Greek Fire: The Secret Weapon That Saved An Empire


  1. T K

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    Ancient napalm

  2. viralshield

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    It is widely accepted that Greek Fire was developed by one Greek Christian, Kallinikos (aka Callinicus) of Heliopolis. I know this history from many old sources. What I am worried about is a recent misleading redirection of merits of the greek fire. One recent post on an obscure blog, says: discovered by Kallinikos a jewish man. How can you try to mislead people in thinking that ? Kallinikos was a native greek and not a jew! We live in bad times in which realities of the past are badly distorted for theft of merits !

  3. Jose Lewis Gachalian

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    I love the smell of greek fire in the morning..

  4. Khaled

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    How sad, Athen would be as great and rich as Dubai Riyadh Kuwait Doha, other than being saddly rusted creepy city begging money from germany still there is a chance to correct the historical mistake and bring back greece to where its belong the great rich wealthy peaceful middle east.

  5. Vlodec

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    I read somewhere that the inventor was an Egyptian, who took it straight to the Caliph at Baghdad. The Caliph wasn't interested, so our Egyptian - a pragmatic kind of guy it seems - then went to Constantinople, and the Byzantines snapped it up. Had the Caliph took up the idea, the whole of European history from the 7th century onward would have been very different.

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    2:53 From Lebanon* he was born in Heliopolis which is modern day Baalbek in Lebanon.

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    where did he grow up?

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    Make muslims great again!


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    Genius dies an idiotic death They could have taken over the world But some fuckin idiot forgot how to make it

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    How did they byzantines keep Greek fire a secret

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    how the hell it saved an empire....??? an empire that falls cannot be labeled as saved... by the way... they were proud of the greek fire because its burning for a thousand years.. but it is extinguished when the signs of the last prophet is born...

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    Now the west just lets them in and live among us without putting up a fight... The modern day cucks raised by the hyper feminists of the west surely know better than 1000+ years of history... they whose only real struggle in life is waiting longer than 5 minutes in line for a soy latte at Starcucks lol. There is a reason why Japan is the longest lasting nation state to date.

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    Wildfire from GOT?????

  14. Bryden Holley

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    The picture at 3:33 is inaccurate - why are there minarets inside Constantinople? Those were built after 1453 by the Turks...

  15. YoBoiEli

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    The way you describe history is so epic it's like listening to lore

  16. Christus Regnet

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    They called it πυρ Ρωμαϊκόν, "Roman fire," or πυρ θαλάσσιον, "sea fire." At some point, they later called it υγρον πυρ, or "liquid fire/fire liquid"

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    The secret of sea fire...

  18. Nguyen Dang Hung Anh

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    they didnt really used the fire to kill anybody. They just needed it to kill some spiders

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    Battle Of Blackwater ain’t got nothing on us

  20. Adivta yudha tama

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    Greek fire. Basically the flamethrower of thw ancient age

  21. Eagle 1

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    @Joseph Drach that's not correct Greek fire was invented way before the flamethrower showed up in song China it was introduce there by Arabic traders actually, as well flamethrowers already have a near-constant shooting flame, flamethrowers history actually goes back further than Byzantine Greek fire, first showed up in the Peloponnesian War at least

  22. Joseph Drach

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    You have not done your research.The flamethrower of the age was invented way before that and continued to be used.The Chinese invented a flamethrower that shot flaming spray at the enemy when you pulled or pushed a rod in it.This way it kept a near constant shooting flame going at your adversary.This was long before the Greeks or Romans did anything like that.

  23. King Ijaz MaliK : 1996-2096

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    Greek 🇬🇷 Fire

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    Is anyone else here after reading Percy Jackson/Hero’s of Olympus series? Team Leo!

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    Fever Sneaker I’m a half blood, but a *different* kind of half blood.

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    OMGS, the last thing i was expecting to find here was a fellow halfblood, well hey there!

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    Greek fire was still used by Constantine XI in 1453... so the secret recipe was probably lost during that time

  28. Eric Ponce

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    It was not reported being used when the Crusaders besieged Constantinople in 1204. If Greek Fire had been used, maybe the Crusaders would had failed in conquering the city.

