Google's Pixel 4 reveal event in just 10 minutes


  1. Luwald Jonker

    Luwald Jonker16 hari yang lalu

    Hey Google... It triggered mine

  2. doomtomb3

    doomtomb327 hari yang lalu

    This presentation lacked motivation for anyone to buy any of these products. Why do I need another device?

  3. Maxx Koggen

    Maxx Koggen29 hari yang lalu

    Oh no, orange!

  4. Maxx Koggen

    Maxx Koggen29 hari yang lalu

    Well, this was a real snooze fest.

  5. Matta Fakt

    Matta FaktBulan Yang lalu

    9:14: Yikes

  6. Deutsche Hassan

    Deutsche HassanBulan Yang lalu

    Even Huawei event was better despite the fact that their CEO needed subtitles

  7. Fleece Johnson

    Fleece JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    Feel like I’m Watch Nina & Star on Sprout

  8. JR Richards

    JR RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    The presentation should have been dubbed Google Ambien. 😴

  9. Diki Hardian

    Diki HardianBulan Yang lalu

    I used to think that google is a great company with many great people working in it. I change my mind.

  10. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    “The design is so Apple... oh we mean is so distinctive” Me 2019 - is this a MacBook?

  11. Latrell Jennings

    Latrell JenningsBulan Yang lalu

    What is this? ASMR?

  12. Cherry Stone

    Cherry StoneBulan Yang lalu

    Apple event: New iPhone has 1 hour more battery life. Audience: Standing Ovation.

  13. Fleece Johnson

    Fleece JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    I can here your avi

  14. D0minuZ

    D0minuZBulan Yang lalu

    Google does two things right, Search Engine and Browser all the rest is very questionable.

  15. shadowless

    shadowlessBulan Yang lalu

    Why the heck did they need to add waving to pikachu to the presentation? Although I had good experience with Google customer support, they shouldn't call minimum wage customer support reps "pros". Pros should get at least 3X minimum wage

  16. Mcleod

    McleodBulan Yang lalu

    All these testing companies like Dxo and Display mate are just Marketing to hype up phone, Pixel 4 best Display on the market ???? Have thy seen a Oneplus 7 pro Galaxy note 10 Iphone 11 Lg g8 Dxo rank it best camera it doesn't even have an ultrawide

  17. Lu

    LuBulan Yang lalu

    That forehead on that phone though... from a notch to a forehead.

  18. Niaz Ibn kArim

    Niaz Ibn kArimBulan Yang lalu

    released for stupid ppls who have lot of money to waste!!

  19. Joseph Kreifels II

    Joseph Kreifels IIBulan Yang lalu

    Sorry, but 5 hours isn't long enough for headphones. Needs to be 8+ hours.

  20. Joseph Kreifels II

    Joseph Kreifels IIBulan Yang lalu

    Why not keep the fingerprint scanner and give us both? I firmly believe the 3.5mm jack takes too much real estate, but I refuse to believe the finger print scanner takes much. It's mostly flat ribbon.

  21. g4meboy13

    g4meboy13Bulan Yang lalu

    This is vain and wrong and shouldn't matter and it's on me. But I always felt beautiful people with good speaking skills are more important than the ones who build the device specially if they suck at talking or engaging the crowd.

  22. Dario Kordic

    Dario KordicBulan Yang lalu

    Why they canceled the best feature from the previous pixels - unlimited photo uploads at original quality??? :( :(

  23. Tanuki

    TanukiBulan Yang lalu

    I think this presentation was given in a proctologist's waiting room.

  24. Tanuki

    TanukiBulan Yang lalu

    Pixel 4 in a new color called Vomit.

  25. CellTechAdv

    CellTechAdvBulan Yang lalu

    They made an iphone.. How cute.. and can anyone tell me the point of chrome os...

  26. iChristopher

    iChristopherBulan Yang lalu

    Is anyone buying smart speakers and keeping them? Just asking as whenever I go into my local CEX shop the shelves are stuffed with them... Emperors new clothes?

  27. Yasen Alexandrov

    Yasen AlexandrovBulan Yang lalu

    no no no no, no like, no!

  28. Yasmin Lee Shin

    Yasmin Lee ShinBulan Yang lalu

    Google’s iPixel 4 pro max

  29. Hans Flores

    Hans FloresBulan Yang lalu

    Wow!!! Is Google that poor? Google keynote in IKEA???? Hahaha. I’m pretty sure most Google employees use iPhones LOL

  30. Ray Frederick

    Ray FrederickBulan Yang lalu

    What happened to the pixel watch I was getting excited about? I'll guess I'll have to keep waiting...

