HAPPY Morning - Music to Wake UP


  1. Alissa Anderson

    Alissa Anderson10 hari yang lalu

    I feel like a toddler

  2. Ayu Surayu

    Ayu Surayu22 hari yang lalu

    Just found & love it 💖💖💖

  3. Yhea Ahmad

    Yhea AhmadBulan Yang lalu

    Beautiful music 😍

  4. unknown games :D

    unknown games :D2 bulan yang lalu

    did someone stop time and put coffe inside of me? ._. (also its funny becouse im watching this 3 years after release)

  5. simmyz bungo

    simmyz bungo2 bulan yang lalu

    this music is so annoying especially with the lalalas.... but it definitely woke me up because I had to turn it off lmao

  6. Katie Johnston

    Katie Johnston3 bulan yang lalu

    Very calming

  7. Paul Atkinson

    Paul Atkinson3 bulan yang lalu

    This would drive me nuts!

  8. WizardScroll39

    WizardScroll393 bulan yang lalu

    I’m waking up oh yeah I am! Like wow!

  9. Racquel Quilang

    Racquel Quilang5 bulan yang lalu

    Coffee and this kind of music....just perfect!❤

  10. jungandi100%me

    jungandi100%me5 bulan yang lalu

    bravo,..... here i go.....

  11. Baby Panda

    Baby Panda5 bulan yang lalu

    I have double maths early in the morning, I was excessively yawning and i couldn't open my eyes anymore and this song woke me up. Thank you so much

  12. Kira Ambrose

    Kira Ambrose5 bulan yang lalu

    In the song with the words at the the end of it the females voice says that " You are gone that makes me blue, but here he comes to take me too. " Does she mean that he died and that she is gonna die too? Or am I interpreting this in a sad way?

  13. Hemant Dubey

    Hemant Dubey5 bulan yang lalu

    Didn't expect this would be that effective and beautiful 💕...its like magic...as it starts boom you feel good...💝

  14. matgrik marak

    matgrik marak5 bulan yang lalu


  15. LibyKim

    LibyKim6 bulan yang lalu

    Gracias por la musica! Soy muy feliz esta manana!

  16. Gaëlle Gourhan

    Gaëlle Gourhan6 bulan yang lalu


  17. Hana Mei

    Hana Mei6 bulan yang lalu

    The first thing my brain registered was that the first song sounds like the office soundtrack and it motivated me to get up and watch tv

  18. Suresh Chandani

    Suresh Chandani6 bulan yang lalu

    Come alive listening

  19. Wishbone Jordy

    Wishbone Jordy6 bulan yang lalu

    Lounge music happy morning music to wake up to is the in thing in the morning & every morning how to have an awesome dya

  20. CHANTELA Media Solutions

    CHANTELA Media Solutions6 bulan yang lalu

    Really loving it

  21. Creeper_playz

    Creeper_playz7 bulan yang lalu


  22. harry potter

    harry potter7 bulan yang lalu

    if only it is possible to emit a gas in air conditioners that simulates brain happy feeling :)

  23. Bronte Krapf

    Bronte Krapf7 bulan yang lalu

    good morning music i got to calm down

  24. Durga Sharma

    Durga Sharma8 bulan yang lalu

    Hi...can I use this tone for my IDreporter bacround ?? I love it...

  25. ThePeopleAreFucked

    ThePeopleAreFucked8 bulan yang lalu

    does not work...maybe metal?

  26. Santé Barley Health / Wellness

    Santé Barley Health / Wellness8 bulan yang lalu

    Good morning! it's like a fresh air inside my room and an anti-acid environment, I need it to be healthy! :)

  27. Jenee Cornelius

    Jenee Cornelius8 bulan yang lalu

    This is great 👍🏾 ☺️☺️

  28. Netheryk

    Netheryk8 bulan yang lalu

    Does this work if I didn't wake up but I just well stayed up?

  29. Patty Pereira Taylor

    Patty Pereira Taylor8 bulan yang lalu

    Its Friday and couldn't wake up thank you for this lovely music. It helps :)

  30. Jānis Fricsons

    Jānis Fricsons8 bulan yang lalu

    i like this music

  31. Rockpopcorn

    Rockpopcorn9 bulan yang lalu

    I love so much these sounds! They really help me to wake up happy :)

  32. harry potter

    harry potter3 bulan yang lalu


  33. llamaArdiente

    llamaArdiente9 bulan yang lalu


  34. paul kane

    paul kane9 bulan yang lalu

    just what i was looking for.., thank you...happy morning to you...

