HIHGLIGHTS: Madagascar vs Tunisia


  1. abulo lakew

    abulo lakewBulan Yang lalu

    I’m disappointed with the Egyptian. With high magnitude of population we can’t even have 1/4 of stadium full. Seems like a friendly game.

  2. raymonko

    raymonkoBulan Yang lalu

    Madagascar goalkeeper was top notch

  3. kaseem abdullah

    kaseem abdullahBulan Yang lalu

    What a waste of a really awesome goalie. Madagascar's back line is the worst I've ever seen. Absolutely horrible. Passive, weak, and confused.

  4. Ally Shukuru

    Ally ShukuruBulan Yang lalu

    All applause to Madagascar first ever and went this far 👍🏿👍🏿 your future is bright

  5. WindyGod

    WindyGodBulan Yang lalu

    Tunisia vs Algeria final

  6. Miranda Tushsky

    Miranda TushskyBulan Yang lalu

    Tunisia and Nigeria ,final

  7. Cedar Park Rangers SC

    Cedar Park Rangers SCBulan Yang lalu

    Nobody: Not a single soul: beIN Sports commentator: yalla yalla yalla, the Tunisians are on fire

  8. christopher sanctus

    christopher sanctusBulan Yang lalu

    Tunisia vs Nigeria #Final

  9. Uzo Design

    Uzo DesignBulan Yang lalu

    "Yalla! Yalla! The Tunisians are on 🔥" The Madagascar goalie was good but his defense let him down. Overall Madagascar had a good tournament. I still can't believe they beat Naija 2-0.

  10. wems omba

    wems ombaBulan Yang lalu

    Thats is what happens when you cheat. Madaascar was favored by the referee in the game vs DR Congo. The ref denied dr congo Two penalties. Now they paid that off against tunisia.

  11. Gucci Alan

    Gucci AlanBulan Yang lalu

    Madagascar had a good run

  12. Paul Yeboah

    Paul YeboahBulan Yang lalu

    North Africa countries are doing well

  13. Unique

    UniqueBulan Yang lalu

    North African teams to reach the quarter finals

  14. Unique

    UniqueBulan Yang lalu

    Not as well as they could, I would at least hoped for 4

  15. JD Hakiza

    JD HakizaBulan Yang lalu

    This goalkeeper was let down by the four players I'm front of him.

  16. Miranda Tushsky

    Miranda TushskyBulan Yang lalu

    Their defence is terrible. The Nigerian team just allowed them to win that day cos they had already qualified.

  17. Jose

    JoseBulan Yang lalu

    Good win Tunisia 🇹🇳👍🏼 and congratulations to Madagascar for a impressive first appearance at a Africa Cup of Nations 👏🏼👏🏼

  18. NotSoLiberal

    NotSoLiberalBulan Yang lalu

    Job well done my Tunisian brothers

  19. USC O

    USC OBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you sir. Very kind of you.

  20. Said kernelmanzz

    Said kernelmanzzBulan Yang lalu

    Bravo Tunisie

  21. Elijah Senju

    Elijah SenjuBulan Yang lalu

    Nigerian here, so happy tunisia beat you guys lol

  22. Saul 9000

    Saul 9000Bulan Yang lalu

    Elijah Senju imagine losing by 2 goals to Madagascar

  23. Helmi Ahmad

    Helmi AhmadBulan Yang lalu

    I’m egyptian and i’M 😡😡😡 after the game

  24. Uzo Design

    Uzo DesignBulan Yang lalu

    @Al Gabsi Was that really necessary, lol? Damn! You killed him.

  25. Al Gabsi

    Al GabsiBulan Yang lalu

    You are mad because you are fucken rat live under brutal dictators in the filth. One of the most corrupted country in the world ...

  26. No Fuckin name

    No Fuckin nameBulan Yang lalu

    Helmi Ahmad yeah your envy to tunisia for that strong team?

  27. Helmi Ahmad

    Helmi AhmadBulan Yang lalu


  28. trade chaserz

    trade chaserzBulan Yang lalu

    the goalkeeper was A+ but the defense did not assist him. but that was a great game Madagascar!

