Highlights: PSU Still Undefeated After Downing Michigan | Michigan at Penn State | Oct. 19, 2019


  1. Brick Animations

    Brick AnimationsHari Yang lalu

    I also don’t believe the ball legit hit Ronnie bell like can u catch like come on

  2. Bryan Purakal

    Bryan Purakal23 jam yang lalu

    he's the most productive receiver

  3. bambang303378

    bambang30337814 hari yang lalu

    PSU defense is looking really good. But I am not sure their offense is fast enough to go toe to toe with OSU.

  4. Randy Martinez

    Randy Martinez18 hari yang lalu

    KEEP FIGHTING Wolverines my team no matter what

  5. Randy Martinez

    Randy Martinez18 hari yang lalu

    Let’s go Wolverines

  6. Randy Martinez

    Randy Martinez18 hari yang lalu

    Do we play Penn State in basketball this year

  7. Anderswl916 X

    Anderswl916 X23 hari yang lalu

    This was a way closer game than penn state vs Michigan state. Go blue 👍

  8. Mike Russo

    Mike Russo24 hari yang lalu

    We Are!!

  9. Gale Hess

    Gale Hess26 hari yang lalu

    Whoa!!!! Back the trolley up! First snap attempt was the highlight of the game..., where is that epic footage, when Harbaugh had to call timeout because the crowd was so loud Michigan could not snap the ball!!!???

  10. Rick Quicker

    Rick Quicker28 hari yang lalu

    PSU has really 7 National titles, if you include unclaimed titles (back in the day they were determined by popularity contests not playoffs like it should). PSU also is top five in most undefeated teams all time (8 perfect, which is also top ten all time). The main determining factor for best teams in country back then, before playoffs. Also they have 14 top five finishes

  11. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi28 hari yang lalu

    The ONLY coach in division 1 to not win a game as an underdog!

  12. Maverick Martin

    Maverick Martin29 hari yang lalu

    They didn't drown Michigan they only beat them by 7 so who cares it is one game like you don't have to make it seem like they absolutely demolished Michigan bc they didn't 🙄

  13. Rodrick Evans

    Rodrick Evans29 hari yang lalu

    *ichigan needs to fire Harbaugh....he's a disgrace. This coming from a O.H.I.O. State fan. Penn State...please face us...lol....we will destroy you. OSU should be #1 easily. Really?.....take your emotionalism and snowflake opinions and shove it. Everyone knows that Ohio State is the best damn team in the land!

  14. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi28 hari yang lalu

    Michigan ball coach lost 10 of 11 vs top ten teams ouch 🎯🎲

  15. Stone Cold

    Stone ColdBulan Yang lalu

    Is it just me, or does Jim Harbaugh and James Franklin not like each other?

  16. TRE45ON

    TRE45ON29 hari yang lalu

    Cheerleading is a tough competition!

  17. Johnny Czerw

    Johnny CzerwBulan Yang lalu

    I was at the game on Saturday and the penn state fans were so hostile towards legit everyone, even other psu fans

  18. Ryker Flint

    Ryker FlintBulan Yang lalu

    cameron mcgrone is a baddddddd man

  19. Tall Timber

    Tall TimberBulan Yang lalu

    Getting out coached in the second quarter is a pattern. OSU is going to make short work of us. Franklin needs to go he cannot coach at this level. Need to wise up we will never beat the top teams in the division with him. Don’t forget Michigan has struggled against most of there opponents.

  20. Raya Vivid

    Raya VividBulan Yang lalu

    i was there and it was the most chaotic crowd ever

  21. SoundWave 6

    SoundWave 6Bulan Yang lalu


  22. Macho Man Randy Savage

    Macho Man Randy SavageBulan Yang lalu

    Touching boys in the locker room apparently makes you have a good football team.

  23. David Gorman

    David GormanBulan Yang lalu

    PSU got outplayed by Michigan about midway through the second quarter on both the offensive line and defensive line. Minimal amount of pressure on Patterson for a defensive line that is supposed to be one of the best in the nation. Too much pressue on Clifford, exposing his inexperience. That said Clifford is getting better as each game is played. Offensive playcalling seems to get conservative after the first quarter. With so many weapons on offense it seems as though the offense can't/won't take advantage of them.

