Greek Fire - The Ride (Official Video)


  1. Peter Bækgaard

    Peter Bækgaard29 hari yang lalu

    I'd kill for an affordable Moon Signature Music man! 😍

  2. Diana Flores

    Diana Flores2 bulan yang lalu

    This was filmed at my school 🤠

  3. Brandon Odinson

    Brandon Odinson3 bulan yang lalu

    Ha king Scott

  4. samuel chapman

    samuel chapman4 bulan yang lalu

    That guitar riff at 0:22! If someone were to make a 10 hours version of that part alone... Ooh boy!

  5. chuck Core

    chuck Core4 bulan yang lalu

    I have a CD of all the old greek fire songs and they are fucking amazing. Newer stuff is great too but nothing like the old stuff. I r really wish they would have continued with songs that sounded like this. Please go listen to their older stuff.

  6. KristoDark

    KristoDark8 bulan yang lalu


  7. katytastics woot woot

    katytastics woot woot11 bulan yang lalu

    Yes! I’ve been longing for this🤣

  8. а а

    а аTahun Yang lalu

    Oh, yeaaaaaah! NOICE

  9. NeonSuspenders

    NeonSuspendersTahun Yang lalu

    Was that fuckin King Scott??

  10. SyriL A S C E N D E D

    SyriL A S C E N D E DTahun Yang lalu

    hello greek fire if you sent the copyright claim to my video if you arent offended by this statement"You should have seen the desc" if you have then if you were the copyright claimer im sorry if i offended you by almost not putting the greek fire name in the desc


    SOCKSONATRACTORTahun Yang lalu


  12. Susan Allen

    Susan AllenTahun Yang lalu

    Great vocals too!

  13. UnKleFreaKy

    UnKleFreaKyTahun Yang lalu


  14. Willhelm Willhelm

    Willhelm WillhelmTahun Yang lalu

    clean shaving Phil

  15. Redleg240

    Redleg240Tahun Yang lalu

    Fantastic seeing King Scott brushing his mane, and Lux hiding in the back. Awesome video and great song.

  16. Zemmygo

    ZemmygoTahun Yang lalu

    Glad this made the top 40 hard rock songs of 2018

  17. Mamasini

    MamasiniTahun Yang lalu

    This song is pure kickass! I love it and I've been sharing it with my friends. Please, more of this!!

  18. Oscar McFox

    Oscar McFoxTahun Yang lalu

    I love this song! I need more! Greek Fire, I liked all music of us!!

  19. Ben Durham

    Ben DurhamTahun Yang lalu

    I love this band!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Austin Barr

    Austin BarrTahun Yang lalu

    Is it just me or does that beginning of this song sound almost like Black Sabbath’s paranoid?

  21. Un Tal Chasky

    Un Tal ChaskyTahun Yang lalu

    You need to appear in another movie to be more famous again

  22. Dante Reising

    Dante ReisingTahun Yang lalu

    Moon man up sound awesome I listened to thing song cause you promoted it on the rizz show and I think I’ll listen to you guys now sound great 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  23. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverTahun Yang lalu

    King Scott looks like a serial killer about to kill his victim brushing his hair like that. That being said, this might be my favorite Greek Fire song to date

  24. Glenn Smith

    Glenn SmithTahun Yang lalu

    This is just awesome

  25. arnold melendez

    arnold melendezTahun Yang lalu

    Great song! This is what the rock world needs! Energy up!

  26. Gavin Lorenzo

    Gavin LorenzoTahun Yang lalu

    This is a good song imo, but I feel like dynamics should be played with more. Greek Fire riffs are usually great but are usually crowded in the middle of the song or out-sounded by other instruments.

  27. Travis S

    Travis STahun Yang lalu

    King Scott, Moon's "My Lady", Lux, so awesome. Love the song guys! Johnny Venus is the best!

  28. The Game Breakers

    The Game BreakersTahun Yang lalu

    hot damn this whole ep is just hit after hit.

  29. Shadow fox

    Shadow foxTahun Yang lalu

    SAO Abridged Parody: episode 13 brought me to this band!!! 🤘🔥🔥

  30. Shadow fox

    Shadow foxTahun Yang lalu


  31. Mathew Mayer

    Mathew MayerTahun Yang lalu

    Yes you are not alone here have a 9up

  32. Patrick

    PatrickTahun Yang lalu

    Nice cameo King Scott.

