Godfrey Slams the Dutch for Painting Themselves Black as "Black Pete" (Part 12)


  1. M vd

    M vdHari Yang lalu

    Changes have been made. Zwarte piet is almost gone. We’re working on it. Most of the people in our country hate it too. Just a small group does not want to change. Zwarte piet is not on the television anymore and will be gone entirely very soon. Don’t tell us to fuck off and threaten to beat up dutch people. Most of us agree with you.

  2. Deveraux123456

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    I love this guy. So educated.

  3. pakz rokz

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    Must have a real low self-esteem if this seriously bothers you, wtf...

  4. Jonny Hope

    Jonny Hope26 hari yang lalu

    They're so " progressive " . " America should be more like Sweden " . Lol

  5. Bmf 010

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    I'm straight cuss I smoking Dutch master with weed in it

  6. Queen tobe

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    White people think they can say what they want about everyone but they hate being checked.

  7. Trisdoo o

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    I love this guy Godfrey.

  8. عبدالرحيم بلال

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    Chicago !

  9. Supe Foxworth

    Supe FoxworthBulan Yang lalu

    Godfrey is a real one! And he an't even a foundational ""African American"" ..if your favorite entertainer dont talk like this...that pussy a coward and so are you.

  10. m hol

    m holBulan Yang lalu

    its funny black pete were pretty much heroes to us kids when we were young and didnt see it as racism however i dont support it and changes has definetly been made not in every city but im pretty sure it will change everywhere with some time only the dumb ignorant ppl want to keep the tradition

  11. m hol

    m holBulan Yang lalu

    @Ancor3 i grew uo with mostly black friends since i was 4 and they were heroes to them too they also didnt get bullied but we were a very close group and pp woudnt dare to try and bully one of us. however i did see it happen one time there was one black kid that was kinda new at the school when we were 14 and someone did say zwarte piet to him and was mocking him cause he was skinny and didnt have much friends so i punshed the racist and the kid didnt get bullied anymore this was 11 years back

  12. Ancor3

    Ancor3Bulan Yang lalu

    Maybe he was a hero to white kids, but to black kids he was - and still is - a curse. You get bullied from the age of 5 or 6 onwards and you can expect it to return every year. Two months every year you are made to feel like a lesser person because of your skin color.

  13. taikucingification

    taikucingificationBulan Yang lalu

    he confuse himself, sinter klaas, or santa clause as american say is brought by dutch, and black pete doesnt mean for racist, blackpete duty is for punish bad kid until they are good so they can ask for gift to santa, regardless of racist (which is an absurd concept invent and develop by white) Santa is nothing without black pete! black pete is the most important set to moral!

  14. hani santa

    hani santaBulan Yang lalu

    @Animez4u I know right, and there are so many proposals to just make "Pete" like rainbow colors or whatever...., problem solved! But we dutch people can be pretty stubborn.

  15. Animez4u

    Animez4uBulan Yang lalu

    😭😂😂 So basically without Black Pete the Dutch wouldn't have nothing? Is what you're say???

  16. sam

    samBulan Yang lalu

    Godfrey aint no joke

  17. Dodgy Grizzly

    Dodgy GrizzlyBulan Yang lalu

    ''You will get Timberland the f*ck up!''

  18. Eerik Korhonen

    Eerik KorhonenBulan Yang lalu

    It's not only in the Netherlands. The same kind of tradition can be found in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well.

