Golden Buzzer: Joseph Allen Leaves Exciting Footprint With Original Song - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. King Hamid

    King Hamid19 menit yang lalu

    This lad is a gem 💎

  2. Myl Hong

    Myl Hong19 menit yang lalu

    Yeahhh. Happy for youuuu

  3. Ttvbtw sweat

    Ttvbtw sweat33 menit yang lalu

    I wish this song was on IDreporter

  4. fifi fleurista

    fifi fleurista34 menit yang lalu

    Now we know your name Joseph allen congratulation 💝 from algeria

  5. ileana guerra

    ileana guerra39 menit yang lalu

    Germany knows ur name now Joseph

  6. E Chan

    E Chan45 menit yang lalu

    *Joseph allen noted from PH*

  7. neema isaack

    neema isaack48 menit yang lalu


  8. Ponl Ruby

    Ponl Ruby52 menit yang lalu

    very nice👏👏👏

  9. Launchpad Music

    Launchpad Music53 menit yang lalu

    He’s such a giant ball of energy love it!

  10. AVaffair4

    AVaffair455 menit yang lalu

    Golden Buzzer With The Foot!!!

  11. Oliver Christy

    Oliver Christy55 menit yang lalu

    You deserve it brotha! Used to love riding & racing Motocross with you... Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication has paid off!🔥💯🤙

  12. Rachel Bryant

    Rachel Bryant57 menit yang lalu

    Stay genuine and kind in your art, don't change!

  13. Sole Noa

    Sole Noa59 menit yang lalu

    And ladys and gentlemen thats how Joseph Allen changed the world now kids get back in the bus

  14. Random stuff 100

    Random stuff 100Jam Yang lalu

    No back round story just a dream to chase and accomplish

  15. Pelaut sitorus

    Pelaut sitorusJam Yang lalu

    Joseph allen..i know you now.. From indonesia..

  16. vito sučić

    vito sučićJam Yang lalu

    Broooo this dude is the beeeeest he is like an walking angel i loooooveeee him soooo sooo soo much

  17. Najer Amatonding

    Najer AmatondingJam Yang lalu

    Title of the song? Plsss

  18. Ertrawi የድንግል ማርያም ሊጅ

    Ertrawi የድንግል ማርያም ሊጅJam Yang lalu


  19. Kalina Terrell

    Kalina TerrellJam Yang lalu

    *"Up close I'm Like a teddy bear"* *Yup*

  20. Maddy Lewis

    Maddy LewisJam Yang lalu

    I think I'm addicted to his performance I don't even know how many times ive watched this video

  21. Qeqe Kusuma

    Qeqe KusumaJam Yang lalu

    He born to be star

  22. Lahiru Sampath

    Lahiru SampathJam Yang lalu

    I get the golden buzzer you gotta come out there and pick me up.. Confidence level 10000%

  23. Janaina Costa

    Janaina CostaJam Yang lalu


  24. Med Ronney

    Med RonneyJam Yang lalu

    After today,the world's gonna know my name Hi joseph allen We know you from nauritania🇲🇻

  25. road king Somalis

    road king SomalisJam Yang lalu

    Joseph i know your name

  26. Charlestzy

    CharlestzyJam Yang lalu

    so this guy has like 3 different voices. cool

  27. Raahil Mallick

    Raahil MallickJam Yang lalu

    I know your name from Arabia

  28. Nona Manlosa

    Nona ManlosaJam Yang lalu

    He protecc He attacc But sadly, His birthday was Jacc Jacc

  29. Bii

    BiiJam Yang lalu

    Yeah bro! im from indonesia and now, i know your name like your song! Congratulations🔥🔥

  30. Hager Mohamed El-Shekh

    Hager Mohamed El-ShekhJam Yang lalu


  31. Mudasir Farooq

    Mudasir FarooqJam Yang lalu

    He made that golden buzzer clear

  32. Supercedric2004 X

    Supercedric2004 XJam Yang lalu

    He can play spiderman lol

  33. Sum Madaro

    Sum MadaroJam Yang lalu

    Not a sad story but I still cry

  34. ツMaeko

    ツMaekoJam Yang lalu

    This gave me more emotions than any other movie....EVER! Hope I see Joseph in the billboards.....kid deserves it honestly. 💟💟💟

  35. M G

    M GJam Yang lalu

    Very talented young man! He is going to be big whether he wins or not.

  36. Robert Hart

    Robert HartJam Yang lalu

    Im a PUNK!


