Going around corners in a parade

  • 17 Nov 2009
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  1. Peter Tran

    Peter Tran4 tahun yang lalu

    There is only 1 problem with this video and it's the fact that a new line turns every 8 counts when it should be 4. If you do this in practice, you would need to some how communicate all the way back to everyone to change their step size from 8/5 to 16/5 and hope that everyone is able to change/slow down right away. I have worked it out to where you leave every 4, have a turning radius of 4 - 6 steps (for the inside file) and take 28 - 32 counts to complete the turn (depending on the turning radius) I'll try to post a video to illustrate what I mean.

  2. Peter Tran

    Peter Tran4 tahun yang lalu

    +Brendan Maltese, a whistle command would be great if the band isn't playing... but if the band is playing during the turn you would need a pretty loud whistle to reach the back rows..... and it would certainly disrupt the music that's being played. The key is the turning radius for the inside marcher. I find that if the inside turning radius is 6 steps (where the inside marcher is 6 steps away from the focal point) you could have 7 rows and the outside marching would only be taking 6/5 steps, which is more then reasonable. The inside does get a little crowed at 1 step intervals but it's doable. I was thinking about this since parade season is coming up and the last 2 years our band director nearly blew his top trying to teach the kids how to guide. What makes it kinda funny (not really but it really is) is that during field show season, he is 100% against guiding and strictly teaches dot marching ONLY. Which works great for field shows but not so much for parades.

  3. Brendan Maltese

    Brendan Maltese4 tahun yang lalu

    You're right, and this video is missing that clarification. We used a whistle command to signify the change in step size, however you can still do it this way without changing step size if you have fewer marchers per row (and thus a smaller turning radius for the outside marchers). The important part is the path, and making sure that it stays lined up, instead of swinging out. This takes a lot of self control from the inside marcher, because they end up getting very close to the person in front of them.

  4. CVeeks

    CVeeks10 tahun yang lalu

    LOL, good call...... bad dork wins over paper any day!

  5. Brendan Maltese

    Brendan Maltese10 tahun yang lalu

    I mean... Do you really think I want to write my history paper? This is how I'm justifying putting that off.

  6. CVeeks

    CVeeks10 tahun yang lalu

    That actually helps a lot, even though I think you're a bit of a dork for doing this (love ya! ;-), it is a really big help, and I see better what it's supposed to look like

  7. Brendan Maltese

    Brendan Maltese10 tahun yang lalu

    I chose to keep straight lines on the incorrect version to put more emphasis on the fact that turning a corner correctly isn't just about keeping the lines straight. That's the obvious part, and I don't think anyone has any confusion there. It's the path that those straight lines make that is causing problems.

  8. Chris Moore

    Chris Moore10 tahun yang lalu

    I need the music for this to make sense ;) You also have straight lines in the incorrect version, which is obviously not happening at this point haha