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    Why I loved Game of Thrones. Cool shit from history woven in.

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    Yeah when it used to actually be good storytelling and not YUH R MUH QUEEN

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    CaC2 ?

  32. gigenisgigenis

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    here in greece the name for the greek fire is liquid fire

  33. Styx Hellmouth

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    @724warlord nope people that created this where living in a special place and when the city got invaded they destoryed the laboratory this is true info btw

  34. Vlodec

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    It's so similar to napalm in its nature, as far as one can tell, and napalm's original ingredients (naptha and palm oil) are so easy to come by, they may be the same thing.

  35. 724warlord

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    @Infinite Sky The recipe was lost to time

  36. Infinite Sky

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    Yeah, but what I wanna know is how it's made!

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    May the followers of the prophet Muhammad - peace and blessings be upon him - slowly slice your throats with a dull sword......whilst you softly gurgle your displeasure.

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    - peace and blessings be upon him -, repeat it much as you want, still the guy will burn in the lake of fire and sulphur right after judgement day by God's own hand.

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    So after all the "Greek fire" turned to be not as Greek. It is actually Syrian! So many other things today have similar situation like hummus, halwa, baklava and so on...

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    Just like wildfire in game of thrones

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    Deus Vult With the Power of Christ☦️we shall burn down all of Islam again.ΕΝ ΤΟΥΤΩ ΝΙΚΑ

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    Make the Byzantines Great Again*

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    It would be nice to take back the near east from the filthy Moslems. They can't complain if they are pushed out since they did the same to the peoples of the area before them.

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    Israel should expand even further imo and take the whole of the near east. Then settle the place with more Jews and Christians from abroad and civilize the place.

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    @Jivan Lim Islamophobic=Freedom loving. Yes, i'm Freedom loving. Freedom is more important than life itself

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    @Jivan Lim then you would be christophobic

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    Kelvin Price why are you so islamophobic lmao

  48. Ivan Lončarević

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    As much as i know it was used even after the 12th century, knights of St. John for example were using it in 1565. during the graet siege of Malta,

  49. Patrick S

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    About as secret as Novichek. The secret wasn't in the substance, it was in the delivery system.

  50. Lloyd Share

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    A powerful weapon just lost! That's what they want you to think, America has been using this stuff for decades it's called napalm

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    Lol one of the images shows the Hagia Sophia with minarets upon it. In 671? Not so sure about that.

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    Your accent makes you sound retarded it's a shame

  53. McEwen Reil

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    Actually theirs significant doubt as to weather or not the siege of 674 - 678 every really happened. This podcast describes it perfectly Also in the siege if 717 to 718 the fleet wasn't decimated - what ever definition your using - as only about 1% of the Arab navy could have possible been destroyed (4:10) (only the rearguard of the Arab navy, numbering 20 ships, were destroyed out of the finial fleet in 18,000 [ After the terrible winter for the arabs about 700 relief ships were sent]) This is a podcast by the same person covering that I also don't think that the Byzantines would have lost either siege without greek fire. In the first siege (assuming it happened) the Arabs were basically isolated and didn't even try to take Constantinople, and in the second siege the major reasons for the Byzantine victory were Arab defections, bad weather, Bulgar assistance, Byzantine victory against a relief army, and Byzantine preparation. I think the real thing that saved the Byzantines wasn't Greek fire but the geography of the empire, the management of the empire, luck, and most of all the Abbasid revolt moving Arab attention farther away from Constantinople.

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    YES, I AM HUMAN NARRATOR. MY MONOTONE VOICE ENSURES QUALITY IN OUR PRESENTATION. Great video though. I'll admit that perhaps reading your lines with a bit more.. emotion would be the word? Not sure. It is a clear voice, though there is a strangeness to the way it is read.

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    I prefer monotone voices :)

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    Pig Shit !

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    And then all of a sudden in 860: 200 longships filled with 20.000 fearless Vikings arrive from the north! -ODIN!

