1. llRvanll _

    llRvanll _2 jam yang lalu

    Rap god: Nobody can be faster than me Godzilla: Imma bout to end this mans career

  2. Wasz

    Wasz2 jam yang lalu

    Wait since when does Eminem say “finna” tf

  3. M. Mohamed Ali

    M. Mohamed Ali2 jam yang lalu

    When I place an order for me and my friends at McDonald's 2:57

  4. Abdo Mohamed

    Abdo Mohamed2 jam yang lalu


  5. Nathan Lopez

    Nathan Lopez2 jam yang lalu

    This is number 1 on IDreporter and it’s not even from Eminem channel

  6. NBDE 003

    NBDE 0032 jam yang lalu

    #1 on trending

  7. TheDragonNight5

    TheDragonNight52 jam yang lalu

    Teacher: We need oxygen to breath. Eminem: Splish splash your opinion is trash.

  8. blake scogin

    blake scogin2 jam yang lalu

    Holy fuck this goes crazy

  9. Jason Rodriguez

    Jason Rodriguez2 jam yang lalu

    They got this #1 on trending just because darkness is to controversial IDreporter bunch of pussys

  10. Green poison

    Green poison2 jam yang lalu

    So will this song be in Godzilla vs King Kong?

  11. louis webtser

    louis webtser2 jam yang lalu

    *#1 on trending already*

  12. Alexander Harnar

    Alexander Harnar2 jam yang lalu

    (2:57) ....0.o......EMINEM JUST BROKE THE WORLD RECORD!!!!

  13. Undisputed 1

    Undisputed 12 jam yang lalu


  14. Doctor infinite

    Doctor infinite2 jam yang lalu

    Me, being able to sing the first word of an Eminen song: *Wrapper*

  15. Tony Lad

    Tony Lad2 jam yang lalu

    Sometimes I forget Eminem is 47! The age of my parents. Dude is still spitting like 30 years since he started. Mad respect.

  16. Angel Torres

    Angel Torres2 jam yang lalu

    He fuxin snapped ahhhhhhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 oh my fuck

  17. Isti88122 MYSW

    Isti88122 MYSW2 jam yang lalu

    Rip juice wrld

  18. Don't Want None

    Don't Want None2 jam yang lalu

    Nick Cannon: Drops a diss track inviting Eminem to a battle. Eminem: Me and Juice murdered you 6 months ago.

  19. Black Star 56

    Black Star 562 jam yang lalu

    holy shit man he was allways dissing mumble rap and now he is rapping with one of the greatest mumble rappers to ever live R.I.P juice wrld

  20. Anointed Cherubim

    Anointed Cherubim2 jam yang lalu

    Boy lover symbol confirmed...eminem is gay and a pedophile. And so are those who put this track to trend number 1 on the charts. Plus the real slim shady aka eminem was replaced a long time ago you idiots. "This guy is fucking stupid!"..George Carlin

  21. Chas B

    Chas B2 jam yang lalu

    The last 30 seconds is unfking real!!! G.O.A.T. SINCE THE LP!!!

  22. Lotté Scott

    Lotté Scott2 jam yang lalu

    Juice: idk if i have time for a verse in this song Eminem: No problem

  23. Josh Collins

    Josh Collins2 jam yang lalu

    Everyone: em your irrelevant Em: millions of views in hrs. GOAT!!!

  24. Bryan Monaghan

    Bryan Monaghan2 jam yang lalu

    Still working through the album... but this, "YAH, YAH" and "Darkness" are highlights for sure.

  25. Jack

    Jack2 jam yang lalu

    We not gonna talk about the channel that uploaded this

  26. Kevin Conboy

    Kevin Conboy2 jam yang lalu

    Marshall you are a mad man!! 🔥🔥🐐🥵

  27. MysticOwlMan Does Stuff

    MysticOwlMan Does Stuff2 jam yang lalu

    Wasnt really a fan but, RIP juice wrld


    PAPACITO GRANDE2 jam yang lalu

    Thats y em hasn't responded to dick cannon, he was busy making another album, now he got time to light him up!!!


