Henri Herbert - Summertime Boogie


  1. robertparkerpiano

    robertparkerpianoJam Yang lalu

    I love this version. I can't wait for you to set my little piano on fire again soon.

  2. outcastcwd

    outcastcwd2 hari yang lalu

    His left hand is RELENTLESS

  3. Иван Иванов

    Иван Иванов4 hari yang lalu

    Super profitable!

  4. Abragini84

    Abragini846 hari yang lalu

    What a boss....

  5. Simon Cohen

    Simon Cohen8 hari yang lalu

    This rendition of Summertime, by possessed genius, is insane. Can't stop watching Henri.

  6. E O

    E O15 hari yang lalu

    It must be Summertime ‘cause I’m sweating after that performance! Whew!

  7. Enduro for ever

    Enduro for ever17 hari yang lalu


  8. bluenetmarketing

    bluenetmarketing19 hari yang lalu

    Pleasantly lost in space between the A and G keys. The left hand is the orchestra, the right hand is the soloist, and they are great together.

  9. Nick Diggory

    Nick Diggory22 hari yang lalu

    I’m sweating just watching this!! Unbelievable. What a talent.

  10. Henri Herbert

    Henri Herbert23 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for all the positive comments and encouragement! I am performing a solo piano concert at The Rockwood Music Hall in New York on November 25, tickets here www.eventbrite.com/e/henri-herbert-tickets-69201528635

  11. Laughed A

    Laughed A24 hari yang lalu

    He’s sweating hard, but he did amazing and I don’t blame him for sweating.

  12. Konstantin Bortnovsky

    Konstantin Bortnovsky24 hari yang lalu

    Summertime track was on cd?

  13. N. Ann Jackson

    N. Ann Jackson29 hari yang lalu

    Best of the Best 🎶🎹🎵🎼🎤🎶 Henri ..Pilamayaye ..

  14. pennise

    pennise29 hari yang lalu

    His abilities and talent are just off the scale. I am surprised that a fire suppression system is not required for the pianos that he plays. Another great performance. Come to Seattle or Vancouver, B.C. soon.

  15. Александр Александр

    Александр АлександрBulan Yang lalu

    Профи, Henri обожаю , пианист номер 1, браво !

  16. Squashy

    SquashyBulan Yang lalu

    Reminds me of the scene from Pretty Women.

  17. Jiyu Shugi

    Jiyu ShugiBulan Yang lalu

    Outstanding!! But does he know where middle C is?

  18. Agie 170HSS

    Agie 170HSSBulan Yang lalu

    Mind-blowingly stunning. How the heck is that even possible..... wow!!

  19. Graynie Langkay

    Graynie LangkayBulan Yang lalu

    Wow 👏

  20. Andrei MSATB

    Andrei MSATBBulan Yang lalu

    I love this guy so much!!!

  21. P Vella

    P VellaBulan Yang lalu

    That bass line, WOW One of the very finest performances ⭐️

  22. Dimitar Dobrev

    Dimitar DobrevBulan Yang lalu

    This is amazing

  23. Arfur Fuxxakes

    Arfur FuxxakesBulan Yang lalu

    It must take hours of practice to get that good. ;)


    DUDE DUDE23 hari yang lalu

    More like decades

  25. Keirnon Grainger

    Keirnon GraingerBulan Yang lalu


  26. Keirnon Grainger

    Keirnon GraingerBulan Yang lalu


  27. antell markus

    antell markusBulan Yang lalu

    As always great work Herique Herber't , sry drunk again for no reason

  28. Lily Hughes

    Lily HughesBulan Yang lalu

    his beat diferrenshall is almost imposible

  29. Lily Hughes

    Lily HughesBulan Yang lalu

    this man is amazing,

  30. thesteaktc

    thesteaktcBulan Yang lalu

    Yes really amazing.

  31. Jerry Horn

    Jerry HornBulan Yang lalu

    WOW! Excellent, terrific, fantastic and also very good. There are no words. Where do you keep your ice packs?

  32. Ernie Fay

    Ernie FayBulan Yang lalu


  33. Jef Simpson

    Jef SimpsonBulan Yang lalu

    Oh Henry, there you go being awesome again. Many thanks.

  34. Cory Fout

    Cory FoutBulan Yang lalu

    I hope that piano was 18 years old henry!

  35. In His Image

    In His ImageBulan Yang lalu

    I can’t get enough of watching this. You are extremely talented.

  36. Tomáš Jedno

    Tomáš JednoBulan Yang lalu

    Bravo 😉

  37. Donald Banks

    Donald BanksBulan Yang lalu


  38. spu3

    spu3Bulan Yang lalu

    After years and years of practice and at least three hours a day, I still cant rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time.