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    Another point for Western culture

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    Must be george rr martins inspiration for wildfire

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    Absolutelly it is.

  63. Theo Papas

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    Kalinikos from Syria surely was an alchemist.

  64. Sicheng Hao

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    Can someone explain to me why Arabs and Turkers attack Byzantines by such a massive scale?

  65. Eric Ponce

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    Constantinople was the wealthiest city in the known world in the 7th century. MONEY!

  66. waddietwo

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    Took the sand spooks 100 years just to conquer Sicily and that didn't last too long either.

  67. TheWretchedWorld

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    Profit muhammed supposedly saw the hagia Sofia in a vision when he supposedly transcended with the angel gabriel to heaven maybe this was a motivation for the Muslims to take it?

  68. Mayonnaise

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    In the first Islamic conquest, they attacked the Byzantine Empire hoping to penetrate Europe from the east, through the Balkans, but weren't able to overpower the Romans. They tried the same thing from the straits in the West with success, destroying the Visigothic Kingdom and taking over Hispania. They also attacked Gaul, but only made it as far as Tours when they were defeated in battle by the Franks. The battle of Tours in 732 was probably their second worst defeat in the 8th century and it marked the end of the first Islamic conquest, exactly 100 years after Muhammad's death. Also, Constantinople was the most important city in the world at the time.

  69. Harlowe Iasingston

    Harlowe IasingstonTahun Yang lalu

    Money, land and influence, yes. I don't think there's been a single conflict in history that hasn't had at least one of those three things as objectives. You see, Constantinople was for the Ottomans what Rome had been for the Huns and Goths. An unlocked safe, with no guards on duty.

  70. Lucky Luke

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    Don’t forget about South Slavs (Serbians, Croatians...) In 7th century they conquered Balkans and start attacking Byzantine Empire (even Constantinople)

  71. IceSwallowCome

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    Lucky Luke bulgaria you mean

  72. Mr patriot

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    Horrible form of death for those on the receiving end, but if the weapon had not been used Constantinople would have been lost and there would have been Islamic invasion into Europe. History would be different. Of course modern man has created worse weapons and far more destructive. My late Papou was born in Constantinople while it was still called Constantinople in 1895. I taught English there and have many Turkish friends. I have a published article about the Arab siege of Constantinople, but I'd have to wait till I can get on my laptop to post it. "Istanbul" by Dr. Thomas Madden is really good.

  73. Harlowe Iasingston

    Harlowe IasingstonTahun Yang lalu

    You seem to have a real obsession with the Battle of Tours. Too bad the Muslims were thrown out of both Iberia and the Balkans. Shows how consistent you guys were over the ages.

  74. Matt Nauman

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    Syed Ahmed and look at Europe today and look at Islamic shitholes

  75. Matt Nauman

    Matt NaumanTahun Yang lalu

    Syed Ahmed and why’ll you were busy probably fucking six year olds like Muhammad we advanced and controlled the world and colonized the Americas and spread Christianity

