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  1. Binging with Babish

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    So you guys mighta noticed that I renamed this episode "Healthier Versions of Unhealthy Foods" - I wanted to make it clearer that these aren't diet foods or things you should necessarily eat every day, they're lower-calorie, lower-carb, higher-fiber versions of unhealthy foods. They're still very high in fat, so there's a trade-off, but they hopefully give you guys ideas of how to scratch the junk-food-itch when you're trying to eat well!

  2. Liz Lee

    Liz Lee20 jam yang lalu

    @Michael DePew Now logically if you are a snob, there are cheeses that have low carb. But categorically you arent going to use them in most melted cheese dishes or find them at walmart or kroger's. Nothing unhealthy about any food. But if you eat a melted cheese dish over a dish that wont taste as good with stuff that's melted why bother. So you gotta be aware that to taste good you might to limit something that tastes amazing to special occasions where you can prepare it to perfection. Even going out to eat sometimes. If your eating lots of melty cheeses they dont have the same benefit of say hard goat cheese or for that matter tofu and then comparing tofu to eggs. And there still is the issue of saturated fat, and maintaining healthy cholesterol balance. I would rather have a decent cauliflower mac and cheese with fontina and bojack, once a week. then have steamed brocolli dusted with parmesan and nutritional yeast every day. But having knowledge about nutritional makes me plain things out better make the smart move to make the most out of life. Heck there are some days you may need a sweet potato with parmesan sprinkles for some reason, like you wanna train for a marathon or you get lactose intolerant all of a sudden or meet your soulmate and they eat paleo. You have to have all the facts.

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    Babish your a queer

  4. 888chupacabra

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    Unhealthy to me is sugar. I eat high fat foods and am relatively fit. Just cook at home and eat responsible portions and anything is healthy in my opinion. Edit: just realized like 50 people already commented something similar. Hi.

  5. Kissan Jamm

    Kissan Jamm14 hari yang lalu

    Can u make healthy vegetarian foods next?

  6. Darthane

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    As a diabetic, I'm looking mostly at the fried "rice" recipe. Took two stabs at making it, and I think I've got it down pretty well. I leave the meat out (flexitarian here) and toss in some frozen corn and peas to add a little more bulk. Two meals from each head of cauliflower, and it clocks in around 30g of carbs per meal (as an idea, that's less than two slices of regular bread). The other two are just a little fat-heavy for my tastes. I don't mind a little cheese, but it really shouldn't form the majority of the caloric intake from a meal >.>

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    You look like Keenan Allen

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    Omg please make this a series!!

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    What is the background music? It's so soothing

  10. Himanshu Chauhan

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    Cauliflower gives me pretty bad gas...

  11. newie

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    Hi, could you please do a video on less healthy versions of unhealthy foods? Thanks

  12. newie

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    This channel is FUCKING great.

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    I like how even when ur doing a sponsored video it’s only with products you actually enjoy. That’s so cool ily

  14. Lily Bug

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    Okay but using cauliflower as an alternative to mashed potatoes is really good too!!

  15. MsSunhappy

    MsSunhappy3 hari yang lalu

    I never believe in using one thing to replace another thing. Just eat less.

  16. stockart whiteman

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    I swear to god every healthy meal uses cauliflower. Whats with you people and that disgusting albino broccoli? Like maybe it's just me but cauliflower is absolutely disgusting. I love broccoli but something about cauliflower just doesn't do it for me.

  17. renogiza -

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    As an asian i dont think i could ever live without rice.. cauliflower rice doesnt do it for me

  18. Fi W

    Fi WHari Yang lalu

    I'm Asian. Haven't eaten rice, noodles, pasta, bread, etc. since 2016.

  19. s3cr3tpassword

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    Carbs are fine. They are still necessary even if you want to have low body fat percentage. It's a good source of energy.

  20. Fi W

    Fi WHari Yang lalu

    There is essential fat, essential protein, but no such thing as essential carbohydrates. Think about that.

  21. zhonguocha

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    Rice is unhealthy now? Well fuck me.

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    Garbage plate. I challenge you to make it healthy. 😉

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    Where can I find the in healthy versions?

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    sponsored episodes are fine, but for me, personally, this was way too much of an advertisement...

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    I cant stop hearing this episode as a song, the rythm babi has with the background music is great, and to top it off his smooth voice... i dont know if it was intentional but it is great

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    Remix material right there

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    You should do a vegan series!!!

  29. Moatasem Alsharif

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    Healthier Versions of Unhealthy Foods = take out the carbs and add all the unhealthy fats, I like the way you think LOL

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    Can we just take a minute and appreciate this mans narrating 👏👏👏

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    Take the watch off geez are we on a yacht

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    I could listen to this man talk about anything. His voice + that background music 😅

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    3:20 "Anyway we're placing the cooled cauliflower *into a large bowl*" Woah wtf was that tone change

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    Kosher salt? What, why not just say salt - same thing.

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    Normally I get really another with sponsored videos, but I feel like you ready deserved it after so many good videos without commercials!

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    That pizza looks good

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    I really want to like white pepper. But it smells like a horses stall, a dirty horses stall. So I just can’t

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    cameramantim? is he related to cameramanjohn

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    Hmmm, since when rice is unhealthy? Americans are literally the only people that don't eat it and they're the one known for being obese.

  40. That One Gal

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    I'm an American, everyone I know eats rice. I do too, it's cheap as fuck. It's a pretty common food here.

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    Pls do more of theses videos. I can’t eat any for of starch carb or sugar so these are actually super helpful

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    Cauliflower is broccoli's annoying little brother

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    I would so try the pizza i like veggies

  44. Nate

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    Yeah, that’s known as cauliflower cheese in the UK and it’s quite popular.

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    Babish: "so I'm gonna go ahead and add 5 pounds of cheese to this cauliflower, super healthy and delicious"

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    I straight up almost fell asleep during tgus cuz of the music

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    Why isn’t cauliflower crust pizza considered real pizza?....