Giants vs. Eagles Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019


  1. Bilberry Story Sketches

    Bilberry Story Sketches3 hari yang lalu

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  2. Rolling Coasters

    Rolling Coasters24 hari yang lalu

    I wish ESPN would just use their college football scoreboard for MNF because it looks *so* much better than this huge scoreboard that takes up the entire bottom of the screen.

  3. Truthful World

    Truthful WorldBulan Yang lalu

    Can they do it again week 17

  4. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie29 hari yang lalu

    Truthful World 31-17 Yes

  5. Miguel Sandoval

    Miguel SandovalBulan Yang lalu

    Come on Giants beat the eagles this weekend

  6. Jacob Beckman

    Jacob BeckmanBulan Yang lalu

    the flee flicker at 8:27 is a touchdown if the Giants could block a 3 man rush. Look how hard all the DBs bit in this clip. It's even clearer when you watch the coaches film

  7. Narankhuu Avirmed

    Narankhuu AvirmedBulan Yang lalu

    Elliot no good. 3 points!!!!

  8. abu fof

    abu fofBulan Yang lalu

    Boston Scott put on a show

  9. Randy Martinez

    Randy MartinezBulan Yang lalu

    I am a huge diehard Eagles fan

  10. Tone202

    Tone202Bulan Yang lalu

    and GG

  11. Carlos Sanchez

    Carlos SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    3rd and goal and play clock hit 00. NFL refs at it again.

  12. V A

    V ABulan Yang lalu

    Fire everybody on the giants defense including the coordinator!

  13. neetrab

    neetrabBulan Yang lalu

    Does this mean the eagles finally know how to play?? Lol I thought it was funny that the eagles couldn't do anything the whole game basically, then went right down the field to score in OT. Sheesh

  14. piewagn

    piewagnBulan Yang lalu

    TD in overtime.....just EXACTLY what did #31 see that pulled him off of Ertz? It's baffling to me how he went towards the right side end zone and left Ertz wide open on the post......

  15. Yo Osvaldo Mi Ramos

    Yo Osvaldo Mi RamosBulan Yang lalu

    That is my favorite team Eagles

  16. Steve Abitante

    Steve AbitanteBulan Yang lalu

    Giants Need Chase Young In the Worst Way Possible!!!!!

  17. xxGacha Spyxx

    xxGacha SpyxxBulan Yang lalu

    *My brothers play football* *And I play a lot of football too, I'm a good vr, I'm good at catching and a lot of things but when it comes to playing/watching a* *football game they think girls don't understand, they say shut up and and go upstairs which hurts my heart,* *But...*

  18. Matthew Joseph

    Matthew JosephBulan Yang lalu

    Giants can’t beat the Eagles no matter who the QB is and I’m an Eagles fan

  19. Mark Reninger

    Mark ReningerBulan Yang lalu

    eagles about to catch that division title.....only to lose it in the wildcard round. whoever plays them may as well consider it a 1st rnd bye..

  20. Caleb Grabowski

    Caleb GrabowskiBulan Yang lalu

    I needed Ertz to get 90 receiving yards and 3 td's for quarter finals in fantasy. Thank you ERTZ!

  21. ENKI

    ENKIBulan Yang lalu

    Lol he is the ticket.

  22. Ron S

    Ron SBulan Yang lalu

    I love you eagles 🦅

  23. B3NG Zimm

    B3NG ZimmBulan Yang lalu

    Glad to see eli back...maybe he will keep taking shots now that hes been making some plays..eagles fan all day but love giants cause of my man Barkley

  24. 153 ryby i korale

    153 ryby i koraleBulan Yang lalu

  25. skribbz twoK

    skribbz twoKBulan Yang lalu

    Boston Scott!

  26. Justin Peterson

    Justin PetersonBulan Yang lalu

    For a moment there there was a real offense. Wow. Scott looks great.

  27. Dan Rimjob

    Dan RimjobBulan Yang lalu

    Please win some game's gmen for the lions to get chase young lol

  28. Helen Skountrianos

    Helen SkountrianosBulan Yang lalu

  29. Anthony Harris

    Anthony HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Shouldn’t this dude talkin be voicing a new boxing game

  30. Isaac Orrante

    Isaac OrranteBulan Yang lalu next nfl star kicker, NFL TEAMS TAKE NOTICE (recent cfl kicker)

  31. Senza Nome

    Senza NomeBulan Yang lalu

    Giants suck on defense

  32. Aloha Ackbar

    Aloha AckbarBulan Yang lalu

    Eli needs to be out out to pasture.

  33. mark dudley

    mark dudleyBulan Yang lalu

    Eli played a wonderful first half then either the defense or offense took some Ambien and fell asleep. As Herm Edwards said "You play to win the game".

  34. Greg Botz

    Greg BotzBulan Yang lalu

    That Ertz overtime touchdown got me to move to the semi finals in my fantasy football by 2 points... thank you Zach, you the man

  35. eric walker

    eric walkerBulan Yang lalu

    We needed that" Big Time."

