Here's Why Ronaldo is the Greatest Real Madrid Player Ever!


  1. ZeroFeather77

    ZeroFeather7711 jam yang lalu

    He has won 5 ballon d'ors dude!!!

  2. Supiah Hakiki

    Supiah HakikiHari Yang lalu

    bang dododod wuuuuuuu

  3. Husain Kazmi

    Husain KazmiHari Yang lalu

    Messi is god

  4. Morpher Paulner

    Morpher Paulner2 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldo is too full of himself. He is an awesome player but he will always remain in Messis' shadow. :D Come at me.

  5. Régis Souza

    Régis Souza5 hari yang lalu

    O maior de todos os tempos. O mais decisivo...

  6. Kholid Rojo

    Kholid Rojo5 hari yang lalu

    Krn Ronaldo pekerja keras.. Membakar semangat timnya.. Beda dengan Messi.. MESSI diluar kandang seakan gak punya semangat. Hingga dibantai Liverpool..

  7. Heru Trembes

    Heru Trembes5 hari yang lalu

    2019 Like

  8. Blal Alshame

    Blal Alshame6 hari yang lalu

    افضل واحد في العالم

  9. Robinson Quintero

    Robinson Quintero6 hari yang lalu

    Algun día se dirá que la mejor época del fútbol fue con CR7 y Messi

  10. muhamad nuhin

    muhamad nuhin7 hari yang lalu

    Amazing c. Ronaldo

  11. Subhajit Narjnary

    Subhajit Narjnary7 hari yang lalu

    Cr7 is the best player in the world siiiiiiiiiiii

  12. pamela lisset garcia legua

    pamela lisset garcia legua9 hari yang lalu

    Eres lo maximo cristiano. No hay otro jugador que muestre esa gracia por el futbol, da gusto verte jugar.

  13. luis ruiz

    luis ruiz10 hari yang lalu

    el mejor de la historia

  14. Protus Katimi

    Protus Katimi10 hari yang lalu

    I am a proud Cristiano Ronaldo fan.

  15. Thomas TV

    Thomas TV11 hari yang lalu

    we are so blessed that we get to see 2 amazing players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi !!!

  16. ferdinan

    ferdinan11 hari yang lalu

    El maestro ..CR7

  17. Jackson Cardenas

    Jackson Cardenas11 hari yang lalu

    es historia

  18. Марк Данилов

    Марк Данилов11 hari yang lalu

    good player.

  19. Betty Pekis

    Betty Pekis12 hari yang lalu

    Cristiano...el mejor jugador del mundo! Messi, es un pecho frío!

  20. nelson carreiro

    nelson carreiro12 hari yang lalu

    CR7 is GOAT>>but Messi is smart >> Messi understands and invests in Bitcoin>>CR7 does not. I pick Messi because hes a real visionary. CR7 is the best soccer player. But Messi is my fav now hahah>> Go DigiByte and Bitcoin ! Go smart Messi !! u can now buy Benfica tickets with DigiByte and Bitcoin thanks to UTRUST in Portugal ;) Messi is smart indeed ;)

  21. Martin Valladares

    Martin Valladares12 hari yang lalu

    Cristiano Ronaldo el #1 del mundo fan De Mexico

  22. Parfait Dieudonné Mouanda Mouanda

    Parfait Dieudonné Mouanda Mouanda12 hari yang lalu

    Beaux gosse Ronaldo

  23. Teresa Vallejo

    Teresa Vallejo13 hari yang lalu


  24. CR7 CR7

    CR7 CR714 hari yang lalu

    Nice informative video

  25. Adelia Aura

    Adelia Aura15 hari yang lalu

    I"M ," still Ronaldo I"M"' still Portugal I"M still watch him I"M still love him Who still love him????????

  26. Jesus Perez

    Jesus Perez13 hari yang lalu

    Give me your pussy

  27. ALL SPORTs

    ALL SPORTs15 hari yang lalu

    hello how are you?

