1. BaleJrSpeed

    BaleJrSpeed2 bulan yang lalu

    Make sure to go and watch the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 Highlights that were posted today ;-) idreporter.net/v/video--Dcc2u7tXzs.html

  2. Melvin Acevedo

    Melvin Acevedo4 hari yang lalu

    That shit is wack lol

  3. Leo Davies

    Leo Davies11 hari yang lalu

    @Joseph Catanzano just be glad floyd didn't ko him early

  4. Joseph Catanzano

    Joseph Catanzano12 hari yang lalu

    fake fight, conor would win either way boxing or ufc... this was floyds 50th win and "retirement" fight.. to bring in biggest star from ufc and boxing world... masssss money for all. shame on them both for fixing a fight. 8:51 conor hits floyd with a real shot that he would be giving all rounds if real fight... floyd gets hurt, tries to act like it was a nut shot, but it wasn't.

  5. Noslo

    NosloBulan Yang lalu

    BaleJrSpeed 😂

  6. Howard Schaaf

    Howard SchaafBulan Yang lalu


  7. Dekatoe20 Vilchis

    Dekatoe20 VilchisJam Yang lalu

    2:35 conor donkie konged him

  8. Mr J Wilson

    Mr J Wilson4 jam yang lalu

    Can we say punch drunk....Mayweather at 40 whipping a**...

  9. Adwaith Ratnakaran

    Adwaith Ratnakaran5 jam yang lalu

    Conor was visibly extremely uncomfortable throughout the fight. He's so used to ufc that even his footwork looked weird in the boxing ring.

  10. Blake

    Blake6 jam yang lalu

    mayweathers a smart mf he literaly just waited for conor to gas out and came in with those hard ass punches. but if it was switched id bet conor would of gave him a nasty kick the gloves also limiting conors power

  11. Andy Ross

    Andy Ross6 jam yang lalu

    I think McGregor wanted to get him on the floor and pound him his way. Respect to him though, don't think Mayweather would have gone 3rds in an octagon!

  12. 100k subs with no content challenge

    100k subs with no content challenge7 jam yang lalu

    Stupid boxing rules

  13. Glenn Gabuni

    Glenn Gabuni8 jam yang lalu

    if you can see mc gregor is more aggressive than floyd but mc gregor lack of air

  14. Mopar pilot

    Mopar pilot10 jam yang lalu

    I'm not really a fan of either one but after the Jersey bullshit, bringing someone's family into the pre fight hype. I was glad to see that final round and some of the shots McGregor took from Mayweather!

  15. NoCapMed

    NoCapMed12 jam yang lalu

    Connor a bitch

  16. Didik Sugiarto

    Didik Sugiarto12 jam yang lalu

    I've been waiting for Match 2 in ring UFC :v

  17. Sav Saad

    Sav Saad12 jam yang lalu

    This is a fucking joke

  18. Trusten Baker

    Trusten Baker12 jam yang lalu

    This wasn't Conor's wheel house. Nothing taking away from Mayweather, nothing at all. But since Conor went that way it would FUCKING ROCK if Mayweather came his way. Fight in the UFC...........OMG could you imagine! FUCKING AWESOME! I don't know who would win, but for sure by the end of it we would know who's either better, or if they stand side by side equal. Cause then we would have a good reference. Right now, we don't.

  19. Karl Khristian Lledo

    Karl Khristian Lledo12 jam yang lalu


  20. son goku

    son goku13 jam yang lalu

    el talento se impone alo que quiere la mayoria :v

  21. All Might

    All Might13 jam yang lalu

    Mayweather wasn’t even trying lol meanwhile he was 40

  22. All Might

    All Might13 jam yang lalu

    Mayweather wasn’t even trying lol meanwhile he is 40

  23. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith14 jam yang lalu

    What a dumbass fight. This would only happen in Russia. The Ref barely let Mayweather touch him, but didn't do anything about McGregor riding him half the time.

  24. king 》《

    king 》《14 jam yang lalu

    Mc greegor le pidio la revancha en su cancha y no la acepto

  25. bob wisely

    bob wisely14 jam yang lalu

    i wanna see mayweather hop in the cage with mcgregor

  26. Brandon Couch

    Brandon Couch14 jam yang lalu

    Floyd was loosing that fight in 10th

  27. DiddyRose

    DiddyRose16 jam yang lalu

    why did this fight even happen and btw if this UFC Floyd wouldn't last two minutes in the octagon with Conor

  28. David Guevara

    David Guevara17 jam yang lalu

    8:52 Mayweather seems to be hurt by that body shot

  29. Millennial Reader

    Millennial Reader17 jam yang lalu

    McGregor is pretty good at boxing wtf

  30. I Be Fishing Tv

    I Be Fishing Tv17 jam yang lalu

    I'm a floyd fan all day and new he would win, but to be honest Conor had a couple good moments. I truly think if he had a good trainer like floyd to teach him some boxing basics and get his stamina up, he would be a pretty good boxer. Just my opinion

  31. WonSlow302

    WonSlow30218 jam yang lalu

    Imagine Mayweather doing the rematch in the octagon 💀 he's not that dumb tho.

