HIGHLIGHTS: Benin vs. Guinea- Bissau

  • 29 Jun 2019
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  1. Akinpelu S. Pelumie

    Akinpelu S. PelumieBulan Yang lalu

    Nigeria supporters club in the stadium. Lol

  2. Koffi Afanou

    Koffi AfanouBulan Yang lalu

    Soutiens au benin 🇧🇯

  3. Hai Feng

    Hai FengBulan Yang lalu

    history just made i believe. there is no goal scored for three matches in a single match day

  4. Infamous made IM

    Infamous made IMBulan Yang lalu

    Ghana will destroy guinea Bissau in the final match!! Ghana are notoriously slow starters in tournaments as exemplified by the draw against Benin but they played well against Cameroon today!! They ll peak against guinea Bissau in the last match and will beat them!! Benin played differently against Ghana and when it matters most has choke

  5. John Bondzie

    John BondzieBulan Yang lalu

    @Infamous made IM Are you sure you did understood what I wrote? When I say Ghana played with their back pinned to the wall,when you're going play with a team who has advantage of a win of 3points and you a draw with 1point and your opponent is found of beating you in every competition,is your back not pinned on the wall?Ghana was lucky to get a draw game this time,so you can spew shit from your stinking mouth.Ass-hole!!!!.

  6. Infamous made IM

    Infamous made IMBulan Yang lalu

    John Bondzie U are simply deluded or u are on some hallucinogen drugs!! Next time when u want to watch a match, put on ur GLASSES so that u can see the game clearly!! Ghana player with their back pinned to the wall? What match did u watched Besides the game was well balanced as each team hardly gave space or open up!! It was a tactically, a balanced game and there’s no where ghana was pinned to the wall!! Or are u the type of Cameroonian who loves to abused WORDS ANYHOW? Ghana made the most of their chances just like Cameroon so stop hallucinating!!

  7. John Bondzie

    John BondzieBulan Yang lalu

    Ghana played their back pinned to the wall.Cameroon had nothing to loose.Cameroonians are not the team,anyhow team beats them.Check your records,how many teams when meeting Cameroon in soccer competition are not scared?No matter how Bennin plays,Cameroon would qualify for the next round.The worst for Cameroon is draw,other than that,it's win for Cameroon.Bennin is no team for Cameroon. Ghana plays soccer with the mouth.

  8. Infamous made IM

    Infamous made IMBulan Yang lalu

    John Bondzie So why didn’t cameroon won the game then? Probably u didnt watch the match and hence u free to talk anyhow!! The match was tough and was very compact game!! It was a tactical battle as Ghana didn’t open up just like Cameroon! In other words, they cancelled each other!! The only available, open space to exploit and operate was from the flanks but due to the pitch, ball control was a bit difficult and hence so many misplaced passes!! Before the game I told everyone is going to be a draw game and I was right!! By the way if u are a Cameroon, don’t jubilation yet because BENIN IS A PHYSICAL TEAM LIKE CAMEROON AND CAN SURPRISE THEM

  9. s8bre_101

    s8bre_101Bulan Yang lalu

    Dreadful play by both teams

  10. Nazerth 12 Ambesaw

    Nazerth 12 AmbesawBulan Yang lalu

    African soccer so boring now it not like15 years ago .

  11. Callsign Vortex v2

    Callsign Vortex v2Bulan Yang lalu

    Did you see the Kenya/Tanzania game? Very entertaining.

  12. John Bondzie

    John BondzieBulan Yang lalu

    A team that Ghana couldn't defeat,Guinea Bissau holding them with goaless draw,in this case Guinea Bissau can pull out surprises because Black Stars is not the FEARSOME TEAM like before.

  13. Bruel Wohou

    Bruel WohouBulan Yang lalu

    Infamous made IM You are all over the place defending Ghana. You think Bénin is a small team in these days. Benin played against Algeria during the qualifications and got a red card at about the same time Ghana got its red card, however they still manage to beat Algeria. Don’t underestimate any team. If a team is there, it’s because they are capable of something.

  14. Manny kill

    Manny killBulan Yang lalu

    Ok we shall see on Tuesday

  15. Infamous made IM

    Infamous made IMBulan Yang lalu

    John Bondzie Ghana couldn’t beat Benin and had to settled for a draw because of the red card!! Remember ghana played almost the entire half with10 players and that affected us!! By the way, the way Benin played against guinea Bissau is not the same way they played against Ghana! Ghana and Cameroon ll eventually qualify from this group! Ghana has always been a slow starter in tournaments!

  16. Dreamer K

    Dreamer KBulan Yang lalu

    Ghana still has hope

  17. ADAJ3

    ADAJ3Bulan Yang lalu


  18. Asenega akwasi

    Asenega akwasiBulan Yang lalu

    In that case, Cameron and Ghana qualifies from this group

  19. John Bondzie

    John BondzieBulan Yang lalu

    You should play and beat Guinea Bissau before you talk of IN THIS CASE THEN GHANA AND CAMEROON WOULD QUALIFY. Soccer is not mathematical.

  20. N21

    N21Bulan Yang lalu

    Ghanaian hope continues!

  21. Nature !

    Nature !Bulan Yang lalu

    N21. I see you every were i go what country are you originally from?

  22. James Tetteh

    James TettehBulan Yang lalu

    Ghana needs to step up their game