HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2


  1. Jemescia Sherman

    Jemescia Sherman2 jam yang lalu

    logan should ave won

  2. Shankar Sharma

    Shankar Sharma3 jam yang lalu

    Logan is clear winner

  3. 0 Subs with 0 videos

    0 Subs with 0 videos3 jam yang lalu

    Who else agree’s that round three was a knockdown

  4. Zoeymallorys_ Life

    Zoeymallorys_ Life6 jam yang lalu

    Why when people wrestle they look like there hugging or having you know what

  5. BlazedFlare ?

    BlazedFlare ?8 jam yang lalu

    The commentators for this fight were wack and bias

  6. Rayan Omar

    Rayan Omar6 jam yang lalu

    they were american if u havent noticed

  7. bad at fortnite démongorgon

    bad at fortnite démongorgon8 jam yang lalu


  8. OOF time

    OOF time8 jam yang lalu

    Team logan

  9. Christian Miller

    Christian Miller8 jam yang lalu

    I love seeing Logan’s little rat face getting dropped


    ILETHAL STICKY9 jam yang lalu

    That ring was so small

  11. IKS

    IKS10 jam yang lalu

    i'm so glad Paul didn't win this fight

  12. Midnyte Vega

    Midnyte Vega11 jam yang lalu

    Paul what were you trying to do?

  13. Uncle Eddie Spaghetti

    Uncle Eddie Spaghetti11 jam yang lalu

    Anyone remember how or why this happened in the first place? I left IDreporter for ONE week and come back to see that LOGAN of all people was fighting a boxing match.

  14. Austin Warner music/boxing

    Austin Warner music/boxing12 jam yang lalu

    One point for grabbing behind the head one point for hitting him while he was down the two point deduction was necessary

  15. Anthony Campos

    Anthony CamposJam Yang lalu

    seeriu ciihy ksi won though

  16. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy9 jam yang lalu

    Logan fougth better

  17. Hayden Morena

    Hayden Morena14 jam yang lalu

    How you get beat up by a black British dude

  18. Donda wati

    Donda wati16 jam yang lalu

    KSI VS LOGAN PAUL UFC/MMA pleaseeeeee

  19. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy9 jam yang lalu

    No back in the head

  20. Yoshi TheTrombonist

    Yoshi TheTrombonist17 jam yang lalu

    I’m not a Logan fan, but if he didn’t punch KSI while grabbing him or whatever got him-2 points, he would have won

  21. Icarus oof

    Icarus oof18 jam yang lalu

    1:12 commentator : KSI, knowledge Truth Integrity that's the acronym! me: what

  22. Kevin Gomez

    Kevin Gomez21 jam yang lalu

    thought it was a prank

  23. Max1982

    Max198223 jam yang lalu

    They've been training so long how were they so bad

  24. Anthony Campos

    Anthony CamposJam Yang lalu

    Max1982 adrenaline and their first “pro” fight made them have their technique go out the window

  25. John Thomson

    John ThomsonHari Yang lalu

    I'd love to fight Logan Paul, I'm calling him out right now.

  26. Gabriel Noyan

    Gabriel NoyanHari Yang lalu

    Logangsters 5:45 HE WON SO SHUT UP

  27. the super girl123

    the super girl123Hari Yang lalu

    In the beginning with the affects of Logan it looks like Wwe2k20

  28. Yashfa Amjad

    Yashfa AmjadHari Yang lalu

    Someone tell me what’s the background song in the start 💁🏻‍♀️

  29. Joel Robledo

    Joel RobledoHari Yang lalu

    KSI dominated the ring, controlled the pace of the fight and landed more significant shots in the fight I think Logan would've have won if it was a 12 round fight KSI was running on E

  30. pro slayer

    pro slayerHari Yang lalu

    F*** you KSI😊

  31. Rainbow Cookie

    Rainbow CookieHari Yang lalu

    1:48 awww they hug each other

  32. Harper Newcomb

    Harper NewcombHari Yang lalu


  33. Harper Newcomb

    Harper NewcombHari Yang lalu

    No back in the head

  34. TTVgermanmidget yeet

    TTVgermanmidget yeetHari Yang lalu

    Logan fougth better

  35. meg 600

    meg 600Hari Yang lalu

    Who ever took the thumbnail goes for logan

  36. 2k Geezy!

    2k Geezy!Hari Yang lalu

    Yea those Logan boxing videos had to be fake

  37. EpicGamer No.69

    EpicGamer No.69Hari Yang lalu

    how did ksi win tho i feel like logan was fukin ksi up with his punches more than ksi was with logan

  38. iDeath MaximuM II

    iDeath MaximuM II3 jam yang lalu

    EpicGamer No.69 Logan mainly hugged KSI in this fight

  39. Josiah Castillo

    Josiah CastilloHari Yang lalu

    I love logan paul

  40. gamebrothers game

    gamebrothers gameHari Yang lalu

    Logan you should have not punched him in the back of the head it was split decission and you messed it up by hitting him there

  41. pierce newby

    pierce newbyHari Yang lalu

    If you ask me Logan Paul won with that upper cut

  42. Anthony Campos

    Anthony CamposJam Yang lalu

    pierce newby if you ask ksi’s boxing record, it’s 1-0

  43. Ertay Bakıtoğlu

    Ertay BakıtoğluHari Yang lalu

    KSI deserved it fully. He was better and that's the end of it.

  44. sanjiv yeet

    sanjiv yeetHari Yang lalu

    are we going to acknowledge that they said Knowledge, Truth and Integrity instead of Knowledge, Strength and Integrity SMH

  45. Gangsta Boss

    Gangsta BossHari Yang lalu

    Let’s go hide champ lol

  46. Dragon Warrior

    Dragon WarriorHari Yang lalu

    Logan officially landed more punches than KSI yet still lost. idk lol

  47. Anthony Campos

    Anthony CamposJam Yang lalu

    Dragon Warrior it’s boxing m8, you win by rounds not by punches

  48. sam alexander

    sam alexanderHari Yang lalu

    KSI stands for Knowledge Truth Integrity?? does this man spell it Struth??