Groups Day 4 | 2019 World Championship


  1. Jesus You-know-who

    Jesus You-know-who21 hari yang lalu

    What's the music in the beginning?

  2. Nukon

    Nukon25 hari yang lalu

    Azael's view always seems hyper critcal and negatively loaded.

  3. Kuanysh Moldabek

    Kuanysh Moldabek26 hari yang lalu

    Great fake laugh, Shokz :) 6:25:13

  4. Tyson DC

    Tyson DCBulan Yang lalu

    lol rng vs fnc - rng-all had solo potential, fnc -relying on kayle. jejus... paperbag slappers. uzi smirking at the low threat enemy team

  5. Paul Burress

    Paul Burress17 hari yang lalu

    I smirk of what I learned not because I doubt someone else at this point I care less to be truthful I don't even care no more because of all of this stupid s*** I sleep in a barn and everybody I know thinks I'm crazy because of her lies I think I might be going crazy so if you all would please just stop following me around town and leave me the f*** alone I promise I don't want y'all saying I don't want no 4chan I don't want her and I am not f****** scurred for insecure I'm trying to get my s*** together to leave she's in every place I go I've lost two different places I was staying just to get away from you people playing I don't care what you record the s*** is getting bored I might get on here and look around I jump from person to person and place to place believe me I don't want to see your face is all leaves a bad taste what's slurp it up don't f****** waste

  6. NZ RugbyVidz Sevens

    NZ RugbyVidz SevensBulan Yang lalu


  7. Kyle Jonathan Lao

    Kyle Jonathan LaoBulan Yang lalu

    2:09:22 listen to the caster at x2.

  8. 龚正

    龚正Bulan Yang lalu


  9. whitehairz

    whitehairzBulan Yang lalu

    anybody know whats name of the judge behind G2? i think shes my type. LoL 😂😊

  10. Alexander Aguilar

    Alexander AguilarBulan Yang lalu

    Skt1 have all the same haircut lol

  11. Crischi K

    Crischi KBulan Yang lalu

    G2 at some point in game: we wanna end or...have some more fun? XD

  12. Nick Ng

    Nick NgBulan Yang lalu

    sjok sounds so stupid

  13. Habeev07

    Habeev07Bulan Yang lalu

    If G2 loses or wins this world's it's because they are boosted. PERIOD. They need to be serious in order for this world's to not have an * next to their name. Killing Gragas when nexus is 2 hits from defeat is poor class. You need to respect SKT, RNG, and IG. They are making FNC, who honestly can beat G2 consistently in games but not in back to back 5 game series - look mortal. G2 need to really come together and stop trolling. In this worlds i feel Western supports need to play safer. For EX: Hylissang is having tough times claiming back vision face checking in games and his team fights are just too rushed it feels. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT... ? Rekkles is gonna play AD Kennen, Kog' Maw, and TWITCH, - AND MAKE IT OUT OF GROUPS!

  14. archiei40x

    archiei40xBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone notice the old school Morello and GA icons in ANX vs G2? Also the Ezreal W is the old W animation. What am I missing here? Is this really 2019?!

  15. Alex Shatterstar

    Alex ShatterstarBulan Yang lalu

    Faker smile at greeting Huni is priceless 3:12:54

  16. BrapBrap

    BrapBrapBulan Yang lalu

    he was like "wish you were still on my team....NOTTTTT!"

  17. Seltsamer Kerl

    Seltsamer KerlBulan Yang lalu

    9x Norskeren inting plz

  18. qwer wasd

    qwer wasdBulan Yang lalu

    인게임 소리가 너무 작다.

  19. Iván G.S

    Iván G.SBulan Yang lalu

    Oh God I hate the voice of the girl that does the interviews the French accent is so annoying I just have to skip over her parts and try to guess what she was asking

  20. nickh424

    nickh424Bulan Yang lalu

    looking for somepne to play Garen and Yuumi with me now lmao

  21. Mike Lytou

    Mike LytouBulan Yang lalu

    Riot, what has been wrong with the worlds streams? Regular stuttering of the stream, and if you watch from behind, it's randomly jumping back & forth.