  28. I have a dream an a Indian Martin Luther king

    I have a dream an a Indian Martin Luther king16 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldo forever 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. L3gend

    L3gend18 hari yang lalu

    Messi is better

  30. Jofrey Isack

    Jofrey Isack18 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldoooo maestroo!!!#cr7#this name will ever live in the world family football,

  31. RMS Kunwar

    RMS Kunwar20 hari yang lalu

    Cr7 💕 love from nepal

  32. Naseema P K

    Naseema P K20 hari yang lalu

    Difference between Ronaldo and Messi is Ronaldo-scores most of his goals by tapping in free but Messi is scoring by doing all the work for himself and also giving super assists 👍👍👍😍😍😘😘

  33. C Barber

    C Barber21 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldo is the best 😍

  34. Dimitris Salepis

    Dimitris Salepis22 hari yang lalu

    Perez committed a crime by letting Cristiano go! As simple as that ! You just dont let the GOAT go. Now as for the CR7 and Messi comparison ..... YES Messi is more gracefull and has more finesse in his game than Cristiano and is also as effective as CR7 BUT ..... Messi is a choker, CR7 is a leader..... Messi has never been tested outside of LaLiga and Barca, Cristiano has proven himself in Premier League, LaLiga and Serie A..... CR7 by himself has led the weak talented Portugal National team to glory , Messi failed with the very talented National team of Argentina. YES Messi is magic i agree. I love to watch him play BUT if you want magic go see Harry Potter...... if you want leadership, hard work, results and overall success and effectiveness .....there is only one GOAT! Cristiano Ronaldo! Undisputed!

  35. filmsbylydia

    filmsbylydia20 hari yang lalu

    the portugal team will be a lot stronger this time round and tbh its what ronaldo deserves, they're going to be absolutely deadly

  36. Lucas Dias de Oliveira

    Lucas Dias de Oliveira25 hari yang lalu

    O único Crack que fez do futebol ser tornar uma diversão, deu uma nova visão de jogar bola...CR7 OH MAIOR

  37. Op Po

    Op Po25 hari yang lalu

    The best💪👊

  38. Xx_HelloKitty42069_xX

    Xx_HelloKitty42069_xX26 hari yang lalu

    No there’s Christiano Ronaldo jr

  39. Adrian Maulana

    Adrian Maulana28 hari yang lalu



    MOHD KILANIBulan Yang lalu

    I hope one day he comes back as a manger

  41. Avernel Bruce

    Avernel BruceBulan Yang lalu

    When you dream look cr7 did it go come true he a Prince of football

  42. João Souza

    João SouzaBulan Yang lalu

    The best of the... WORLD

  43. ah999_soma

    ah999_somaBulan Yang lalu

    cr7 the BEST 💕

  44. Matias Medina

    Matias MedinaBulan Yang lalu

    messi goat

  45. ضايع طريقي

    ضايع طريقيBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo was past play against juventus and together play now Ronaldo you're nicely.!!

  46. JJartemio

    JJartemioBulan Yang lalu

    Es el mejor

  47. John Solomon

    John SolomonBulan Yang lalu

    He's d 👑

  48. Nicholas Afedzi

    Nicholas AfedziBulan Yang lalu

    He is a Total Complete Player

  49. Tryan Agustiano

    Tryan AgustianoBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing king cr7

  50. Gwynbleidd of Rivia

    Gwynbleidd of RiviaBulan Yang lalu

    Thank God, you let me live me in his era, CR7 era

  51. Sapka Surya prakash

    Sapka Surya prakashBulan Yang lalu

    I think he is the best footballer in the world.I really say*iam dieheart fan*

  52. Alan Ridgway

    Alan RidgwayBulan Yang lalu

    De todos los tiempos po favor! GOAT

  53. Bayu Agustian

    Bayu AgustianBulan Yang lalu

    Terbesar? Bukan, Terbaik cuy!

  54. Dracula gamer dz

    Dracula gamer dzBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck you messi / Ronaldo is the best best

  55. Dracula gamer dz

    Dracula gamer dzBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck you messi / Ronaldo is the best best

  56. Karesz aki Kris

    Karesz aki KrisBulan Yang lalu

    Ferenc Puskas

  57. Bad Guy

    Bad GuyBulan Yang lalu


  58. Shahrul Niza

    Shahrul NizaBulan Yang lalu

    as a barca fan , ronaldo is the greatest real's player no one can replace him

  59. Devi Kurnia Ningsih

    Devi Kurnia NingsihBulan Yang lalu

    Cristian ronaldo ... Saya dri indonesia yg fens bnget sma cristian ronaldo

  60. Gergő Ficzere

    Gergő FiczereBulan Yang lalu

    Puskás is the best Real Madrid player

  61. Gamerdude 54

    Gamerdude 54Bulan Yang lalu


  62. Fabiana Tiexeira

    Fabiana TiexeiraBulan Yang lalu