  19. John Anderson

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  20. Montay TheGreat

    Montay TheGreatBulan Yang lalu

    "Talk like us when were not around." That is very true!💯

  21. John Nada

    John NadaBulan Yang lalu

    Black PETE is not RACIST and this is why: Godfrey is uneducated on the matter and views everything, in relation to American blackface which was racist: The Black Pete character is based on the Moors, which were in fact Islamic Berbers from north Africa, Arabs and other Islamic Europeans, not BLACK slaves. The so called "black face" which has NOTHING to do with American Dixie shit culture, is based in Moors in Heraldry proof: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Moor_heads_in_heraldry The Moors were in fact NOT slaves! The Moors ENSLAVED white Christians proof: During the Al-Andalus (also known as Muslim Spain or Islamic Iberia), the Moors controlled much of the peninsula. They imported white Christian slaves from the 8th century until the end of the Reconquista in the late 15th century.[citation needed] The slaves were exported from the Christian section of Spain, as well as Eastern Europe (Saqaliba), sparking significant reaction from many in Christian Spain and many Christians still living in Muslim Spain. The Muslims followed the same technique as Romans to capture slaves; seeking cities to ally with them. Soon after, Muslims were successful, taking 30,000 Christian captives from Spain. In the eighth century slavery lasted longer due to “frequent cross-border skirmishes, interspersed between periods of major campaigns.” By the tenth century, Byzantine Christians in the eastern Mediterranean were captured by Muslims. Many of the raids designed by Muslims were created for the fast capture of prisoners. Therefore, Muslims restricted control in order to keep captives from fleeing. The Iberian peninsula served as a base for further exports of slaves into other Muslim regions in Northern Africa.[11] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_Spain Furthermore the tradition is very similar to other European (mainly PAGAN) traditions: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwarte_Piet Conclusion "Black Pete" has nothing to do with slavery (well the Moorish characters they were based off were slave traders themselves of mainly WHITE Spanish Christians). The protesters are uneducated on the matter, and foolishly line up American blackface with this tradition. Furthermore the Moor character is not "enslaved" by the Saint in this tradition! He's an heroic character who serves the saint, but also punishes the children when they haven't been "good". In much older stories the helper is based on Krampus a demon character who punishes the bad children... Yes the whole he came down the chimney and became black is BULLSHIT, but so is the claim that the character is racist or has ties to slavery of black people. Conclusion.... NOT RACIST.

  22. hani santa

    hani santaBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe it has not directly something to do with slavery, but it's a simple fact that "Black Pete" is a caricature of black people. Moors people where often black! The curly wig, red lips and golden jewelry obviously are and exaggeration of black people..... Simply look up "Sjors and Sjimmie" it's an old dutch cartoon, everybody excepted this for years in the Netherlands. Sjimmie was portrayed as a naieve stupid black kid, basically just like "Black Face" and Sjimmie looks exactly 1 on 1 like "Black Pete". This is just how white people portrayed black people especially for entertainment purposes (just like Black Face) in the Netherlands and yes they were portrayed negatively, Sjimmie is a perfect example. So who gives a shit about the exact origin, fact is at some point in time we thought it would be hilarious to create "Black Pete" just like Sjimmie. And altho the intend nowadays is not racist, "Black Pete" is obviously racist.

  23. Molefi Makga

    Molefi MakgaBulan Yang lalu

    As South Africans we have to know that these people are fucked up we need to be careful

  24. leo barrington

    leo barringtonBulan Yang lalu

    Knowledge is power! Thanks Godfrey ✊🏿

  25. Toby 1988

    Toby 1988Bulan Yang lalu

    Keep your opinions for yourself and/or america , stay away from the netherlands 🇳🇱 !!

  26. punanjambi kaoto

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    "Afrikaans,whatever " lol. Ths guy knows things!

  27. Koal Kottentail

    Koal KottentailBulan Yang lalu

    Godfrey knows his history. Yup NYC was colonized by the Dutch. And yes the Netherlands is nice. I've visited.


    ART GRAPHERBulan Yang lalu


  29. D ChrisJr

    D ChrisJrBulan Yang lalu

    You WILL Get Polo and Timbland Boot'd the fuck up 💪🏾💯 facts

  30. Sourabh

    SourabhBulan Yang lalu

    dutcho ki mxx chhod dena godfrey

  31. Alan Jones

    Alan JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine being so ashamed of history and your own race that everything offends you. Imagine being Godfrey. A millionaire bitching about shit that don’t matter. All while your own people are the most dysfunctional in America and never even addressing anything that might change that. So instead you bitch daily about white people. Now the whole time you’re doing that imagine that the everyday normal white person is just living their life and don’t give a fuck about you. Also imagine seeing race in every situation to help you cope with your own history. Lmfaoo. You ain’t special. Live your life and leave other people alone. Incredible how dumb you’d have to be to consider this a problem that needs addressed. Serious question. Are black people so fragile that face paint makes them need a moment ? Serious question. And don’t start hating on me. I’m just the messenger.

