Government rocked by Chinese spy scandal


  1. 虞某某

    虞某某14 hari yang lalu

    i never imaged Australian can be so stupid when I studying in usyd for the past 3 years…

  2. Indie Jones

    Indie Jones27 hari yang lalu

    Oz is so anti-China that they would even believe a fraud to treat it like the truth that now we are seeing eggs on all their faces.

  3. YUN YUN

    YUN YUNBulan Yang lalu

    60 Minutes Australia

  4. 魏玉章

    魏玉章Bulan Yang lalu

    First, we must admit that as a developping country, average social welfare in China is still behind many developped countries. Second, we must admit that because of big social gap in China, there are still many low-class guys who think life in these developped countries is like in heaven. Third, for these guys who lack of self-esteem, one quick and simple way to get citizenship in those countries is political asylum, in other words, make themselves examples of western "evil China" narratives Today, the western countries don't accept asylum application with execuses like "I am a falungong member" or "I am a democratic activist" because too tired with such execuses. And this man managed to find a new road to take. Australia, please grant him an asylum passport and I can ensure you soon you will get thousands of "Chinese spies" that seeks for shelter in beautiful free Australia.

  5. 郑鑫

    郑鑫Bulan Yang lalu

    fake news made by idiots

  6. Jam Lee

    Jam LeeBulan Yang lalu

    Aussies are so brainwashed it's laughable, they actually believe this bs from a con artist 😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. Alan Shin

    Alan ShinBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks to this scandal we can officially know how dumb the Aussies r lmao

  8. Xiaoyu Cai

    Xiaoyu CaiBulan Yang lalu

    Dear Aussie tax payers, you accept thousands asylum seekers every year, add one more con man shouldn’t be a big deal, at least your media used him entertained us for a bid.

  9. 程齐 Qi Cheng

    程齐 Qi ChengBulan Yang lalu

    A person who is 26 years old cant speak english and shows now evidence says hes a spy and who country bought it? Oh i can speak english and german, can i be a spy too?

  10. Bill Stones

    Bill StonesBulan Yang lalu

    I guess the Aussies are not particularly known for their intelligence. The entire nation can be fooled by a Chinese "spy", whose entire family is already in Australia, is just beyond me.

  11. Jam Lee

    Jam LeeBulan Yang lalu

    Australian media is so degenerated, they eat up any bs likea pig. I really pity you average Aussies being brainwashed since birth

  12. Jam Lee

    Jam LeeBulan Yang lalu

    @General Ripper keep denying delusional US lapdog lol, your view of the world is distorted af

  13. General Ripper

    General RipperBulan Yang lalu

    Said the Chinese guy, living in the one-party dictatorship/police state *clap clap*

  14. Oliver Heaviside

    Oliver HeavisideBulan Yang lalu

    attempt? plan B gladis lui is in that seat.. attempt my ass.. more like mission accomplished... politicians continue to get rich selling out our country... when politicians are part of the wealthy elite than you know you've fucked up

  15. C Don't belive west

    C Don't belive westBulan Yang lalu

    Only brainless guys believe west media

  16. Adam Peck

    Adam PeckBulan Yang lalu

    LOL Foolish Australian journalists believing a conman asylum seeker faults story 😔😄😂 26 years old can not speak English or Cantonese TOP SPY ? The Court in Shanghai showing he has been trials for cyber crimes You can see the the journalist is morons and bias !

  17. Clark Yan

    Clark YanBulan Yang lalu

    Press is so cute that be fooled by this fake spy. There are too many doubts

  18. Mike Wang

    Mike WangBulan Yang lalu

    Are Australia this retarded?

  19. Joyce B

    Joyce BBulan Yang lalu

    Please...why is this a surprise. Most every government across the globe are filled with spies/loyalist to other countries. For example: letting muslims in your governments is stupid and suicidal for your countries. But the conveniently blind and stupid politicans with their PC crap look the other way with their diversity BS backing them up. Well you have trojan horses that you have invited in and then you act all shocked...How Dare You, betray us. Governments have become traitors to the people.