  29. mo69 mc

    mo69 mcBulan Yang lalu

    Madagascar deserves big respect absolutely good team

  30. Fonda Shu

    Fonda ShuBulan Yang lalu

    Algeria vs Senegal will be a great final! But watch out Senegal, the Tunisians might upset you guys and then it turns out to be an all North African final.

  31. Fonda Shu

    Fonda ShuBulan Yang lalu

    Rational Cogitator Algeria is a very solid team. It’s gonna be close against Nigeria but this is a whole different ball game, Algeria has looked really good in the tournament and I strongly believe they will edge through to the finals. I just don’t see Nigeria beating them. Nigeria’s 2019 fairytale afcon story ends in the semis.

  32. Rational Cogitator

    Rational CogitatorBulan Yang lalu

    U think Nigeria has no chance against against Algeria despite how they have annihilating them recently?

  33. Infamous made IM

    Infamous made IMBulan Yang lalu

    Ugly Tunisians!!! This team is awful!! They has no skills, no coordination and they play destructive football! Whenever they met a solid team they pack the bus by putting 10 men behind it!! It ll be injustice in the highest order if they win the afcon with this poor play!!! African football gods always favors the ugliest 😂 Is so hard to watch these bunch of unskilled team!

  34. No Fuckin name

    No Fuckin nameBulan Yang lalu

    Infamous made IM who cares? Who just kicked your ass a week ago Don’t cry louder we already heard you hahahahha

  35. USC O

    USC OBulan Yang lalu

    Skill does not necessarily win matches. Ask the Italians. They always play defensively. Yet they are continuously top contenders.

  36. WindyGod

    WindyGodBulan Yang lalu

    Infamous made IM They have been beating us but who won the last game? 😏 exactly so I would stay quiet if I were you 😂😂 history is the past

  37. maymay

    maymayBulan Yang lalu

    @Infamous made IM things can change in the blink of an eye dude 😉 Be a good player and move on, good luck to both our teams ✌

  38. Infamous made IM

    Infamous made IMBulan Yang lalu

    No Fuckin name Ghana has been beating ur silly arabian asses for 54 years and even on our worst days and one of our worst campaigns ever in afcon, these cheating bunch of ALADDIANS still cldnt win!! Their best result was a draw against a very poor Ghana team!! Tunisians can’t play football!! Pathetic Tunisian moron😂

  39. TheWitness1001

    TheWitness1001Bulan Yang lalu

    Congrats my Tunisian Brothers and sisters. From Morocco with Love. Tunisia v. Algeria in the Final inchaa Allah. هذه والله لمفخرة الكرة المغاربية والعربية

  40. Pietro Jenkins

    Pietro JenkinsBulan Yang lalu

    The real Africans lost ,its sad.

  41. stabberandomcontent

    stabberandomcontentBulan Yang lalu

    Many Tunisians have african blood, mainly Tunisians from the South

  42. No Fuckin name

    No Fuckin nameBulan Yang lalu

    Just to inform you my ignorant dude The name of “africa” was created exactly in tunisia and the area was named africa before it becomes the name of the whole continent And no we are not arabians we are north africans and north africans have a lighter skin but we are still ethnically africans

  43. njeri mwaura

    njeri mwauraBulan Yang lalu

    @Pietro Jenkins No both of you are wrong they are a mixture of Bantu,Austrasian, And Asian. Berbers are afro-asiatic.

  44. Pietro Jenkins

    Pietro JenkinsBulan Yang lalu

    @Omar Albarghouty Barghouty Madagascans are not Bantu,they're Afro-Asiatic .

  45. Rational Cogitator

    Rational CogitatorBulan Yang lalu

    They are all real Africans! Being African is not by skin color, just like being European or Asian isn't.

  46. The Ghost brrr

    The Ghost brrrBulan Yang lalu

    My money on Algeria vs Tunisia, much love from a Mexican 🏆 Jayed 😁

  47. Miranda Tushsky

    Miranda TushskyBulan Yang lalu

    @WindyGod Nigeria can beat Algeria ,Nigerian team once they cross quater Final they get stronger .

  48. jacekvo jace

    jacekvo jaceBulan Yang lalu

    WindyGod most of our players won the under 17 fifa World Cup .

  49. jacekvo jace

    jacekvo jaceBulan Yang lalu

    WindyGod easiest match.