  22. Le Pwelele

    Le PweleleBulan Yang lalu

    @Mike Lytou I tried the Livestream today and it seems IDreporter fixed their Live issue, I hope it works smoothly for you too

  23. Mike Lytou

    Mike LytouBulan Yang lalu

    @benito camela hmmm...interesting. Not a solution, because my phone screen is just too small to enjoy gaming streams on it, but definitely interesting. Might check that out, just out of curiousity. Thanks.

  24. Mike Lytou

    Mike LytouBulan Yang lalu

    @Le Pwelele thanks, but I dislike twitch even more than I dislike youtube. also, I've never had issues like this with yt-streams before...

  25. benito camela

    benito camelaBulan Yang lalu

    @Le Pwelele I noticed the jumping happens on pc but it doesn't on my phone. Maybe if you try with a phone or tablet it'll work for ya.

  26. Le Pwelele

    Le PweleleBulan Yang lalu

    youtube issue, but when it happens you can watch the live from twitch, no issue

  27. Seltsamer Kerl

    Seltsamer KerlBulan Yang lalu

    Can't enjoy the game because Vedius sound like he has marbles in his mouth trying to speak and Quiickshot has a speaking diisorder too... Thank god Azael can speak English a lot better.

  28. Rui Morisson

    Rui MorissonBulan Yang lalu

    Azael is probably the most annoying caster only due to the way he speaks, god it's unsufferable sometimes

  29. daniel anderson234

    daniel anderson234Bulan Yang lalu

    What do G2 have what fnatic don't? A management team, and a manager that gives the team the meta they want, not what they obey by

  30. James Huo

    James HuoBulan Yang lalu

    SPY's Karthus didn't even die once before 44 minutes of the game -_- GJ...

  31. Quinton Lee

    Quinton LeeBulan Yang lalu

    Coz his the King of the.....Undead

  32. Chris Ott

    Chris OttBulan Yang lalu

    RNG.. who cares. zzzzzzz...boring. Those Fanatic picks: that's fun! Fanatic - props! RNG- meh.

  33. Chris Ott

    Chris OttBulan Yang lalu

    @X V Perils of the game. Yeah teams want to win, but League wants to make money too. Yeah, they are clearly fine cuz the asian market is huge, but when I watch the streaming on U.S. youtube, the numbers are pretty low, considering it's "Worlds." And I stop watching when I've seen three games in a row with pretty much the same champs. No pro sport exists for the players. They exist cuz there are fans...

  34. X V

    X VBulan Yang lalu

    @Chris Ott what are you on about dude, these guys play to win, not for your entertainment. The only reason why a team would choose to pick something unconventional is when they know they cannot beat the other team through conventional styles aka cheese. And it typically happens in bo1s because any attempts to cheese through a bo5 would historically end in tears

  35. Chris Ott

    Chris OttBulan Yang lalu

    @Eydeet Skill is one thing. And the skilled teams win. Which is fine and how it should be. It just gets old seeing the same champs over and over again. Any team that picks an unconventional champ is a winner in my book, cuz it's entertaining. It's fresh. So props to any team that doesn't go straight meta. Meta is meta. And meta gets old quick. Sure it works for winning. But not for entertaining viewers who like variety.

  36. Eydeet

    EydeetBulan Yang lalu

    I liked the way they used the Ryze alot and Uzi in the last TF was just insane, aswell as the gnar ults that got pulled of and the clean execution of the 1-3-1. I like to focus more on what the players can make out of their picks and how insanely good some macros are here. Aswell as the funny baron try :P I found Fnatic rather boring because they couldn't really get anything done. They just got played by RNG it felt like, maybe not so much in the early game but as soon as laning was over I couldn't find anything spectecular that made Fnatic not look like any other team. They couldn't really utilize their picks i think. But proof me wrong here, my main focus was on RNG anyways and I think that because of that i overlooked many things Fnatic may have done nicely here^^

  37. Chris Ott

    Chris OttBulan Yang lalu

    @X V sore loser? How is that possible. I don't like any team that plays League. I just like watching. Teams that chose boring safe picks are, well, boring.

  38. Psyche Positivity

    Psyche PositivityBulan Yang lalu

    So when is Riot going to nerf Faker?

  39. Quinton Lee

    Quinton LeeBulan Yang lalu

    Why did FNatic not ban Xayah against Uzi/RNG???

  40. Евгений К.

    Евгений К.Bulan Yang lalu

    SKT/Faker GG gogogo!!!