  20. Grace Gisel

    Grace GiselBulan Yang lalu

    Ha-ha. Now let us analyze this spy. We assume he is a spy. Then what the hell is he doing differently from the USA spies, The Australian spies, the Russian spies, etc. This is what spies do. So, please stop your hypocrite speech and remarks. This is 007 life. That is it!

  21. ChineseloveIsrael

    ChineseloveIsraelBulan Yang lalu

    So, do your job and find the killer rather than using a fake spy and touting conspiracy theories.

  22. Johnny Q

    Johnny QBulan Yang lalu

    This "China spy farce" is proof positive that the Aussie whites are dumb as fuck.

  23. Andy Wong

    Andy WongBulan Yang lalu

    CCP to Australians: You got me, do you want more? we can give you a list of these kind of Spies, you are welcome...

  24. pc su

    pc suBulan Yang lalu

    British government exiled criminals to Australia, Australia is the land of scoundrels and convicts.

  25. M Romero

    M RomeroBulan Yang lalu

    I believe this with a little scepticism, but if this is completely true, the chinese government will find it hard to be trusted by other countries.

  26. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    AUssies can be rocked so easily? Imagine if a real warship sails near Darwin.

  27. slipely

    slipelyBulan Yang lalu

    Scott sold out the aussies. Yall better get them guns

  28. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    Is Taren your hero? He has done well in NZ.

  29. Anthony

    AnthonyBulan Yang lalu

    This is going on worldwide. Here in Canada our universities are being fully controlled and run by the Chinese. Our markets and supply chains have been over run and are now being controlled by the Chinese. Most of the real estate in Western Canada is controlled and owned by the Chinese. Our traitor leaders are allowing this to happen and even promoting it through state media. This will not end well for anyone.

  30. Anthony

    AnthonyBulan Yang lalu

    @菌君UP Yes we should and you and your communist country full of slaves should fuck off. Your worse than the Nazis.

  31. 菌君UP

    菌君UPBulan Yang lalu

    Silverstone interesting perspective, why the Canadian government allow international buyers? You should just keep ur land, ur companies, and you people being laid off constantly.

  32. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    Easy, don't buy don't sell donlt let 'them' near you problem solved. DId they pay someone in Canada to get hold of your real estates or did you just let them 'control' it? You need to understand the process of buying and selling. I can offer you money to buy your house but you do not have to agree to sell it to me if you are not happy with the the money I offer you. Same concept for Universities but it is a service instead. YOU offer a service for X dollars, they pay you X dollars and you let them study in your Universities. You can decide to terminate this service any time you deem fit and they can't come to your Universities, but at the same time it also means that you have less income. The decision is yours. China would not force you to sell or provide the service. Hope this helps. But frankly, I have never seen sellers or service providers with so many complaints about their customers.

  33. twenlil

    twenlilBulan Yang lalu

    I think I need to educate some people especially some Aussies.... 1) The Chinese "spy" court case in China 2) Wen Yanqing, former deputy director of the Taiwanese Military Intelligence Bureau, said in an interview with the United Daily News that Wang "obviously isn't" a Chinese secret agent. Wen claimed that Wang's "lies" were "grossly unprofessional" and demonstrated an "extremely shallow" understanding of the Chinese intelligence establishment. He posited that Wang is simply "putting on a show" in a bid to gain Australian permanent residency. (I would think the Taiwanese MIlitary Intelligence would know more about Chinese spies than the naive and ignorant Aussies.) 3) Wang also claimed to be involved in the abductions of the Causeway Bay Books booksellers in Hong Kong, although Lam Wing-kee, one of the abductees, does not recall meeting him and has reservations about his claims. "Wang said that he also personally helped to organise the October 2015 kidnapping of Lee Bo, the owner of Causeway Bay Bookshop, whom Beijing accused of distributing dissident materials. " 4) "A BBC journalist in Washington, DC, Zhaoyin Feng, also found court records of other alleged cases of loan and property disputes involving Mr Wang between 2015 and 2019. " 5) Bishop casts doubt on spy claims Former foreign minister Julie Bishop has cast doubt on the credibility Mr Wang. Some Australian politicians have called for Mr Wang to be granted protection in Australia, a counter to Chinese embassy accusations that he is a convicted fraudster. Ms Bishop said the fact that Mr Wang publicly outed himself raised "fascinating questions". "In my experience if they were truly a spy from any nation who was engaged in such high level espionage, that person would be enveloped in our intelligence community and would be nowhere near the media," she said. 6) "But how could a 26-year-old man with a wife and son living in Australia be [a spy]," Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University's Institute of International Relations, told the Global Times on Sunday. "

