Celebrating "Happy FICO life" at Bangalore


  1. Shivanshu Pandey

    Shivanshu Pandey2 bulan yang lalu

    It's awesome,,,, can you shoot it again with new employees as my friend has recently joined,,, Rajat Goyal

  2. Vijay Raj

    Vijay Raj9 bulan yang lalu

    It was fun making this video. Thank you for all the memories FICO!

  3. Vinayak Hegde

    Vinayak Hegde10 bulan yang lalu


  4. meera singh

    meera singh2 tahun yang lalu

    give details ASAP

  5. meera singh

    meera singh2 tahun yang lalu

    guys ye office kaun SA hai and where is it. I want to do fico module , if anybody recommend me best institute in Bangalore. plz help guys


    MUSKAAN GUPTA4 tahun yang lalu

    I really love this. Congratulations everyone :). U people really (y) done a #wonderful job ! I must say, brand should b like "FICO".

  7. Rajanikanth Tulava

    Rajanikanth Tulava5 tahun yang lalu

    hi guys help me i learned sap fico recently

  8. Avinash GKV

    Avinash GKV5 tahun yang lalu

    WalkieTalkie71 : The guy @ 1:05 is Vivek

  9. adnaankhalid

    adnaankhalid5 tahun yang lalu

    Ha! As funny as this video is, the then some of the "happy" faces weren't as happy when they left FICO BLR office, am guessing they are back to being happy now :) Good job nonetheless

  10. Samrat Shinde

    Samrat Shinde5 tahun yang lalu

    Send some happiness to Pune office as well!!!!!!!!! We d love to be happy too!!!!!

  11. Ankur Datta

    Ankur Datta5 tahun yang lalu

    Go FICO!!!

  12. Peter

    Peter5 tahun yang lalu

    I didn't realize it was such a happy place @Ravi Mody

  13. sudhipro

    sudhipro5 tahun yang lalu

    nice. Missing FICO bangalore office

  14. Sandeep Polisetty

    Sandeep Polisetty5 tahun yang lalu

    Wonderful people. Had wonderful time there. Miss you FICO.

  15. Jaya Kishore

    Jaya Kishore5 tahun yang lalu


  16. E. Clark

    E. Clark5 tahun yang lalu

    Congratulations to my smooth moving colleagues in Bangalore! You make me happy too!

  17. Daniel Bowles

    Daniel Bowles5 tahun yang lalu

    Love the video guy's!! outstanding

  18. Alan Fish

    Alan Fish5 tahun yang lalu

    Well done guys - the Bangalore office is clearly the place to be!

  19. Aniruddha Neogi

    Aniruddha Neogi5 tahun yang lalu

    Really miss the Bangalore office! Now we in San Rafael need to come up with a happy video of our own!

  20. Holly Doerschler

    Holly Doerschler5 tahun yang lalu

    Love it! Really made my day!

  21. Praveena Varadarajan

    Praveena Varadarajan5 tahun yang lalu


  22. Sonja Clark

    Sonja Clark5 tahun yang lalu

    This is SO GREAT!! The San Rafael office really needs to step it up :)

  23. lleldridge1

    lleldridge15 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you for sharing, sure brightened up my morning! Posted to the Hub for all to enjoy.

  24. Vijay Raj

    Vijay Raj5 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you so much :) Glad you liked..!!

  25. Naveen Nagaraja

    Naveen Nagaraja5 tahun yang lalu

    Very Nice Job :)

  26. herman herman

    herman herman5 tahun yang lalu

    Utg Fm Ffhtgm F F