  36. Ralph Sanchico

    Ralph SanchicoBulan Yang lalu

    Obviously the Giants 'D' was gassed in the 2nd half. A recipe for disaster against the eagles!

  37. Slotty X

    Slotty XBulan Yang lalu

    11:45 nice one handed catch by the ref

  38. Dave Hibbs

    Dave HibbsBulan Yang lalu

    Congratulations EAGLES EAGLES! You barely beat a last place team in O/T !!! No way in hell are you going to win all 3 in a row! You were really stupid to let your MVP super bowl quarterback Nick foles walk out the door.....

  39. Armon K Johnson Jr

    Armon K Johnson JrBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you they thought they was gonna be successful without foles haha jokes in them without Nick foles ain't no more playoffs or Superbowl appearance.

  40. Christian Backmon

    Christian BackmonBulan Yang lalu

    Zach Ertz is the only receiver Wentz can rely on

  41. Stu Marsh

    Stu MarshBulan Yang lalu

    This commentator is too much man 🙄

  42. luckirish88

    luckirish88Bulan Yang lalu

    These announcers are garbage

  43. confucius12012

    confucius12012Bulan Yang lalu

    Eags receivers finally came to play for basically the first time this season in the second half. Now can they play that way for the rest of the season? I really hope so.

  44. 杨颜

    杨颜Bulan Yang lalu

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  45. Mark Felder

    Mark FelderBulan Yang lalu

    At the 10:25 mark of this video the Eagles should have gotten a delay of game penalty. The clock goes to 00 before the ball is snapped. I thought they reviewed all scoring plays.

  46. Clement Capelle

    Clement CapelleBulan Yang lalu

    Boston Scott balled out!!!!

  47. Jacquel Watson

    Jacquel WatsonBulan Yang lalu

    I’m tired of Eli “Losing his feet” bruh stay tf up they not even tackling you

  48. Steven Pleasant

    Steven PleasantBulan Yang lalu

    Boston Scott!!

  49. J6RŞ6Y D6VÏL

    J6RŞ6Y D6VÏLBulan Yang lalu

    I experienced 17 asthma attacks and a small case of diabetes watching this game. Now I'm cured

  50. Jonathan Lozano

    Jonathan LozanoBulan Yang lalu

    This exact thing happened when the Steelers and the Cardinals game started

  51. c biscuit

    c biscuitBulan Yang lalu

    12:35 this dude don't know what he sayin

  52. Squire Simpson

    Squire SimpsonBulan Yang lalu

    Eli Manning 1st Half: WOOHOO!!!I’M BACK!! I’M BAACK!!! Eli Manning 2nd Half: MY BACK. MY BACK!

  53. Lance Clayton

    Lance ClaytonBulan Yang lalu

    7:15 wowza!

  54. Quinn Boyd

    Quinn BoydBulan Yang lalu

    I feel like Greg Ward and Boston Scott have been heavily underutilized till now. We saw what Scott can do, and Ward clearly has speed and potential.

  55. meghu 01

    meghu 01Bulan Yang lalu

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  56. Red Kryptonite

    Red KryptoniteBulan Yang lalu

    So glad I stopped rooting for them. I just laugh at them now

  57. Tahir Jennings

    Tahir JenningsBulan Yang lalu

    So it turns out Eli made obj better and not the other way around seem like if u got talent Eli can make u great then they leave and u never hear bout them no lie literally every number one that left Eli not as good now

  58. ENKI

    ENKIBulan Yang lalu

    Exactly, I got into an argument with some moron on here trying to explain to him how obj isn't that good, mainly because he is a horrible route runner. Eli made him.

  59. Nate Edwards

    Nate EdwardsBulan Yang lalu

    Damn! I missed the game. My co worker told me about it so here I am. I like the Eagles and also like Manning. Dang!

  60. Luis andoni Cordova carbajal

    Luis andoni Cordova carbajalBulan Yang lalu

    Giants offense: good Giants special team: PERFECT Giants defense: hi

  61. Jon B

    Jon BBulan Yang lalu

    I'm hoping that we keep winning and when Dallas comes to Philly, we end the career of one of their feature players (the same way we did Micheal Irvin) run-up the score and send them back to the "hick town" that is Dallas.

  62. Jon B

    Jon BBulan Yang lalu

    @Armon K Johnson Jr 🤔 you did not take the up for the "hick town". I wouldn't either.

  63. Armon K Johnson Jr

    Armon K Johnson JrBulan Yang lalu

    If anything I see Dallas injury Wentz like last year

  64. josh chigurh

    josh chigurhBulan Yang lalu

    It makes a difference when the home team doesn't stop cheering no matter how bad it gets

  65. Fuzi Recon

    Fuzi ReconBulan Yang lalu

    Is this game highlights or the eagles screen highlights

  66. jeff buchanan

    jeff buchananBulan Yang lalu

    A must win for the Eagles and they have to go to O.T. against the Giants. So sad.