  76. Syed Ahmed

    Syed AhmedTahun Yang lalu

    You mean how we defeated the Franks pre and post Tours under the reign of Abdul Rahman III and Hisham of Córdoba? They just tuned around with war booty. Lmao, bro. Contemporary Muslims didn’t even know about Tours. It was a raid undertaken by a local magistrate in Al Andalusia. Not an encounter with flower of the Caliph’s armies sent by the Caliph himself like Constantinople. Also, it didn’t stop you from running like the Iberians in your attempts at the Crusades or saving Byzantium(the main powerhouse of Europe). "Today most historians see Tours as minor engagement" (The Allure of Battle: A History of How Wars have been won in the Past, Nolan Cathal, pp.30) "In time the Battle of Tours would acquire almost mythic qualities as Romantic era European writers credited Martel with saving Christendom from Islam. The reality, however, is less sensational. While Charles and the Franks did enjoy a significant victory, there is little evidence to suggest that the Muslim army he defeated was any more than a raiding force and not one bent on conquest" (Muslim and Christian Contact in the Middle Ages: A Reader, Rodriguez Jarbel, pp.54). "As a [modern] western scholar cogently argued, it seems that Muslim historians perceived these events in a Truer light than their western counterparts. The Frankish force at Pontiers encountered little more than a large band of raiders that had ventured beyond their usual raids". (Islam in Historical Perspective, Alexander Knysh, pp.342). Bernard Lewis also shares the same view. Did you want me to cite him too? I’ll cite primary sources as well. Just ask. Please, I’d love to educate a kindergarten level scholar like you. I’ll show you a quote from him that shows what Muslims thought of Western Europe. “If that is how the Islamic world looked from Europe, how did Europe look from the Islamic world? Rather, one might say, as central Africa looked to Victorian England. Arabic writings reflect the picture of a remote, unexplored wilderness inhabited by exotic, picturesque, and rather primitive people from whom there was nothing to fear and less to learn. A few intrepid explorers from Muslim Spain and North Africa ventured into darkest Europe and left accounts of their travels; we can hear the same note of some- what ainused disdain in their writings as we sometimes find in European travelers in Africa and Asia many centuries later. The Arabs were, of course, aware of Byzantium. They knew and re- spected the civilization of the ancient Greeks of Hellas, and also, though to a much lesser extent, of the Christian Greeks in Con- stantinople. But they had no respect - indeed there was no rea- son why they should have any respect - for central and western Europe,which in medieval times was on a significantly lower level of civilization, both moral and material, than the heartlands of Islam.”- (Europe and Islam, Bernard Lewis, pp.93). I can also quote his work and what he though about the Battle of Tours. The Great Muslim sieges of Constantinople were more significant in they eyes of Muslims as they represented military operations undertaken by the Caliph from the capital. Not some raid on the undertaken by a local governor in a backwater at the periphery of Umayyads(Tours). Did you want me to go on and steamroll a kindergarten level scholar like you? I can give you a taste of what our Muslim armies have to western forces for 1000 years.

  77. yay juiws

    yay juiwsTahun Yang lalu

    Steamrolled? You mean the arab poke and stab the running Iberians and got rekt by the Franks?

  78. Rohit Rai

    Rohit RaiTahun Yang lalu

    It saw only limited use though. While it may have saved constantinople, Byzantines lost control of the mediterranean. Also, the amount of hate speech in the comments is surprising

  79. Mayonnaise

    MayonnaiseTahun Yang lalu

    +Rohit Rai It's this thing called the internet with the beauty of anonymity and free speech. Don't like it? Cry.

  80. Jivan Lim

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    Joe Blow what did he do wrong?

  81. MrSh4des

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    Rohit Rai hate speech lmao.

  82. c.e. mcawsom

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    Geen naam I attended a mostly white high school in the mid-to-late 90s with Jordanian, Saudi, & Bahraini classmates. Ignorance and prejudice exist regardless of threat. Education and love are the only weapons against hate, but I sat surrounded by "Christians" who couldn't quote the Bible, were ignorant of the history of Abrahamic religions, and didn't know about the Crusades who talked shit about the "camel jockeys." Anytime education is decreased, racism flourishes and humanity suffers.

  83. Geen naam

    Geen naamTahun Yang lalu

    Before the 9/11 attacks there was no such hatred. The west lost their innocence that day and looking at all the terror attack on western soil, for the right reasons. This has nothing to do with racism, but with an actual threat

  84. Vasile Vetisan

    Vasile VetisanTahun Yang lalu

    good old Greek fire....purifying heretics since 672 AC!

  85. His Excellency President of Republic of Gambia

    His Excellency President of Republic of Gambia2 bulan yang lalu

    @Edgar Banuelos what?

  86. His Excellency President of Republic of Gambia

    His Excellency President of Republic of Gambia2 bulan yang lalu

    @Crusader Knght hence, to muslims too, you're also an infidel. See, it goes both ways

  87. Edgar Banuelos

    Edgar Banuelos5 bulan yang lalu

    @Joe Blow AC is a bastard term

  88. Crusader Knght

    Crusader Knght7 bulan yang lalu

    NPC #40249 Heretic is a Christian who denies some orthodox doctrine or dogma, heathen/infidel is a full fledge unbeliever non Christian, Muslims are heathen/infidels not heretics.

