Hellas Verona 0-1 Milan | Piątek Scores the Winner as Milan Beat 10-man Verona | Serie A


  1. Leszczyq

    Leszczyq21 hari yang lalu

    karny za lewym

  2. Akshay Sharma

    Akshay Sharma27 hari yang lalu

    if they keep play like this there would be no suprise if milan will relegate in next 4 year

  3. Andriya Pradipta Karim

    Andriya Pradipta Karim28 hari yang lalu

    4 - 3 - 3 Donnarumma Conti - Musacchio - Romagnoli - Rodriguez Suso - Kessie - Bonaventura Leao - Piatek - Rebic

  4. Kinieq q

    Kinieq q28 hari yang lalu

    Piątek shoot first goal like Lewandowski he teach him

  5. I Hate FC Barcelona

    I Hate FC Barcelona28 hari yang lalu

    Terrible performance

  6. Rizki Kusuma

    Rizki Kusuma29 hari yang lalu

    Respect me to referee, he take a crucial decision of this match, he was not take quickly decision when this match away so hard

  7. vduigdtgf ffhhjufd

    vduigdtgf ffhhjufd29 hari yang lalu

    Racist league, I hope the league keeps declining 😒

  8. Fuu Sama

    Fuu Sama29 hari yang lalu

    yeah, this is not milan.


    Majdi ABDELMOULA29 hari yang lalu

    Verona with 10 players play better that milan with 11

  10. Richard Crook

    Richard Crook29 hari yang lalu

    3 games in and I want gattuso back marco Giancarlo signs players to fit his system then ditches it after 1 game hate 2 say it but inter will smash us this weekend we should just get a class manager no more midtable managers from midtable clubs and no more primavera managers we need to aim high and once we get a class manager class players follow

  11. Chairul forlem

    Chairul forlemBulan Yang lalu

    Mantap 😁👍🙏🙏

  12. Mr Harris

    Mr HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Not that great by Milan, need to improve

  13. Adekoya Femi

    Adekoya FemiBulan Yang lalu

    Milan needs to improve......tough teams are still ahead of us.....playing lower teams like this, how will we handle teams like Inter, Juve & Roma. Anyways, I'm elated for secured 3 points. Forza Milan 💪

  14. Al Chesar

    Al ChesarBulan Yang lalu

    Ancelotti please go to ac.milan

  15. Acm Ramon

    Acm RamonBulan Yang lalu

    forza Milan , but not like this

  16. Futbol Yamaları

    Futbol YamalarıBulan Yang lalu

    Piatek 👏👏👏

  17. Purple Maniac

    Purple ManiacBulan Yang lalu

    Milan Quo Vadis..... ?

  18. Senol Agayev

    Senol AgayevBulan Yang lalu

    Hakan Calhanoglu

  19. Axmad Aadan

    Axmad AadanBulan Yang lalu

    Milan always you will be achild

  20. Don John Gotti

    Don John GottiBulan Yang lalu

    I miss old great Milan

  21. Sahir Man

    Sahir ManBulan Yang lalu

    Alegri comback

  22. Hendi Agus Suharja

    Hendi Agus SuharjaBulan Yang lalu

    Milan hasn't future if always play like this! Giampaolo 🔁 Allegri.....

  23. Danny Esse

    Danny EsseBulan Yang lalu

    Colpaccio del Milan al Bentegodi

  24. Samsul Rizal

    Samsul RizalBulan Yang lalu

    Saya masih meragukan kekuatan milan

  25. 中野航

    中野航Bulan Yang lalu

    This is not fun at all.

  26. Dhon pablo

    Dhon pabloBulan Yang lalu

    Forza milan, mau 1-0, 10-0 yang penting 3 ponit

  27. Diky Zaky Muttaqien Amy

    Diky Zaky Muttaqien AmyBulan Yang lalu

    Piatek joss

  28. FF Onyos

    FF OnyosBulan Yang lalu

    Where bennacer ??!!! Milan have two gol, but the referee said Piatek made a mistake on the opposing goalkeeper. in fact the goalkeeper has not fully held the ball until released ... milam should have brought 3 beautiful goals and 3 points. If you only give the ball to the free standing rebic I'm sure the ball will come in !! just look ambitious without seeing a free friend. it must be changed he must play a team not an individual.

  29. irving rivas

    irving rivasBulan Yang lalu

    El Milán no juega a nada

  30. Canal Marcus Hulk

    Canal Marcus HulkBulan Yang lalu

    The best of the Milan is Paqueta...

