1. Tuyen Le

    Tuyen Le4 hari yang lalu

    Is it just me or in the whole entire video, I thought Melanie’s school probably doesn’t have a dress code?

  2. Ewa Sierżęga

    Ewa Sierżęga11 hari yang lalu

    Love your style

  3. Jenna Seraphina

    Jenna Seraphina15 hari yang lalu

    I didn’t think I needed this vid until I saw it

  4. Marissa Renee

    Marissa Renee22 hari yang lalu

    u must not have a dress code

  5. Oblizxvte

    Oblizxvte26 hari yang lalu

    Girl what kind of water you be drinking

  6. Typical_ Terri

    Typical_ Terri26 hari yang lalu

    Loved this video your outifts are so cutee! new subscriber here!

  7. Lari S

    Lari S27 hari yang lalu

    Anyone just watching melanie waiting for 2020

  8. Kaylin Larson

    Kaylin Larson28 hari yang lalu

    You have a weird high school lol no hate

  9. Uniform World

    Uniform World28 hari yang lalu

    she has a awesome style

  10. honey pie

    honey pie29 hari yang lalu

    my favorite outfits were tuesday and friday! so cute how are tou perfect 💘❗️

  11. Gloria Wang

    Gloria WangBulan Yang lalu

    could you do a hairstyle and hair care video?

  12. Bailey Donovan06

    Bailey Donovan06Bulan Yang lalu

    I wear leggings everyday I-

  13. Abigail

    AbigailBulan Yang lalu

    PLEASE tell me how you find jeans that fit your waist because I cannot 😂

  14. Sophia Manzano

    Sophia ManzanoBulan Yang lalu

    You should make a makeup routine video! Or a makeup collection video!

  15. oh well

    oh wellBulan Yang lalu

    i luv ur style

  16. Tessa Anderson

    Tessa AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    i would love to see a tutorial on how you edit your videos!! i love your aesthetic and style and your lighting is ALWAYS on point!!!!

  17. K&T TV

    K&T TVBulan Yang lalu

    What filter do you use for your video?? ☺️💓

  18. crystxlyn

    crystxlynBulan Yang lalu

    style outfits for a week using only sports brands/ athleisure

  19. Poppy White

    Poppy WhiteBulan Yang lalu

    what model of jeans are the first ones? i know they are from boohoo but I want to know the type exactly, I love them!

  20. Margaret Fairweather

    Margaret FairweatherBulan Yang lalu

    I love how she said “sometimes I like converse sometimes I don’t “and then wear his Converse like literally the whole week what a mood

  21. Jenny Joy Ventura

    Jenny Joy VenturaBulan Yang lalu

    Winter outfit please

  22. laura k

    laura kBulan Yang lalu

    ugh those abs 🤩🥴

  23. Raina Poole

    Raina PooleBulan Yang lalu

    Where i live it’s freezing so i couldn’t wear any of these outfits

  24. whatsemilydoing

    whatsemilydoingBulan Yang lalu

    hi hi just subscribed and would love to support anyone that follows me!

  25. Zaida Le

    Zaida LeBulan Yang lalu

    video on how you style sweats??

  26. Monna Wei

    Monna WeiBulan Yang lalu

    why do you have no school Tuesdays and Thursdays?

  27. Kaitlyn Chartrand

    Kaitlyn ChartrandBulan Yang lalu

    I love all these outfits! Ps. Small IDreporterr here!

  28. Vivian Gonzalez

    Vivian GonzalezBulan Yang lalu

    I really liked how she told us where everything she was wearing was from

  29. Kaye Lawton

    Kaye LawtonBulan Yang lalu

    I need wednesdays jacket

  30. Kathy Tam

    Kathy TamBulan Yang lalu

    Who else thought the logo on the converse was on the outside of the shoe, so they went and searched it up🤣

  31. Emilee VanVoorhis

    Emilee VanVoorhisBulan Yang lalu

    image not wearing sweatpants to school everyday. lmao

  32. Ella Garcia

    Ella GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    Where do you get your ripped jeans???

