He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER


  1. Davie504

    Davie5044 bulan yang lalu

    *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

  2. Cade Graal

    Cade Graal8 hari yang lalu


  3. Viet Cuong Vu

    Viet Cuong Vu8 hari yang lalu

    Davie504 But I don’t have a minecraft account.

  4. Ziad Tariq Ibrahim

    Ziad Tariq IbrahimBulan Yang lalu

    I like ur cringe it suits u

  5. Adrian Laulajainen

    Adrian Laulajainen3 bulan yang lalu


  6. Jay- Ar

    Jay- Ar3 jam yang lalu

    The $7 and $136 is doing the best 😊😊

  7. Sydney D

    Sydney D3 jam yang lalu


  8. zakaria Khouyi

    zakaria Khouyi6 jam yang lalu

    Can you play pirate of the cabin on bass

  9. Jim Coates

    Jim Coates6 jam yang lalu

    Thirty Two dollar number 1

  10. Dani Griffin

    Dani Griffin8 jam yang lalu

    I slapped like, then unslapped it then slapped it again to try to give Davie the power for the PRO, B A S S player

  11. Upasana Rani

    Upasana Rani8 jam yang lalu

    There is only one similar thing in vinhetrio and Davie 504 that they don't have expressions but still they are perfect

  12. CA boom

    CA boom9 jam yang lalu


  13. Hamish.vlogs

    Hamish.vlogs10 jam yang lalu


  14. Joshua Ross

    Joshua Ross10 jam yang lalu

    U used a pick!!!!???? :...(

  15. Eric

    Eric12 jam yang lalu

    too many jumpcuts

  16. dale smith

    dale smith13 jam yang lalu

    This guys accent does my head in 🤕

  17. Darryl Darryl

    Darryl Darryl13 jam yang lalu

    I am new to the bass and music in general. however, i love it. and one day davie504 i will challenge you. i have a long way to go though. your therapy is not scaring me, no doubt about it. Actually, it is a necessity to me, and i am weary without it. Epic rhymes. SLLAAPP!!!

  18. Darryl Darryl

    Darryl Darryl14 jam yang lalu


  19. 坏 BROKEN

    坏 BROKEN15 jam yang lalu


  20. Jesse Grisham

    Jesse Grisham15 jam yang lalu

    I liked the feel of #9 the best. Just seemed like a cool groove. Wasn't the HARDEST bassline EVER, but I liked it.

  21. Brooke Dailey

    Brooke Dailey17 jam yang lalu

    I think that was a really good bass riff maybe it’s the hardest ever

  22. Paul Cutchins

    Paul Cutchins17 jam yang lalu

    Jeeeeez that last riff was sick

  23. Quercus 434

    Quercus 43421 jam yang lalu

    Dat Bass

  24. usman _man79

    usman _man79Hari Yang lalu

    Nice challenge

  25. Kane Marsh

    Kane MarshHari Yang lalu

    Black eyed blonde form the red hot chilli peppers or the best bass solo ever the cliff button solo from garage days Metallica album

  26. DanMKM Gaming

    DanMKM GamingHari Yang lalu

    acctualy he used 6cameras

  27. Captain Putzbeard

    Captain PutzbeardHari Yang lalu

    i just love seeing these fiverr guys have fun playing tbh

  28. Ben Mari Margelino

    Ben Mari MargelinoHari Yang lalu

    9:11 greatest OMG

  29. Miartada Creator

    Miartada CreatorHari Yang lalu

    Can u cover the hardest bass?i dint know the title of the song,the sound likes brbr deng brbr deng brbr deng

  30. RƏD Gamin

    RƏD GaminHari Yang lalu

    Literally slapped my phone just to like.