  89. Christus Regnet

    Christus Regnet9 bulan yang lalu

    What is AC? is that French?

  90. erik sanchez

    erik sanchezTahun Yang lalu

    the Byzantine Empire never exist it was called the Roman Empire

  91. Jivan Lim

    Jivan LimTahun Yang lalu

    erik sanchez why would they want to hide the Roman heritage? The Mongol Empire broke apart to other kingdoms, some still having their Mongolian culture and we don't call it the Mongolian Empire. The caliphates in the Middle East all have the same culture but we call them with different names

  92. Cipi Ripi

    Cipi RipiTahun Yang lalu

    dmpk .. no. Not "Eastern Roman Empire" but "Roman Empire" (Basileia ton Romaion). The funny thing is they call it Roman Empire ... in greek. :P

  93. Wandering Wade

    Wandering WadeTahun Yang lalu

    So true. 'Byzantine' is a moniker invented by Western scholars who wanted to obfuscate it's Roman heritage. It's like calling people from San Fransisco 'Brisbanians'.

  94. dmpk9

    dmpk9Tahun Yang lalu

    Eastern roman empire aka Byzantine empire

  95. Bill17Pat

    Bill17PatTahun Yang lalu

    I am Greek and i believe that Mary mother of Jesus saved Constantinople from the unfaithful muslim arabs. Orthodoxy triumphed against the fallacy religion of islam! One day Constantinople will be greek orthodox again!

  96. Syed Ahmed

    Syed AhmedTahun Yang lalu

    Matt Nauman Europe and Christianity has? Lmao, for how long? After 1000 years of being dominated by Muslims across the globe. History has its ups and downs, but one thing is clear. Our dominance is the norm and our future. Go back to being the shit stains we cucked on a daily basis.

  97. Matt Nauman

    Matt NaumanTahun Yang lalu

    Syed Ahmed Europe and or Christianity has and is dominating the globe

  98. Matt Nauman

    Matt NaumanTahun Yang lalu

    Syed Ahmed and who controls Jerusalem now and will continue to rule for hundreds of years to come

  99. Matt Nauman

    Matt NaumanTahun Yang lalu

    Syed Ahmed if Europeans wanted Muslims gone the next day they’d be gone so consider yourselves lucky but soon we may grow tired of you so do be careful

  100. Matt Nauman

    Matt NaumanTahun Yang lalu

    Syed Ahmed well if you constantly beat us why is Israel a country which is a country we put there and why were countries like Syria and Iraq colonized by European countries

  101. Paul

    PaulTahun Yang lalu

    Did the Byzantines use Greek Fire durint the 4th Crusade and Conquest of Constantinople?

  102. Eric Ponce

    Eric Ponce2 bulan yang lalu

    @Mayonnaise After the death of Manuel Komnenos, the empire was in total decline.

  103. Mayonnaise

    MayonnaiseTahun Yang lalu

    I don't see it as a shame. It had to fall eventually.

  104. Paul

    PaulTahun Yang lalu

    Nvm, the end of the video answered my question. What a shame. Would've preserved (what was left of the Empire) Constantinople for another half century.

  105. MrShadowofthewind

    MrShadowofthewindTahun Yang lalu

    The wildfire of the real ancient world.

  106. Syed Ahmed

    Syed AhmedTahun Yang lalu

    More like napalm

  107. Christian Cristof

    Christian CristofTahun Yang lalu

    Ancient world?

  108. GeoBBB123

    GeoBBB1232 tahun yang lalu

    Lol - the anachronistic picture at 3:34; Saint Sophia with minaret!

  109. Kelvin Price

    Kelvin PriceTahun Yang lalu

    GeoBBB123 time to take it back from the thieves and destroy all signs of Islam occupation and return it to the original owners, the orthodox church.

