Greta Gerwig Channeled Mariska Hargitay During Pregnancy


  1. P RC

    P RC9 hari yang lalu

    She’s a superhero!

  2. Gabriela Trindade

    Gabriela Trindade19 hari yang lalu

    james called mariska marissa and it gives me anxiety

  3. GiantSandles

    GiantSandles21 hari yang lalu

    1:25 You can see she’s about to correct him but decides against it

  4. A Frica

    A Frica29 hari yang lalu

    How is Greta Gerwig any different from the women in MadMen who used men as their meal ticket - her career mysteriously took off after knowing Noah - she's no self-made Peggy Olson. She's just Noah's project.

  5. aplukkad jain

    aplukkad jainBulan Yang lalu

    Cordon If you want your show be superhit then you should have to invite shahrukh khan

  6. R B

    R BBulan Yang lalu

    It’s gotta be so weird to be a guy who always attracts women so far superior to you. Or to be the women who choose dull guys. Sad either way.

  7. R B

    R BBulan Yang lalu

    It’s gotta be so weird to be a guy who always attracts women so far superior to you. Or to be the women who choose dull guys.

  8. Jenny Meilin

    Jenny Meilin29 hari yang lalu

    R B if you’re talking about noah baumbach in this scenario he is anything but dull, he makes fantastic movies, i’m sure they find each other intellectually stimulating. brains are attractive

  9. L Beatrice Batz

    L Beatrice BatzBulan Yang lalu


  10. Ace of Swords

    Ace of SwordsBulan Yang lalu

    That is justfreakin adorkable 😄❤

  11. Catlynn Yates

    Catlynn YatesBulan Yang lalu

    I’m his defense I didn’t know the proper pronunciation of her name before now

  12. YarrBr0

    YarrBr0Bulan Yang lalu


  13. Mr. Magic

    Mr. MagicBulan Yang lalu

    I love Mariska Hargitay too. So I get it! I love Greta Gerwig Even more now.

  14. ArgChica

    ArgChicaBulan Yang lalu

    I thought I was th only one who found Benson comforting😁 She would be my go to for strong and compassionate 😁

  15. Mary Cook

    Mary CookBulan Yang lalu

    In The Love Guru Mariska Hargitay is uttered REPEATEDLY as a holy blessing !! Anyone ? 🌞 🐘 🦚

  16. Mary Blair

    Mary BlairBulan Yang lalu


  17. Lucas Reis

    Lucas ReisBulan Yang lalu

    a terrific baby

  18. Lauren Bebee

    Lauren BebeeBulan Yang lalu

    And her name is misspelled in the caption too...

  19. Dyferent

    DyferentBulan Yang lalu

    Someone should have yelled out how to say her name correctly. Not a good look lol. Plus it seemed as though he wasn’t really listening to Greta if he repeated wrong.

  20. Phillip Wilcox

    Phillip WilcoxBulan Yang lalu

    Ugh what a dream Greta is! I would give my legs to make a movie with her.

  21. Lisa Faulds

    Lisa FauldsBulan Yang lalu

    Lol how he can it be saying it wrong she’s been on his show 😭😂

  22. Saniah Prater

    Saniah PraterBulan Yang lalu


  23. April Marie

    April MarieBulan Yang lalu

    Greta looks really different here

  24. Sydney Henderson

    Sydney HendersonBulan Yang lalu


  25. tara persad

    tara persad28 hari yang lalu

    wow i didn't know people thought so highly of mariska??

  26. Ash McDaniel

    Ash McDanielBulan Yang lalu


  27. Cara F

    Cara FBulan Yang lalu

    Mariska deserves better

  28. Bor1ng B1tch

    Bor1ng B1tchBulan Yang lalu

    When James kept calling Mariska, marissa. I lost it, this is not okay. How dare you mess up her name, and you did it twice. 😂


    LORRIANEBulan Yang lalu

    You can tell Greta really loves Mariska & the way she feels about her baby & the way Mariska influences Greta being a Mom


    LORRIANEBulan Yang lalu

    HAHAHAHH I screenshot this before they corrected Mariska's name

  31. Mary Cook

    Mary CookBulan Yang lalu

    Lorraine Ilai 9:00 PM Sat . Jan. 25th - still wrong ! 👰🏻 🏰 🌞

  32. Loreto Ramírez Ponce

    Loreto Ramírez PonceBulan Yang lalu

    greta talks like she is joking all the time hahahaha 😂


    LORRIANEBulan Yang lalu

    THAT is not not how you spell The Queens name it is spelled Mariska Hargitay ! Pls get this right!!