    BEST BOXINGJam Yang lalu

    #OMG Original Song The Best !!!

  38. FELEX h

    FELEX h2 jam yang lalu

    I like this man has confidence 👍👍

  39. Jen Bby

    Jen Bby2 jam yang lalu

    That fall 😂😂😂

  40. Jen Bby

    Jen BbyJam Yang lalu


  41. everything everything2 jam yang lalu

    Jen Bby ikr🤣

  42. Taona Chitabanta

    Taona Chitabanta2 jam yang lalu

    You my friend was born to be a star 🌟

  43. Modupe M

    Modupe M2 jam yang lalu

    The world's definitely gonna know your name Joseph Allen. That spirit, that energy... you're amazeballs!!!

  44. Lindsy Chavarl

    Lindsy Chavarl2 jam yang lalu

    I love how they kept Howie Mandel a lot of seasons he might be the best judge other than of Mel b and Heidi

  45. -HoneyComb Flores

    -HoneyComb Flores2 jam yang lalu

    Love how terry just grapped him and held his butt..

  46. iliana Santo

    iliana Santo2 jam yang lalu

    (I have a crush)

  47. Kim Voon

    Kim Voon2 jam yang lalu

    Suddenly I feel so happy and blessed in life after seeing his performance. This guy is something! God bless u Joseph!

  48. zaw lin

    zaw lin2 jam yang lalu


  49. Noor Tsey

    Noor Tsey2 jam yang lalu

    We know your name Joseph! Love from 🇯🇴

  50. Tina Whitfield

    Tina Whitfield2 jam yang lalu

    Such an inspiring young man. My God lead and guide him.

  51. Tina Whitfield

    Tina Whitfield2 jam yang lalu

    Joseph Allen, Hi I know your name from Little Rock, AR

  52. lloyd kwenda

    lloyd kwenda2 jam yang lalu

    keep on pushing bro....the breakthrough is near

  53. lloyd kwenda

    lloyd kwenda2 jam yang lalu

    his dreams are clear

  54. Jacqueline Chiazor

    Jacqueline Chiazor2 jam yang lalu

    Live him

  55. Nate The Kid

    Nate The Kid3 jam yang lalu

    Im typing... Do you see it clearly?

  56. Nate The Kid

    Nate The Kid3 jam yang lalu

    Starts at 3:10

  57. Doreen Rouze

    Doreen Rouze3 jam yang lalu

    I looooveeee his energy. You alreasyalready famous dude

  58. El Eyy

    El Eyy3 jam yang lalu

    I watch this video maybe 20 times (for real) And dude i know your name from Philippines! 👏👏👏

  59. Raquel Maceda

    Raquel Maceda3 jam yang lalu

    This man made my day happy✌😘 Wowww...he wear those smile d whole forgot i have problems😊😊😊 You wer so cool man,, u bring happiness to people that wer almost forgot how to live and ve free wth all dat causes anxiety

  60. B Drill

    B Drill3 jam yang lalu

    This is the number of people who NOW KNOW YOUR NAME. 👇🏻

  61. Kalia Brooks

    Kalia Brooks3 jam yang lalu

    J’aurais aimer avoir une version française pour tout comprendre 😩. Il chante tellement bien 😍

  62. Lyn Reyes

    Lyn Reyes3 jam yang lalu

    I will never forget your name Joseph 😀❤️❤️❤️👌👏👏👏👏 because my father name is also Joseph and he’s Great too 😄💕🙏Godbless

  63. hibu anga

    hibu anga3 jam yang lalu


  64. Sector P110

    Sector P1103 jam yang lalu

    I know your name now, in the Big Easy; New Orleans! Well done.

  65. Dado Pain

    Dado Pain3 jam yang lalu

    For once good song

  66. Navin kumar

    Navin kumar4 jam yang lalu

    Joseph Allen INDIA knows your name ♥️😍

  67. J Roberts

    J Roberts4 jam yang lalu

    “Awww man”

  68. XxReflex ツ

    XxReflex ツ4 jam yang lalu

    Trust me, everyone knows your name now. Much love from Illinois!!

  69. alex

    alex4 jam yang lalu


  70. Amra Vladi

    Amra Vladi4 jam yang lalu

    He should publish the song like put it on iTunes or put the original song on IDreporter

  71. Noemi Endaya

    Noemi Endaya4 jam yang lalu

    He is like the real miles morales.