  50. WindyGod

    WindyGodBulan Yang lalu

    jacekvo jace Nigeria can’t beat Algeria 😂😂

  51. jacekvo jace

    jacekvo jaceBulan Yang lalu

    The Ghost brrr 😂😂😂 🇳🇬🇳🇬 Nigeria is around 😂😂😂

  52. Howard Nwoye

    Howard NwoyeBulan Yang lalu

    Good run Madagascar, I was rooting for you guys. You proved so many wrong.

  53. la goulette LIDO

    la goulette LIDOBulan Yang lalu


  54. Dan Kago

    Dan KagoBulan Yang lalu

    Good Job Tunisia Congrats

  55. Berhanu Legese

    Berhanu LegeseBulan Yang lalu

    Madagascar defense should try another profession, football is not working

  56. Yazan Bata

    Yazan BataBulan Yang lalu

    Did the commentator just say “yalla yalla yalla, the Tunisians are on fire” with a British accent?!! 😂

  57. USC O

    USC OBulan Yang lalu

    @Yazan Bata You are correct. British accent all the way.

  58. Yazan Bata

    Yazan BataBulan Yang lalu

    Waryaa Wariiri but the way he pronounced “yalla” is not how Arabs say it, in my opinion.

  59. Uzo Design

    Uzo DesignBulan Yang lalu

    Yes he did and it was awesome, lol.😂

  60. Waryaa Wariiri

    Waryaa WariiriBulan Yang lalu

    He could be an Arab, though.

  61. Stars Are Angels

    Stars Are AngelsBulan Yang lalu

    Strange days

  62. Advenco

    AdvencoBulan Yang lalu

    Everybody laughed at me when I said Tunisia would have a good tournament. Now it's me who's laughing.

  63. No Fuckin name

    No Fuckin nameBulan Yang lalu

    Ugwembum WemOssas you shitty team lost against who we raped 3-0 You’re just jealous get a life

  64. Alien Ferrari

    Alien FerrariBulan Yang lalu

    @African 1st Congolese 2nd Egypt has won 7 Africa cups so it aint shit

  65. WindyGod

    WindyGodBulan Yang lalu

    Ugwembum WemOssas We beat Ghana after giving them a goal cause we felt bad

  66. Pietro Jenkins

    Pietro JenkinsBulan Yang lalu

    Coz you're a clown

  67. African 1st Congolese 2nd

    African 1st Congolese 2ndBulan Yang lalu

    @Mohamed HAMMI lmao tunisia had a cake walk. Except for Algeria, all the other north africans are complete shit. Morocco and Egypt are booty. So is Tunisia. Come on, Madagascar. And yes congo dissapointed us we need the belgians to stop stealing our players, Jordan & Romelu Lukaku, and play better. This tournament is a joke too. The best team, (Mali) is out, Nigeria beat cameroon and Tunisia is going to the semi finals.

  68. Talant Ruzmetov

    Talant RuzmetovBulan Yang lalu

    Hihglights , wa hahahaha

  69. Adeyemi Adedokun

    Adeyemi AdedokunBulan Yang lalu


  70. Germane Habib

    Germane HabibBulan Yang lalu

    Tunisia annihilated the upstarts Madagascar but much props to the Barea for coming this far in their first ever international football participation...

  71. Advenco

    AdvencoBulan Yang lalu

    They reached their ceiling. They'll improve though.

  72. Ndubuisi Ibeh

    Ndubuisi IbehBulan Yang lalu

    "Highlights" is spelled wrong.

  73. asidder

    asidderBulan Yang lalu

    At least they got the right game this time. When they first posted the "Tunisia-Madagascar" highlights the video was Cote d'Ivoire-Algeria.

  74. Steve Aoudou

    Steve AoudouBulan Yang lalu

    Great attention to detail

  75. The Emperor

    The EmperorBulan Yang lalu

    There was literally 0 highlight from Madagascar in this video I’m surprised, because they did so good in this tournament, especially against DRC, but madagascar still remains a good team that can improve hopefully

  76. No Fuckin name

    No Fuckin nameBulan Yang lalu

    The Emperor the tunisian goalkeeper was in vocations

  77. Gerald Oduro

    Gerald OduroBulan Yang lalu