  35. Mdhusing Singh

    Mdhusing Singh9 bulan yang lalu

    I use this music for my school routine l am different l use this music to do my work faster and nicely

  36. i dont care

    i dont care9 bulan yang lalu

    alright I was insanely skeptical about this waking me up lol mostly because it's hard to cut through the chronic fatigue. But I'm sitting here at work finally able to focus on something and dancing in my chair. So... good job! Thank you :)

  37. Vanessa Woo

    Vanessa Woo10 bulan yang lalu

    My favorite is 8:49 so beautiful 😍

  38. Lily Seville

    Lily Seville10 bulan yang lalu

    Nice! I like this song to background as if ever im doing walking early in the morning

  39. Edwin Schafranka Hoo

    Edwin Schafranka Hoo10 bulan yang lalu

    Good morning world.

  40. Vanessa Woo

    Vanessa Woo10 bulan yang lalu

    WoW this music is so beautiful 😍

  41. nikmah mentari

    nikmah mentari10 bulan yang lalu

    could i know what the title of song on minutes 9?

  42. Honey- Chan

    Honey- Chan11 bulan yang lalu

    It woke my sis up to happy feeling

  43. Jorge Arslanian

    Jorge Arslanian11 bulan yang lalu

    No me imagino trabajar sin ustedes sonando en mi pc 😆

  44. Gyspy Rose

    Gyspy Rose11 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks! ✌🏻 This woke up my kids...when I connected it to their Bluetooth speaker. 😁😇😂

  45. Leonel Corvo

    Leonel Corvo11 bulan yang lalu

    I will die

  46. Sypha Belnades

    Sypha Belnades11 bulan yang lalu

    This is amazing. Admittedly, not quite the music that I usually enjoy, but it always wakes me up!

  47. Melisa Yilmaz

    Melisa Yilmaz11 bulan yang lalu

    What is this?

  48. wolfy rose

    wolfy rose11 bulan yang lalu

    this made my morning positive i feel great now

  49. marie

    marie11 bulan yang lalu

    Bonjour la planète !

  50. Thong Baja

    Thong BajaTahun Yang lalu


  51. I Hate Living in Apartments

    I Hate Living in ApartmentsTahun Yang lalu

    Sounds like a pet food commercial 😂

  52. Gracious Ness

    Gracious NessTahun Yang lalu

    Always wake up at 4 in the morning to prepare for my husband and kid. It's been heartbreaking for me this past few months and I feel always unhappy getting to sleep and waking up in the morning. These music helps me starts my day and feel the love again the world. Feels like Im in a Rom Com movie :)

  53. Wurst Brought

    Wurst Brought8 bulan yang lalu

    Damn. Right in the feels.

  54. Taylor Nicole

    Taylor NicoleTahun Yang lalu

    Who’s watching this because they are tired and are about to go/get ready for school... no one? Just me..? Ok bye 😂

  55. Ilektra K

    Ilektra KTahun Yang lalu

    Me 😅

  56. Daniel Maybury

    Daniel MayburyTahun Yang lalu

    what is the first song called?

  57. Billy O'Mara

    Billy O'Mara11 bulan yang lalu

    darude sandstorm

  58. Psiop.Blazedaz02

    Psiop.Blazedaz02Tahun Yang lalu

    delta ops good mmo engine

  59. Rosie Collinson

    Rosie CollinsonTahun Yang lalu

    This is such a great start to the day!!!!

  60. Abi Houston

    Abi HoustonTahun Yang lalu

    Hey when you wake up today put on a smile...it will make everyone's day!

  61. Dolan Darkest

    Dolan DarkestTahun Yang lalu

    This would just piss me off even further

  62. Abi Houston

    Abi HoustonTahun Yang lalu

    I feel sooooo amazing this morning last night I was up so late and I didn't want to get up Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Pragati

    PragatiTahun Yang lalu

    delighting :)

  64. dharma teja

    dharma tejaTahun Yang lalu

    It's really awesome and gives us positive vibes