  33. Veronica Martinez

    Veronica MartinezTahun Yang lalu

    Buenísimo ohhjh

  34. mzondi1970

    mzondi1970Tahun Yang lalu

    Great stuff Moon and everybody else in the Cameo shots

  35. Garrett Horsch

    Garrett HorschTahun Yang lalu

    King Scott is such a goof ball

  36. camila

    camilaTahun Yang lalu

    i want this song at my funeral

  37. Brandon Fisher

    Brandon FisherTahun Yang lalu

    King Scott, is the Teenage dirt bag. lol

  38. dusty

    dustyTahun Yang lalu

    Best Greek Fire song so far

  39. Michael Jones

    Michael JonesTahun Yang lalu

    Damn good song guys.

  40. Tudro

    TudroTahun Yang lalu

    I don't know but when I'm listening this I think about It Doesn't Matter and Down In Mexico. Nice job ;)

  41. Pav Stamp

    Pav StampTahun Yang lalu


  42. bananiac

    bananiacTahun Yang lalu

    Maybe Today ❤️

  43. david Feldman

    david FeldmanTahun Yang lalu

    Phil if you guys need a guitarist the director of the video is actually a really good guitar player

  44. SavageOwl -.

    SavageOwl -.Tahun Yang lalu

    can i get that Greek Fire guitar?

  45. Xiumin is my jam

    Xiumin is my jamTahun Yang lalu

    I love your music very much guyss❤

  46. Hunchback Whale

    Hunchback WhaleTahun Yang lalu

    Totally dig this! We've been fans since we saw you open for Anberlin in Nashville. You guys rock and we're going to tag you up on social! Keep up the good work!

  47. Rebeca Sanchez Gonzalez

    Rebeca Sanchez GonzalezTahun Yang lalu



    MIKER4ZORTahun Yang lalu

    Qué gran trabajo chicos!

  49. Kade The Health Coach

    Kade The Health CoachTahun Yang lalu

    Was hoping carl the mannequin would make an appearance. Seriously though awesome song! keep rocking!

  50. chuck Core

    chuck CoreTahun Yang lalu

    This has always been one of my favourite greek fire songs, ever! I'm glad after all these years it's getting the treatment it deserves. Old greek fire songs cannot be topped, period! Best band to ever come out of the Midwest!

  51. Venüs Demyer

    Venüs DemyerTahun Yang lalu

    Who ain't know they were still makin music???

  52. Dr. Downs

    Dr. DownsTahun Yang lalu


  53. Wolffer

    WolfferTahun Yang lalu

    I will never get tired of hearing this.

  54. Rafael Luis

    Rafael LuisTahun Yang lalu

    Estava com saudades de vocês, parabéns pelo trabalho, vocês são muito bons.

  55. Eric Wilhelm

    Eric WilhelmTahun Yang lalu

    Been bumping this on repeat all day!

  56. LEVIATHAN490

    LEVIATHAN490Tahun Yang lalu

    I love your every song :)

  57. sinisin #1

    sinisin #1Tahun Yang lalu

    Moon deserves a fuckin Grammy! I've said it since day one! Someone give this guy some fuckin recognition

  58. Michael J

    Michael JTahun Yang lalu

    Cameos from some people from 1057 the point!

  59. Nathan Smith

    Nathan SmithTahun Yang lalu

    The girl with the sucker is moons girlfriend

  60. Steinerecliner

    SteinereclinerTahun Yang lalu

    I love how they are featured. Moon showing love to his point-mats.

  61. Blackgold1155

    Blackgold1155Tahun Yang lalu

    Michael J I spotted Lux and King Scott 👑

  62. Michael J

    Michael JTahun Yang lalu

    What happened to Ryan?

  63. Scrakabees

    ScrakabeesTahun Yang lalu

    Nothing stated publicly that I know of from Greek Fire. Sorry dude, I only know the obvious.

  64. Michael J

    Michael JTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah, I knew all of that but I was hoping for a little more context other than the obvious.

  65. Scrakabees

    ScrakabeesTahun Yang lalu

    Moon is no longer in Story of the Year, Ryan is no longer in Greek Fire.

  66. Patricks MusicVidz

    Patricks MusicVidzTahun Yang lalu

    Great song, great video! Hoping you'll find another guitarist which is almost as good as ryan! Fingers crossed :)

  67. Blackgold1155

    Blackgold1155Tahun Yang lalu

    They’re back! Love the energy! It took about 5 views to get over the patient wait for this to hear the message. Awesome stuff!

  68. The Gamer Chef

    The Gamer ChefTahun Yang lalu


  69. ElectricOutcast

    ElectricOutcastTahun Yang lalu

    The Gamer Chef DAMN IT, CARL!