  31. Mr Tech Gamer

    Mr Tech GamerBulan Yang lalu

    The grandma was telling me some bedtime stories.

  32. milfncookies

    milfncookiesBulan Yang lalu

    *mlem mlem*

  33. P M

    P MBulan Yang lalu

    It will be a flop

  34. Adam B

    Adam BBulan Yang lalu

    Nice but I'm sure, Google knows and sells our data. I will avoid forever Google stuffs.

  35. Franco's fish Ivo

    Franco's fish IvoBulan Yang lalu

    How can Google sell something that's already out there 🙄🙇


    SACY VACHHARBulan Yang lalu

    Literally no one in the audience was motivated or excited

  37. HighlyClassifiedUser

    HighlyClassifiedUserBulan Yang lalu


  38. Jireh John Bocayes

    Jireh John BocayesBulan Yang lalu

    they all sound like robots ai. LOL microsoft event is much appealing. and the forehead of that phone is so

  39. Brian Hauber

    Brian HauberBulan Yang lalu

    No front stereo speakers...

  40. JR Richards

    JR RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    The presentation should have been dubbed Google Ambien. 😴

  41. JR Richards

    JR RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    Now Nest WiFi listens to all your conversations! Swell.

  42. Danny C

    Danny CBulan Yang lalu

    learned almost nothing about the pixel 4

  43. Alfredo Rodriguez

    Alfredo RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Google its apple-ing by introducing old technology introduced before by samsung as new

  44. Alfredo Rodriguez

    Alfredo RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    The galaxy 5 had the hand free motion sensors just saying

  45. Brian Cheng

    Brian ChengBulan Yang lalu

    Hey Google, please get me a glass of water.

  46. achiad saar

    achiad saarBulan Yang lalu

    Simply put: a sad event.

  47. Tizerk

    TizerkBulan Yang lalu

    A pretty boring event, as most of it had already been leaked, and the presenters were bland. Even though some of the tech was cool, everyone had already fallen asleep.

  48. besttech10

    besttech10Bulan Yang lalu

    This preso wraps up what google is. Boring.. I wouldnt buy any of this.

  49. David Norton

    David NortonBulan Yang lalu

    hope I can get some of those Google apps for my Huawei phone

  50. EK Lim

    EK LimBulan Yang lalu

    radar distant motion detecting algorithm and the surrounding noise removal are great

  51. Spangipaps Team

    Spangipaps TeamBulan Yang lalu

    iPhone 11 + remember that Nokia that had that motion senc=dis thindg

  52. Madafaka Fernando Miños

    Madafaka Fernando MiñosBulan Yang lalu

    Díganle a la señora del final que no todo esta perdido.... no son tan malos esos productos .... de hecho me gustaría comprarme alguno de esos

  53. Stennex

    StennexBulan Yang lalu

    I wish they all wore Google striped colored sweatshirts. Would have made the event more lively.

  54. Fernando Etchepare

    Fernando EtchepareBulan Yang lalu

    Saliva iuuuu awful

  55. Noah Umana

    Noah UmanaBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t understand pixel 4 $700 and pixel 4xl $800............ $100 for just a bigger phone???

  56. Andrew Gittens

    Andrew GittensBulan Yang lalu

    Where's the Pixel Watch??? That's all I was waiting for. Looks like my Fossil Sport will be sitting on the shelf as I invest in a Galaxy Active 2

  57. Jay D.R

    Jay D.RBulan Yang lalu

    This presentation reminds me of Bozoma Saint John's lively and engaging Apple Music keynote a few years ago. Actually... quite the opposite. I'm sure Google could have found some presenters with at least somewhat interesting voices/personalities. Sheesh. (But I actually suggest you give Bozoma's video a watch)

  58. Kerone Creary

    Kerone CrearyBulan Yang lalu

    I’ve seen much better presentations from high school students.

  59. D4rKsideBob

    D4rKsideBobBulan Yang lalu

    That's a great line-up of listening devices. Hold my beer.

  60. Eddie Starr

    Eddie StarrBulan Yang lalu

    BOORING ! Lame, and an unsightly camera bump , yay Google

  61. whatever nevermind

    whatever nevermindBulan Yang lalu

    I see Google’s visited Ikea for the stage decoration...

  62. Caméron Jàmes

    Caméron JàmesBulan Yang lalu

    Is that a dude ?