  24. BrunoPRS

    BrunoPRSBulan Yang lalu

    This is poor's game

  25. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonBulan Yang lalu

    Michigan is now going to be out of the the top 20!!! Not good for Michigan fans not good!!! I wish that Michigan would have won but they didn't!!! I'm disappointed!!!

  26. Nathan Wolfe

    Nathan WolfeBulan Yang lalu

    Should be labeled PSU survived. Between Michigan shooting themselves in the foot and bad officiating, PSU was fortunate to win this one.

  27. Richard Keyser

    Richard KeyserBulan Yang lalu

    They did what they had to do. There were bad calls that went both ways.

  28. The Stuport

    The StuportBulan Yang lalu

    "IF" Bell holds onto that pass in the end zone near the end of the game.....who knows.

  29. Richard Keyser

    Richard Keyser29 hari yang lalu

    @Inktown 313 good one right

  30. Inktown 313

    Inktown 31329 hari yang lalu

    @Richard Keyser Im dying laughing man

  31. Richard Keyser

    Richard KeyserBulan Yang lalu

    If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle

  32. el Kabong

    el KabongBulan Yang lalu

    If "IF" was a horse, I'd ride him. IF there hadn't been an invisible holding call on Hamler's KO return, IF Clifford hadn't overthrown Dotson on that deep post, ….. you get my point? This game could have very easily turned into a rout.

  33. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine My Boise state beats Michigan in a Bowl game

  34. George Washington

    George WashingtonBulan Yang lalu

    Ohio state will smash Penn State and they will win the Big Ten and possibly a national title

  35. Jaybennett49

    Jaybennett4921 hari yang lalu

    @Gregg J man were you so wrong HAHA

  36. neetrab

    neetrab29 hari yang lalu

    @el Kabong exactly

  37. Gregg J

    Gregg JBulan Yang lalu

    Dont you think you should worry about Wisconsin coming to town then playing psu weeks from now!! Wisconsin will be ready to play osu and win!!

  38. el Kabong

    el KabongBulan Yang lalu

    That's big talk coming from a Buckeye fan. You guys were lucky to win the last two times we played. Don't think that's going to happen every year. We'll see you in November.

  39. Dan Jones

    Dan JonesBulan Yang lalu

    These teams look weak. Neither will win against Ohio State.

  40. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor BrianBulan Yang lalu

    Michigan ball coach lost 10 of 11 vs top ten teams ouch 🎯🎲

  41. Darius McCaskill

    Darius McCaskillBulan Yang lalu

    3:11 some got their ankles took 😂

  42. TW Playz

    TW Playz25 hari yang lalu

    @Funny boy TJ one did get snapped tho lol...

  43. Funny boy TJ

    Funny boy TJ25 hari yang lalu

    TW Playz ok then

  44. TW Playz

    TW Playz25 hari yang lalu

    Bois got held...

  45. Funny boy TJ

    Funny boy TJ26 hari yang lalu

    Darius McCaskill boy went flying

  46. Luis Santiago

    Luis SantiagoBulan Yang lalu

    Horrible play calling by Franklin in the 2nd half. You keep your foot down. Game should of never been this close.

  47. Richard Keyser

    Richard KeyserBulan Yang lalu

    Same old stuff different day, nobody ever accused Franklin of being a great game manager but he can recruit and he's brought psu a long way...gotta give him some credit.

  48. Peace Nationa

    Peace NationaBulan Yang lalu

    Penn State on the outside looking in. My Buckeyes better watch out. The aggression on that D-line unlike anything OSU has seen so far. Damn.

  49. John Adams

    John Adams14 hari yang lalu

    O H!!

  50. Lorne Aldrich

    Lorne AldrichBulan Yang lalu

    I love john harbaugh. But in typical fashion he is unable to get his team to finish in the big moments.

  51. jimmy5634

    jimmy5634Bulan Yang lalu

    Lorne Aldrich he loves you too.

  52. Kavin Arnold

    Kavin ArnoldBulan Yang lalu

    I'm starting to think Jim Harbaugh really don't want this job...

  53. Kavin Arnold

    Kavin ArnoldBulan Yang lalu

    Paterson is not a real QB we will have a losing season bc the coach didn't find a QB during the off season... worst QB Michigan has seen in 2 decades...