  32. Ancor3

    Ancor3Bulan Yang lalu

    _Also imagine seeing race in every situation to help you cope with your own history._ Imagine *denying* race in every situation - even the most blatantly obvious situation - to cope with your own history. That seems like a perfect description of you.

  33. Robyn Retro

    Robyn RetroBulan Yang lalu

    Are you white? Nothing wrong with that if you are (you know times are crazy when I need to preface with that), but the only way I can make sense of your comment is if you are a white person who feels personally called out and now poorly tries to one up Godfrey or black people speaking up for themselves in general by dismissing us as fragile, dumb and claiming that you don’t give a fuck (so much so that you dedicated an entire paragraph to it). You care, my guy. And that’s fine. Caring is not a weakness. Pride is. Do with this what you will, but keep in mind, I am also just the messenger.

  34. Bernard Williams

    Bernard WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    So Tru

  35. LawlessInstall

    LawlessInstallBulan Yang lalu

    Godfrey is too real, speaks too much truth and is properly educated. We all know how they do these kind of black men. So if and when they start coming for this man's head. Instead of abandoning him can we all please stick by this brother? Thank You.

  36. Ash Wolf

    Ash WolfBulan Yang lalu

    Godfrey has some gay mannerisms

  37. Splinta13

    Splinta13Bulan Yang lalu

    lol nigga fruity as fuck!!

  38. Bo Dent

    Bo DentBulan Yang lalu

    Dude smart af

  39. woop tiedoo

    woop tiedooBulan Yang lalu

    Often black people are projecting racist comments to white people thinking it's different. It's not. Hypocritical double standard.

  40. Amun

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  41. Al

    AlBulan Yang lalu

    The nations in Africa were never united and that's why slavery happened. They (caucasians) didn't even need to divide and conquer. They (africans) were already divided.

  42. Animez4u

    Animez4uBulan Yang lalu

    Europe was too! Which is why they went on Conquest missions around the world to colonised other lands. Europeans was always at each other throats too. And with each piece land they step on they shed the blood of the natives on that land and exploited them since they had better weaponry.

  43. Shamps Belford

    Shamps BelfordBulan Yang lalu

    I would love to stomp this dude out!!!

  44. Queen tobe

    Queen tobe28 hari yang lalu

    Shamps Belford I’d love to see you try

  45. Rayan Douni

    Rayan DouniBulan Yang lalu

    Man in Suriname and the ABC islands black celebrate it🤣

  46. John Nada

    John NadaBulan Yang lalu

    He's clueless...

  47. Dwaler 045

    Dwaler 045Bulan Yang lalu

    I'm dutch and i have to agree. I brought up the same subjects about the red lips/face all painted black and the curly hair in discussions about the sinterklaas holiday. But most dutch are ignorant so i don't even bother anymore. There are even black families out here that celebrate sinterklaas. Shit is fucked up lolz Atleast we have enough weed to make you forget about that shit or atleast get into that fuck it mode.

  48. John Nada

    John NadaBulan Yang lalu

    @Dwaler 045 Read my previous comment... Maybe you'll learn something new.

  49. Prettysanap

    PrettysanapBulan Yang lalu

    Just because it is tradition doesn’t mean it is right.

  50. John Nada

    John NadaBulan Yang lalu

    @Prettysanap You did not read my previous comment, the blackface is not a mockery of black Africans thus NOT racist.

  51. Prettysanap

    PrettysanapBulan Yang lalu

    John Nada This is 2019 where pretty much everyone has access to the internet. There’s Swedish people of African descent protesting about this tradition and they continue to practice it. At that point it is by choice. Black face is not okay in any way shape or form. I would be offended too if it that was targeted towards my people.

  52. John Nada

    John NadaBulan Yang lalu

    Just because some people are clueless about history of traditions, does not make those traditions racist. Read my previous comment on the origins of black Pete!

  53. mstrchf 123

    mstrchf 123Bulan Yang lalu

    Yo...we ain't making fun of blacks we're just celebrating slavery. J/k

  54. Donald Streeter

    Donald StreeterBulan Yang lalu

    Love you for saying that.

  55. kitches

    kitchesBulan Yang lalu

    i never knew all this stuff about this dutch. brookln and harlem were dutch names? interesting

  56. None allow None allow

    None allow None allowBulan Yang lalu

    What a dick !!


