HIGHLIGHTS | Rangers Legends v Liverpool FC Legends | 12 Oct 2019

  • 12 Okt 2019
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  1. TeeKay

    TeeKay26 hari yang lalu

    Dudek still has that same technique when saving a penalty

  2. TeeKay

    TeeKay26 hari yang lalu

    Gerrard is still a beast 🔥 🔥 🔥

  3. Alastair Cupples

    Alastair Cupples27 hari yang lalu

    Gerrard can still do it. Should start at Rangers. Doing a great job. Much love for him. We Are The People - Remember That!

  4. Hownie War

    Hownie War28 hari yang lalu

    Gerrad look like a young boy good play

  5. brian paterson

    brian paterson29 hari yang lalu

    rangers legends v liverpool legands since wen did jerrard play for rangers he was at liverpool all his playing days so why did he ware a rangers top and play for rangers legends😓

  6. Smelly Kelly

    Smelly KellyBulan Yang lalu

    Where’s Robbie Fowler

  7. Ox Kruno

    Ox KrunoBulan Yang lalu


  8. Mordecai

    MordecaiBulan Yang lalu

    Having Steven Gerrard playing as a rangers legend is just disrespect.

  9. SLaY DaRtH

    SLaY DaRtHBulan Yang lalu

    Ken he's the manager but hows Gerrard a Gers legend?

  10. Ńæüfæ žøø

    Ńæüfæ žøøBulan Yang lalu

    I hope Gordon ramsey was there😂😂

  11. Eamonn Blake

    Eamonn BlakeBulan Yang lalu

    Seeing Gerrard in a rangers Jersey is like catching your missus in bed with another man,its totally unforgivable!

  12. Ed

    EdBulan Yang lalu

    Why didn't Heskey play like this before?!

  13. Robert Hemingway

    Robert HemingwayBulan Yang lalu

    7:36 "Kuyt has Gerard inside him" that sounds so wrong!

  14. Celtic Fan

    Celtic FanBulan Yang lalu

    Was going to make a joke but i dont think i can

  15. Learn about Islam

    Learn about IslamBulan Yang lalu

    Shame to the rangers fans, booing Gerard at a charity game, makes me sick! Gerard was and will always be the best player out of all these guys and every rangers player who ever plays for them!

  16. studas2011

    studas2011Bulan Yang lalu

    Was Gazza in the thumbnail or am I imagining things?

  17. Moker Poker

    Moker PokerBulan Yang lalu

    Two liverpool players wearing jersey no 8

  18. Adarsh Ak

    Adarsh AkBulan Yang lalu

    "2 nil Loverpool"

  19. Detomaso Pantera

    Detomaso PanteraBulan Yang lalu

    Stevie G can easily go for a good 20 min for real👌👌👌😍

  20. #Truth #Blessed

    #Truth #BlessedBulan Yang lalu

    Gerrard is not a ranger legend why he played for your side I don't know. He's a liverpool player legend end off

  21. Pony boy Curtis

    Pony boy CurtisBulan Yang lalu

    I never knew rangers had any legends? Well I suppose they do now as they have gerrard.


    AKKABOUZBulan Yang lalu

    Mr duracell❤

  23. Richard Blackwood

    Richard BlackwoodBulan Yang lalu

    That LFC team would still compete against most top sides If they all lost an inch or two off the old waist line.

  24. ILuVhOrRoRmOvIeS

    ILuVhOrRoRmOvIeSBulan Yang lalu

    Gerrard still looking soo good

  25. William Wallace

    William WallaceBulan Yang lalu

    half of the highlights are the goals repeated x4

  26. Dandy Randy

    Dandy RandyBulan Yang lalu

    Can we get subtitles please

  27. Captain Red

    Captain RedBulan Yang lalu

    Are we just ignoring the fact the commentator thought Enrique scored the second goal?

  28. hari kasbia

    hari kasbiaBulan Yang lalu

    Hesky is a fusion of Dennis bergkamp and van basten and van Persie all rolled into one awesome striking package.

  29. Athar

    AtharBulan Yang lalu

    Gerrard what are you doing wearing blue??!

  30. R S

    R SBulan Yang lalu

    Is no-one going to mention that the commentator thought that Patrick Berger was Jose Enrique?