  54. John Doe

    John DoeBulan Yang lalu

    ND will get upset in the big house if they sleep on Michigan next week.

  55. John Doe

    John Doe24 hari yang lalu

    @jimmy5634 👀👀👀

  56. Alex

    Alex24 hari yang lalu

    @jimmy5634 Comment did not age well

  57. Austin Pruitt

    Austin Pruitt29 hari yang lalu

    John Doe it absolutely can happen nd always fall to Michigan in the big house especially at night

  58. jimmy5634

    jimmy5634Bulan Yang lalu

    John Doe are u serious.? Stay off the weed dude.

  59. Jason Huffman

    Jason HuffmanBulan Yang lalu

    As a fan of Michigan. This the best lost ive seen in all five years...where it didnt come down to turnovers. Which im sure Shea is remembering how crucial that pick was now...What i wanted to see in this team all year long is being down and still fighting, almost winning. That was a good lost...the Wisconsin game...no. I think both sides of the ball have a identity now. I guarantee a win against ND. Call me out in a week.

  60. TheRandopro

    TheRandopro21 hari yang lalu

    @Jason Huffman I wouldn't call people's opinion worthless, but at this point is it even an opinion? I don't think anyone would say in the past 100 years of college football Michigan has been great. Well, aside from delusional UM fans. At this point what is their to disagree about?

  61. Jason Huffman

    Jason Huffman22 hari yang lalu

    @TheRandopro well thats your worthless opinion lol, just like everyone else.

  62. TheRandopro

    TheRandopro22 hari yang lalu

    @Jason Huffman if saying Michigan is just a good football school, not great, makes me conceited, then yeah.

  63. Jason Huffman

    Jason Huffman23 hari yang lalu

    @TheRandopro true place? Haha just like a OSU fan, conceited to the core...

  64. TheRandopro

    TheRandopro23 hari yang lalu

    @Jason HuffmanI'm glad Michigan fans have learned their true place in college football post WW1. And you can not count 2002 all you want, doesn't change the fact OSU won that game.

  65. Michael Devries

    Michael DevriesBulan Yang lalu

    anybody who blames it on ronnie bell is a jerk he is human and every human makes mistakes

  66. TRE45ON

    TRE45ON29 hari yang lalu

    He made a mistake dropping the ball. No biggie.

  67. GotDramaAllergy

    GotDramaAllergyBulan Yang lalu

    The Ref was standing in his passing lane,caused him to have 6ft notice it was on the way.

  68. Richard Keyser

    Richard KeyserBulan Yang lalu

    Fight on State!!!

  69. King Wright

    King WrightBulan Yang lalu

    We are...

  70. Richard Keyser

    Richard Keyser28 hari yang lalu

    @Mike Beast mutual

  71. Mike Beast

    Mike Beast28 hari yang lalu

    @Richard Keyser sike nah i respect yall

  72. Mike Beast

    Mike Beast28 hari yang lalu

    @Richard Keyser just like ur football team

  73. Richard Keyser

    Richard Keyser28 hari yang lalu

    @Mike Beast I been to your campus... it's a dump compared to psu... just saying

  74. Mike Beast

    Mike Beast28 hari yang lalu

    Ohio State

  75. Scott Brooks

    Scott BrooksBulan Yang lalu

    Hmmm. I noticed no one has mentioned whether either PSU or OSU could even touch LSU or Oklahoma. Probably not likely. Neither team comes close to the talent level or coaching of either.

  76. TRE45ON

    TRE45ON29 hari yang lalu

    See ya in January!

  77. Tony Patrick

    Tony PatrickBulan Yang lalu

    @Josh Clark how do you figure the big ten is down when they have more ranked teams than the sec? Big ten has 9 teams with a winning record and the sec only has 7. Sec has played 10 games against FCS opponents big ten only 4. Facts.

  78. Josh Clark

    Josh ClarkBulan Yang lalu

    @Tony Patrick stop any of those teams would take Ohio st to the woodshed the bigten is down

  79. jimmy5634

    jimmy5634Bulan Yang lalu

    Scott Brooks your full of it pal. Ohio State has a way better defense than Oklahoma and the offense is just as good. You’ll soon see.