  32. Berto Nandez

    Berto Nandez20 jam yang lalu

    Alv esos reflejos ya por oficio ... ya lo hubiera mandado a la lona como 20 veces jajajaj

  33. Pavan Nair

    Pavan Nair21 jam yang lalu

    For conors first ever boxing fight against the greatest of all time and having only 3 months to train, he did very well. He went 10 rounds and actually won a few rounds. Completely underrated performance from conor. Dont know why people keep hating on him saying he did shit, he did better then most fighters did against floyd.

  34. shaik sajid

    shaik sajid21 jam yang lalu

    mike tyson will beat both of them in one match

  35. Stevie Cortelli

    Stevie Cortelli22 jam yang lalu

    Ref during 90% of this fight: "NO no no no no no no... GET OFF HIS NECK"

  36. Fun Games

    Fun Games23 jam yang lalu

    Conor is impressive and did good but you can tell Floyd was making it last. Lets not forget Floyd 40 years old against a 29 year old champ.

  37. V J

    V JHari Yang lalu

    Conor usually finishes the match in 1 round...so 10 round is very tough for him!

  38. Anthony Chavarin

    Anthony ChavarinHari Yang lalu

    Can’t believe this happened lol this was a horrible fight

  39. Sage Syrus

    Sage SyrusHari Yang lalu

    4:15 nice exchange!!!

  40. Mark PLaYS

    Mark PLaYSHari Yang lalu

    Tang inang laban yan 🤣🤣🤣 May filipino ba dito like nyo naman to Kung napangitan kayu🤣🤣🤣👇

  41. Makvlogs

    MakvlogsHari Yang lalu

    Floyd’s advantage is so good he just gets his opponents tired then strike smart ass man

  42. অরিত্র কর্মকার

    অরিত্র কর্মকারHari Yang lalu

    Manny Pacquiao all KOs idreporter.net/v/video-gq9ZDvUBqYM.html

  43. Drew Hale

    Drew HaleHari Yang lalu

    I miss the hype for this fight it was insane

  44. alvaRADo E_A_2

    alvaRADo E_A_2Hari Yang lalu

    They should do it again but mma

  45. Pavan Nair

    Pavan Nair21 jam yang lalu

    No point. Conor would kill him in mma

  46. Fernando Barrera

    Fernando BarreraHari Yang lalu

    He Isn't a 12 round boxer 6 rounds would be great

  47. Slowburn Tv

    Slowburn TvHari Yang lalu

    The clown who made this clearly a Connor fan did Floyd not throw punches?

  48. Kishan patel

    Kishan patelHari Yang lalu

    Of course he won, put them in the octagon then let’s talk

  49. Pavan Nair

    Pavan Nair21 jam yang lalu

    RIP floyd

  50. JM P

    JM PHari Yang lalu

    That hilarious as fuck. Mayweather's career is a hoax 😂😂😂🤣 that game fixed. Like Mayweather Pacquiao.

  51. jonald Gabuya

    jonald GabuyaHari Yang lalu

    Next fight manny😁

  52. InvisibleTrick

    InvisibleTrickHari Yang lalu

    Probably he can defeat Floyd! But this point he cant! Like if you agree

  53. BikeRidinManiac

    BikeRidinManiacHari Yang lalu

    notice at the start it never said this is for the feather weight or whatever championship of the world it was nothing but a show and that's it

  54. ghost nigga

    ghost niggaHari Yang lalu

    He can't fight him for the title he not in that sport there are rules

  55. ConnorHazzy201

    ConnorHazzy201Hari Yang lalu

    You can just tell he is a UFC fighter

  56. Shahlazar Tube

    Shahlazar TubeHari Yang lalu

    Mcgregor = chicken

  57. Mayhem

    MayhemHari Yang lalu


  58. Jhoan Gonzalez

    Jhoan GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    Buen Teatro...

  59. Onescán Punzadas

    Onescán PunzadasHari Yang lalu

    La virgen que de ostias

  60. カイジ佐藤

    カイジ佐藤Hari Yang lalu

    流石にボクシングではメイウェザー 自分の土俵ならマクレガー全然勝ったな。

  61. Ivan Anonym

    Ivan AnonymHari Yang lalu


  62. F8_xander

    F8_xanderHari Yang lalu

    Mccregor is better

  63. justin kohsman

    justin kohsmanHari Yang lalu

    I'm sure this had to be one of the toughest fight for money

  64. Joey J

    Joey JHari Yang lalu

    I ain't a fan of one or the other, I expected Conner to do well and for Mayweather to win. If this was in the octagon then I would expect it to defanitly be the other way around. That's just my opinion.

  65. madnotbad44

    madnotbad44Hari Yang lalu

    Holy crap he hit him that hard at 8:04 his bloody ears flapped 😂😂😂

  66. Flexgado24

    Flexgado24Hari Yang lalu

    Floyd was holding back in the early rounds

  67. Fresh 420

    Fresh 420Hari Yang lalu

    8:38 wtf 😂💀

  68. Top Lane Günlükleri

    Top Lane GünlükleriHari Yang lalu

    3:06 xD