Google Home Hub Review #madebygoogle


  1. Yash Nilawar

    Yash NilawarTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for talking about something that matters to most to people. That is sound quality. Really appreciate. You've gained a subscriber

  2. Marvin Williams

    Marvin WilliamsTahun Yang lalu

    I'm still trying to video that compares the sound to a regular Google home. I prefer ordered the charcoal one. No tracking information just yet but it should be one day shipping

  3. TechGuy SmartBuy

    TechGuy SmartBuyTahun Yang lalu

    Give me a few days and I can put one together.

  4. tom niedringhaus

    tom niedringhausTahun Yang lalu

    I am getting one today

  5. Max

    MaxTahun Yang lalu

    Google home hub 😍