  80. Tony Patrick

    Tony PatrickBulan Yang lalu

    Only Alabama has recruited more athletes than Ohio State the last 10 years. Difference between the 2 this year is Alabama's defense is young like the Buckeyes were last year. Oklahoma and LSU don't play defense. Buckeyes are the most balanced team in the country.

  81. Action

    ActionBulan Yang lalu

    We gotta be able to score every drive. We can’t just go up 21-0 and hit a “brick wall” we gotta be able to just put up points every drive. If we do this vs osu then we are gonna get killed!

  82. Theodore Bierbauer

    Theodore Bierbauer28 hari yang lalu

    CAIN all day

  83. Action

    ActionBulan Yang lalu

    This is true

  84. jimmy5634

    jimmy5634Bulan Yang lalu

    Action you may not score 21 against Ohio State.

  85. GotDramaAllergy

    GotDramaAllergyBulan Yang lalu

    I was having flashback of that last second pass over the middle that ruined an Undefeated season.Michigan has quality defense, but LIONS must stop allowing idle possessions..Get in the habit of scoring every possession.All in the mind.I know coach is saving the razzle dazzle.lol.(wink)

  86. Soufflé Samuel

    Soufflé SamuelBulan Yang lalu

    Where did all these OSU fans come from

  87. TRE45ON

    TRE45ON29 hari yang lalu

    @John Ciraldo Xichigan

  88. TRE45ON

    TRE45ON29 hari yang lalu

    We're everywhere. Are your doors locked?

  89. John Ciraldo

    John CiraldoBulan Yang lalu

    Watching Michigan lose never gets old. O-H-I-O

  90. Soufflé Samuel

    Soufflé SamuelBulan Yang lalu

    @jimmy5634 Im not a PSU fan, Im just wondering

  91. jimmy5634

    jimmy5634Bulan Yang lalu

    Soufflé Samuel we’re everywhere and we’ll see you in Columbus soon. Bahahahaha

  92. nawus ayipsunam

    nawus ayipsunamBulan Yang lalu

    Go PSU.

  93. TraceguyRune

    TraceguyRuneBulan Yang lalu

    Penn State is like Nebraska. They show up to play football, and then checkout early...

  94. Rob Russell

    Rob Russell29 hari yang lalu

    That is why Nebraska ,Colorado ,Texas A&M all left the Big 12.

  95. KDia

    KDiaBulan Yang lalu

    Don Brown lost us this game.

  96. Prod. by MiB.

    Prod. by MiB.Bulan Yang lalu

    #1 is the reason we won.

  97. YousifTheGreat

    YousifTheGreatBulan Yang lalu

    Refs and drops are why we lost this game. Certainly wasn't penn state domination.

  98. YousifTheGreat

    YousifTheGreatBulan Yang lalu

    @GPf 5004 nope. Patterson was in just barely. Either way he made a smart play because the refs couldn't call whether he was in or not amd he took advantage of it. Jake Moody was getting tackled on that kickoff return. And psu was also given a touchdown with friermuth's blatant push off on khaleke hudson in the end zone that I was able to spot real time but the refs couldn't for some reason. Also can't forget about the missed late hit on Shea patterson. Anyone who says the refs didn't impact the game a significant amount is either biased or not smart. I will say the drops killed us. The interception dropped the touchdown dropped. First downs dropped. But michigan still deserved to win that game.

  99. jimmy5634

    jimmy5634Bulan Yang lalu

    YousifTheGreat aww shucks...too bad.

  100. GPf 5004

    GPf 5004Bulan Yang lalu

    YousifTheGreat is that right? Penn State has had refs take away 4 touchdowns the past 2 games. Patterson was short on that sneak, but those refs gave him 30 seconds under the pile to move in. Those “holds” on the kick return were a joke. It goes both ways.

  101. C P

    C PBulan Yang lalu

    I think Penn St took their foot off the gas in the second half, when MIch. started to close in they did throw another bomb for their last T.D., but with Michigan defense they probably could have thrown more.

  102. outdoor fun

    outdoor funBulan Yang lalu

    Once again Penn State's defensive backs just about gave the game away. How many miss tackles. 20-30? No basic football discipline. This has been a problem at PSU for many years.