  34. red brown

    red brownBulan Yang lalu

    Give him asylum and all the financial, security and other support he needs for life And Publish that he is getting it. Invite other Chinese to turn over evidence. Australia is afraid of China punishing it finically, but it won't be long for the Western Nations to form a Bloc and put sanctions on China, black list it's companies and ban it from using American banking systems. Then China will have nothing to threaten countries with and accept it's place in the world as a good citizen. Xi will probably buried in the sand up to his head and passersby will be invited to saw on him with a little bamboo knife left there for them. He'll die a a slow, painful death, worthy of the brutal dictator he is.

  35. 东风压倒西风

    东风压倒西风Bulan Yang lalu

    How much is the pay roll? Im interested if the number is right, i know alot more than this guy trust me

  36. Modus Operandi

    Modus OperandiBulan Yang lalu

    I'm a Chinese Spy, now where's my free passport Australia? Lol can't believe people buy this dumbass's story. Which spy would allow his/her face & name to be shown on international news trying to sell secrets for asylum. Lol.

  37. X Moon

    X MoonBulan Yang lalu

    Modus Operandi NoNoNo. You are not qualified to be a spy. You can write in English. That’s absurd!

  38. Jamie C

    Jamie CBulan Yang lalu

    First UK blamed China because their employee was arrested and abused by Chinese police. It turned out that the employee visited prostitutes and then got arrested. Chinese police released the related videos. this time Australia blamed China for a self-claimed Chinese spy. Chinese police released two court videos showing this guy was sentenced to be guilty for frauds! if you guys really love these type of scumbags...just give them citizenships and keep them!

  39. Indie Jones

    Indie Jones27 hari yang lalu

    I somehow wonder what's with these Anglo Saxon countries under the 5 eyes with regards to their take on China. You don't see such anti-China bias shallow thinking (huawei ban for eg) from all other countries. Take Japan, they are anti-China too but they are alot intelligent to know they need to work with them and would have know this bullshit the first instance.

  40. 郑鑫

    郑鑫Bulan Yang lalu

    Jamie C 👍👍

  41. Wellpinit

    WellpinitBulan Yang lalu

    26 years old, who can't speak English or Cantonese. How was he suppose to operate in Australia or Hong Kong as he claimed. Also supposedly a spy master at age 26, knows all kinds of suppose secrets. In addition, his wife and children were already living in Australia before his suppose "defection". Do you really think any country will allow one of its spy to move his entire family to a foreign country which the spy is operating in? I call his spy story B.S.!

  42. Bush Craft

    Bush CraftBulan Yang lalu

    Are Australians really this low in IQ?

  43. Vince Liu

    Vince LiuBulan Yang lalu

    Does Australian government’s face feel painful? I mean after Chinese government released the video that hyper spy Mr.Wang was judged by the court as the crime of swindling? Australian journalist claimed his name Wang Liqiang is just an alias but from the judging video, that is his true name and it was recorded in 2016 LOL. Australia is just too crazy on anti-China and licking American flavored asshole. Morrison, Australia has the law? Really? What about that tv programme? Make them do an apology for misleading and tell them to do more research or at least get some evidence before talking shit?

  44. Vince Liu

    Vince LiuBulan Yang lalu

    larry yeo who said it’s about the word spin? Read carefully before comment.