  72. my name

    my name4 jam yang lalu

    Simon’s expression went from 😐 to 😁 in seconds after he heard it was an original song

  73. cliff2197

    cliff21974 jam yang lalu

    Sso a rich kid who works hard... basically got everything he ever wanted ... -.- I have seen and met people like this... it's only money ... everyone can be where he is if they were rich aand worked hard.... I'm not being mean... it's the truth.... especially since I Am very poor most I have is a smart phone and internet... I work hard but to no avail... just cause I have no money... poor as in one to 2 meals a day.. no college round the clock for absolutely nothing.... I'm smart intelligent funny... only thing I lack is money otherwise with my hard work and I can do Anything.... -.- please good for him but let him try getting to where he is without money

  74. Adanma Ifenkwe

    Adanma Ifenkwe4 jam yang lalu

    Since i started watching talent shows. This has been the best exciting audition with an exciting golden buzzer. This is awesome. God bless Howie

  75. Twain Ann

    Twain Ann4 jam yang lalu

    I don't know how these judges take it in all day... It's usually just too emotional here!

  76. Twain Ann

    Twain Ann4 jam yang lalu

    I love how he acknowledges every member of his family playing important roles in his life, no bitterness!

  77. competitiondancer15

    competitiondancer154 jam yang lalu

    “After today the world’s gonna know my name!” Joseph Allan. I’m saying hi from the US

  78. Joshua Dave

    Joshua Dave5 jam yang lalu

    We need this Full Cover of this song. Dreams Do Come True. -Joseph Allen(Strong and Unique Name) ;)


    JELWETA5 jam yang lalu

    God bless you mate that was awesome 👏 love ya from Australia

  80. Tatiana Flores

    Tatiana Flores5 jam yang lalu

    I need this song on iTunes ASAP 😊

  81. Buble Querubin

    Buble Querubin5 jam yang lalu

    This gave me me a very big smile 😊

  82. Gabriella Reyes

    Gabriella Reyes5 jam yang lalu

    Awesome !!!

  83. Gerald V.

    Gerald V.5 jam yang lalu

    indeed, the world's gonna know ur name.

  84. garaad MMc

    garaad MMc5 jam yang lalu

    This young boy I'm watching my third time he so brilliant waaw

  85. VQPower35

    VQPower355 jam yang lalu

    Was ok... I don't think that should have gotten a golden buzzer though

  86. Isaiah Glory

    Isaiah Glory5 jam yang lalu

    sings like the weekend raps like drake

  87. online naga

    online naga5 jam yang lalu

    loving his positivity

  88. Aalia Khan

    Aalia Khan5 jam yang lalu

    Best audition I’ve seen ever. I’m in love with him.

  89. John Contads

    John Contads5 jam yang lalu

    Big dreams. Big heart. made me realize a lot of stuff. Respect man 💪

  90. Kanchit Nilwan

    Kanchit Nilwan5 jam yang lalu

    From Thailand, we know your name! You are amazing Joseph!

  91. John Contads

    John Contads5 jam yang lalu

    Big dreams. Big heart. made me realize a lot of stuff. Respect man 💪

  92. Jiwa 90

    Jiwa 906 jam yang lalu

    look at howdy reaction when he said wanna leave footprint stuff

  93. Gelo Gaming

    Gelo Gaming6 jam yang lalu

    Damnnnn broo👍i like the song mennn keep going men👌

  94. seamus1956

    seamus19566 jam yang lalu

    Ya gotta give props to this family. A divorce, both parents remarry and yet all four of them TOGETHER raised a remarkable young man - inspired, driven and very, very talented. Add in 11 supportive siblings and step-siblings and it makes for one remarkable unit. Win or lose, this kid is going to go a long way. Bravo!!

  95. xGusty

    xGusty6 jam yang lalu

    Ye man he is spittin TROOTH

  96. Shalom Sam

    Shalom Sam6 jam yang lalu

    God bless you man ❤️

  97. Emma Tetty

    Emma Tetty6 jam yang lalu

    I can't believed that am still repeating this music over n over.... Wow!!!

  98. Sanits4229

    Sanits42296 jam yang lalu

    Please let him bring out an Album, will so buy it.🤗

  99. dj limu

    dj limu6 jam yang lalu

    i will still be wAtching this year to if you feel me

  100. Zara Khan Khan

    Zara Khan Khan6 jam yang lalu

    What amazing body language

  101. Lydia Mallari

    Lydia Mallari7 jam yang lalu

    His so talented.. Love this man.. I'm Filipino from nz... The world will really know your name😉

  102. Layla Albkairy

    Layla Albkairy7 jam yang lalu

    I know your name now 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