Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA


  1. UnlivedB

    UnlivedB18 menit yang lalu

    Would you have to worry about cross contamination in this situation on the pan

  2. Young Midoriya

    Young Midoriya30 menit yang lalu

    "Lightly season them" *invades polland*

  3. chamaleon1963

    chamaleon196352 menit yang lalu

    surely the liver will die after this

  4. Orel Carmeli

    Orel CarmeliJam Yang lalu

    B O R G A R

  5. Zafy-kun

    Zafy-kunJam Yang lalu

    Take a shot every time he seasons something and says salt or pepper

  6. Leonard Berger

    Leonard BergerJam Yang lalu

    "... I my restaurant in vegas" Wow I thought it would be in Alabama

  7. Deepak Nohawar

    Deepak Nohawar2 jam yang lalu

    I bet gordan also seasoned his wife's ass before eating it :3. Nice and clean

  8. J4ck9n YT

    J4ck9n YT3 jam yang lalu


  9. mattyt81

    mattyt814 jam yang lalu

    3 burgers turns into 5. what kind of sorcery is this?!

  10. InWeirdLightning

    InWeirdLightning6 jam yang lalu

    Gordon: *A busy Grill is an Delicious Grill..* Me: Buns On, Cheese On, Mustard On, Pepper On, Lettuce on, Salt on, tomato on, mayonnaise on, *That? beautiful...*

  11. Jennell Williams

    Jennell Williams6 jam yang lalu

    A white man that knows how to season his food 🍽💯💯💯

  12. Sly 8oh5

    Sly 8oh57 jam yang lalu

    This ain’t no burger it’s a meatloaf burger

  13. 1,000 subs with no videos

    1,000 subs with no videos8 jam yang lalu

    You forgot to season the house behind you, Gordon

  14. John Owens

    John Owens8 jam yang lalu

    seriously if you cant make a burger you are defiantly an idiot sandwich hahaha

  15. bigmann120

    bigmann1209 jam yang lalu

    Gordon talks his food into tasting good. You ever noticed that?

  16. John Doe

    John Doe9 jam yang lalu

    On on on o on on in on on in

  17. John Doe

    John Doe10 jam yang lalu

    "Oh your HIGH high"


    FRONTIER STUDIOS10 jam yang lalu

    Toast those buns


    BIGDADDYCROC12 jam yang lalu

    He forgot to season the pool

  20. All Jello

    All Jello13 jam yang lalu

    Why’d you have to flex on us at the end

  21. Alien Paustaja

    Alien Paustaja13 jam yang lalu

    But did he season the plane?

  22. RRR GGG

    RRR GGG14 jam yang lalu

    He says burger like a man 👍🏾

  23. Garret Boyle

    Garret Boyle16 jam yang lalu


  24. Josiah Salos Carr Music

    Josiah Salos Carr Music17 jam yang lalu

    price - £199

  25. Super Camel

    Super Camel17 jam yang lalu

    That shits too raw!!!!!

  26. wilheim wilheim

    wilheim wilheim18 jam yang lalu

    i literally saw 11 "you forgot to season the" in a row lol

  27. Son of Martha

    Son of Martha18 jam yang lalu

    This is why he’s my fvrt chef! Always seasons the food

  28. Retrac xdd

    Retrac xdd18 jam yang lalu

    The onion is a paid actor

  29. Matty Filippone

    Matty Filippone18 jam yang lalu

    Pizza +ananas is not gut

  30. Marko Vukovic

    Marko Vukovic18 jam yang lalu

    Camerman:why did you flip the oil Gordon:because i didnt season it !!!

  31. Marko Vukovic

    Marko Vukovic18 jam yang lalu

    He probably seasond the seasoning

  32. Alberto Gatica

    Alberto Gatica21 jam yang lalu

    My man on acid , he tweaking

  33. leo cochrane

    leo cochrane21 jam yang lalu


  34. frank thoman

    frank thoman21 jam yang lalu

    Three layers of mayo?! Gordon you are a god among men

  35. MrPirateking619

    MrPirateking61921 jam yang lalu

    It's looks scary where he is standing it's like the edge of the hill with no fencing?

