start a 6s then CE then 6 plus then 6splus then 6

  15. Ringo Alliamo

    Ringo Alliamo3 jam yang lalu


  16. panda noodles

    panda noodles3 jam yang lalu

    What about the next phone? iPhone 12

  17. Hyp_r

    Hyp_r6 jam yang lalu

    Why is everyone complaining about how apple would add like 10 cameras to their future phone? Have you guys even seen the nokia with 5 cameras?

  18. タピオカ

    タピオカ6 jam yang lalu


  19. Baby qoh

    Baby qoh7 jam yang lalu

    Im watching this on my nokia n82

  20. iiArtic Fox

    iiArtic Fox7 jam yang lalu

    In the older iphones the youtube icon was so diffrent I remeber it!!!

  21. Dragan Lacanski

    Dragan Lacanski7 jam yang lalu

    Iphone 6s Plus 😃😃

  22. Spheal

    Spheal8 jam yang lalu

    I have an iPhone 6S. I can flex with my headphone jack. 😏😂


    RASHAD TECH8 jam yang lalu

    What's inside tab watch this video idreporter.net/v/video-BqrEpqeaIYc.html

  24. Nate H.

    Nate H.8 jam yang lalu

    ok im the only one who uses iphone 5s today.

  25. nabila aurel

    nabila aurel9 jam yang lalu

    Me iPhone4

  26. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar12 jam yang lalu

    madar chodhh galat information hai saala chutia

  27. Pascal Petzold

    Pascal Petzold12 jam yang lalu

    iPhone 8 Plus Not 4,7 5,5 Zoll 👍🏻

  28. henry taylor

    henry taylor13 jam yang lalu


  29. Mardene Ibrahim

    Mardene Ibrahim16 jam yang lalu

    2:04 my previous phone

  30. Tesla Solutions

    Tesla Solutions18 jam yang lalu

    iCloud bypass using DNS server . idreporter.net/v/video-MpcxHCnpXI0.html To unlock iCloud contact me . facebook.com/teslasolutionsicloudunlock/

  31. XAlxhaVibezX

    XAlxhaVibezX20 jam yang lalu

    You forgot Iphone 12!!

  32. Adenwoody

    Adenwoody20 jam yang lalu

    iPhone 9: *am I a joke to you?*

  33. SLindow

    SLindow21 jam yang lalu

    The iphone 5S have siri?

  34. romahnae

    romahnae21 jam yang lalu

    iphone 9?

  35. Nick Balloit

    Nick Balloit21 jam yang lalu

    I got the iPhone 8 puls

  36. Nick Alvizo

    Nick Alvizo22 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or does the music make you sleepy asf 🥱

  37. Prxston

    Prxston22 jam yang lalu

    iPhone 6s gang??

  38. Maria Elizabeth Hangan

    Maria Elizabeth Hangan22 jam yang lalu

    Apple are copycats :/ my opinion cuz i just just got the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and it came out before iphone 11 AND it has 3 cameras 3!

  39. Gacha Lia

    Gacha Lia23 jam yang lalu

    In 2087 IPhone 57 with 60 cameras and it’s only a screen

  40. Kyle Healey

    Kyle HealeyHari Yang lalu

    3:02 5.5 inches not 4.7

  41. Omar Alejandro Ortiz Cova

    Omar Alejandro Ortiz CovaHari Yang lalu

    4:16 Yo quiero el IPhone 11 Pro Max

  42. Haider Nadir

    Haider NadirHari Yang lalu

    Who else is watching when the iPhone 11 is already out *wink*

  43. Jacob McKenny lee

    Jacob McKenny leeHari Yang lalu

    XR is the best of them all 😍🥳

  44. Maya Wagenknecht

    Maya WagenknechtHari Yang lalu


  45. DarkNightmares 0_o

    DarkNightmares 0_oHari Yang lalu

    I know right now everyone skipped to 4:00

  46. Agata Ziembikiewicz

    Agata ZiembikiewiczHari Yang lalu

    iPhone 6splus not 16gb and 64gb but only 32gb and 128gb

  47. Khalid Khalid

    Khalid KhalidHari Yang lalu

    iphone 11 pto max

  48. epic gamer moment

    epic gamer momentHari Yang lalu

    I came here to see people flex

  49. Marvin Player

    Marvin PlayerHari Yang lalu

    Very Nice

  50. Слава Гурьянов

    Слава ГурьяновHari Yang lalu

    Айфон 11 лучший

  51. Слава Гурьянов

    Слава ГурьяновHari Yang lalu

    Айфон 7 говно

  52. Floral_Bun

    Floral_BunHari Yang lalu

    I have Iphone1 :(

  53. Alejandro N3G

    Alejandro N3GHari Yang lalu

    0:03 iPhone 0:13 iPhone 3G 0:25 iPhone 3GS 0:36 iPhone 4 0:47 iPhone 4S 0:58 iPhone 5 1:09 iPhone 5c 1:19 iPhone 5s 1:31 iPhone 6 1:41 iPhone 6 plus 1:53 iPhone 6s 2:03 iPhone 6s Plus 2:15 iPhone SE 2:26 iPhone 7 2:36 iPhone 7 plus 2:47 iPhone 8 2:58 iPhone 8 Plus *No hay 9 :v 3:09 iPhone X 3:21 iPhone XR 3:32 iPhone XS 3:42 iPhone XS Max 3:53 iPhone 11 4:05 iPhone 11 Pro 4:15 iPhone 11 Pro Max 4:27 assemble

  54. Bartek Lol

    Bartek LolHari Yang lalu

    xiaomi batter

  55. Shally Bansal

    Shally BansalHari Yang lalu

    The prices are wrong

  56. Dona Bird

    Dona BirdHari Yang lalu

    Iphone größter überteuerter Schrott ever

  57. 頭痛にBabylon

    頭痛にBabylonHari Yang lalu


  58. 130 L

    130 LHari Yang lalu


  59. maraq yemək

    maraq yeməkHari Yang lalu


  60. EzRunn qUteee

    EzRunn qUteeeHari Yang lalu

    iPhone Xr????????

  61. Siti Eshah

    Siti EshahHari Yang lalu

    Many mistake well iphone 11 pro max a12 uhh?? Wtf are you kidding me

  62. Chryzian Corner

    Chryzian CornerHari Yang lalu

    I have iPhone 7

  63. Trengo Q Brengo

    Trengo Q BrengoHari Yang lalu

    iphone 7 like

  64. retro bomer

    retro bomerHari Yang lalu

    The iPhone nine was skip cause 7 8 9 get it