Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast9 bulan yang lalu

    It's been a long time coming-this one's for the fans! Favorite quote??

  2. RandomMaya

    RandomMaya19 hari yang lalu

    500th reply

  3. Rosiee Blossom

    Rosiee Blossom2 bulan yang lalu

    My arshole

  4. Gabriel Samson

    Gabriel Samson3 bulan yang lalu

    500th comment

  5. Briant

    Briant4 bulan yang lalu

    "Come here you donkeys!)

  6. David Wilson

    David Wilson6 jam yang lalu

    The episode has more cursing than Quentin Tarantino’s entire filmography. Lol

  7. Shannon williams

    Shannon williams6 jam yang lalu

    Word of the Wise....White cheese....Cleanses the mouth from heat🔥 (personally, tested up to Carolina Reapers)

  8. Jenelle Bacchus

    Jenelle Bacchus6 jam yang lalu

    Cant keep up with the amount of swear words

  9. Kaique Mesquita Correa

    Kaique Mesquita Correa6 jam yang lalu

    That’s a lot of swearing, love it 😊

  10. NonExsist

    NonExsist6 jam yang lalu

    shit counter: (just guess in the comments) i dont want likes

  11. JTB

    JTB6 jam yang lalu

    I liked the bit where he said 'shit'

  12. Desert Flower

    Desert Flower7 jam yang lalu

    All thats cursing..but you are not that tough are you..wimp..Cat women is tougher then you...

  13. Anvng un

    Anvng un7 jam yang lalu

    19:33 hahaha

  14. Matthew Romero

    Matthew Romero7 jam yang lalu

    Lmao yo Gordon is so fucking funny bro 😂😂😂

  15. ExtremeThunderGaming

    ExtremeThunderGaming8 jam yang lalu

    22:01 😂

  16. Alixis Burudin

    Alixis Burudin8 jam yang lalu

    Gordon be like: *fuckin hell* *SHIT*


    S MISNA SINGHA9 jam yang lalu

    Gordon becoming fireman at 25:31 🤣🤣


    S MISNA SINGHA9 jam yang lalu

    Gordon at 25:24

  19. Marco M.

    Marco M.9 jam yang lalu

    Take someone with a super fine palate... And wreck his life with sweet poison. Love it.

  20. Hazzer

    Hazzer10 jam yang lalu

    I seriously love Ramsay.. that mentality and drive and such a strong personality.. 🙌🏼❤️

  21. B Fl

    B Fl10 jam yang lalu

    When this man starts cursing it is it for me😂😂

  22. Killing Edge

    Killing Edge10 jam yang lalu

    This man pours a glass of pepto. lmao I'd have just gone straight from the bottle

  23. Bert Goedemé

    Bert Goedemé11 jam yang lalu

    Never realised we needed the leader of the free world in this: Vladimir for hot ones!

  24. David Hutchison

    David Hutchison11 jam yang lalu

    "Fuckin ell....shit!" -Gordon Ramsay

  25. DEN ZEL

    DEN ZEL12 jam yang lalu

    22:18 When you're a Vegan and your friend offered you a Burger King burger.


    DETECTIVE DAGGER12 jam yang lalu

    13:25 said what are u laughing at 😂😂😂

  27. Hana H

    Hana H14 jam yang lalu

    Take a shot every time Gordon says shit

  28. James Johnny Blackbird

    James Johnny Blackbird14 jam yang lalu

    It actually makes sense he gets so fucked up, I mean the guy is THE Chef, so I asume he must have really sensible taste bud. Right?

  29. AffableAussie

    AffableAussie14 jam yang lalu

    Gordon a bitch

  30. Melody Joy_V

    Melody Joy_V14 jam yang lalu

    My favorite part about hot ones is how much everyone besides Sean Evans struggles with all the hot wings

  31. 420Effect

    420Effect15 jam yang lalu

    dude just chugged a glass of pepto wtf

  32. Sammy Plays

    Sammy Plays15 jam yang lalu


  33. Steph Crawley

    Steph Crawley15 jam yang lalu


  34. Justin Cruz

    Justin Cruz15 jam yang lalu

    Sh*t. F*ckin’ Hell. Sh*t. F*ckin’ Hell. Sh*t. F*ckin’ Hell. Sh*t. F*ckin’ Hell. Sh*t. F*ckin’ Hell. Sh*t. F*ckin’ Hell.