    SOVIETDOGGO2 jam yang lalu

    Eminem really just dropping albums like a meteor

  30. Michael Alves

    Michael Alves2 jam yang lalu

    Hey Nick hows that album coming

  31. Matt From Wii Sports 7000

    Matt From Wii Sports 70002 jam yang lalu

    Wow this guy is good I hope he blows and gets famous

  32. ThugLife555555

    ThugLife5555552 jam yang lalu

    Two days ago I discovered "Homicide" by Logic and Em, since then I listened to all his old songs, today he drops the new album. I guess I'm the prophet. 😂

  33. Paradox999

    Paradox9992 jam yang lalu

    I bet this gonna be in a movie ad or an outro to a movie


    GR8MAIVIA2 jam yang lalu

    This shit is awesome. 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Morty P

    Morty P2 jam yang lalu

    Damn the real Em is back at last

  36. Burak G

    Burak G2 jam yang lalu


  37. AC-130 Tha Melodical SoulJuh.

    AC-130 Tha Melodical SoulJuh.2 jam yang lalu

    💸 - ACx130 -🔥

  38. Somo O'dat

    Somo O'dat2 jam yang lalu

    I love the album art

  39. Pitbull Beast

    Pitbull Beast2 jam yang lalu

    Check her out !! m.idreporter.net/v/video-6T3ArcoThx4.html

  40. Sitting Pretty Slayed

    Sitting Pretty Slayed2 jam yang lalu

    Like this it’s a bop!

  41. Elijah Grissinger

    Elijah Grissinger2 jam yang lalu

    Well now all the rumors of Eminem retiring this year are answered. He even says it in the song that he is not retiring any time soon.

  42. A-money117

    A-money1172 jam yang lalu

    And I gotta comment twice lol RIP Juice WRLD this may be my most favorite track so far rivaling Darkness 🖤🔥🔥🔥


    GOD SPEED SEND IT2 jam yang lalu


  44. Don't Want None

    Don't Want None2 jam yang lalu

    Engineer: Can you flow faster than you did on Rap God? Em: Clear the studio.

  45. A-money117

    A-money1172 jam yang lalu

    3:05 left my room in awe 😂😂👏🏾👏🏾

  46. Kaia Figueroa

    Kaia Figueroa2 jam yang lalu

    He never disappoints The worlds big boy spits his s*** everytime 💥💥💥

  47. Lusiana Pakpahan

    Lusiana Pakpahan2 jam yang lalu


  48. XxESTxX LiLILiL

    XxESTxX LiLILiL2 jam yang lalu

    My 2 favorite rappers on a track I thought I would never see the day 🔥

  49. romiedahomie

    romiedahomie2 jam yang lalu

    Dude I’m literally breathtaken

  50. Michael

    Michael2 jam yang lalu

    Love the lyrics I just feel like his voice and delivery aren't as impactful as they used to be.

  51. lil Blaisy

    lil Blaisy2 jam yang lalu

    This is garbage I am better

  52. Gameel The Second

    Gameel The Second2 jam yang lalu

    Someone fix the god damn TITLE!

  53. Sergio Melendez

    Sergio Melendez2 jam yang lalu

    That ending is atomic fire.

  54. of a adrian

    of a adrian2 jam yang lalu

    The “look what am planning” at the end 😂

  55. The Political Revolution

    The Political Revolution2 jam yang lalu

    RIP JuiceWRLD

  56. Aries Banegas

    Aries Banegas2 jam yang lalu

    #1 trending

  57. Leon seieh

    Leon seieh2 jam yang lalu

    Ooga booga

  58. Kamer Alperen

    Kamer Alperen2 jam yang lalu

    Ben fero son 30 saniyede attığı flexi yapmaya çalışsa 1 albüm çıkar

  59. Don't Want None

    Don't Want None2 jam yang lalu

    I'm still vibing of Em's verse on "Lord Above", now he dropped a track with Juice who is with the Lord Above. That's deep... 🙏💯

  60. Sarfaraaz Khan

    Sarfaraaz Khan2 jam yang lalu

    Is no one going to talk about how in the fast part... Em says he is a killer bee... Then raps so fast it literally sounds like a swarm of angry bees. It sounds like each word is a fukkin bee stinging u in the face. #goat