  103. Caleb Sherwood

    Caleb SherwoodBulan Yang lalu

    This is on Don Brown. You can't put your safeties one on one in man coverage against super fast wide receivers like that. His man to man/blitz happy defense is totally fraudulent, and you can't win a game against a good team playing that way

  104. Aaron Culey

    Aaron CuleyBulan Yang lalu

    Actually if they put hill on hamler it would have been a different game cus hill is faster than that kid, it just. Yeah. was a good game, I feel for bell though man...

  105. Jacob Helderman

    Jacob HeldermanBulan Yang lalu

    There were some bad call in that game but I’m not saying it cost Michigan. Bell dropping that touchdown killed

  106. GotDramaAllergy

    GotDramaAllergyBulan Yang lalu

    The Ref blocked his view

  107. nelson bermudez

    nelson bermudezBulan Yang lalu

    Michigan just needs to stop playing in big games cuz under Harbaugh it's an automatic loss

  108. Jackjuke Scott

    Jackjuke ScottBulan Yang lalu

    Michgan Michgan the playoffs again

  109. Teddy Mann

    Teddy MannBulan Yang lalu


  110. Greg Howard

    Greg HowardBulan Yang lalu

    Just look at the stats mich played better but in the end PSU made the plays they had to and got off with 2 missed PIs and a push off but whatever

  111. Richard Keyser

    Richard KeyserBulan Yang lalu

    Stats are for losers. Only stat that really matters is the final score

  112. Eric the Red

    Eric the RedBulan Yang lalu

    Seems like Harbaugh is taking Michigan to another worthless bowl game.

  113. jimmy5634

    jimmy5634Bulan Yang lalu

    Eric the Red excellent. Next year they are going on a trip to Berlin during the off season tho’

  114. michael mars

    michael marsBulan Yang lalu

    Dropped an easy T.D that would of tied this. He must be sick this morning.

  115. Howling Burd19

    Howling Burd19Bulan Yang lalu

    I’m a PSU fan, but still I feel so bad for the guy. Remember, they’re all still *kids*

  116. Nathan Wolfe

    Nathan WolfeBulan Yang lalu

    Wouldnt be so focused on the play if Michigan didn't spot them 21 points

  117. GotDramaAllergy

    GotDramaAllergyBulan Yang lalu

    Ref blocked the passing lane on the poor guy.He had about 6ft view to that laser...I am glad LIONS won,but still was nothing his fault.Did not guarantee a win for his team had he caught it.

  118. StevenW23

    StevenW23Bulan Yang lalu

    michael mars Michigan fans are sick this morning

  119. michael mars

    michael marsBulan Yang lalu

    Coach Harbaugh hasn't gotten a 1st quarter T.D against a ranked team since starting his job at Michigan. Slow start cost them again.

  120. Reginald Eberhart

    Reginald Eberhart21 hari yang lalu

    @Michael Stutelberg right

  121. Michael Stutelberg

    Michael Stutelberg22 hari yang lalu

    michael mars that is a very false statement

  122. Reginald Eberhart

    Reginald Eberhart23 hari yang lalu

    He finally did last night

  123. TDM1975

    TDM1975Bulan Yang lalu

    Just a side note. A few years ago I was walking out of Beaver Stadium next to a group of Michigan fans after a loss and I said I wish the outcome was different, but thank you for coming all this way, you're always welcome here. Real nice folks, they had us over their tailgate for drinks and food and we had a great time together. My point is I think Michigan people are stellar and I do my best to let them know Pennsylvania people are the same. Of course we both want to win, but if your team doesn't it's not the end of the world. Look forward to the next game and see what you can do better, but there's no need for nasty comments here from either side. We're better than that..... From a proud as some people are saying "Penn Snake" fan lol.

  124. Joel Kweder

    Joel Kweder26 hari yang lalu

    Richard Keyser don’t worry man, he’s 16 and has to vent because the browns are a laughing stock.

  125. TDM1975

    TDM197529 hari yang lalu

    @TRE45ON I truly apologize if my post offended you sir. It was never my intent to hurt anyone's feelings. I wish you all the best. Good luck to every team in the big 10!

  126. TRE45ON

    TRE45ON29 hari yang lalu

    Ped St. and Xichigan.

  127. Stocks and Huskies

    Stocks and HuskiesBulan Yang lalu

    Don't get Sanduskied by those Michys

  128. Nehemiah Howard

    Nehemiah HowardBulan Yang lalu

    Lotta boomers in these replies