  33. I don't like onions

    I don't like onionsBulan Yang lalu

    Its so cold here I need to wear like 3 layers of clothing to stay worm so this is not gonna work

  34. Ecks Dee

    Ecks DeeBulan Yang lalu

    i have no clothes lol

  35. Reeca Garcia

    Reeca GarciaBulan Yang lalu


  36. Lilian Tran

    Lilian TranBulan Yang lalu

    OMMGGG YOURE PERFECT!!! Do you have a workout routine?if you do PLEASEEE SHARER

  37. audrey marie

    audrey marieBulan Yang lalu

    i see you on pinterest all the time! i love your outfits! saved a lot to my boards

  38. paige

    paigeBulan Yang lalu

    can i just ask what camera she usessss??

  39. Nejla Hasinovic

    Nejla HasinovicBulan Yang lalu

    well if u wear leggings in germany ur a slut🥳🤠

  40. fitz roblox

    fitz robloxBulan Yang lalu

    she called me fat in 146 languages

  41. gui Alienhuang

    gui AlienhuangBulan Yang lalu

    can u make a "vsco fall/winter outfits" video?

  42. isabellaedits;

    isabellaedits;Bulan Yang lalu

    is the belt @ 8:13 still on brandy?

  43. Audrey Banske

    Audrey BanskeBulan Yang lalu

    I LOVE THESE!! Give me so much inspiration for new outfits

  44. Nadia Leberio

    Nadia LeberioBulan Yang lalu

    this video told me I need more clothes

  45. Emily Hallman

    Emily HallmanBulan Yang lalu

    what version of the tiffany necklace do you have (size and chain length?) ty ly

  46. Caitlin Paige

    Caitlin PaigeBulan Yang lalu

    How do u make your self dress nice for school every day. I can barely wear jeans once a week

  47. ItsJayme

    ItsJaymeBulan Yang lalu

    can you do a winter outfit of the week, styling bigger jackets or layering?!

  48. Kaylee Davis

    Kaylee DavisBulan Yang lalu

    Melanie you mention tik tok a lot in your videos what is your tik tok?❤

  49. LittleMissHailey

    LittleMissHaileyBulan Yang lalu

    3rd outfit is my fave ❤️

  50. June주니

    June주니Bulan Yang lalu

    Imagine having Melanie’s closet... can’t relate

  51. Morgan Morey

    Morgan MoreyBulan Yang lalu

    imagine looking good in mom jeans and having cute outfits to wear

  52. paige miller

    paige millerBulan Yang lalu

    lmao whenever you wear a black shirt and black shoes you’re like “iTs gRuNgy aNd eDgy” like no its not..

  53. F A

    F ABulan Yang lalu

    paige miller it’s not that deep tho

  54. vicsic vlogs

    vicsic vlogsBulan Yang lalu

    drop ur workout routine plsss!

  55. Leni

    LeniBulan Yang lalu

    im going to the maledives soon and were also swimming with "these" sharks and im so excited

  56. Lexandria

    LexandriaBulan Yang lalu

    My favorite one was the one with the pinkish skirt! I think it was the Tuesday outfit it was very pretty~ 💗

  57. Swirly Crafts

    Swirly CraftsBulan Yang lalu

    ok does anyone else struggle to style sweatpants?? like I dont just wanna wear a hoodie w them.. so since ur a fashion expert, could u make a video on that? Thank uuuu!!!

  58. Swirly Crafts

    Swirly CraftsHari Yang lalu

    @Jeanette Liu thank you!! ya other people have told me that too ;)

  59. Jeanette Liu

    Jeanette LiuHari Yang lalu

    Swirly Crafts cropped tee or tight tanks

  60. ang

    angBulan Yang lalu

    okay but we NEED a workout routine

  61. emily keilah sully

    emily keilah sullyBulan Yang lalu

    definitely friday !!💗

  62. Coco Fachion

    Coco FachionBulan Yang lalu

    You Beautiful. N(2)👌👌👌👌👌👌

  63. Rachel Zhou

    Rachel ZhouBulan Yang lalu

    I’ve been waiting for one of these outfit videos❤️💓