Hilton Moorea: King Overwater Bungalow 4K video


  1. Hawkeye Pierce

    Hawkeye Pierce5 hari yang lalu

    Oh wow! That is amazing!

  2. Matt Merkel

    Matt MerkelBulan Yang lalu

    thank you very nice. thank you for sharing my country is blessed by you

  3. Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo11 bulan yang lalu

    Oh. Pringles 😀

  4. bruno cass

    bruno cassTahun Yang lalu

    Please learn to use a camera properly...it makes you seasick left right up down ...

  5. james barclay

    james barclayTahun Yang lalu

    What time of year did you visit Moorea?

  6. Daniel McDonald

    Daniel McDonaldTahun Yang lalu

    The whole in the floor according to my Tahitian friends is called Tahitian TV. The Hilton is on the high end of hotel accommodations and cost. The Intercontinental is also there. One of the great things about Moorea is that accommodations have a wide scale of cost from these hotels to more moderate and lower costing places that will not break your budget, if you have a budget, and you can enjoy every activity equally well. First time visitors must go on a LAGOON TOUR!There are several companies that offer the lagoon tour and they will pick you up at your hotel and return you there. I have been coming to Moorea since 2004, it is my favorite place in the world. Vendors will NOT harass you to buy things, the Tahitians are low key about souvenirs. Nana!

  7. Donate Hotowy

    Donate HotowyTahun Yang lalu


  8. Vanille Maitere

    Vanille MaitereTahun Yang lalu

    Oh oui c’est carrément top la bas je suis déjà partie dormir pendant 7 jours

  9. Up And Beyond Travel

    Up And Beyond TravelTahun Yang lalu

    how many day was ypu there and what was the ticket for that room and is it all inclusive how much did it cost to get from the airport to your resort

  10. M Outdoors

    M OutdoorsTahun Yang lalu

    Very nice area, wish I was there. We have been hit with a snow storm for the last two days. Very cool place. Thumbs up! Nice view from the patio.

  11. Scrovegni1305

    Scrovegni1305Tahun Yang lalu

    In the same boat sorta... Pouring rain over here and gloomy. So I'm uploading some videos and taking a look back at some old ones, haha.

  12. Illmatic88

    Illmatic882 tahun yang lalu

    Looks slightly outdated.. still super nice though.

  13. Six Star Hotels

    Six Star Hotels2 tahun yang lalu

    @Scrovegni1305 Hi there, I like your hotel review video. If you like you can make reviews on SixStarHotels.Org. Please drop me an email: office@sixstarhotels.org

  14. CO 4x4

    CO 4x42 tahun yang lalu

    Very very pretty. Nice video!Wife and I are planning a trip next year. Just like you, I see many people splitting up their vacation time between Morea and Bora Bora...why is that???

  15. Anatoly Yurkin

    Anatoly Yurkin2 tahun yang lalu

    why are there no new videos?

  16. Pauline Ho

    Pauline Ho3 tahun yang lalu

    So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this video !

  17. Kenneth Ayala

    Kenneth AyalaTahun Yang lalu

    Pauline Ho

  18. Marianita

    Marianita3 tahun yang lalu

    How much is it to stay in one of those? And what id included with the stay. Thank you.

  19. Saltwater boy

    Saltwater boyTahun Yang lalu


  20. Joe Gohs

    Joe Gohs2 tahun yang lalu

    in french currency but in US dollars its around $800 for a night!

  21. haley lewis

    haley lewis2 tahun yang lalu

    about 80,000 I looked it up

  22. Aydın Polat

    Aydın Polat3 tahun yang lalu

    amazing. thanks for sharing.

  23. Freecheese

    Freecheese3 tahun yang lalu

    Ok I was looking in to renting this place. I would like to snorkel there but something tells me not to go close to the huts. WHAT IS THE PLUMBING LIKE THERE. IS IT OBVIOUS? I see no pipes so am thinking goes out to lagoon directly?

  24. Jonas Milton

    Jonas MiltonTahun Yang lalu

    Freecheese they run under the board walks

  25. Fernando

    Fernando3 tahun yang lalu

    Woow wonderful water!

  26. dan Tastic

    dan Tastic4 tahun yang lalu

    How does it compare to bora bora?

  27. Scrovegni1305

    Scrovegni13054 tahun yang lalu

    Both are amazing. I haven't put up the Bora Bora video yet because I did a horrific job on it. I'll probably put it up soon, but the weather was cloudy the first day. So I waited... Incredible weather came, but then I was waiting for the maids to tidy up the room so it didn't look horrible for the video. Then by the last day it sorta got a bit cloudy and windy AND the maids weren't coming because we were checking-out. That's how the video turned out, haha. But Bora Bora and the Intercontinental Thalasso resort were both unbelievable.

  28. jack quack

    jack quack4 tahun yang lalu