[GLMM] Miss lie detector PART 1 (Gacha life)


  1. EunaRain 4321

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    Thank you for watching this crappy story with a crappy ending. I know this is so short, because as I said in the beginning, this is such a nonesense storyline. If you hate it then feel free to hate it. And I'm sorry if I'm out of ideas. That's only natural. And this story is only fiction. No need to compare it in real life. . . . . (I'll do a part 2.)

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    EunaRain 4321 yay ok

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    It not crappy

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    You did great, no need to beet yourself up!

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    besides the video was nice I loved it TBH

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    I love gacha life and I don't care if im a boy in this game

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    Did I see don? OMG that's me!

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    Don’t commit hate onto yourself, it’s a great video

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    The song friends is in it and doesn’t sound intense

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    What that part was his soulmate whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

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    Love you

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    This was sooo good!

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    Why does amethyst has sluty socks

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    Love the gacha life

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    I hope this works EunaRain 4321 EunaRain 4321 EunaRain 4321 EunaRain 4321

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    Hmmm Tssk.... U look like A GachaTuber From Philippines Ar u Suspicious Because theirs a Alcantara LIKE KYLINE ALCANTARA lol but I'm Curious About it

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    Briana: *Spews on floor* Caliber: 0-0 Me:BRUUUUUUH

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    PART 2!!!!

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    The ringing in 5:80 till 6:00 is friends by marshmello and annie mari

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    OMG I Was watching this and I can see from the corner of my eye a shadow of feet but everyone in my house is asleep OMG PRAY FOR ME LORD LMAO

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    Friends artist marshmallow and that other person and sorry for the typo it auto corrected me

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    As i was going to click the like 👍 button a ad showed up ;-;

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    When Briana said pordon it rememded of bts jungkook and rm

  24. •_-Lunaellea-_• Moonlight

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    I love how the main character isn’t the ALPHA or ABUSED or SAVAGE she is just her and that’s why this is my favorite gacha series

  25. Ellie Navarro

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    She said bad grammar but i didnt even notice any....i have seen WAYYY worse gacha with REALLY bad grammar anyways so far this series is awesome!

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    I love the name Briana, it's the exact same as mine spelled the same to. And that is really rare.

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    *get shocked*

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    guys what is soulmate mean?

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    i hate all the boys in there😠😠😠😠😠

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    this story was in the 60 seconds gap in wattpad

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    is yhis u "maria eisha euna L. recto"?????????????????:-[:-\

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    pls face reavel

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    All he said was “Cupcake” If you say that, and give me a cupcake, you’re my soulmate.

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    wait what happens if someone closes their eyes when they’re lying so they can get away with it

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    I can do that we’re I tell if someone is lying

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    Am I the only one who knows this tune is “FRIENDS”

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    Boiii that background music though.... I thought someone called me

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    I was watching shrek then i founded that you have bad grammar and speeling at the start (Edit) also i sub and like

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    Brooo my name is Bria

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    Can I be in here family

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    Wow miss like detector part 1 & 2 have Million views!!!

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    hey ya know that that Empaths can do the same thing? :3

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    Her “soulmate” looks like Kyoya

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    So her mom just assumed that she’s straight

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    I love how her moms name is mom

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    What's The name of the first music ?

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    The intro is so good

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    Aawww i like the video i susbcribed i love this video keep it up so good

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    To see if he was lying or whatever she could’ve been like “hey mom is this kid lying when he says he loves meh?”

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    Ten minutes is actually Not short

  55. WolfieForLifess Gaming

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    Ten minutes is actually Not short

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    The I LOVE YOU BRIANA Is Cringey And Bruh

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    Me no cringe ever

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    Your goodluck was taken

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    9:51 Did my Mom’s Phone just ring???🧐🤔

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    I thought my phone was ringing

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    This was interesting I liked it, but just a tip OBS is doesn't give a watermark so if you wanna remove them that's a good screen recorder to do so

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    10:33 is my alarm sound

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