  41. Cristian Garcia

    Cristian GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    3:00:09 I love how he says "look at the lack of vision here" and Huni's cam goes black lol

  42. Sean M. Holland

    Sean M. HollandBulan Yang lalu

    Last week, my friend asked me to try fireboy and watergirl 3 on hudgames and it's my great choice to believe him.

  43. bananaramainpajams

    bananaramainpajamsBulan Yang lalu

    Could G2 be any more overrated? Not impressed

  44. Pnale

    PnaleBulan Yang lalu

    NA salt here

  45. Sav

    SavBulan Yang lalu

    3-0 with the fastest overall overrated? O and MSI champs

  46. Baron Bolten

    Baron BoltenBulan Yang lalu

    Rekkles, love u

  47. Max Cormier

    Max CormierBulan Yang lalu

    GRF honestly looking like a weak team lol reminds me of 2017 SSG korean-team-wise

  48. ppp yo

    ppp yoBulan Yang lalu

    GRF SWORD MAKES CVMAX FIRED (because CVMAX want Doran to play) And then Sword : “Plz grow up more like adult, CVMAX” And how they do, most korean fans will not cheer for them

  49. Amv Frank

    Amv FrankBulan Yang lalu

    Max Cormier they fired their coach 2 weeks before worlds.

  50. benito camela

    benito camelaBulan Yang lalu

    @Max Cormier Even if they do they're losing to G2 and even if they don't they're beating C9 and HKA so in order to get out of groups they're doing fine.

  51. Tipsy

    TipsyBulan Yang lalu


  52. Aaron Miller

    Aaron MillerBulan Yang lalu

    Why not put times for each fight for us? It would save time and is a small effort

  53. kaiser der variante

    kaiser der varianteBulan Yang lalu

    A hero already did that in the comment section hours long before you even commented. Scrolling down woul save time and is a small effort. 😐

  54. dario battiston

    dario battistonBulan Yang lalu

    Paolo Cannone would had grab em all

  55. Wizardtroll Games

    Wizardtroll GamesBulan Yang lalu

    BIG PAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. superhansen

    superhansenBulan Yang lalu

    Sorry will Riot take this years worlds to review. So they only have max 2 teams from NA to worlds in the future. EU, Korea and China can play for the last seat to group play. You have to be fair.

  57. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceBulan Yang lalu

    Hello,Humans. Social Worker : Is something funny? Arthur Fleck : I just thought of a funny joke! Social Worker : Do you mind telling it? Arthur Fleck : ...You wouldn't get it. -Joker (2019)


    TheLEETHALDOSEBulan Yang lalu

    Uhhhh ok. Cool you saw the movie.

  59. laupoisan

    laupoisanBulan Yang lalu

    Yuli my goodness 😍 @3:13:22

  60. Denner Jonatham

    Denner JonathamBulan Yang lalu

    omg faker

  61. Never Run Away

    Never Run AwayBulan Yang lalu

    U really go morgana adc vs uzi? MAD

  62. Never Run Away

    Never Run AwayBulan Yang lalu

    @Rodrigo Brantiz no one can say "u cant ay morgana bot" but pls, be util for team

  63. Rodrigo Brantiz

    Rodrigo BrantizBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah, bye bye Fnatic, go to play troll botlanes in another place.

  64. Pseudo

    PseudoBulan Yang lalu

    Hashtag: Make these pros play actual adc.

  65. Kaden B

    Kaden BBulan Yang lalu

    C9 such a joke... they’re winning with splitpushing and then they stop and start trying to team fight and then lose

  66. Deemerz

    DeemerzBulan Yang lalu

    Why is there only 25 comments and its on trending??????????

  67. Deemerz

    DeemerzBulan Yang lalu

    @Nippy 123 oh ok

  68. kaiser der variante

    kaiser der varianteBulan Yang lalu

    There was over 120,000 plus who watched the live including me that was just the early games. Im just here to re watch the game

  69. Nippy 123

    Nippy 123Bulan Yang lalu

    It was a live stream and these comments underneath can only be done after the stream as comments on a live stream has an entirely different section. It is on trending as it's the biggest esport event of the year, with millions of concurrent viewers per day on both twitch and IDreporter. This vid alone has almost 3 million views

  70. Cage McKinsey

    Cage McKinseyBulan Yang lalu

    I’ve been so surprised that Ashe has not been picked yet during group stages. That pick is a huge lane bully and can snowball very well, plus gets vision and stun for utility. My only guess is it’s better vs tanks but you’d think vs Garen yummi it would perform. Or you could go the triforce poke build

  71. Quinton Lee

    Quinton LeeBulan Yang lalu

    @Nippy 123 I just wanted to say that.