  39. pennise

    pennise29 hari yang lalu

    Keep practicing and one day, several years from now, you will have a breakthrough. For now, I suggest that you just practice the stomach rubbing and ever so slowly add in an occasional gentle pat on the head.

  40. Ok Can'tbelieveit

    Ok Can'tbelieveitBulan Yang lalu

    spu3 . Same here. My coordination is crap. 😳

  41. Hansel D'silva

    Hansel D'silvaBulan Yang lalu

    I can whistle like a bird

  42. Edo Mika

    Edo MikaBulan Yang lalu

    Very Cool

  43. Karlis Blums

    Karlis BlumsBulan Yang lalu

    Awsome! :)

  44. Yvonne H.

    Yvonne H.Bulan Yang lalu

    When I begin my keyboard playing I also will play this boogy :)

  45. Gravedodger

    GravedodgerBulan Yang lalu

    You see folks, it's all about levels and Henri's level is truly something else … man, that bass line … it's like a shark that won't let go … utterly fantastic!

  46. TheTurulhawk

    TheTurulhawk29 hari yang lalu

    Good way to describe that bass line! Not technically difficult, since it's the same pattern over and over, but yeah, relentless! Like doing a Hanon exercise for four and a half minutes straight. My hand cramps up just thinking about it.

  47. Gravedodger

    GravedodgerBulan Yang lalu

    @In His Image That I don't know but I do know that there's no one currently that plays in a way that entertains and inspires me to play boogie more than Henri ... not even close! It's more than just the playing, it's how he puts the pieces together, the feel, the drama and the humour, in a league of his own.

  48. In His Image

    In His ImageBulan Yang lalu

    Is there anyone better than this guy?

  49. MyJon64

    MyJon64Bulan Yang lalu

    I'm always hopping I'll catch him at a Piano in a London Station.

  50. Ludovico Papavassiliou

    Ludovico PapavassiliouBulan Yang lalu

    Please upload on Spotify!

  51. klaas klapsigaar

    klaas klapsigaarBulan Yang lalu

    Me: comes home soaked on a rainy day in oktober. IDreporter: Summertime boogie?! Me: ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)

  52. Peter Brookes-Smith

    Peter Brookes-SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Astonishing!!! Thank you!

  53. Valentin Goldea

    Valentin GoldeaBulan Yang lalu


  54. Matty England

    Matty EnglandBulan Yang lalu

    Insanity.... Love it! 👍👍👍

  55. Doc Lee

    Doc LeeBulan Yang lalu

    As a scientist and biologist, I think I can confirm that Henri has TWO brains, one for the left hand and one for the right hand. That was AMAZING!

  56. Doc Lee

    Doc Lee8 hari yang lalu

    Simon Cohen PS., IF that was an error, a third would not be a 50% statistic, one option short would have been 33.33% short. So if you want to correct hyperbole, at least get the mathematics correct first.

  57. Doc Lee

    Doc Lee8 hari yang lalu

    Simon Cohen I am well aware of the corpus callosum, this was not to be a medical lesson, but a hyperbolic comment on IDreporter.

  58. Simon Cohen

    Simon Cohen8 hari yang lalu

    As a scientist and biologist, you just made an error of being 50% short: there is a 3rd brain to coordinate the left and the right.

  59. Raymond Stewart

    Raymond Stewart28 hari yang lalu

    @Doc Lee Agree. Brilliant and doesn't bash the keys like some do.

  60. Doc Lee

    Doc Lee28 hari yang lalu

    Raymond Stewart LOL. He’s amazing. By far one of the best piano players I’ve ever heard. I just love watching him okay!

  61. Моряк Попай

    Моряк ПопайBulan Yang lalu


  62. judy cross

    judy crossBulan Yang lalu

    Incredible!!!!! Thank you for sharing. 💝

  63. Cami

    CamiBulan Yang lalu

    Wow! that was great, amazing playing. Thank you.

  64. karim hassani

    karim hassaniBulan Yang lalu

    what the HELL !!

  65. Lucatas Cecconi

    Lucatas CecconiBulan Yang lalu

    You're breathtaking

  66. Bruno M - Lifetap Piano

    Bruno M - Lifetap PianoBulan Yang lalu

    Awesome sauce! 💪

  67. thierry laniel

    thierry lanielBulan Yang lalu

    Fabuleux 👍👍👍

  68. Alan Van Schotanus

    Alan Van SchotanusBulan Yang lalu

    Fantastic Henry!!

  69. isak marken

    isak markenBulan Yang lalu


  70. Io1564

    Io1564Bulan Yang lalu

    Fucking hell, Henri! Summertime - just sublime!

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    Caglar BASARANBulan Yang lalu


  72. MrDeanWin

    MrDeanWinBulan Yang lalu

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