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    People try to find the one cause for bad things and 100% of the time it is a confluence of multiple factors working together. It is an oversimplification to blame one thing. Guns play a role. ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) play a role. Things we haven't even thought of probably also play a role. So many things factor into decisions like this. Mental illness actually plays a lesser role than people think and it is harmful and contributes to the stigmas associated with mental illness when people claim that every mass shooter is mentally ill. A person with a mental illness is more likely to be the victim of violence than the perpetrator and research shows that a majority of mass shooters had no history of mental illness and no signs of any particular diagnosis. Anyway, the point is there are many root causes to mass shootings and guns are not the end all, be all cause by themselves. Everyone always tries to simplify problems down to one thing and that is just never how it works.

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    Now my go to when someone is telling me about a break up will be, "Well, you know, sometimes you have to ride the L train."

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    Zach killing it on the captions yet again, well played sir, well played !

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    Hey Hasan!!!😄 Can u please give some advice for to do debates at MUNs. Bigggg fan☺️✌️

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    LMFAO hasan !! 😂 12:20

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    I just recently started a Vlog on IDreporter about my life and stories. One of the maun reason for my channel is because how our family lost our grandson from gun violence. My grandson Ryder was just 2.

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    Hasan went full dad at the end defending his little girl lmao

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    I'm studying while watching this and hasan uses the same flashcards as me lmao

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    For the 90s trends, for SURE gotta go with Tripp Pants.

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    well, most of the developed countries ban or have strict gun controls, so I think guns in america is another "america exceptionalism"

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    Most other developed nations were under threat from authoritarianism in just the last century as well.

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    It was probably a Michael! Suck it Michael

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    I love love love the editors man, they make it a 100 times funnier😂❤️

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    I totally said JNCO Jeans!!!

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    Those jeans would be better than your skinny jeans

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    Can we all give Zach his own show?

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    the person who edits this>>

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    FYI if all greenhouse gases would disappeare from earth, the planet would freeze to death in the night.

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    help i have a crush on zach

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    Medium distance...it's time that it becomes a term ... Like meeting once a week 😁

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    Um where is the gun part?

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    The rumba is basically what forests do. The answer is to growing back the forests. What I would do with any invention were to be a machine that could actually process plastic to make it biodegradable. Or create a weather machine to help prevent natural disasters or decrease the temperature to save the ice

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    Imagine having such a good editor that you can jump from talking about Linsay Lohan and the Prince of Saudi Arabia being BFFs to talking about gun regulation so smoothly

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    Yes! Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves! 😄

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    Anyone else think about a connection between internet trolls, bots, AI's and the mentally ill who are being agitated and egged on? Mess with anyone's feed, tailor it with hateful content and see what you get. People just don't want to accept just how manipulated by our online content. What a effective way to destabilize humanity. Make up fake news about fake news and tell the world the sky is falling. Since we live in our own little screened world, people are being told just about anything and believing it.

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    Not man hating. But, look at it. Common Denominator is not Mental. It's Men.

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    Sorry I'm a Roomba :D

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    The L train should be the Y train😨🤔

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    this came out on my birthday

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    Someone drop Zach's from digital instagram, so we can show some appreciation

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    Hey Zach what's up ?

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    Do an episode on japanese anime

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    Do an episode on Japanese anime

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    this dude's clever/intelligent af man! he asks the same question back from the person so he gets time to think about the best answer.

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    I love it when his father side comes out it’s so funny to see his reactions and it’s also sweet

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    Okay i really like that transition music and his confidence on stage

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    Common denominator ain't guns but gun free zones.

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    I love these videos, but it’s whiplash when he goes to from funny light hearted topics to damn gun violence.

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    Gun violence is largely a boogeyman. Homicides have been on the decline. Most gun violence (3/4ths) are suicides, which are rising in other developed nations.

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    They won the emmys . Design team great

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    Nice way of justifying and normalising violence you left-liberal feminazi fucker! Shame on you!

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    Why's he always going on about group politics? It's a bunch of bullshit.

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    I’m a law abiding gun owner. I am Not shooting up People. Idk, it’s not the gun but the person...

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    yes to Tom Hanks! I'd say Will Smith too. A good one for the team!

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    Nobody asked but I love Zach💀 what a dream job

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    Lindsay Lohan is pro-Erdogan, they hang out!

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    Hey Hasan please host a show in Delhi, I really want to be a part of the Deep Cuts audience 😭😭😭

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    Anyone else pause for the little edit notes

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    zach from digital and everyone else behind the scenes deserve so much more credit that’s TALENT

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    plz do episode on recycling

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    "Do medium distance relationships exist?" I died LOL

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    Muslim Tom Hanks is the best

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    The funniest guy alive

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    Yes! Medium distance is like an hour away or less. I have that! Ugh

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    Talk about Kashmir Hassan!!

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    hasan what was your take on the new zealand shootings

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    Taimoor hanks is the best thing i have heard....please come to India soon....i just want to meet you...and you are the best thing in political comedy

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