  72. Nippy 123

    Nippy 123Bulan Yang lalu

    She may win lane but due to her lack of mobility and champions such as kaisa,xayah, akali, etc etc, with dashes,Gap closers,she gets shut down easily especially in pro play

  73. Oliver Foggin

    Oliver FogginBulan Yang lalu

    Is it just me or does the audio keep glitching and cutting out for like half a second?

  74. Cameron Smith

    Cameron SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Why is mine showing 4hrs and starting at halfway

  75. Not Worth

    Not WorthBulan Yang lalu

    it does that for a little while until the thing is fully processed

  76. McMansikka

    McMansikkaBulan Yang lalu

    @Felipe Weber Same here

  77. Felipe Weber

    Felipe WeberBulan Yang lalu

    me too

  78. Andiodus

    AndiodusBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe wasn't uploaded yet.

  79. Tanaka Yoko

    Tanaka YokoBulan Yang lalu

    me too

  80. Roleplaying Pain

    Roleplaying PainBulan Yang lalu

    i hope karthus presses R

  81. ok ay

    ok ayBulan Yang lalu

    4:49:36 That flash..

  82. KatsisVi

    KatsisViBulan Yang lalu

    6:08:34 as well

  83. The Master Dodo

    The Master DodoBulan Yang lalu

    45:46 is that Xpecial doing translation

  84. dragonoyxd

    dragonoyxdBulan Yang lalu


  85. KatsisVi

    KatsisViBulan Yang lalu

    1:35:58 RNG vs FNC 2:36:57 CG vs SKT 3:29:40 FPX vs GAM 4:23:40 SPY vs JT 5:32:36 C9 vs GRF 6:38:53 HKA vs G2

  86. Paul Burress

    Paul BurressBulan Yang lalu

    @Alex H what

  87. Paul Burress

    Paul BurressBulan Yang lalu

    @Alex H tell me when I'll meet you there at the airport if I can

  88. Jos van Gilst

    Jos van GilstBulan Yang lalu

    bless you

  89. KatsisVi

    KatsisViBulan Yang lalu

    Cache did the problem fix? That happens with live streams

  90. Keito Gallo

    Keito GalloBulan Yang lalu

    Nasty Faker, that was Huni hahaha

  91. benito camela

    benito camelaBulan Yang lalu

    @cim888 I remember a video when SKT was losing a BO5 that he told Huni to stop gambling and think if it was really worth it to force a play because he kept on dying with no reason. He can carry a win alone but he can also carry a loss alone.

  92. cim888

    cim888Bulan Yang lalu

    Volatile 0/6/0 Huni suits NA's bang or bust style of play. No wonder Kkoma kept benching him.

  93. GUI KJRL

    GUI KJRLBulan Yang lalu

    Huni sad :(

  94. Guilherme Marques

    Guilherme MarquesBulan Yang lalu

    Some knows the judge woman with the pink hairs in 7:15:40

  95. kaiser der variante

    kaiser der varianteBulan Yang lalu

    I just googled pink hair referee in league of legend and shes the top result 😂 That would mean a lot if people have been googling her😂😂

  96. Guilherme Marques

    Guilherme MarquesBulan Yang lalu

    @TheLEETHALDOSE thank you men you save me

  97. shot040

    shot040Bulan Yang lalu

    belle delphine


    TheLEETHALDOSEBulan Yang lalu

    Her name is Yuli Just search Yuli league of legends and you’ll be good mate.

  99. Shadane

    ShadaneBulan Yang lalu

    Someone knows the song at 7:38:00?

  100. Infinite Chaos

    Infinite ChaosBulan Yang lalu

    @Zsilt XDD

  101. Zsilt

    ZsiltBulan Yang lalu

    Someone pleeeeaseee

  102. Julio Quevedo

    Julio QuevedoBulan Yang lalu

    Shadane deez - nuts