  34. Carlos Taylor

    Carlos TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    I love her so much lol

  35. KherMoon

    KherMoonBulan Yang lalu

    "And I was like I have to make little women, and they were like 'no, you gotta make this little man' " 😂😂😂 I love Greta!!

  36. Lauren Bebee

    Lauren BebeeBulan Yang lalu

    I feel like James low-key has no idea who Mariska Hargitay is but was pretending so as not to look stupid.

  37. maria victoria Rebagliati

    maria victoria RebagliatiBulan Yang lalu

    @Maliha Intikhab two times!!!!! What a disgrace. James you let me down big time

  38. starman

    starmanBulan Yang lalu

    Jayne Mansfield's daughter and actress on one of the longest running law and order shows 20+ years. She is more famous than James or the people he is interviewing.

  39. Maliha Intikhab

    Maliha IntikhabBulan Yang lalu

    I agree. I felt so embarrassed for him when he said "Marissa".

  40. fouad othamni

    fouad othamniBulan Yang lalu

    She was on his show

  41. Antigoni Kailidi

    Antigoni KailidiBulan Yang lalu

    *M a R I s s A*

  42. Ernie

    ErnieBulan Yang lalu

    It's MARISKA, come on!

  43. Alex Batonisashvili

    Alex BatonisashviliBulan Yang lalu

    it's MARISKA

  44. Emilio Moyano

    Emilio MoyanoBulan Yang lalu


  45. Hollins23

    Hollins23Bulan Yang lalu

    0:49 - 0:50 That laugh - not your most genuine one. James!!

  46. lcvleyjjk

    lcvleyjjkBulan Yang lalu

    Hollins23 I felt him pushing it trying to make it sound real 😭

  47. Lila X

    Lila XBulan Yang lalu

    ok we're super bored if we're judging people's laughter tones hun. have a good weekend bud.

  48. Joan

    JoanBulan Yang lalu

    Hollins23 it’s because he has no idea who she is 😂

  49. Miranda Boodram

    Miranda BoodramBulan Yang lalu

    I can’t with James saying Marissa instead of Marishka

  50. Carla MSM

    Carla MSM22 hari yang lalu

    What a travesty lol

  51. Miranda Boodram

    Miranda BoodramBulan Yang lalu

    Carolyn Worthington Yeah I know! And yeah that’s very true..

  52. Carolyn Worthington

    Carolyn WorthingtonBulan Yang lalu

    Miranda Boodram Aw come on, it was a’s not like he’s doing it on purpose!

  53. Obsessed fangirl

    Obsessed fangirlBulan Yang lalu


  54. chrilope

    chrilopeBulan Yang lalu

    Greta Thunberg grew up so fast

  55. Revered Kiwi

    Revered KiwiBulan Yang lalu

    U should probably not be allowed on this planet if you don't love Greta

  56. Darin Michael Grant

    Darin Michael GrantBulan Yang lalu

    My _gosh_ , I cannot get over how much I am in love with Greta Gerwig. 😍🤗 Not just because she's such a sweet, wonderful, very pretty woman, but because she is _already_ such a world-class writer/director at such a young age! 😮💪👌 A true auteur of cinema in every way. 👏🎬

  57. Patrick Black

    Patrick Black27 hari yang lalu

    I mean when I was watching Frances Ha it sudenly hit me that Greta is THE JO in my heart.(the Jo from little women)

  58. Darin Michael Grant

    Darin Michael GrantBulan Yang lalu

    @FramesPerSecond Eh, I don't know about that. How many directors in their twenties have already made (in the vast majority of film lovers' opinions) two masterpieces??

  59. FramesPerSecond

    FramesPerSecondBulan Yang lalu

    She’s in her mid-thirties. There’s heaps of directors that were world class at a younger age. But yes, I love her too!

  60. Darin Michael Grant

    Darin Michael GrantBulan Yang lalu

    @Revered Kiwi Nuh-UH, I love her more! 😉😊

  61. Revered Kiwi

    Revered KiwiBulan Yang lalu

    Its not a contest, but I may love her a little more

  62. NIDA UCA

    NIDA UCABulan Yang lalu

    You are do impressive

  63. Alen KaZemi

    Alen KaZemiBulan Yang lalu

    NIDA UCA I am alen Kazemi and BBC news and ABC news and love you so much@

  64. onewritergirl

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  65. SynxChazz

    SynxChazzBulan Yang lalu

    so good

  66. Ramiz Karim

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  67. FaZe_Padz_ :

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