History of Every K-Pop Scandal with JYP Entertainment


  1. DareDB KPop

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    EDIT: My choice of words for Yoon Seobin lumped all his allegations together, but my mistake was that he did NOT admit to bullying. My apologies for providing that false detail. He only admitted to his partying lifestyle. One of my more recent requested videos is finally here lol. Closing out this Big 3 series of K-Pop Scandals with each company. As mentioned, IDreporter doesn't exactly approve of these videos for monetization purposes, so this is planned to be the last one. Hope you all understand. Do please enjoy and stay tuned for other great content coming from me! So, please hit those subscribe, like and bell buttons for me! Much appreciated! :D

  2. Eliwood Pherae

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    @Song Yuqi I'm hearing chan's hihi now lol STAAAAHP

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    Can you did cube scandal since 2009

  4. asasdasdas

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    bang chan's hihi *w h e e z e*

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    hi daddy

  6. sexy korean girl

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    how pretty's that girlfriend?

  7. Raphael Giglio

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    stan JYP

  8. AngelKayla 2021

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    ok for Jacksons post some people need to know that not all of Korea is going to know all of our histories...that post was an honest mistake and did not know it was bad..idk how the "fans" reacted but if they reacted bad about it...they could have reacted it for a different way. As for Tzuyu she did not mean any harm but that flag thing. its a shame that we cant old a countries flag without people saying something negative about it. Like people need to relax. Form Junhyeok dating fan to me who cares... I think he should date whoever he wants even if it is a fan... also Jackson's hair let him wear is hair however he wants...idk why people all made even some white people do there hair like that.

  9. tiffany

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    wasn’t Fei also in some controversy that overlapped with her solo debut and ultimately ruined her chance to have a solo career in Korea? man, i hate that people are so sensitive nowadays

  10. heka Cha

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    1/2 of these are just super fans being upset because a celebrity that is also a human being made a mistake... Bruh

  11. Kagome Inuyasha

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    Korea is like want to controle every thing and every one

  12. Lencie Wtf

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    Bighit can’t relate

  13. Cho Shin Hyun

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    Yoon soobin is the great dancer yet when the school testimony to yoon soobin, soo bin is the great student and no one complain or telling that he bully anyone . But on smoking does people didnt change year after year?

  14. Lianne Gumban

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    10:34 Y’all I respect that Koreans are still mad about what Japan did years ago but it’s not right for them to attack those people who just want to show that they’re happy about something from another country in that language. I’m glad the whole feud is over and I hope this won’t happen again

  15. Czeska Barazon

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    Everyone's talking about Tzuyu ... what about the other idols, don't leave them out too. This is not a hate comment.

  16. Christanna Choi

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    Tzuyu’s scandal wasn’t even that serious I’m sorry but that Chinese male star didn’t need to point it out and those Chinese fans are exaggerating though I am not a fan or Tzuyu not twice I just wanted to say that her situation didn’t need to be so mainstream or such a big problem

  17. Mackenzie Johnson

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    Why is he making different voices when reading the idols apologie. I mean some of them are fine but some of them sound sassy and mean just saying.

  18. koo koo

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    im sorry but the over exaggerated narration is annoying and a bit mocking.

  19. Nirupama Deshpande

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    0:05 Jay why pee ?

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    jyp stan❤️

  21. Once Midzy Days and Stays GOT7

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    Jackson stated his own opinions and they still bashed him. If he stayed quiet, they will accuse him guilty. Like... *how to understand people?*


    FIROZ RUMI2 hari yang lalu

    Tzuyu and Jackson are COMPLETELY innocent......like haters are even gonna accuse them If they breathe at this rate ......I WILL SUPPORT GOT7 and TWICE through thick and thin no matter what #lovegot7andtwice

  23. Honest Girl

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    And people call yg a scandal company their managers told to jyp tainers we dont want artist like bigbang poor company just wait in. Future you will not included in top 3 agency of korea haa All group disband

  24. nubsquad nubsquad

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    your lischp makes you sound like your mocking every word that comes out of your mouf


    GFRIEND, TWICE, EXO SNSD ARE ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!3 hari yang lalu

    Tzuyu and Sana’s scandals wouldn’t even be considered a scandal, haters know how to twist things around and make it look like Sana and Tzuyu did something wrong.

  26. Friska Manalu

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    People are just too sensitive nowdays. Just because you hold a flag or have a hair style like african american thing you are been accused to. Such negative people. Many indonesian people have those hair style dude, its common. So you afro america people wanna sue us?? Sick people who got jealous of something stupid.

  27. Nick steward

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    afro-American culture???? bru its more racist for you to say that they are african instead of just american wtf

  28. Nick steward

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    lmao 1:25 thats so rude but so fucking true 😂😂

  29. Mi Tang

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    and thy call these scandals.

  30. kpop lady

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    he’s out of breath bro... let him calm down

  31. Love Ballet

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    Tzuyu and Sana’s scandals were absolute bullshit. Korea always gives the foreign idols a harder time in comparison to the native idols.

  32. Woo Jwy

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    0.506 actually not consider drunk in some country. Bad luck:(

  33. FyQ

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    All Twice scandals are ridiculous. I'm glad they didn't force Sana to apologize like Tzuyu did. JYPE still sucks tho for making Tzuyu apologize when she's just representing her country. Watching her apologizing is really heartbreaking.