  110. Symen Symen

    Symen Symen2 tahun yang lalu

    Greece is the line of defense. to bad Europe is jealous of the Greeks supporting the Muslims.

  111. Harlowe Iasingston

    Harlowe IasingstonTahun Yang lalu

    First Asia Minor. Then Greece. Then the Danube. Lastly the Carpathians. There have been many lines of defense against the Ottomans in South-East Europe. Every modern nation has contributed more or less to the defense of Western culture.

  112. amoodi

    amoodi2 tahun yang lalu

    Until Ottoman find the permanent solution of Byzantine empire.

  113. Syed Ahmed

    Syed AhmedTahun Yang lalu

    Kshitij Chandna Not really, after Lepanto the Ottomans doubled their fleet, took Cyprus from the Venetians and beat the Spanish at the Battle of La Goletta. Lepanto was overhyped because it was not often Christians won against Muslims until the 1700s ish. Before that, the Ottomans and Mughals whored Europe around.

  114. Syed Ahmed

    Syed AhmedTahun Yang lalu

    Who cares about Israel? They beat 4 secular Muslim nation states. If we had an Islamic Government, we’d send Israel and western armies to the God they wished they knew. Just like what the Islamic GUNPOWDER empires, and all other Muslim states, did to the West.

  115. Matt Nauman

    Matt NaumanTahun Yang lalu

    Syed Ahmed I’m sorry you guys just can’t win Wars with weapons that aren’t swords remember Israel when they kicked your so called best fighter in six days

  116. Matt Nauman

    Matt NaumanTahun Yang lalu

    Syed Ahmed or it’s because the ottomans controlled trade routes and Europe went to get their own trade routes and made many new colonies

  117. Syed Ahmed

    Syed AhmedTahun Yang lalu

    The Ottomans steamrolled you with gunpowder you inbred idiot. Do you even know when gunpowder was built? The entire reason why you fags ran to the new world like the little bitches you are was because the Ottomans conquered with and flailed you alive with their gunpowder weaponry. So what if the Ottomans lost WW1? What is today will not always be nor is it what always was. We didn’t lose our fighting skills. Wtf? The best fighters are Muslims, whether it be in wrestling (Iran dominates), Boxing(Muhammad Ali), or even the UFC(Khabib). So much for losing. Mae just lost our scientific ingenuity because we thought we had it all.

  118. Jordan Bauman-Putnam

    Jordan Bauman-Putnam2 tahun yang lalu

    except it didn't, the Byzantines still got conquered, it no longer says constantinople on the map

  119. uegvdczuVF

    uegvdczuVFTahun Yang lalu

    Constantinople stood for another 800 years. As a comparison, from the fall Constantinople to this IDreporter video less than 600 years have passed. Also the Ottoman empire didn't last nearly as long, it came and gone in 600 years and they too are can't be found on a map anymore...

  120. Leon Peaks

    Leon Peaks2 tahun yang lalu

    Jordan Bauman-Putnam all Empire's fall,Greek,Romans,Persian,Mongols,Ottoman an British they all fall

  121. Thror King Under The Mountain

    Thror King Under The Mountain2 tahun yang lalu

    1025 was the Empires prime with Basil II The Bulgar Slayer as Emperor.After that everything goes down.Still we saved Europe from a shit ton of dangers.Thank you for putting time in my country,i really do.Byzantium is a country whose politics strategic location power and wealth saved a Europe that would not have stood a chance since there was constant warfare and the only large Empire at the time being The H.R.E and a few others.Have a good day my friend.(Byzantium's army is a thing worth noting for.Maybe you should make a video about it you know organization, numbers, goals, honorable battles, armor and mercenaries).

  122. History Uncovered

    History Uncovered2 tahun yang lalu

    The Byzantine Empire had a resurgence in power from the 9th - 11th centuries. They delayed the Muslim expansion into Europe by many centuries.

  123. Barfaldi

    Barfaldi2 tahun yang lalu

    Jordan Bauman-Putnam you say it bought them some time which means it saved them from collapsing until the ottomans.

  124. Andrew Dailey

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    3800 sub

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