  31. John Quinn

    John QuinnBulan Yang lalu

    Stevie g still got it Liverpool next manger but I hope kloop sighs a new 3/4deal then he can have job kloop must get tied down do you agree fansers

  32. Sloth from The Goonies

    Sloth from The GooniesBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine your manager being your best player 😂

  33. Jonh Cass

    Jonh CassBulan Yang lalu

    Ste Gerrard is a legend..watp

  34. KZ POPS

    KZ POPSBulan Yang lalu

    9.55 he ignored Charlie adam's hands🤣🤣

  35. Rob rob

    Rob robBulan Yang lalu

    Stevie still looks like he would tear the prem apart. Looks like he would do a better job than hendo and rice for england too

  36. Man City Fan Can't win the Champions League!

    Man City Fan Can't win the Champions League!Bulan Yang lalu

    Gerrard looking like he could slot in the prem still

  37. mr whizz

    mr whizzBulan Yang lalu

    The next Charity match should be a " JINKY vs RICKSEN" game @ neutral stadium with ALL proceeds going to MND

  38. Robert Roberts

    Robert RobertsBulan Yang lalu

    How refreshing and played in the right spirit with smiles on the faces. Great stuff!

  39. Other Humans

    Other HumansBulan Yang lalu

    I wanted to see a gerrard screamer

  40. Suaib Ali

    Suaib AliBulan Yang lalu

    kuyt looks like Louis van Gaal's son after his teeth 'transplant'.

  41. Atiq Azman

    Atiq AzmanBulan Yang lalu

    why not invite torres?

  42. Harry Gillan

    Harry GillanBulan Yang lalu

    09:55 left him hanging

  43. Cam Mc

    Cam McBulan Yang lalu

    Good to see Neil Alexander here. Still got it. Keeper in the UEFA Cup Final. Could have left when we were in the 3rd Div. Stayed and helped the club at our darkest hour. Cheers

  44. Channel Positivity

    Channel PositivityBulan Yang lalu

    Oh yes Jermaine Pennant. That Liverpool legend that all us kids wanted the name of printed on our backs as young lads. I mean he wasn't even a Birmingham City legend, they may as well have called up Paul Konchesky 🤦🏼‍♂️

  45. CrazyGamer351

    CrazyGamer351Bulan Yang lalu

    How is Gerrard a Rangers legend? He never played for them and hasn’t done nearly enough as manager to warrant that title.

  46. Deano Conlano

    Deano ConlanoBulan Yang lalu

    Probably just the fact he's managing them now. But think he could be legend at them in the future.

  47. Hell Yeah

    Hell YeahBulan Yang lalu

    Go ed Gerrard la. ...💪💪💪💪 how much is that rangers top worth with his name and number on....?

  48. Piotr Pietro

    Piotr PietroBulan Yang lalu

    Rangers - Fernando Ricksen, Liverpool - Stephen Darby. You know what i mean... It's so sad :(

  49. Bro652 TecH

    Bro652 TecHBulan Yang lalu

    Mate that was Patrick Berger goal lol

  50. Arif gerrard, Generasi Bonsai

    Arif gerrard, Generasi BonsaiBulan Yang lalu

    Stevie g still great as player

  51. jerry danstan

    jerry danstanBulan Yang lalu

    Gerrard and Heskey sharing a number 8 shirt

  52. Qta

    QtaBulan Yang lalu

    Heskey still has it, could be a starter for England, wouldnt change their world cup winning chances tbh!!!!

  53. Roderick Guerrero

    Roderick GuerreroBulan Yang lalu

    Typical Liverpool defense..... Hypia with the excellent tracking and block, Carra with a follow up penalty 😂😂😂

  54. Dre Golding

    Dre GoldingBulan Yang lalu

    “It’s not the best of balls by kuyt” it was into his feet couldn’t of done any better. What he meant to say was. “It’s not the best movement from Gerrard”

  55. Dre Golding

    Dre GoldingBulan Yang lalu

    I really wish Alberto Aquilani would start answering his phone when it comes round to charity games. Can’t really call it a legend side without him in it

  56. culchie1982 Timmy

    culchie1982 TimmyBulan Yang lalu

    Or Sean Dundee or Eric Meijer.

  57. Roko Klarić

    Roko KlarićBulan Yang lalu

    Nobody: Commentator: He puts it wait

  58. Rory MCcarthy

    Rory MCcarthyBulan Yang lalu

    Since when did gerrard play for rangers in that team ??

  59. Tasker Matic

    Tasker MaticBulan Yang lalu

    I’m not sure I’d classify all those guys as legends!

  60. The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    The Great Phil Swift, Our PrometheusBulan Yang lalu

    Seeing Gerrard in blue is like catching yer missus in bed with yer brother. It's just not right.

  61. Doody

    DoodyBulan Yang lalu

    Ugh, Rangers 🤢🤢

  62. Dj Enigma

    Dj EnigmaBulan Yang lalu

    Google....Steven gerrard in an Everton kit 😂😂😂