  34. Rei x

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    I really liked Yun Seo Bin in pdx101 . It's such a shame that his contract got terminated :(

  35. heyisthatacomic

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    Bruh u said tzuyu wrong u say it like chewie but its ok

  36. heyisthatacomic

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    @DareDB KPop ohh ok im a new stan so im a little rusty

  37. DareDB KPop

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    The Korean is wrong though. I said it more the Chinese way

  38. ineedanotherbottleofjin

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    Me: *breathes* Jyp: aNd yOuRe SaYiNg iT wAs A SaLvAtiOn sEcT MeEtIng?

  39. Rianza De Wet

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    As a christian myself this video only made me love jyp even more because of that outrage about being called a cultist when he was actually holding a bible study lol...I'm happy now

  40. I Love Hentai

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    Got drunk by 2 glasses of beer?!?!? Man Koreans are such weak sauce when it comes to alcohol

  41. rosxwood

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    oh sure, you should watch hwasa drinking

  42. Angel

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    i may get hate for this but i honestly dont see the point of cultural appropriation? I get where people are coming from given the long history of racism but culture is meant to be celebrated???? you dont just get to say "ah this person is mocking the culture" when you dont even know whats goes behind it.

  43. rosxwood

    rosxwood6 hari yang lalu

    I agree tho

  44. Angel

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    noah fence but twice related scandals are honestly stupid???? it's more of haters trying to twist them into something else....no words

  45. Madlad

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    "Noah fence" lmao


    TWICE LOVER7 hari yang lalu

    I think sana's case is an issue not a scandal😅

  47. mochimin

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    The Tzuyu flag incident made me so mad. Isn’t Taiwan already an independent country? They even have their own flag emoji. She must’ve felt so traumatised for doing something as small as being proud of her country.

  48. rebekah smith

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    okay....like i know jay parks tweets not a laughing matter but the way he said it had me fucking dying😭😂😂😂 also jyps apology is fycking hilarious like YES MF THATS EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAYING DAMN

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  50. ᄋᄉᄋ

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    Why are u mocking their voices like that? That’s so fucking annoying

  51. Tammy V

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    JYP: we don't really have scandals, we've got a good image GOT7: hold my beer

  52. Fikx Nasir

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    Korean netizen are so sensitive. As if they have the greatest life in the world!

  53. M KHA

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    People just love getting pressed over meaningless shit 🙄🙄

  54. fAshSon

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    Their controversy is peanut compared to the other 2... lol.

  55. Lina Høppi

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    What is the n-word?

  56. Jeram Tagura

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  57. Jeon Jungkook

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    Y'all go to bighit

  58. a lover BP_Seokjin _StrayKids

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    10:52 I am still sad for Yoon Seobin

  59. aspidiske

    aspidiske13 hari yang lalu

    Also, I didn't know JYP is doing Bible studies now :o now I see the reason of the decline in doing those sexy stuff for all artists under him lol.

  60. aspidiske

    aspidiske13 hari yang lalu

    The reason that I hate people commenting about cultural appropriation is because the people/groups/ethnicities/nationalities represented aren't even MAD about it but some "woke" fans just love waving their snowflake entitlement.


    BLINK BLACKPINK14 hari yang lalu


  62. the signal of twice

    the signal of twice15 hari yang lalu

    twice have always been targeted and are still ...even their company uses twice, I remember when they threw mina under the bus and admitted the edited picture of her and bb on a bed was real when it was completely FAKE ,some beleive it was media play by jyp because got7 had recently made a comeback

  63. James Kurker

    James Kurker16 hari yang lalu

    Jackson can't sport dreads? really? he's right, those people are ridiculous. hey look, he's wearing a black shirt in the ad, too. they must think that's bad too somehow. smh.

  64. longhorns13192

    longhorns1319217 hari yang lalu

    JYP really did Tzuyu dirty. Making her film that ridiculous video and not backing her up because it would hurt their pockets.

  65. ADM 1214

    ADM 121417 hari yang lalu

    So if i were to sum up the scandal vids of big 3 companies, these imply: YG - Tolerating their Artists SM - Controlling their Artists JYP - Preaching their Artists? 🤔😂 Anyway JUST MY OPINION 😆

  66. Thea Baylosis

    Thea Baylosis17 hari yang lalu

    The way you read the apology statements kinda bother me tbh sorry. You sound like your reading it sarcastically and your making fun of it, and not taking it seriously

  67. Patricia Hdz

    Patricia Hdz17 hari yang lalu

    Dreads are in many cultures

  68. Yerinbuddies

    Yerinbuddies18 hari yang lalu

    I don’t see what’s wrong with Tzuyu being pro or anti Taiwan, she has her own beliefs and fans and everyone alike should respect that.

  69. Veni Tochhawng

    Veni Tochhawng18 hari yang lalu

    I am an Asian woman who hardly had any experience with other cultures. But i respect other cultures and hate racists. And seeing these cultural appropriation issues really breaks my heart. I kinda have this weird and really uncomfortable feeling towards the black people that I meet..maybe bc I perceived them as oversensitive people and a bully and I am scared of doing what they called a racist thing which we dont really care about in Asia. I just lost my interest and dislike black people bc of all this(not talking about the sensible people tho)