  31. Keller Graf

    Keller GrafBulan Yang lalu

    Giampaolo out

  32. Nay Passos

    Nay PassosBulan Yang lalu

    É incrível que como toda vez que o milan joga mal o Giampaolo tenta jogar a responsabilidade para o Paquetá. Falou que Suso joga bem no meio campo e que Çalhanoglu é seu homem de confiança. Falou ainda que gostou da partida e que vai fazer do Paquetá um jogador completo. A cada entrevista ele tenta queimar o Paquetá e acha que está fznd um grande trabalho. Quem reclamou do 4° lugar com o Gattuso que aguente a segunda divisão com o Giampaolo.

  33. Søren Døssing

    Søren DøssingBulan Yang lalu

    How is that not a penalty for Verona in the end? Clearly inside...

  34. велко Велков

    велко ВелковBulan Yang lalu


  35. Luqman Salad

    Luqman SaladBulan Yang lalu

    At 2:40 Rebic was so open, Hakan should've seen him smh

  36. polish king

    polish kingBulan Yang lalu

    This Coach needs to go! He's changes Made Milan play worse then before .Piatek Already said In Polish TV the coach Is Trying To many things without One primary Strategy.

  37. Anggra Dhiwagrandis

    Anggra DhiwagrandisBulan Yang lalu

    Milan floop njing!!!!

  38. Sony Francis

    Sony FrancisBulan Yang lalu

    Milan should buy some quality midfielders

  39. ua big in japan

    ua big in japanBulan Yang lalu


  40. JERRY梦桐

    JERRY梦桐Bulan Yang lalu

    Milan spend a lot of money to by players for training

  41. JERRY梦桐

    JERRY梦桐Bulan Yang lalu


  42. Iwan Keren

    Iwan KerenBulan Yang lalu

    Rebic lebih cocok pakai No.7

  43. Shicu maciek

    Shicu maciekBulan Yang lalu

    pijo pijo xd

  44. mohd kuzairi

    mohd kuzairiBulan Yang lalu

    Piatek just open score account . now he will score every game

  45. steph

    stephBulan Yang lalu

    That kind of match...That is where you see there is still Mafia in Italy! What does the ref get out of it? A free Bunga Bunga?

  46. hari kasbia

    hari kasbiaBulan Yang lalu

    Remember when Milan had : Dida Cafu Stam. Nesta maldini Gattuso pirlo. Seedorf Kaka Sheva crespo

  47. Leno Barros

    Leno BarrosBulan Yang lalu

    Qual o problema do Milan? Dinheiro não é...

  48. Ryan Fitzgerald

    Ryan FitzgeraldBulan Yang lalu

    Is that really a red card? He got the ball. Definitely dangerous play and a yellow, but a send off??

  49. arrumi taiga

    arrumi taigaBulan Yang lalu

    Did milan buy some new players? Where are they?

  50. Willd Gamer 16

    Willd Gamer 16Bulan Yang lalu

    Que robo de Ac Milán.

  51. Wesołekk

    WesołekkBulan Yang lalu

    Piatek is very talented player

  52. Lorenzo

    LorenzoBulan Yang lalu

    Milan feels like Inter 8 years ago with no wining mentality and a lot of problems in the locker room.

  53. Wl cover

    Wl coverBulan Yang lalu


  54. maxFolhaseca Oliveira

    maxFolhaseca OliveiraBulan Yang lalu

    Poxa como o milan ta jogando ruim, jogando igual time pequeno

  55. โซจนทรุด

    โซจนทรุดBulan Yang lalu


  56. Danilo Santos

    Danilo SantosBulan Yang lalu

    Milllllllllaaa Brasil !!

  57. Hùng Nguyễn

    Hùng NguyễnBulan Yang lalu

    Bernarf Arnault please come here and Milan great again!!!!🇮🇹🇫🇷

  58. Terkel Algevind

    Terkel AlgevindBulan Yang lalu

    The new safety rules da kagare... IT Will not be Long before serie a is dead deqd dead. Just like planner by the marxist rulers of the in, EU and Banks. They are literally takimg away our civilisations circus together with bread... Wake up

  59. Wojciech 15 wojtek

    Wojciech 15 wojtekBulan Yang lalu

    Pio pio

  60. 유승훈

    유승훈Bulan Yang lalu

    여전히 못 하는구나