  31. Deepak nair

    Deepak nairHari Yang lalu

    What's up!!! SlAPpers!!! (Exclamation has no expression according to him)

  32. Levis Gomez

    Levis GomezHari Yang lalu

    78 dollar guy

  33. L. A

    L. AHari Yang lalu

    Number 9 was awesome

  34. Papa TV

    Papa TVHari Yang lalu

    hahahahaahaha he's like.dying funny youtuber haha

  35. Mariia

    MariiaHari Yang lalu

    the second guy looks like james mccartney

  36. ConsciousCandy108

    ConsciousCandy108Hari Yang lalu

    oh and the $136 one is amazing (yours is the best technically!) lol "no!" hahahahaha Hardest base rift eva! Slap Like!!! "did btw" ~CC108 out~

  37. ConsciousCandy108

    ConsciousCandy108Hari Yang lalu

    lol still catching my breath! i swear... your sense of humor is better than your musical abilities... and you're nothing short of amazing! I would love to hear you (just caught myself laughing at another.,,,,,,,,,) take all those that were approved and chop them to make a whole song Anyways, going through a rough time right now and your video it levels of what I need right now. Perfect medicine! Thanks D504

  38. Zoe March

    Zoe MarchHari Yang lalu

    78$ guy and 32$ guy

  39. Loomidotorg

    LoomidotorgHari Yang lalu

    If you switch to non-bass videos you would be second pewdiepie :OO pls do that

  40. Morgan Brenkus

    Morgan BrenkusHari Yang lalu

    I challenge you to a you!!!!

  41. TheSillypat

    TheSillypatHari Yang lalu

    both the highest for sure..

  42. Thunder bros Lol

    Thunder bros LolHari Yang lalu

    Pro did

  43. Rony Campos

    Rony CamposHari Yang lalu

    bro you are sooo funny hhaahahahhaha the best

  44. Skullrose Duran

    Skullrose DuranHari Yang lalu

    Every time you say slap I freaking like!!!

  45. samuel siregar

    samuel siregarHari Yang lalu

    ok, u slap me and im subscribe

  46. Kostia Komrad

    Kostia KomradHari Yang lalu

    who dis guy. he funny af.

  47. Michael Jorgensen

    Michael JorgensenHari Yang lalu

    11:20 That guy looked like he sped up his video before he sent it to you...no wonder you rated it as hard.

  48. SinapisticBlakeSnake

    SinapisticBlakeSnakeHari Yang lalu

    78 definitely

  49. MagicMail man

    MagicMail manHari Yang lalu

    How many people don't play bass and have no interest in it but still watch these videos?

  50. ImJustA _Fish

    ImJustA _FishHari Yang lalu

    Press f to pa- Davie: NO its slapp f

  51. Snowyiu

    SnowyiuHari Yang lalu

    I slapped like whenever he said so, in the end he ended up with no additional like. Hm.

  52. Ranjith Gowda

    Ranjith Gowda8 jam yang lalu


  53. Manal Akil

    Manal AkilHari Yang lalu

    The first time I heard him say lmao I was like what but when I understood it I was laughing. Lmao

  54. Vinícius Borriello

    Vinícius BorrielloHari Yang lalu

    You definitely should challenge Fernando Molinari. I would love to see it.

  55. Saymic

    SaymicHari Yang lalu

    :0 not my Minecraft account

  56. Sean Francis

    Sean FrancisHari Yang lalu

    Considering the last guy got you to actually drop timing and lag behind I would definitely have to say that he was the hardest to play. Blew my mind.

  57. shaggy on ps4

    shaggy on ps42 hari yang lalu

    Quagmire is number 4 lol

  58. Dan Willis

    Dan Willis2 hari yang lalu

    Still the ex-$69 guy.

  59. Sharmila Barman

    Sharmila Barman2 hari yang lalu


  60. PandaSoldaat

    PandaSoldaat2 hari yang lalu

    *E P I C*

  61. pubg GURU

    pubg GURU2 hari yang lalu

    7 and 8

  62. Wikterror 2807

    Wikterror 28072 hari yang lalu

    You should make an account on fiver a very expensive one

  63. Bethesda Boy

    Bethesda Boy2 hari yang lalu

    Davie504 speaks almost entirely in catch phrases. Genius.

  64. Guren Jamez

    Guren Jamez2 hari yang lalu


  65. Position28 Position28

    Position28 Position282 hari yang lalu

    Number nine was such a chunky groove