Guess My Ethnicity | Lineup | Cut


  1. GarfieldiusPrime

    GarfieldiusPrimeJam Yang lalu

    I know the youtube comment section ain't talkin.

  2. Frogenius W.

    Frogenius W.2 jam yang lalu

    Loved that video!!! Please more!

  3. haramona a

    haramona a2 jam yang lalu

    Omg the short blond girl and that half asian guy are so ignorant. Muslim is a religion not an ethnicity and I don't think that hAlF ASiAn GuY knows that countries like India is a part of Asia.

  4. StrAngE MissTeries

    StrAngE MissTeries2 jam yang lalu

    12:07 she got that warm Filipino genes yall

  5. ree

    ree3 jam yang lalu

    This Sam chick short as hell

  6. C S

    C S4 jam yang lalu

    Clients ask her "what are you"? .. really? Smh

  7. non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere5 jam yang lalu


  8. Anna Adami

    Anna Adami5 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or the half white/half asian guy seems a lot like Jackson Wang...?

  9. Maxi Monk

    Maxi Monk5 jam yang lalu

    Half of half would be a quarter

  10. Afro Mannequin

    Afro Mannequin6 jam yang lalu

    "Muslim" kmt.

  11. Priscilla Mccarthy

    Priscilla Mccarthy8 jam yang lalu

    American Indian or Alaska Native. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America), and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment. Asian. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent including, for example, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam. Black or African American. A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. Terms such as "Haitian" or "Negro" can be used in addition to "Black or African American." Hispanic or Latino. A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. The term, "Spanish origin," can be used in addition to "Hispanic or Latino." Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands. White. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North A caucasian A region between the Black and Caspian Seas that includes southwest Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, and that forms part of the traditional boundary between Europe and

  12. The Unbekannt

    The Unbekannt10 jam yang lalu

    Who some people are afraid to call an Obviously Black Skinned or White Skinned Person, White or Black?

  13. Ryan J

    Ryan J10 jam yang lalu

    Do they not considered "Burmese " Myanmar people as an asian?

  14. shadufr

    shadufr10 jam yang lalu

    I love this video. I hate the comments though. Nobody is perfect. People are flawed and make mistakes. You can’t ask for people to stop generalizing a culture or country or ethnicity, then in the next sentence say how Americans or white people don’t know this or that. I know that race, culture, ethnicity, religion, background, and so on are very sensitive and complicated. But it really doesn’t have to continue to be that way. All humans are complicated and different. Nobody is perfect.

  15. Alan Weiman

    Alan Weiman14 jam yang lalu

    I want to say you are half asian, but you could also just have bangs 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Spotless Mind

    Spotless Mind14 jam yang lalu

    This should be called guess my nationality because thats what they are doing. No ones guessing ethnic groups.

  17. Toasted Bread

    Toasted Bread15 jam yang lalu

    The half asian guy reminds me of joji

  18. J-Dub

    J-Dub15 jam yang lalu

    The 2nd girl

  19. Jannice Sara

    Jannice Sara15 jam yang lalu

    it's kinda funny how there's two of them in the same exact outifit how cute

  20. Jackie Comendador

    Jackie Comendador15 jam yang lalu

    The dude is annoying. Borderline insensitive imo

  21. Sabrina Patrono

    Sabrina Patrono15 jam yang lalu

    “I feel like you could be Asian or you just gave bangs”

  22. Wyatt Cram

    Wyatt Cram16 jam yang lalu

    Jokes on you Logic does use the n word

  23. Vanessa

    Vanessa19 jam yang lalu

    clickbate asf

  24. Im not sure about that

    Im not sure about that19 jam yang lalu

    5:52 *Laughs in dora exploradora*

  25. Ronit B

    Ronit B21 jam yang lalu

    i love the half asian guy lmfao

  26. español messy hai

    español messy haiHari Yang lalu

    I relate so much to the first girl. I'm the only black in my house, my mom and my sister are white skinned. I grew up having to explain my relationship with my sisters and mom to everyone

  27. Leah M

    Leah MHari Yang lalu

    I cringed the entire duration of this video

  28. mylobage

    mylobageHari Yang lalu

    It’s guess their ethnicity not religion “Muslim” or race “he’s a white dude”. Jesus Christ people

  29. Jasmine

    JasmineHari Yang lalu

    What is wrong with that half-Asian guy

  30. xindf

    xindfHari Yang lalu

    i get filthy frank vibes from that guy

  31. Sequoia Babyyy

    Sequoia BabyyyHari Yang lalu

    “What do you think about lotion” rude🤔😭

  32. Greatest Shenelle

    Greatest ShenelleHari Yang lalu

    I love curry too

  33. S R

    S RHari Yang lalu

    'what are you ?' me: human ?


