History of Disney Songs with Kristen Bell


  1. Nona Manlosa

    Nona Manlosa11 menit yang lalu

    *how can you hate her*

  2. Effy Lee

    Effy Lee25 menit yang lalu

    Their microphone are brighter than my future.

  3. Daniela Pazmiño

    Daniela Pazmiño54 menit yang lalu

    Jajaja i love it

  4. Zenia Santiesteban

    Zenia SantiestebanJam Yang lalu


  5. 23:20

    23:20Jam Yang lalu

    *I'M IN LOVE WITH A MOM OF TWO* Obviously, I'm joking but she is a lovely person indeed ✨

  6. Jedrek Malnegro

    Jedrek Malnegro2 jam yang lalu

    Kristen has that one voice where she can just sing any of song. Seriously. Edit: 3:57 Also this is the biggest cliff Hanger ever!!!

  7. Amira Shahira

    Amira Shahira2 jam yang lalu

    4:02 Jimmy represents all of us well

  8. Tanya Vlecken

    Tanya Vlecken3 jam yang lalu

    Her Voice is beautiful

  9. Alicia

    Alicia4 jam yang lalu

    This is the good place!

  10. Charness Gaile

    Charness Gaile4 jam yang lalu

    Wow jimmy

  11. The Friendly Yang

    The Friendly Yang6 jam yang lalu

    Kristen Bell, where Show Yourself :(. I love your voice and your sense of humor

  12. jolo

    jolo6 jam yang lalu

    whoever keeps giving jimmy fallon a mic needs to stop.

  13. hannerglossop

    hannerglossop7 jam yang lalu

    She will always be Veronica Mars to me ❤

  14. kate

    kate8 jam yang lalu

    how could they forgot RAPUNZEL

  15. Dragon _Girl

    Dragon _Girl9 jam yang lalu

    Okay I have to admit jimmy’s voice whilst singing bear necessities was like wow

  16. Raphailia D

    Raphailia D9 jam yang lalu

    That made so fun watching 😊❤️thanks for that ☺️ happy Christmas time to all of you 🤶 🎄🎅🎉

  17. Alyssa Duvall

    Alyssa Duvall11 jam yang lalu

    Kristen's voice is so Amazing! But how could they forget Reflection or I'll make a man out of you -Mulan , and any song from Tangled ! 😭💔

  18. Moein YoLan

    Moein YoLan11 jam yang lalu

    he sing very well!

  19. Samantha Tse

    Samantha Tse12 jam yang lalu

    Kristen has such a good Disney princess voice. Jimmy's Elton was great 👌

  20. Geraldine Muñoz

    Geraldine Muñoz12 jam yang lalu

    Best video ever

  21. Tearsa Bryan

    Tearsa Bryan12 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy trying to hit the high note in Into The Unknown is me 😂

  22. Lizzy Ju

    Lizzy Ju13 jam yang lalu

    No Mulan? :(

  23. Christopher Herr

    Christopher Herr15 jam yang lalu

    Me: She must be protected at all costs. My sister: She's a 39-year-old woman, she doesn't need your- Me: AT ALL COSTS

  24. Norizan Yang

    Norizan Yang15 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy is so talented and really funny

  25. audry klein

    audry klein17 jam yang lalu

    Okay KRISTEN

  26. covers by jolie

    covers by jolie17 jam yang lalu

    Kristen bell is my idol

  27. Ymmi Trash

    Ymmi Trash17 jam yang lalu

    I need full versions of Kristen Bell singing these songs

  28. CJ Evan

    CJ Evan17 jam yang lalu

    So that is what Anna would sound like if she sang Let it Go

  29. Jane Kim

    Jane Kim17 jam yang lalu

    WHY NOT TANGLED!?!?!?!

  30. CJ Evan

    CJ Evan17 jam yang lalu

    It’s crazy how Kristen Bell sounds like Anna from Frozen

  31. Zoe Adamson

    Zoe Adamson18 jam yang lalu

    I could listen to Kristen Bell sing all day long

  32. X Lu

    X Lu18 jam yang lalu

    Kristen is so talented.

  33. Danny Tran

    Danny Tran19 jam yang lalu

    No Mulan so that means NBC is racists against Asians right?

  34. Evan O Quigley

    Evan O Quigley20 jam yang lalu

    Why is Jimmy’s under the sea voice Indian 🤣

  35. CheckM8

    CheckM820 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy’s not actually a terrible singer, he’s got a nice lower range. If he wanted to persue singing and get trained up he’s got some good basis to work with

  36. Susan Xiong

    Susan Xiong20 jam yang lalu

    When she sings Part Of Your World ❤️

  37. Grace Loris

    Grace Loris20 jam yang lalu

    the part where jimmys voice cracks cause he cant hit the note gets me everytime i watch this

  38. Rhen Warman

    Rhen Warman21 jam yang lalu

    I love Kristen bell so much ❤️

  39. Dilan Hoş

    Dilan Hoş21 jam yang lalu

    I didnt know Kristen Bell could sing

  40. Madison Coyle

    Madison Coyle21 jam yang lalu

    Her voice tho is amazing