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    6:25 is so funny they can’t move 😂😂

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    This is old game play 😡

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    He play in server Asia or something?? Answer !!

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    thoughtful good

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    Nani!? 6x?

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    Clarity matters also

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    I think tacan like scar-l more than m416

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    Big fan bro

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    what about the power of Scar-L

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    Nice gameplay



    But diamante 5

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    I likeeeee

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    Please in a video can you say The Best Atasement

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    BRASIL Muir's brother

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    outstanding Games

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    Good fight #Herculesfucker

  36. Pubg Singh

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    Nice fight #Herculesfucker

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    Ek or europen Player with 1m+sub ooobhai maro mujhe maro

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    He is one of the perfect pub g pro player I have ever seen before I loved the way he play the game so smoothly and he made me his huge fan love u sir from Nepal keep it up we love u 💞💞 may some day I wish by change coincidentally we will be in same day it's a wish from me 💞💞

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    Bro tacaz i have a doubt do u know tamil

  40. GTA 5 Domain - Villain Mode On

    GTA 5 Domain - Villain Mode OnBulan Yang lalu

    please anyone tell me which level is this and which map ?

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    Big fan

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    Like 98% headshots 🔥🤩

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    Well you are...

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    Who guys want to Tacaz show us his handcam gameplay???

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    Watch the video 19 kills in Sanhok Solo VS Squad 👇🏻 idreporter.net/v/video-VcFQrsiicEE.html

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    TACAZ please show your inventory bro I want to C your inventory in your next video Please 😊😀😁

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    Bhi ham appko friend ripuest Kia ha ID OneTapBush

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    It is an old clip

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    Fans of tacaz can follow the page on instagram @tacaz_family this page is only for fans of tacaz

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    What headset do you use????

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    Why he dont take m416 on starting

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    I wish I had a better phone😭😭😭😭

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    sir please make a video of your sensitivity

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    sir i am your big fan

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    Subscribe me

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    I like your outfit 😁 Respect for gaming,i hope i will have that skills.I hope i will have subscribers like you 🤣🤣🤣

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    Tacaz gacha skin awm