    LIA MINELLIBulan Yang lalu

    Bro educating me lmaooo. I didn’t even know about some of the Burroughs being Dutch cities at some point

  58. ARIF

    ARIFBulan Yang lalu

    Go listen to RAS KASS' JACK FROST 2! He made some enlightenment tracks.

  59. Kinisha Bruce

    Kinisha BruceBulan Yang lalu

    Impressed, his dutch pronunciation is very good

  60. Redblack Caz

    Redblack CazBulan Yang lalu

    You damn right godfrey. Make them try that shit in new york city

  61. J. Bar

    J. BarBulan Yang lalu

    Some black guy on vlad tv is not going to change the mind of the Dutch. So what they make fun of black people..news flash every race makes fun of black people, its fine. You guys do not seem to have a problem making fun of whites. We don't get along its not natural to live along side one another. I want blacks to be happy and healthy and away from me.

  62. J. Bar

    J. BarBulan Yang lalu

    @John Nada Even if you are right, it doesn't matter. You are never going to convince them that it's not racist. Even if it was racist, who cares? I don't understand why American blacks think the can dictate to the Dutch. South Africans are being murdered because they are white, and blacks do not care. I bet half this comment section would support it..fk them and fk what they think.

  63. John Nada

    John NadaBulan Yang lalu

    We ARE NOT making fun of black people, that's not the point of black Pete. Read my previous comment on the origins of Black Pete...

  64. Corey Jones

    Corey JonesBulan Yang lalu

    YEAH GODFREY!!!!!!👊👊👊👊

  65. Joseph Ringling

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    He left out do or die Bed-Sty

  66. KG

    KGBulan Yang lalu

    so much knowledge! i love it

  67. Pascalle

    PascalleBulan Yang lalu

    Yess!!! Godfrey and Vlad a big Thank You from the Netherlands!!! ✌💛

  68. Ethel Jvp

    Ethel JvpBulan Yang lalu

    It's not just in the Netherlands it's also here in Belgium that they celebrate sinterklaas on 6th of December. They go around saying it's not racist and black people should stop being so sensitive yet when I was 7 years old and the only black kid in my class (probably also the whole school)this grown ass man with black paint on his face , red lipstick and his afro wig asked me if my goal in the future is to be a zwarte piet 🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ then you got white people telling their fellow students that are playing zwarte piet that it's a shame you can clearly see that he's not a "n***er" because his eyes aren't black. Like aight it ain't racist

  69. John Nada

    John NadaBulan Yang lalu

    Black Pete is NOT racist! Black Pete does not represent a solely black person, but rather a Moor!!!! The Moors were an Islamic peoples, consisting of North Africans (mainly Berbers) and other Islamic peoples... They conquered Spain and enslaved WHITE Christians. Read my previous comment for the full explanation.

  70. Bruno'sBaBySquirrel

    Bruno'sBaBySquirrelBulan Yang lalu

    The Dutch like to act tolerant and sophisticated. They are the evil masterminds of systematic racism and they refuse to acknowledge it, forget apologising.

  71. CraZyWeZZ

    CraZyWeZZBulan Yang lalu

    Thats kinda oversimplifying it dont you think so


    MAAT TRUTHBulan Yang lalu

    This one is super funny with Godfrey idreporter.net/v/video-VK9d6Wq_dM4.html

  73. SN M

    SN MBulan Yang lalu

    Aht aht!! Finish that shit, Godfrey. You forgot Staten Island. They can try to have a Black face ass parade on the North Shore of SI and they will get fucked the fuck up out here!!! Fuck everything you heard.

  74. ER- AFRICA

    ER- AFRICABulan Yang lalu


  75. Joy A

    Joy ABulan Yang lalu

    Godfrey is very funny but he's also extremely knowledgeable

  76. Star Bwoy

    Star BwoyBulan Yang lalu

    Every Godfrey interview teaches me something I didn't know......such a knowledgeable man 👌🏾

  77. Farhiya A

    Farhiya ABulan Yang lalu

    The one place they dont do Suerte Pete is at the airport because many black people use Royal Dutch Airlines to get direct flights to Africa.

  78. Amadou Jallow

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    Is a mother fuck racist let them stop it 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤔🤔🤔

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    The tru ❤🔥