    MANGO MOCHIHari Yang lalu

    the way he pronounced hapa made me cringe a little but i’m glad it’s becoming more known because it can help half asians, especially when the asian half isn’t all one ethnicity, find an identity for themselves. hapa (from what i’ve learned when i took hawaiian) means half or part so the other part doesn’t have to mean white with asian and even though it’s commonly used for half/part asian it can also be used the same for hawaiian mixed with another race

  35. Leigthanya McLean

    Leigthanya McLeanHari Yang lalu

    Can we just sum this whole video up with... AMERICANS ARE SOME DUMD MOFO SMH "SIGHHHHHHHHH"

  36. Xander Rillon

    Xander RillonHari Yang lalu

    I wish the last lady with the free hugs shirt spoke Tagalog :)

  37. Stickyjalapeno

    StickyjalapenoHari Yang lalu

    Damn they got Dora the explora

  38. Cherish YoursTruly

    Cherish YoursTrulyHari Yang lalu

    I think this was a bad idea 😂 I kinda understand the message but the journey to it was CRINGE.

  39. Ruki Alvarez

    Ruki AlvarezHari Yang lalu

    yes, there is a lot of ignorance in this video but is not ill intentioned; and is a GREAT mirror to look at ourselves and become more aware about race, ethnicity and religion.

  40. Selima

    SelimaHari Yang lalu

    i cringed so hard when she said "muslim" as an ethnicity

  41. Anna Woodland

    Anna WoodlandHari Yang lalu

    You could be half Asian but then it could jus be the bangs had me howling

  42. 김가은

    김가은Hari Yang lalu

    "asian eyes" people really need to change this term to a better one because asians have a LOT of different eyes...also Muslim i-

  43. Paula So3

    Paula So3Hari Yang lalu

    They are so ignorant omg

  44. Oumaima Zguiouar

    Oumaima ZguiouarHari Yang lalu

    This video was so painful, please educate yourselves

  45. Khadija A

    Khadija AHari Yang lalu

    Some people out here in 2020 thinking muslim is an ethnicity

  46. Chrome Doll

    Chrome DollHari Yang lalu

    That half breed Asian guy is so stupid.

  47. sweetxangel

    sweetxangelHari Yang lalu

    they're guessing race, not ethnicity

  48. sweetxangel

    sweetxangelHari Yang lalu

    "black,wite, muslim" i thought we were guessing ethnicity

  49. sweetxangel

    sweetxangelHari Yang lalu

    when she said muslim i died

  50. Chloe Isimbi

    Chloe IsimbiHari Yang lalu

    Someone just said Muslim

  51. Techguy3112

    Techguy31122 hari yang lalu

    Didnt realise Scotland colonised Jamica...

  52. Soupiest Duck

    Soupiest Duck2 hari yang lalu

    sammy is adorable

  53. N S

    N S2 hari yang lalu

    "My name is Jaime" "Are you German?" that felt like asking someone named Makoto if they're French...

  54. Toto

    Toto2 hari yang lalu

    Why are Americans so obsessed with ethnicities?!?! (+ to be frank: don't even have much knowledge)

  55. intan ramdaniatulfitri

    intan ramdaniatulfitri2 hari yang lalu

    Who is sundanese people here?🤗 Could u guys guess which country has sundanese ethnic is?

  56. Krystal Ayala

    Krystal Ayala2 hari yang lalu

    Can I be in the line up? People can never guess me.

  57. Srijani Chakraborty

    Srijani Chakraborty2 hari yang lalu

    thE half Asian dude gOt so many friends lol

  58. imascreamingtiger

    imascreamingtiger2 hari yang lalu

    My god, Nicole is gorgeous. She looks like my ex, but way hotter dammmmmm

  59. Google Andrew Yang

    Google Andrew Yang2 hari yang lalu

    The half Italian, half Japanese girl was gorgeous. ♥️


    KWEENOA2 hari yang lalu

    Muslim.......... LMAO.... I am embarrassed for that girl.