  36. Bosajasz

    Bosajasz22 jam yang lalu


  37. Carlos Fernández

    Carlos Fernández22 jam yang lalu

    Thats Spain

  38. Panda Zafron

    Panda Zafron22 jam yang lalu

    The *F* word burger.... me:👌🏾

  39. Dark Rust

    Dark Rust23 jam yang lalu

    His wife I made a cake Gordon Needs flavor season it Gordon steel needs some flavor add sea water

  40. AugisNick LT

    AugisNick LTHari Yang lalu

    I feel... like those burgers dont feel that appetizing.... idk why... maybe because of the.... TO MUCH SEASONING?!??!?!?!

  41. F. Teixeira

    F. TeixeiraHari Yang lalu

    Shit burguer, horrible, clumsy pos

  42. David Kuhn

    David KuhnHari Yang lalu

    Ramsay falls into the most common talented chef trap... thinking they can out perfect a perfect burger with their talent. The best burgers are simple but made with the best ingredients and they don't leave room for a chef to show off. So chef's inevitably have to add huge amounts of meat and a bunch of 'tweaks' to the recipe that ultimately detract from the product. It's why the 'upscale' chain restaurants can't make a hamburger to save their lives... yet most of us can get a near perfect burger within 20 miles at some greasy spoon restaurant that happens to have a chef that understands.

  43. Clash with Noobs

    Clash with NoobsHari Yang lalu

    Gordon: "Once you have assembled a burger, you cant.." Me: Dissemble? Gordon: "Reee" 6:44

  44. potgg

    potgg16 jam yang lalu


  45. Buzo Beam

    Buzo BeamHari Yang lalu

    Gordons favourite word "piping hot"

  46. Buzo Beam

    Buzo BeamHari Yang lalu

    Gordons favourite word "piping hot"


    SALGO SABUHari Yang lalu

    Camerman: hey Gordon you forgot to season the salt & pepper 🤔 Gordon : damn, let's take another video 🤣🤣

  48. Boss Player Unit

    Boss Player UnitHari Yang lalu

    Kazuhira Miller would like a word with Mr. Ramsay

  49. Ghost Rider

    Ghost RiderHari Yang lalu

    Why tf does that burger look like it was made at the krusty crab

  50. Mauricio Dávalos

    Mauricio DávalosHari Yang lalu

    Why does this guy talks about burgers like if it was science?

  51. Not Chonas

    Not ChonasHari Yang lalu


  52. Arvin Fahandezh

    Arvin FahandezhHari Yang lalu

    “Right” *claps hands* “Sizzling hot pan, Olive oil”

  53. DBst Fortnite Moments

    DBst Fortnite MomentsHari Yang lalu

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas. Dame like

  54. Marsh Boi

    Marsh BoiHari Yang lalu

    Sorry buddy but my grandma still cook better than you

  55. Joshiwuhh

    JoshiwuhhHari Yang lalu

    3:27 Pan just walks away 🤔

  56. jolt Jolt

    jolt JoltHari Yang lalu

    Gordon throws the word lightly around so much

  57. emperor storm

    emperor stormHari Yang lalu


  58. krysta kosherr mahmod

    krysta kosherr mahmodHari Yang lalu

    wheres the god damn duck sauce ?!

  59. Thanos

    ThanosHari Yang lalu

    Gordon, why didnt u season the salt, the salt doesnt have enough flavor.

  60. FinestPigeon

    FinestPigeonHari Yang lalu

    8:54 GTA cheat codes

  61. Traevon Fuqua

    Traevon FuquaHari Yang lalu

    That burger wasn’t really to die for because if u die how u gonna eat it??