  45. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    apology? you don't understand white folks. Spin is the right word

  46. Peter Y.

    Peter Y.Bulan Yang lalu

    A self proclaimed Chinese spy by the name of Wang Liqiang was assigned to infiltrate Hong Kong but can't speak Cantonese nor English? And now tells the world he's defected to Sydney where the Chinese government can arrest him there for fraud? What does this guy gain by turning against his own government and country? Heck, if the American government paid me 1 billion dollars, I'll be happy to tell the Australian government I'm a spy too.

  47. K4M4K4Z

    K4M4K4ZBulan Yang lalu

    Australia is at risk of becoming communist don't trust your government

  48. K4M4K4Z

    K4M4K4ZBulan Yang lalu

    @passerby dole is socialist you moron

  49. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    your dole comes from a communist system did you not know?

  50. K4M4K4Z

    K4M4K4ZBulan Yang lalu

    Scott Morison is a corrupt communist!!!

  51. K4M4K4Z

    K4M4K4ZBulan Yang lalu

    Liberals are communist out Scott Morison!!!!

  52. K4M4K4Z

    K4M4K4ZBulan Yang lalu

    @passerby what dole I work for a living you Asian maggot!

  53. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    Your dole is paid by a communist system did you know that?

  54. Bush Craft

    Bush CraftBulan Yang lalu

    The main thing is this guy looks stupid, suits the stereotype Chinese in western eyes. Western people: this guy looks disgusting must be a Chinese spy. The facts never matters.

  55. Honest review^_^

    Honest review^_^Bulan Yang lalu

    Winter is coming.

  56. mikeniceguy1

    mikeniceguy1Bulan Yang lalu

    The 60 Minutes Australian news about the Chinese spy it was really a joke。 This man is a criminal and he's only 26 years old . He lies and makeup stories . He copies things from newspapers and media. He never really work at Taiwan .This story is so ridiculous ,is really a joke ,a scam . 60 Minutes of Australian cover the story with no evidents and facts。News without investigated and background check. Fake news. Just wanted to damage other country's reputation or is propaganda ,so unethical 。Shame! 60 minutes Australian news needs to find out the truth and clear it up the story. And apologize to China. Proverbs 28:13 He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. ☝️❤️☝️ China have spies, every country have spies, but not this man, he is not a spy. To be a spy ,they have years to be trained. High requirements. This man have criminal records in China. Actually he's smart, to be able to go to Australian reporter, and fool them, they believed him ,so he can stay in that Country. He don't even speak English. Now the news comments are turned off. Why...?

  57. Elite Knight Productions

    Elite Knight ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    Yea "mysterious circumstances" >:(

  58. Guan Max

    Guan MaxBulan Yang lalu

    LUL the Australian are so special. They can tell the truth without logic and investigation.

  59. Jam Lee

    Jam LeeBulan Yang lalu

    US gov is a reap l circus, rarel have seen such dumbed down media and politicians

  60. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    and feel no shame when they got it wrong

  61. Jing Feng Ong

    Jing Feng OngBulan Yang lalu

    we should stop the communist before it vanishes Australian value. Australian should be proud of what we are now. democracy can be destroy, so we should stand together not only Australia but the world should alert of this. Australia will leads first and the rest of the world should do so.

  62. chin poh pang

    chin poh pangBulan Yang lalu

    Looks like anyone can just simply be spy, no verification required..

  63. Jam Lee

    Jam LeeBulan Yang lalu

    Aussies are so stupid like chickens. Even their leaders are clowns 🤦‍♂️😂😂

  64. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    according to aussies, yes.

  65. Friend of Tellus

    Friend of TellusBulan Yang lalu

    In my opinion; this should lead to investigation into these matters in all countries. For how.many other countries may not China try to influence in the same way ? !

  66. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    are you delusional? China has no interest in you, they are only interested in your minerals.

  67. ForAmerican

    ForAmericanBulan Yang lalu

    Just stupid. Australian enjoy a stupid story. Australian are a bunch of idiots.

  68. Critical Transmission

    Critical TransmissionBulan Yang lalu

    Liberal Party.....

