Gold Rush Car Show | S16E03


  1. Slant Six

    Slant Six5 bulan yang lalu

    That two-tone Impala is the winner in my book

  2. Robert Manning

    Robert Manning9 bulan yang lalu

    Hi Dennis ...I have watched almost all of your vids and love them all ,But my first car was a 57 Buick special and I have always had a love for all 57 and 58 Buicks .I was taught to drive in my grandfathers 58Buick Limited This was the heaviest car and the most chromed car built on North America .I have not seen you stop and talk about any 57s or 58s ...Will you please ? I know there arent many at car shows but cmon ,They gotta be out there somewhere Thanks Dennis

  3. Edgar Cruz

    Edgar Cruz9 bulan yang lalu

    I love these shows.. but am I the only one that thinks they need a new host! Geez this guy is to lame and cringy, and it annoys me that he is always talking over the person he is interviewing!!!! Smh

  4. MyClassicCarTV

    MyClassicCarTV9 bulan yang lalu

    Pretty much.

  5. Edgar Cruz

    Edgar Cruz9 bulan yang lalu

    @MyClassicCarTV so what your trying to say is that we are stuck with you...

  6. MyClassicCarTV

    MyClassicCarTV9 bulan yang lalu

    Well, I'm the only host this show has ever had in its 24 year existence so that probably isn't going to change. I'm probably not going to get any better either so just enjoy the cars.

  7. KD Daniels

    KD Daniels10 bulan yang lalu

    just love that jeep awesome !

  8. E.H. Lipton

    E.H. Lipton10 bulan yang lalu

    Well, guess I overdosed on your show's. Thank God for easy access to tons of the past. At first thought; " I should get back into my shop and bring forth those ole creative juices that disappeared decades ago. Now, I changed my mind without a gram of grease or a turn of the wrench. THANKS A MILLION!

  9. Cymon Cyrado

    Cymon CyradoTahun Yang lalu

    7:34 Hard to believe that this FC-170 is a rarity to Dennis as many shows as he has been to. They were quite common as service vehicles in their time and many were rigged with large toolboxes and tow hooks. I got to drive one in the late seventies off road and it was nice to navigate rough terrain being able to look straight down in front of your wheels.

  10. Alan Ladd seine Katze

    Alan Ladd seine Katze2 tahun yang lalu

    Great SS there, but got it 6 feet under by a lethal choice on the rims. What is wrong with you people? Get over that Foose guy and stick with proven timeless style!

  11. Alan Ladd seine Katze

    Alan Ladd seine Katze2 tahun yang lalu

    Maybe people (and Dennis) now realize that the only acceptable color for a true classic is, and always will be, white.

  12. Alan Ladd seine Katze

    Alan Ladd seine Katze2 tahun yang lalu

    Thought this was going to be one of those eps having me fall asleep on boring 50s coupés sporting awful paintjobs as usual, but then came that crazy Barracuda. What a great car! Not a so called "show stopper" like those Dennis calls so many times, but a REAL show stopper! Everyone should go home in awe and work on their worthyness due to this piece of style.

  13. BassForever44

    BassForever442 tahun yang lalu

    The impala, absolutely gorgeous

  14. bareknuckles2u

    bareknuckles2u4 tahun yang lalu

    That 409 is amazing!

  15. Dev Mawji

    Dev Mawji4 tahun yang lalu

    I love this cars

  16. Sacramento Local Businesses

    Sacramento Local Businesses5 tahun yang lalu

    These cars are absolutely your video intros too.

  17. ghettothugroaches

    ghettothugroaches5 tahun yang lalu

    My buddy had a Cadillac Eldorado that was White with a Green top and interior; OMG that was an Ugly car!

  18. Beastly Dookie

    Beastly Dookie10 bulan yang lalu

    ghettothugroaches what year was it? Eldorados can be really ugly or really beautiful depending on the year. Also the green probably doesnt help 😂