  35. Amayos Ramos

    Amayos Ramos16 jam yang lalu

    Who wants to count how many times he curses

  36. Cainan _

    Cainan _16 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Gordon: “how dumb do you have to be to use this ta ta sooce that STANK”

  37. SimplyLindsey Vlogs

    SimplyLindsey Vlogs17 jam yang lalu

    Idk why I was avoiding this episode. Now that I’ve watched it, it’s by far my favorite 😂

  38. Vainqueur Ndangi

    Vainqueur Ndangi17 jam yang lalu

    hahahahahahaaha best one ever!!!!

  39. Spencer Burson

    Spencer Burson17 jam yang lalu

    Ok boomer

  40. T BS

    T BS17 jam yang lalu

    Good to see a humorous serious side to the man.

  41. Whatsreallygood Smith

    Whatsreallygood Smith17 jam yang lalu

    I loved the fact the Gordon genuinely enjoyed the Hot Ones sauce lol

  42. SpankDatLlama 1

    SpankDatLlama 118 jam yang lalu

    Hot Ones: (Provides the Wings)Gordon Ramsey:(Tastes Wings)Gordon Ramsey : "Can I pay for some decent meat?"Sean: "That would be a dream for us"Hot Ones: (No Response)

  43. Kirk

    Kirk19 jam yang lalu

    I actually respect Cordon. He’s not that bad in personal life. He may be a diva, but he’s a rich human in the U.K.

  44. Vicho Navarrete

    Vicho Navarrete19 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Will Smith IDreporter Rewind: 19:03

  45. Evercreeper

    Evercreeper20 jam yang lalu

    Irst Weef East

  46. savage mcgee

    savage mcgee20 jam yang lalu

    Literally nobody: Not a single soul: Gordon: fuckin hell, fuck me, SHIT

  47. Kaylan G

    Kaylan G21 jam yang lalu

    Why is this so funny though

  48. XZachX _Minecraft

    XZachX _Minecraft21 jam yang lalu

    XD he called gen z snowflakes And I love it even though im gen z

  49. Sergio Gomez

    Sergio Gomez21 jam yang lalu

    And all the dislikes are the snow flake generation

  50. Tesla Bullet

    Tesla Bullet21 jam yang lalu

    “Is this the snowflake generation again” Ok boomer

  51. Daisy travells

    Daisy travells21 jam yang lalu

    shot for every "fucking hell, fuck and shit"

  52. Spencer Yancey

    Spencer Yancey22 jam yang lalu

    Britain should take White Nationalism as serious as Gordon Ramsey takes cooking. Learn Dr. David Duke, End Zionism.

  53. OTA Mike

    OTA Mike22 jam yang lalu

    Tar Tar sauce

  54. Problems Problems

    Problems Problems22 jam yang lalu

    It comes in hot. It's gonna come out hot.

  55. Shash Santander lucio yohualli

    Shash Santander lucio yohualli22 jam yang lalu

    Niggah pulled out the peptobismol

  56. Mick Nordström

    Mick Nordström22 jam yang lalu

    Why is he drinking water? That is the worst thing you can do. Creme Fraishe is the thing!

  57. Jimmy Appleballs

    Jimmy Appleballs22 jam yang lalu

    Yo why is gordon looking so big wtf lol

  58. Natalie Pabon

    Natalie Pabon23 jam yang lalu

    i love how Gordan is like dying and he just continues the interview

  59. Mick Nordström

    Mick Nordström23 jam yang lalu

    Gordon looks like he is 65 years old.

  60. Woozy

    Woozy23 jam yang lalu

    The host is so annoying


    FILIP MENDOZA23 jam yang lalu

    How many shit did gordon ramsay said in this video?

  62. AndyQM 83

    AndyQM 83Hari Yang lalu

    This was a nice one 👍🏿👍🏿

  63. Elian Mercado

    Elian MercadoHari Yang lalu

    Hello my name is spicy

  64. The Noob Gamer

    The Noob GamerHari Yang lalu

    Did anyone count how many times he said "FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!"