High Kill Solo Squads Gameplay Full Game (Fortnite Chapter 2 Ps4 Controller)


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    @2:07 how did he go from 15 health to full without heal ?

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    Anyone noticed how the life bar automatically filled at 14:46? How is that possible?

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    Legendary aim


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    Do u play claw?

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    10:44 the boat moves before it turns on.... Wow... Thats what imagination means....

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    That one dude at 5:30 was cranking 90’s as hard as he could just to get shot in the back lmao

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    what do you play on?

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    All the songs he used in the video: idreporter.net/v/video-IpZ9meGRq_4.html

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    Bro your cracked I hope you do you setting new vid

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    Kingjoe is in my school his real name is gibbens

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    Ps4 FBS 150 ?

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    amyzing playing

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    Pls settings vid

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    Pls Settings vid

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    Why are the slurp barrels white?

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    Those are some very cartoony AR bullets.

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    I noticed the title, PS4 controller

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    Lowk I unsubbed bc ur vids r 2 long, if u edit them down to only the parts where you get kills the vids would b like 10 or 11 mins, I would sub back if u did that.

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    We found a xim player :)

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    The kill in 14:43 was amazing

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    Drop a updated settings video

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    wtf 3:55

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    What are your Settings? :) Legacy or Linear?

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    He is using legacy you could tell when he aims in it is different

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    First 6 kills damn

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    hey wath is you graphics in fortnite I love the slurpy color

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    Can udo a settings video plzzzzzz

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    and king joe can you pleas show me your settings on your other vedio because i have been playing on your settings since season 9 so i got used to it pleas

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    nice one but the kill in 14:43 was so amazing litrelly

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