  69. sophie wang

    sophie wangBulan Yang lalu

    Australia has the best brainwashing techniques in the world. Such a joke could be talked about seriously on the TV. Who wrote the story for the guy to tell wasn’t updated about how Chinese government works. Obviously it wasn’t wrote by Chinese people, must be some one knows Australians very well.

  70. keith tiong

    keith tiongBulan Yang lalu

    I am sure China is impressed with Australia's stand. Soon more Chinese and Hongkong citizens will seek asylum in Australia by air and boat.

  71. Jo Black

    Jo BlackBulan Yang lalu

    So are you Aussie morons finally waking up to the threat China poses? You PC little faggots have had your head up your arse for so long it's not funny.

  72. lifeng

    lifengBulan Yang lalu

    The IQ of some Australians and lots of people in the West is getting increasingly interesting. The journalist is so admirable for his seriousness on the matter :) Keep going that way people! ;D

  73. Wong Apple kw

    Wong Apple kw2 bulan yang lalu

    Today Hongkong, tomorrow.......

  74. Cesar Chen

    Cesar Chen2 bulan yang lalu

    Hahaha, this moron doesn’t even speak English!? Even if China sends spies to Australia, they someone who can speak English. What’s the use of this “Spy”? Can he even understand the documents that he allegedly possesses? Even someone like him can find a job in Australia. Ridiculous .

  75. 北斋

    北斋2 bulan yang lalu

    Why this SPY dont speak english SPY should speak 4-6 languages no?

  76. lu wei

    lu wei2 bulan yang lalu

    lol plz show some respect for spies. this piece of shit definitely is not one. I guess you guys will just eat any kind of shit about china they throw u. We don't need spies, guys. Economy and technology are all we need to be focusing on. And u should do the same.

  77. Ken Moore

    Ken Moore2 bulan yang lalu

    SCOMO , You are as week as PISS ! TRAITOR . Next there will be 50,000 signatures on some wild petition and then things will change for the worse as minorities will get what they want. Australia will become a Chinese province and our Politicians will enjoy the good life on their BIG FAT PENSIONS. Can'ts the lot of them.

  78. Barry Good

    Barry Good2 bulan yang lalu

    Passing by to remind the commenters that HONG KONG IS CHINESE! and that spying in your own territory is something even THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT DOES!

  79. 东风压倒西风

    东风压倒西风2 bulan yang lalu

    Lol funny to see the oz media, public and government gets trolled a big time by this dodgy scammer dude

  80. Jay Liu

    Jay LiuBulan Yang lalu

    Irwin Iing Plagiarism

  81. Irwin Iing

    Irwin IingBulan Yang lalu

    东风压倒西风 Lol funny to see the chinese people, young and old gets trolled a big time by this dodgy scammer winnie the pooh

  82. rogers owen

    rogers owen2 bulan yang lalu

    a criminal of fraud turns into a spy, what a stupid plot in a poor novel.

  83. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    And a brave one too according to AUstralians LOL

  84. sophie wang

    sophie wang2 bulan yang lalu

    This smart guy makes Australia a big joke in the world. It shows how “smart” Australians could be. It really shows the intelligence level where Australians sit on to the whole world. Well done!

  85. Liang Jiang

    Liang JiangBulan Yang lalu

    @Richard Graf pick me, pick me, I'm wumao, please send my wumao right now, or I will expose you (delete bracketed content, 1 cent each post)

  86. Redtide

    RedtideBulan Yang lalu

    @Richard Graf u r so stupid and shallow. Anyone who mock Ozzie' stupidity is a wu mao? What simpleton.

  87. passerby

    passerbyBulan Yang lalu

    @Jason Lee Me too, I speak even more languages. My number is 12345678910 aussies please offer me some money and I will let you in on a good secret about President Xi's mother in-law who actually runs CCP. .Aussies absolutely love rumours and unsubstantiated claims, they will believe anything that is bad about China.

  88. 流量不够

    流量不够Bulan Yang lalu


  89. Jason Lee

    Jason LeeBulan Yang lalu

    I am the Spy who are able to speak English, 한국어, 廣東話,普通话. Anyone want to contact me?